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The author of The World Is Not Enough paints a vivid tale of chivalry, passion, and ruthlessness in 13th century France, in the dramatic story of the struggle of the Medieval man for his soul, and of ultimate self sacrifice for spiritual goals.

  • Title: The Cornerstone
  • Author: Zoé Oldenbourg Edward Hyams
  • ISBN: 9780786705245
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Zoé Oldenbourg Edward Hyams

Zo Oldenbourg Russian March 31, 1916 November 8, 2002 was a Russian born French historian and novelist who specialized in medieval French history, in particular the Crusades and Cathars.She was born in Petrograd, Russia into a family of scholars and historians Her father Sergei was a journalist and historian, her mother Ada Starynkevich was a mathematician, and her grandfather Sergei was the permanent secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg.Her early childhood was spent among the privations of the Russian revolutionary period and the first years of Communism Her father fled the country and established himself as a journalist in Paris.With her family, she emigrated to Paris in 1925 at the age of nine and graduated from the Lyc e Moli re in 1934 with her Baccalaur at diploma She went on to study at the Sorbonne and then she studied painting at the Acad mie Ranson In 1938 she spent a year in England and studied theology During World War II she supported herself by hand painting scarves.She was encouraged by her father to write and she completed her first work, a novel, Argiles et cendres in 1946 Although she wrote her first works in Russian, as an adult she wrote almost exclusively in French.She married Heinric Idalovici in 1948 and had two children, Olaf and Marie Agathe.She combined a genius for scholarship and a deep feeling for the Middle Ages in her historical novels The World is Not Enough, a vast panorama of the twelfth century immediately put her in the ranks of the foremost historical novelists Her second, The Cornerstone, won her the Prix Femina and was a Book of the Month Club selection in America Other works include The Awakened, The Chains of Love, Massacre at Montsegur, Destiny of Fire, Cities of the Flesh, and Catherine the Great, a Literary Guild selection In The Crusades, Zoe Oldenbourg returned to the Middle Ages she knew and loved so well.She won the Prix Femina for her 1953 novel La Pierre Angulaire.

Comments The Cornerstone

  • Squire

    A rich, multi-layered historical novel of medieval France during the Albigensian Crusade. It concerns three generations of landowners in Champagne. Ansiau, the partiarch of the Le Gros barony, abdicates his position to make a final pilgrimage to Jeruslaem; he leaves his holdings to his hedonistic son Herbert, who rules ruthlessly and recklessly, but effectively; Herbert's surviving son Haugenier, is a disappointment to Herbert, and Herbert struggles in vain to mold him into a ruler of men rather [...]

  • Erik Graff

    I read this book after finding Oldenbourg's Destiny of Fire and being impressed by it. I did not know at the time that it was preceded by The World is Not Enough, her first novel, and The Cornerstone, its sequel. Fortunately, it didn't matter too much. Each book stands alone as a good and quite moving story, with believable characterizations illuminating the late middle ages.

  • Marcella

    The World Is Not Enough (also by Oldenbourg) was a minutely-detailed, immersive saga of a medieval family that seems extraordinary to the modern reader but would have seemed ordinary for their times. In The Cornerstone, its sequel, the major players suffer from terrible trials and crises of faith to expiate the sins and pleasures of the flesh enjoyed in the previous book. I'm glad that some of them ultimately find peace or redemption, but it turns out I prefer reading about sin.

  • Gregoire

    Suite de Argiles et Cendres Ecrit par une historienne, ce livre (suite du roman Argiles et Cendres) est une magnifique peinture de la petite noblesse du 13e siècle français des environs de Troyes à travers le destin des seigneurs de Linnières sur 3 générations La réalité dépasse souvent la fiction Certains passages donnent froid dans le dos J'ai été embarqué par ce voyage dans le temps qui est resté profondément gravé dans mon imaginaire.

  • Sharon Zink

    This is called a historical novel, but we aren't told who is the pope, who is king; and there aren't any wars. However, it is a great story and depiction of life in Medieval France.

  • Sonia

    something I read in college and want to read again

  • Elyse

    Set in thirteenth century France, this medieval tale describes the lives of the noble and peasant alike. Neither life is a bed of roses (but noble is better).

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  • Ø The Cornerstone || ✓ PDF Download by Å Zoé Oldenbourg Edward Hyams
    208 Zoé Oldenbourg Edward Hyams
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