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By Mike Resnick | Comments: ( 547 ) | Date: ( Feb 27, 2020 )

They say his father was a comet and his mother a cosmic wind They call him Santiago, and he is the most wanted criminal in the galaxy, sought after by bounty hunters, reporters, even criminalsd like most myths, the truth is not what it seems.

  • Title: Santiago
  • Author: Mike Resnick
  • ISBN: 2940011817465
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Mike Resnick

Michael Mike Diamond Resnick, better known by his published name Mike Resnick, is a popular and prolific American science fiction author He is, according to Locus, the all time leading award winner, living or dead, for short science fiction He is the winner of five Hugos, a Nebula, and other major awards in the United States, France, Spain, Japan, Croatia and Poland and has been short listed for major awards in England, Italy and Australia He is the author of 68 novels, over 250 stories, and 2 screenplays, and is the editor of 41 anthologies His work has been translated into 25 languages He is the Guest of Honor at the 2012 Worldcon and can be found online as ResnickMike on Twitter or at mikeresnick.

Comments Santiago

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    I didn't know what I was getting into here Let me go out on a limb here. While I don't intend to give a spoiler (I like this book so I wouldn't ruin it for you) I suspect many if not most people who have read quite a lot will see where the book is going and it's surprise won't really be a surprise. That said even if you do spot it, it's worth the ride.You will I suspect be right at home here if you've read much science fiction. This is another western/science fiction novel where all the facets o [...]

  • Stephen

    4.5 to 5.0 stars. Mike Resnick's books are always a ton of fun and this one is among my favorites. Bigger than life characters chasing around the "Outer Frontier" of Resnick's remarkable universe (in which all of his books take place within) in search of the mythical "Santiago." I basically read it straight through and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. Nominee: Locus Award Best SF Novel (10th)

  • Michael

    A friend recommended this to me, saying that "Santiago" reminded him of "Firefly." Being the Joss Whedon obsessed fan that I am, I was immediately intrigued so I picked up a copy of this and the sequel novel, "The Return of Santiago."And now that I've read half of the saga (which, thankfully "Santiago" is a self contained book), I'm not sure I'm in any kind of hurry to pick up the next installment. It's not that "Santiago" is necessarily a bad book--it's not. It's just not necessarily a great bo [...]

  • Иван Величков

    Покрай една малка дискусия тук се присетих отново за Майк Резник. Потърсих един цитат от „Сантяго” и сам не разбрах как отново прочетох книгата.Действието се развива в отдавна познатата вселена на „Демокрацията”, като герои са отново движещите се на ръба на закона ловци [...]

  • The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)

    Three StarsGood story with a different feel than most Science Fiction.On the good side, there were colourful characters, and an interesting back story. This reminded me of a the Clint Eastwood Bounty Hunter Spagetti Westerns like "A Few Dollars More" and "A Fist Full of Dollars." The setting reminded me very much of Josh Whedon's "Fifefly" Tv Series (And "Serenity" the Motion Picture follow-up). Basically this story could have been set in any story-adventure world, fantasy, modern, future. It ha [...]

  • Craig

    This is another of my favorites, and in my opinion is Resnick's best story and contains his best writing by far. The book is filled with larger-than-life characters crafted to be similar to Paul Bunyan or Johnnie Appleseed, and the whole thing blends and builds to a wonderful mythic climax.

  • Mathew Walls

    A cast of unlikeable characters and a central premise that defies believability. The "twist" at the end is incredibly obvious and the only thing that makes you even suspect that it might not turn out that way is that the characters all seem to be stupid enough to not think of it.Basically, the book is about bounty hunters going after a legendary criminal known as Santiago. But no one knows what he looks or sounds like, what his real name is, where he's from or even what crimes he's actually link [...]

  • James

    Caught somewhere between Firefly and a bio pic, I couldn't help but think what a wonderful mini series this would make. But then shortly thereafter it occurs to me that the complete and utter joy of this book isn't so much in the adventure, it's in the flamboyant, delightful characters you encounter with each chapter and that this would likely make for a rather dull and uneventful mini series.Fortunately it is however a more than thoroughly enjoyable read! My only complaint would be that Resnick [...]

  • David

    I’m not sure when my desire to be a writer first sparked, but I can tell you when it roared into full flame; it was the day Mike Resnick spoke at my high school. I was a junior, and I’d been a voracious reader for years. I’d even written a short story for my English class, taught by one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Henry. It might have been Mrs. Henry who arranged Resnick’s visit.To be perfectly honest, the thing that sealed the deal for me was Mike talking about how he slept as late as [...]

  • Alex

    I can't understand what all the fuss is about with this book. Fantasy Review said:“Santiago is a first-class space opera, maybe the best ever written.”Other people kept referring to "larger than life characters", still others said it was the best book they'd ever read and that the plot twist was magnificent. Well, all that seems like a good endorsement. I started reading, 30% into the book I found it boring and not first-class at all. I kept waiting for the "larger than life characters" to a [...]

  • Adrian

    Siempre han existido dos maneras de vivir, una libre y otra sometido al orden…Este libro nos cuenta la historia de ese Universo futuro donde coexisten de manera más o menos pacifica esos dos estilos de vida… La Democracia impone su orden a los mundos humanos y domina a los alienígenas, pero en la Frontera aún se vive de manera libre como en el antiguo oeste americano… Forajidos, cazarecompensas, colonos, timadores, jugadores, predicadores, proscritos…; mundos y mundos que viven al mar [...]

  • Benjamin Newland

    Dear Kenny,Thanks for your last letter. Glad I could remind you of a favorite novel from long ago, and I’m glad to have joined the club of “People that read the *%^#ing classics” as you so eloquently put it.Got another one for you, not quite as old, and not quite as famous, but so much fun. Have you heard of Mike Resnick? He’s written quite a few books, none of which I had read before I picked up Santiago. This is another recommendation from Card’s interview with GoodReads. In the inte [...]

  • Diane

    From , August 27, 2006: If I could give this a 6-star rating, I would. I tend to prefer fantasy, with medieval-type settings, with some magic or things of similar nature. This book doesn't even come close, and yet it is one of my favorite books; one of only a handful that I enjoy re-reading. It starts out as a corny space opera/wild-west style story. You might groan, thinking you have picked up one of the silliest stereotyped stories ever written. (I did, the first time I read it). And yet, at t [...]

  • Jeffrey

    All fluff and no substance. Lauded for "larger than life" characters, I found most of them to be boorish cardboard cutouts of characters. The scenes are hardly described and bland, the best ideas and people are left to languish. There's (view spoiler)[ a major character whose death is supposed to be a big turning point, a show of just how honorable the Songbird is, but alas the ships death is wasted because I didn't care about him, or his whining.(hide spoiler)]Lauded for being fun, I imagine me [...]

  • Roger

    You gotta love a book with character names such as: "Sebastian Nightingale Cain" aka "The Songbird", "The Angel", "Poor Yorick", "Jolly Swagman", "Man-Mountain Bates", "Virtue McKenzie" aka the "Virgin Queen", and "Moonripple". And all of these colorful characters want to know where the uber criminal/terrorist "Santiago" currently resides. Some want to kill him, others want to kiss him, many want to capture him, one wants to steal from him and another wants to interview him. Resnick broke the mo [...]

  • Ignacio Senao f

    Sin duda tiene un buen final. El señor autor tiene una gran personalidad literaria, sus novelas están marcadas por muchos diálogos, nada de descripciones, no bajar el ritmo y personajes degradados que acaban siendo héroes. Todo gira entorno a un tal Santiago, que no se sabe si existe, pero es muy famoso, las leyendas hablan de él tanto bien como mal. Un grupo de caza recompensas irán en su búsqueda individual para llevarse lo que ofrecen por su cabeza. Ángel es malvado y peligroso e ira [...]

  • Avani

    This would also have been a 4.5 star review if I could, but I rounded up because the book was just so much fun. I don't like most comedies, even under the guise of science fiction, but this book manages to be light-hearted (there are a lot of deaths) and funny while still maintaining a serious undercurrent and not overusing puns and popular culture references. I also liked the ending. Overall, the book is warm, fuzzy, simple, and fun. Highly recommended.

  • Ron

    Good book, Fresh--if obvious--plot twist. Not so much SF or fantasy as a horse opera set in space, but that worked for George Lucas.Liked using the verses of doggerel as a devise for propelling and explaining the plot. (Especially cute that almost all were admitted to be in error.)

  • Arlene Allen

    Way before Firefly - this is an awesome combination of myth, spaghetti western, and space opera.

  • John

    Not every hero starts out that way. Not every bad guy is a bad person.

  • Mark Stone

    When a sci-fi veteran like Mike Resnick attempts to create a Wild West mythos in the far future, you know something interesting is going to happen.Turns out it's top-notch as well.I read this a few years ago and decided to re-read it recently and am glad I did. As a writer I can appreciate the delicate nuances in his writing, but as a reader I dig his world-building. Or should I say universe-building? Myth-building? Whatever.What counts is that this a slam-bang, action packed romp through the co [...]

  • Peter

    Subtitled A Myth of the Far Future, this is really a western set in space in which several bounty hunters seek a legendary pirate/freedom fighter, unseen for decades but with a huge price on his head, across the galaxy governed by humans but still pretty wild on the frontiers. It’s an entertaining story with a range of bizarre and likeable characters. 3.5 stars.

  • Ben Porter

    Read this as a kid and absolutely loved it. I revisited it as an adult and it was still charming :)

  • Carmelo Medina

    Novela con tintes de Firefly. Según la leía era todo muy "vaqueros en el espacio". Muchos personajes interesantes. No me acabó de enganchar.

  • Yadira

    Entretenido. Nada realista ni profundo, pero no pretende serlo. Eso sí, predecible.

  • Robert Stenson

    Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future For those who like hard science in their science fiction, this book is not for you. Oh, there are faster-than-light spaceships (including one that used to be a human*), laser and sonic pistols, alien races, and a galaxy-wide civilization, but this story is all about the characters; the science takes a back seat here. The story is told in six parts (Books) from the point of view of six of the many characters that populate this tale, all of whom have a compellin [...]

  • George K.

    Ένα απολαυστικό, διασκεδαστικό και περιπετειώδες space opera μυθιστόρημα, το οποίο διαδραματίζεται παντού. Το σύμπαν είναι αχανές, γεμάτο με πολλά πλανητικά συστήματα, με χιλιάδες πλανήτες, μικρούς και μεγάλους, με μικρές και χαώδεις αποστάσεις μεταξύ τους, και με διάφορα είδη [...]

  • Les

    It has to be said that Mike Resnick writes very enjoyable, fun and entertaining stories and this is no exception. Santiago is the second full-length novel in the 'Birthright' universe that I've read where Man has spread across/infested the galaxy and I can see why it's such a popular book with sci-fi fans. It's a space-opera with a distinct 'Western' feel, with outlaws, gamblers, drunks and bounty hunters all involved in the affairs of Man across the space that he shares with various other senti [...]

  • Nich Weidman

    Slight confession: This book has been one of my favorites since I first discovered it as a kid, and I've read it maybe 10 times, so I may be a bit biased at this point.In some ways, this book bites off more than it can chew - honestly, the end is a bit rushed and falls together a bit too easily - but it largely succeeds at what it is trying to do. Resnick has always been, at heart, a Western fan who writes sci-fi. This book is based in a universe that manages to be Firefly years before Firefly w [...]

  • Brendan

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's exactly as mythical as the title implies, a space western in the classic vein of American tall tales. The plot, the characters, the dialog, all go down beat for beat exactly as you'd expect.What makes it good is the way in which this familiar and formulaic story is executed. It's hard to describe, but every character is note-perfect, behaving entirely consistent to their role or archetype. Most books have a moment or two of confusion, where characters are sub [...]

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