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By Melissa Buell | Comments: ( 662 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Not all fairy blessings are enchanting Unlike most royal eighteen year old girls, Samantha finds it difficult to be a prim and proper princess When she discovers her seven fairy blessings that were bestowed at her birth are a lie, her entire world is turned upside down Although she can forgive the feuding fairies who made this large error on her behalf, she must fiNot all fairy blessings are enchanting Unlike most royal eighteen year old girls, Samantha finds it difficult to be a prim and proper princess When she discovers her seven fairy blessings that were bestowed at her birth are a lie, her entire world is turned upside down Although she can forgive the feuding fairies who made this large error on her behalf, she must find a way to control her real blessings which may be trouble than its worth Things start to become complicated when her best friend s brother becomes seriously injured just weeks before the annual knight competition Samantha realizes the only way to help him and his family is to enter the competition by disguising her true identity Balancing her mandatory princess lessons while hiding her secret blessings on top of this becomes difficult, but things begin to get challenging when Prince Nolan, a childhood friend, reenters her life Samantha, bitter about their constant bickering relationship, suddenly begins to see Nolan in a new, and often confusing, light But when she finds out her seventh blessing has yet to be decoded from the ancient tongue, Samantha s most dangerous quest of all is discovering the true power her real blessings hold Now, the fate of herself, her future, and her kingdom lie in her hands.

  • Title: The Seventh Blessing
  • Author: Melissa Buell
  • ISBN: 9780984401352
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Melissa Buell

Melissa Buell has always had a vivid imagination and would fall asleep to scenes she would make up She is an English teacher by day and an author by night She is also a voracious reader who loves many genres She lives in her native Southern California with her husband and two sons.Favorite pastimes include spending time with her husband and kids, taking photographs, baking, blogging, sewing, and reading Things that make her smile white daisies, Milano cookies, costume parties, super fine tip pens, book speaking with friends, singing loudly in the car to Disney musicals and or Taylor Swift songs, writing for hours at Panera, drinking coffee, playing video games with her kids.

Comments The Seventh Blessing

  • Melissa

    This is a fun tale of Princess Samantha who is anything but dainty. Her gifts that were bestowed on her by the fae were really meant for a boy becoming a king. So, a false ceremony bestowing her fake gifts was given and she was trained in secret to become a knight. I really enjoyed this story as Sam was no wilting flower. She was still a princess and stayed to her duties as a princess despite her dislike of those duties. Nolan, a man who finds her incredibly attractive and interesting, was her n [...]

  • Melissa Buell

    WellI wrote this book! So, I hope that I love it! :) Let me know what your thoughts are. I love to hear from readers. -Melissa

  • Bonnie (A Backwards Story)

    While THE SEVENTH BLESSING isn't a straight-forward fairy tale retelling, it does incorporate elements of one, especially the tale of SLEEPING BEAUTY. In SLEEPING BEAUTY, fairies come and leave gifts for the newborn princess. Melissa Buell latches onto this when creating the first novel in her (stand-alone) THE TALES OF GYMANDROL series. Babies are given blessings when they're born--with a twist. Because of something that happened in the past, babies now receive as many blessings as the month th [...]

  • David Wuensche

    I purchased the Nook version of this novel.It is very easy to be turned off by the somewhat generic-looking cover of The Seventh Blessing. There are no shortage of novels that use basic foliage photography as their face. This is unfortunate, since Seventh Blessing has a lot to offer a prospective reader.Samantha is the princess of Mittra, a land where newborns are blessed by the resident fairies with various life-long gifts as a custom. By somewhat foolish luck, Samantha is granted six talents t [...]

  • Marcie

    The Seventh Blessing by Melissa Buell is a charming story about a princess named Samantha. Samantha longs to do what is expected of her as a princess but the seven blessings she received as a baby keep getting in her way. She must learn to be true to herself while becoming the princess she is meant to be. There are many things that I like about this book and the main character Samantha is definitely one of them. Samantha is a funny, smart and courageous character. She is wildly independent and a [...]

  • Vy

    A head strong princess, a charming prince, and fairy magic. How could it possibly get better?The Seventh Blessing is very well paced. It starts when Samantha is born and steadies at the age of 18. I was able to see how Samantha grew to be the adult she'd soon become.While other girls are giggling softly and having long fingernails, Samantha is learning self-defense and becoming a knight. She's not afraid to speak her mind and make sacrifices for others. The person she becomes is actually based o [...]

  • Jessica at Book Sake

    Right from the beginning this story peaked my interest. It reads like an epic historical fantasy without all of the confusing and hard to remember names. Yes, there are a lot of characters in the book, but not too many where you lose track of who’s who and no one is introduced as filler or fluff, they are all there for a purpose in the storyline. I don’t read many princess tales because usually the princess is annoying, too prim, too proper, too much for me. Princess Samantha is none of thos [...]

  • Kristerrn!

    I was rather sceptical of this book as the cover didn't really grab my attention or excite me in any way. The saying 'don't judge a book by its cover' is definitely relevant to this book as although the cover seemed very generic the story was nice and refreshing. I love books about fairies and this was no different. The pacing wasn't perfect, in my opinion, at first it was too fast. Then it did slow down somewhat, which made it easier for me to understand what was happening, but during the middl [...]

  • S.M. Blooding

    I have to admit that I was a little put-off by the "princess" story line. But I know the author and she's an absolute doll, so I said, "Frankie, get over yourself and read the darned book." I'm glad I did. It's just simply adorable and a fun-fun read! Sam's not your typical princess, though there were moments where she was. LOL! It's to be expected, but she turned out to be really tough! There's some extra back story stuff that probably didn't have to go in this book, but that's just my opinion. [...]

  • Tohrutohno

    I really enjoyed this book. I loved the dynamic between Prince Nolan and Samantha. So often we read books where the main protagonists are basically in love at first sight, so it's refreshing to see quite the opposite here. Although I found myself rooting for Nolan, I wish his character had a little more development. The journal entries from Samantha help keep the pace of the book moving forward at a quick pace, but I think there was some missed opportunity here for us to get to know Sam and Nola [...]

  • Kristina

    Loved it! Here's the thing. I totally enjoy indie authors so when I was offered this for review I was excited. It's YA and has Fairies! You can't beat that!I completely enjoyed this fantasy and the world building that was contained within the pages. I will admit to be slighty confused at first because it's almost like a fast forward to what was going to come. But then once it "slowed" down I was totally drawn in.I loved the main character Sam, with all her spunk and determination, she made an ex [...]

  • Jennifer

    In a style similar to Gail Carson Levine, Buell's "Seventh Blessing" shines as a fast-paced girl powered adventure. There's plenty of love, sorcery, fairies & dragons and action to delight its readers. Samantha is a heroine worthy of her seven secret gifts, and though the climax doesn't happen until the very end, it allows her to rock as a real "warrior princess." I very much enjoyed the characters, especially Nolan and Dawes. A delightful fairy tale for a modern day princess.

  • Tamara

    Although this is not a fairy tale retelling, it certainly resembles a fairy tale. There is a princess who received seven fairy blessings and evil is lurking. However, this princess received very unconventional blessings and she is not a typical princess in a fairy tale which I really liked. The story is well-written and entertaining, although predictable (but which fairy tale isn't?). People who enjoy fairy tales and their retellings, will also like this book.

  • Coranne

    Excellent full review to come. 4.5

  • Sang Kromah

    Excellent world building!

  • Myckenzie

    I personally know the author so I said I would read her book so when I get to it I will let you know how GREAT it will be

  • Paulafrom Reading Lark

    Review to come on readinglark

  • Melissa Buell

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ The Seventh Blessing : by Melissa Buell ¿
    493 Melissa Buell
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