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about a fishing community in Maine One of those good to read before you go to bed books Ending was a bit lackluster

  • Title: The Weir
  • Author: Ruth Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ruth Moore

Ruth Moore 1903 1989 was an important Maine author of the twentieth century She is best known for her honest portrayals of Maine people and evocative descriptions of the state Now primarily thought of as a regional writer, Moore was a significant literary figure on the national stage during her career Her second novel Spoonhandle spent fourteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in the company of George Orwell, W Somerset Maugham and Robert Penn Warren In her time, Moore was hailed as New England s only answer to Faulkner.In 1940 Ruth met Eleanor Mayo, an aspiring writer also from Maine, and the two soon became a couple They returned to New York where Ruth got a job with The Readers Digest while writing her first novel, The Weir, which was published in 1943.

Comments The Weir

  • Paul Bolduc

    Read it in high school. It was different than I remember. Good. Definitely want to read more Ruth Moore.

  • Peggy

    I loved this book. My favorite read of the year so far. I can't wait to get all of her books! If you love Maine and stories of her islands, coast and her people you will want to search out Ruth Moore books.The story centers around Comey Island. The main family is Hardy and Josie Turner and their 3 children and Hardy's elderly mom who lives with them. Generations of Turners lived and fished on Comey Island. Hardy has been tending a fishing weir for several years and not made any money from it. He [...]

  • Mary Ann

    I wasn't sure about this one but I actually enjoyed it more than I anticipated! I'm looking forward to the library discussion next weekend. Moore definitely captured the spirit of hardworking Mainers. There was great tension and the characters kept the story moving!

  • Tim

    A tense story of Maine island people in the 1930s. The principal characters, Hardy and Josie Turner, along with their sons Leonard and Haral, confront the challenges of their daily lives, involving work (fishing), family, and community, during a time of social change. Old traditions, that once made island life fulfilling, have withered away, forcing the family to find new ways to live with quiet integrity and competence in settings where these values become the subject of ridicule and humiliatio [...]

  • Craig Masten

    A slice of life book familiarly depicting those increasingly few individuals who make or made a life fishing along the 'Maine coast, whose ways are unfamiliar to most others. The author Ruth Moore knows her characters and their places well, and is best known for their portrayal in her novel Spoonhandle which I read and very much enjoyed.This one, The Weir, is even darker in tone and plot line, depicting a grim existence for the men and women who live on a hardscrabble island off the Maine coast. [...]

  • Cherie In the Dooryard

    You know how some books manage to build up such an ominous tone that you start reading with one eye squinted, just waiting for bad things to happen to good people? This was one of those for me. Honest, bitter, loving Ruth Moore deserves all the accolades she gets for writing true books about Maine and the people in it. Really enjoyable. (It lost a star because I actually felt it was a bit unresolved for my liking at the end. I suppose that's part of the "trueness," but I can still remove a star [...]

  • Krista

    I like regional slice-of-life novels like The Weir. When well-written, they give one the sensation of traveling to another place and time. Moonflower Vine by Jetta Carleton is similar, although it also features multiple narrators. The Weir contains a lot of dialect and some fishing terminology, but not so much that the non-Maine-coast reader can't figure it out from the context. A nice examination of family life, small-town life, identity, and community.

  • John

    This is arguably either Moore's best book or her second best book, and she wrote a lot of good books. Anyone who is interested in the coast of maine, islands, island communities, and human drama will love this fiction-from-fact about life on a nameless island (but we know it is Gott's Island) in the 1920's. Besides a window into a vanished way of life there is a wonderful Steinbeckian vision of what can drive people to extremes

  • Tina

    Uncomfortable reading for me. I do not like the characterization of people as mostly cruel and selfish with only a few rare people who are honest and caring. The book was written between the two world wars and set in a time and place of tremendous hardship, so it may be a more accurate portrayal than I want to believe. It is a well-written classic of Maine literature and easy to see why.

  • Jim Krosschell

    Ruth Moore (1983-1989) was born on Gotts Island just off Mount Desert. Very popular in her day, but now confined by the term “regional novelist,” Moore wrote books depicting country life on the coast that fall halfway between Chute’s violence and Jewett’s grace.

  • Ruthy

    love this book! Maybe because how she starts this book, "That was the place you were homesick for, even when you were there." is how I feel about Maine. So evocative, and the characters are beautifully rendered.

  • becky

    book club choiceI have only just started by the writing is amazing!The writing continued to impress me. This was an excellent read. I am amazed that she is not more well-known.

  • Janelle Burgoyne

    Steve Muskie, this is one you would love.

  • Helen

    This book needs to be revived! Beautiful writing, beautifully crafted story. Ruth Moore needs her place in American literature.

  • Sarah Cooper

    ok of those good books to read before bedtime. bit of a lackluster readwas actually on my shelf at my parents and was in need of a book!

  • Meg

    Stunning, bleak and ultimately hopeful.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Weir | by ✓ Ruth Moore
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