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By Ludwig von Mises | Comments: ( 828 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Fifty years ago, Ludwig von Mises shocked the economicsprofession and elite opinion with a massive, revolutionary treatise oneconomics, the culmination of his life s work It was and remains the mostcomprehensive, systematic, forthright, and powerful defense of the economicsof liberty ever written This Scholar s Edition is the original, unaltered treatise that shaped agFifty years ago, Ludwig von Mises shocked the economicsprofession and elite opinion with a massive, revolutionary treatise oneconomics, the culmination of his life s work It was and remains the mostcomprehensive, systematic, forthright, and powerful defense of the economicsof liberty ever written This Scholar s Edition is the original, unaltered treatise that shaped ageneration of Austrians and made possible the intellectual movement that isleading the global charge for free markets Made available for the firsttime in decades, exclusively through the Ludwig von Mises Institute, thisedition is superior to the others one later edition was thoroughly botched,while another introduces ambiguities and diversions Using extraordinary materials and the best of modern technology, combinedwith ancient standards of craftsmanship in the tradition of OxfordUniversity s Clarendon Press, this magnificent work is produced for theages It includes the 1954 index prepared under Mises s supervision, and isprotected by a strong slipcase from the famous Old Dominion company All told, The Scholar s Edition looks exactly like the classic work it is,ready for a lifetime or two of use The index, first produced in 1953 as aseparate publication, is the most complete ever published and is united herewith the orginal edition for the first time The introduction, byHans Hermann Hoppe, Jeffrey Herbener, and Joseph Salerno based on newlydiscovered archives tells of the tragic and glorious history of this seminalwork, and of its bright future as the manifesto of liberty Human Action The Scholar s Edition is the foundation of every library offreedom.

  • Title: Human Action: A Treatise on Economics
  • Author: Ludwig von Mises
  • ISBN: 9780930073183
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises German pronunciation lu tv f n mi z s September 29, 1881 October 10, 1973 was an Austrian economist, historian, philosopher, author, and classical liberal who had a significant influence on the modern free market libertarian movement and the Austrian School.

Comments Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

  • Paul

    One of the most important books of the 20th century, not yet as influential as it deserves to be.I was brought to this book in 2009 after a growing feeling of dissatisfaction with "expert" explanations being offered for the various financial and economic calamities that seemed to be happening worldwide. Economic commentary by journalists and pundits struck me as being opaque, partisan, and contradictory. Gradually I had become interested in the ideas of the so-called Austrian school of free-mark [...]

  • Brian Michels

    There cannot be a serious conversation about economics without Mise's. Human Action is the definition of Free Market and delivers the goods for a just economy while cutting down to size any alternative economic system.This is a "must read in your lifetime" book. The sooner the better

  • Clif

    Ludwig von Mises is a major contributor to what is called the Austrian School of economics. Human Reason is his magnum opus, a thorough-going look at the way that the innate human desire to decrease uneasiness is the pursuit for which capitalism is the mechanism.The thesis is simple. Human beings take action to make things better for themselves. If we were satisfied, there would be no economy. But most of us will be cautious in what we do, avoiding as much risk as possible in our attempt to get [...]

  • Kevin Cole

    I used to hate economics because I thought it related to nothing in my life. Certain others then began showing me, in flashes, that I was wrong. But it was Mises who not only showed, but--to my mind--proved economics has everything to do with my life; because economics doesn't exist without people behaving as people.Whimsical example:If you're in the habit of buying a pound of Brazilian coffee for $1 every week, then you hear on the news that an unexpected freeze has hit Brazil, with analysts ex [...]

  • Robert Taylor

    After having read the first 500 pages 3 times over the course of 2 years, I finally completed my reading of Human Action. Without being overly poetic, it is by far the seminal intellectual book of the 20th century, and probably the most important contribution to human knowledge so far.It may seem audacious for me to say something like that, but given that ANY other book dealing with one of the physical sciences (like a book on Advanced Quantum Mechanics)--or any other science for that matter--ca [...]

  • Ross

    Human Action is considered by many to be the definitive theoretical work for what is known as the Austrian school of economics. Reading it was 10 weeks of brain-stretching concentration, peppered liberally with moments of personal paradigm shaking, and demystification of how our actions affect each other. It enhanced my appreciation of the beautiful way in which life orders itself.In the first section of this masterwork, Mises gets right down to laying a solid epistemological and methodological [...]

  • Monica Perez

    The best work on economics ever written. If Mises had been an anarchist he'd have been perfect.

  • Jay

    To the modern reader, this is probably a three star book (if they are economics enthusiasts), but given that it was written the 1930s-40's, it gets four starts for it's importance at the time. Slogging through Von Mises magnum opus was no easy task, not because it's particularly hard (although one section was full of equations and went it one ear and out the other) but because it's fairly dry with nuggets of humor and passion. It's amazing how much we take for granted now that wasn't so obvious [...]

  • Dave

    This was very interesting. I think the Austrian economics by itself would not have provided the economic prosperity we have experienced until 2000. Austrian economics expects people to have a long term perspective for future growth and based our recent experiences this is highly unlikely. Example you pay an above subsistence wages to your employees because they drive you top line revenue growth. Prosperity of the labor pool means you sell more products and during times of slow demand people need [...]

  • David

    There are so many problems with this work. The fundamental is a rejection of empirical observations. He dismisses all attempts to understand Economics by looking at historical data or using mathematics as WRONG. He sees all human actions as irreducible and too complex to be understood. He then builds an entire argument ostensibly on rationality. If you look from a probabilistic world view, you see that each step he takes away from an empirical fact introduces uncertainty. Since each claim that i [...]

  • Eric Sexton

    I agree with the other reviewers who claimed that this is one of the most important books of the twentieth century. In fact, if Mises' approach is indeed correct, this is undoubtedly one of the most important books in the history of human civilization. In 'Human Action' Mises describes an a priori approach to the social sciences which he terms "praxeology". Although most of the book deals with the arm of praxeology specific to economics("catallactics") Mises repeatedly reminds the reader that pr [...]

  • Patrick Peterson

    This book is one of the greatest of the 20th century and will endure as a bright beacon of wisdom for at least another century.I began this book in a curious, but still recommended fashion.Because of it's size (over 800 pages) and at times, especially in the beginning, difficulty, I chose to use it as a reference book. If I came across an idea/critique of free market capitalism that bothered me, or one which I thought, "there is no way the free market can solve X problem" then I simply looked up [...]

  • Allen

    Von Mises makes a case for laissez-faire captialism that is insightful and (I guess, I'm no logician) consistent. His main point is that economics is like logic or mathematics, an abstract law that requires discovery through careful reasoning, and that trying to live without adjusting one's behavior to this reality produces frustration and failure. The scope of the book is huge and von Mises is bold in his proclamations. Put on your thinking cap and get out your philosophy glossary if you're goi [...]

  • Michael Jones

    This book has had a powerful influence on many. It is definitely highly philosophical and reminded me of reading Cornelius Van Til. For example, epistemological (how we know what we know) issues regarding human action affect our perceptions of the actions and their value on the free market. This man was a deep thinker. Honestly, much of it went over my head as I tried to grapple with it because he doesn’t use all that many practical examples.However, at a philosophical level, it provides a str [...]

  • Brian

    my brain hurts. this book is intense.

  • Willie Red

    This is and Man, Economy, and State by Murray N. Rothbard are works of genius!

  • Don

    Notable only now for ideological and historical reasons.

  • Jacob Aitken

    All deductive systems are dangerous if formulated incorrectly. Their appeal lies in their power, and Mises’s system is powerful indeed. Mises advances Praxeology, an economic doctrine emerging from the Classical School when it was realized that human action and not the inherent value of an object is what drove economics (Mises 3). Since our knowledge is limited, our choices will always have an element of uncertainty.Thus, Mises can advance his main theorem: Human action is purposeful action. A [...]

  • Jake

    Ludwig von Mises is a god among free-market capitalist / libertarians. Since conservatives now seem to think being an intellectual is a bad thing, I had to go back a few decades in the hopes of reading a real thinker from the right. I wasn't disappointed in von Mises for the first few hundred pages, he was thoughtful and academic. He started to get dogmatic and dull after that. He stated at the beginning that he wasn't interested in morality or what we should do, but only with what works economi [...]

  • Stefan

    An absolutely BRILLIANT book, a true eye-opener that goes way beyond economics, destroying innumerable myths. It explains human action in such terms that one reaches a true understanding of society and politics.Prof.von Mises distinguished himself by accurately predicting the outcome of various policies and ideologies.In 1922, he wrote his "Gemeinwirtschaft" (Socialism), in which he predicted the fate of the recently founded USSR, including the economic collapse, the famines, the dictatorship, t [...]

  • Arsen Zahray

    One of the most insightful books on economics I've ever read. It contains a lot of conclusions which it took me some time to achieve on my own, and than some more.Even through it's rather long, this is one of the books I think that everybody should read.

  • James

    Great book. Another must-read for anyone intrested in Austian economics. It is a bit dry at times. But, if that's a surprise to you,you probably shouldn't be reading this. Mises is a favorite of mine, so I really had a heard time writting that last part.

  • Mattheus Guttenberg

    5 star massive treatise on economic principles from the founder of the Austrian school of economics.

  • Todd

    Although it is a lengthy book, it is well worth reading once in one's lifetime; the sooner, the better. Very much von Mises' opus magnum, it is more cohesive and comprehensive than many of his other works. If you read only one book by von Mises, read this one. It is not simply a text on economic theory, but it is indeed a treatise on human action, though obviously with specific looks at its impact on scarcity and methods to deal with it.Von Mises keeps a clinical, logical, detached viewpoint for [...]

  • Jerry

    “Nobody is in a position to decree what should make a fellow man happier.”“The Market economy is the social system of the division of labor under private ownership of the means of production. Everybody acts on his own behalf; but everybody's actions aim at the satisfaction of other people's needs as well as at the satisfaction of his own. Everybody in acting serves his fellow citizens. Everybody, on the other hand, is served by his fellow citizens The market directs the individual's activi [...]

  • Sean Rosenthal

    Interesting Quotes:"It is a poor makeshift to dispose of a theory by referring to its historical background, to the 'spirit' of its time, to the material conditions of the country of its origin, and to any personal qualities of its authors. A theory is subject to the tribunal of reason alone. The yardstick to be applied is always the yardstick of reason." -Ludwig von Mises, Human Action"There is, of course, no guarantee that the voters will entrust the office to the most competent candidate. But [...]

  • Dennis Murphy

    Human Action: a Treatise on Economics by Ludwig von Mises represents the last of the great Austrian Economists. Hayek was his own thing, and I'll be looking into him in good time. As for the work, Human Action is a beautiful display of a magnum opus in service to a dead end. The first edition of his book came out in 1940, and it shows. While the book is now in a third edition with a number of updates, there's a slightly schizophrenic feel to some of the chapters, with some arguments clearly made [...]

  • Eric

    A monumental classic work from the Austrian School. Comprehensive and thorough is an understatement. Quotes I want to remember that are central to his economic and political philosophy:On Economics:"Economics is not about goods and services, it is about the actions of living men."On Felt Uneasiness:"Strictly speaking the end, goal or aim of any action is always the relief from a felt uneasiness." - p92 "What acting man wants to know is how he must employ the available means for the best possible [...]

  • Jared Tobin

    I majored in economics and have maintained a fairly solid and technical knowledge of modern micro and game theory and such. I had never had much serious exposure to the Austrian school; my knowledge of Austrian economics had mainly come from poorly-informed (but enthusiastic!) denizens of various internet message boards or what have you.I was not expecting Mises's great work to be the profound piece of scholarship that it is. It is an exceptional, truly memorable work. Throughout the text (espec [...]

  • Void lon iXaarii

    Probably the most abstract book on economics/human action. On the downside sometimes the author tends to take rigor a bit too far (for fun) and I actually initially even skipped some beginning chapters, however given what interesting and surprising results you can eventually reach I guess it makes sense for those sections to be there. You're likely to encounter subjects others have written whole books about condensed into a few phrases and some symbolic notations on the upside however, some resu [...]

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