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By San Juan de la Cruz John Frederick Nims | Comments: ( 247 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

San Juan de la Cruz, the great sixteenth century Spanish mystic, is regarded by many as Spain s finest poet Passionate, ecstatic, and spiritual, his poems are a blend of exquisite lyricism and profound mystical thought In The Poems of St John of the Cross John Frederick Nims presents his superlative translation of the complete poems, re creating the religious fervor ofSan Juan de la Cruz, the great sixteenth century Spanish mystic, is regarded by many as Spain s finest poet Passionate, ecstatic, and spiritual, his poems are a blend of exquisite lyricism and profound mystical thought In The Poems of St John of the Cross John Frederick Nims presents his superlative translation of the complete poems, re creating the religious fervor of St John s art.This dual language edition makes available the original Spanish from the Codex of Sanl con de Barrameda with facing English translations The work concludes with two essays a critique of the poetry and a short piece on the Spanish text that appears alongside the translation as well as brief notes on the individual poems.

  • Title: The Poems of St John of the Cross
  • Author: San Juan de la Cruz John Frederick Nims
  • ISBN: 9780226401102
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

San Juan de la Cruz John Frederick Nims

San Juan de la Cruz English St John of the Cross , born Juan de Yepes lvarez, was a major Counter Reformation figure, a Spanish mystic, Catholic saint, Carmelite friar priest He was a reformer of the Carmelite Order is considered, along with St Teresa of vila, as a founder of the Discalced Carmelites He s also known for his writings Both his poetry his studies on the growth of the soul are considered the summit of mystical Spanish literature a peak of all Spanish literature He was canonized as a saint in 1726 by Pope Benedict XIII He is one of the 33 Doctors of the Church.

Comments The Poems of St John of the Cross

  • James

    Any heart ardent with prayer will find an illumined and faithful companion in San Juan de La Cruz (Saint John of the Cross), justifiably honored within his tradition with the appellation Spiritual Doctor. Many poets who write in Spanish consider San Juan to be first among poets in that tongue.In San Juan's verse, divinity is often known simply as el amado, the beloved, the only balm able to cure the soul's gaping wound of separation from divinity. In his writing, San Juan finds himself in the pr [...]

  • g026r

    What a terrible translation, mangling phrases and even creating them from whole cloth just to fit the translator's rhyme and rhythm schemes. (The exception being those poems that borrow liberally from the biblical passages. You can always tell when you've reached such a poem, as all attempts at forcing the translation into a rhyme scheme disappear, even if the Spanish originals still rhymed.)

  • Miguel

    COPLAS DE EL MISMO, HECHAS SOBRE UN ÉSTASIS DE HARTA CONTEMPLACIÓNEntréme donde no supe y quedéme no sabiendo, toda sciencia trascendiendo.1Yo no supe dónde entraba porque cuando allí me vi sin saver dónde me estaba grandes cosas entendí; no diré lo que sentí que me quedé no sabiendo, toda sciencia trascendiendo.2De paz y de piedad era la sciencia perfecta, en profunda soledad entendida vía recta, era cosa tan secreta que me quedé balbuciendo, toda sciencia trascendiendo.3Estava t [...]

  • Stephen

    Nims' translation mangles and domesticates John of the Cross as badly as the Church that dismembered his body after his death, sending an arm to Seville and a leg to Salamanca as sweet relics for the faithful.The wild Spanish originals are amazing and well worth tackling in 16th century Spanish. These are not typically "pious" poems, if you're afraid to dive into religious poetry. John's lyrics are inspired both by personal visionary experience as well as by late-medieval love poetry and old Heb [...]

  • Justine

    This is a ridiculous translation. I picked up this book wanting to read the poems, and darn, they're beautiful (so far as I understood them, in their 16th century Spanish and all). Amazing. Five stars to St. John, maybe even six. 1 star to Nims, the translations by others are better. The English version veers way far off of what is in the Spanish text; I gave up reading it very quickly, and became especially annoyed when the English text obviously skipped a reference to the Catholic mass, comple [...]

  • Luis

    La muy breve producción poética de San Juan de la Cruz ha despertado la admiración de poetas de los siglos venideros por ser capaz de transmitir la mística bajo una poesía aparentemente pagana, una característica puramente renacentista.Mientras se habla de la soledad, encuentro y unión de los amantes (y de la agonía y plenitud que conllevan esos estados) en medio de paisajes naturales ideales como reflejo divino, el poeta está en realidad dibujando una alegoría que se debe "leer a dos [...]

  • Michael

    This is an excellent collection. If you pick it up, make sure you read the intro about St. John's life and background - it is really helpful in understanding some of the mystic imagery. Several of the poems were quite stunning and spiritually nourishing, but several others felt that they may have lost something in the translation (the originals are in Spanish). But the collection ended on a high note with 9 Ballads that cover the mystery of the Trinity, Creation, and finally the Incarnation. The [...]

  • Michael Morris

    Readers are likely to find the poems speak to the desire for connection with God (or God as one might think of Him, for non-believers) in a way that is accessible and, mostly, artful. Even if the reader is not Catholic, the verses communicate that one’s most significant actions are those in search of and union with the Beloved Lord. The verses, however, are not didactic. We are looking, most often, at what seems deeply personal and universal at the same time. A stirring read.Complete review at [...]

  • Anna Konovalova

    San Juan de la Cruz. Saint John of the Cross. A person with an incredible destiny, a canonized saint and the patron of poets. Too many mysteries are floating around his name, too many legends, but only one thing is certain: he was a real Poet with a beautiful mind. And sometimes I even think that he was the only one who knew what love really is.

  • Emily

    I borrowed this book from the library, but will have to purchase it. I want to be able to re read theses verses over and over! I would like to compare translation though. I liked reading the Spanish on the left and English on the right, but sometimes in my opinion they did not match. Nims did say he was translating more than words though and I respect his philosophy of translation.

  • Anna

    Some of the most exquisite poetry I've ever read. They are written by a Spanish monk who articulated the feelings of ecstasy, pain, and longing that can come from deep connections with God. Written deep in allegory and symbolism the pictures are so long lasting that they will instantly resonate with your being.

  • Nancy

    This is another favorite book from my college years. It was translated by Willis Barnstone, a professor of mine, who also wrote the introduction. St. John was a 16th century mystic whose poems can be read as simple love lyrics or as symbolism for spiritual union. He used physical love as a metaphor defining his mystical experience.

  • Guillem

    Escriu Machado: "Dante y yo trocamos el amor en Teología".A la inversa, el que realitza St. Joan de la Creu en els seus poemes (més subtil i potser la clau oculta darrera de tot misticisme) és transformar la teologia en Amor.

  • Megan

    Hermosos versos. Aunque soy Protestante y personalmente muy lejos del misticismo del poeta, todavía disfruto de la contemplación poética de la espiritualidad y la conexión entre lo humano y lo divino. Para mí la poesía de San Juan de la Cruz es algo que vivifica de manera única mi fe personal.

  • MarleneSchuler

    Note: I read the Roy Campbell translation, not this one. I could not stop reading these many brought tears to my eyes. I think I will be reading and rereading these poems for the rest of my life. I gleaned more spiritually from these than most spiritual works I've read!

  • Francisco

    Grandes poemas, gran poeta

  • Poetreehugger

    A happy meeting, St. John of the Cross and Roy Campbell.

  • Michelle

    Wonderful. Between those who understand few words are needed but what words!I just knew what he meant especially I'll have to go find my copy to tell you which poem.

  • Christian Barda

    A wonderful and faithful read!

  • James

    The eternal fountain is unseenin living bread that gives us being in black of night.

  • Chelsea

    I missed something with these convert and reread.

  • Brian

    Truly a romantic and inspired author; in fact, John of the Cross is one of the most romantic poets I have encountered. I never tire of reading his work; I often return to his writings.

  • Jim

    the translators really matter w/these, make sure you read some before you buy it.

  • Doutor Branco

    It's a quiet nice book, basically a catholic book of poetry. My expectation was higher but wasn't bad at all. Three stars!

  • Patrick\

    My, what longing and pain we find here. He could not get over it. Hairshirts and body chains do something to one's psyche, even after the experience of union with the One. 4 stars? I think not.

  • Laura

    Very enjoyable to cross reference the Spanish and English versions. What a guy!

  • Kai Guerrero

    Bellos versos, pero no logro empatizar del todo con la mística. Eso sí, tengo que reconocer que es hermoso.

  • Francisco

    Con tan poco corpus poético, uno de los mejores poetas castellanos.

  • Txolo

    definitivamente la poesía no es lo mío

  • Nathan Albright

    It is unfortunate that people see in Jesus Christ a reflection of themselves and that is certainly the case here [1]. As is often the case with books like this, I found much that related to myself, from the way that the author tries to take Evangelical and turn it into an general adjective rather than a party affiliation as often seems to be the case to the fact that the author has no problems tangling with those he disagrees with. Anyone who knows me who would probably agree that I am at least [...]

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