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By Melanie Jackson | Comments: ( 956 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Chloe Boston, meter maid and unofficial sleuth of the Hope Falls Police Department, is on the trail of the Halloween Killer and a second troublesome criminal, the Pumpkin Thief, who has robbed every pumpkin patch in town Aided by her dog and new boyfriend, Chloe is closing in on Hope Falls public enemies 1 and 2.

  • Title: The Pumpkin Thief
  • Author: Melanie Jackson
  • ISBN: 2940011078149
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Melanie Jackson

Melanie, an award winning author of than fifty novels, stories and poems lives with her writer husband in the California Gold Country with their cat also a writer who has a page on myspace and their dog who is hoping to get a page on facebook as soon as she masters typing Melanie likes gardening but hates the deer who also like her garden, and she volunteers at a local animal shelter.

Comments The Pumpkin Thief

  • Alice Kesner

    Analytical charmSmall town life and death. A great dog, supportive community, a little romance and a charming sleuth. I enjoyed this book. Quick read

  • Lindsay Boitnott

    A few years back I stumbled upon the Chloe Boston series, which is a seasonal mystery series that features Chloe Boston, a short meter maid with a natural talent for deductive reasoning. I have only read the Halloween themed novels in the series and had no problems reading the novels out of order (something that is VERY rare for me). The books are fun, light, and would be a nice cozy-mystery series to read through out the year. They are short (I read three over the weekend) and perfect for a war [...]

  • Mary Brown

    Chloe Boston is back at work at her meter maid job for the Hope Falls Police Department. She still wants to be a detective and she now has a new case to try to solve. Someone is murdered at the haunted house and she and her friends are determined to figure out the killer. And there is another mystery to solve, that of the pumpkin thief. Someone is stealing the pumpkins in the community but there are no clues as to who the culprit is. Between trying to solve both mysteries and trying to continue [...]

  • JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)

    I did read the second book in this series (because it takes place at Halloween and I am reading books in keeping with the season). It is better than the first, but I knew who the killer was less than halfway through the book, so it wasn't really a mystery. Plus, there are some things wrong with this book: Her coworkers don't think much of her until she is almost killed (I guess that makes her 'one of them'), although I know many police officers don't face death and they're not disparaged by the [...]

  • Kristi

    It was an okay read. Pretty short, yet took up a large chunk of the three book collection I bought. It was also quite predictable.I wasn't impressed with the formatting of my Kindle omnibus. It has books 2-4, but no table of contents and no chapters. There is no way to move straight to the title you want to read if you wanted to revisit one story or decided to read them out of order to synch with the holidays if you got the omnibus after Halloween. I'll read books 3 & 4 because I have them a [...]

  • Jill

    The mystery itself is not very complicated and that's disappointing. This is definitely a cozy mystery so perhaps the author thought she didn't need to put a lot of effort into the mystery. I disagree. The voice of the first-person narrator and heroine, however, is well-written. She's humorous and distinctive, a fun person to hang out with for a few hours. I'd read the next book in the series just for that. The characters do feel like real people, not caricatures, and that makes it worth reading [...]

  • Kathy Kirkland

    I've read several books in this series and have loved everyone of them! Reading them out of order hasn't been a problem, but when going back and catching up with one of the books I had missed, such as this one, has again shown me a series that I will one day want to enjoy in chronological order.The stories are very believable, very well written and very fast paced as well as being most enjoyable. Filled with plenty of intrigue, humor, and detail. You'll feel like you are Chloe as she races to fi [...]

  • ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ

    It was okay. The plot was okay although the killer was easy for me to figure out halfway through. What bothered me the most though was alot of grammatical errors that threw me off. Some references to a previous novel I didn't get didn't help. Had I read it, a few things may have made more sense. After a grammatical rewrite/correction it would improve dramatically.

  • Mascanlon

    Chloe Boston, meter maid and unofficial sleuth of the Hope Falls Police Department, is on the trail of the Halloween Killer and a second troublesome criminal, the Pumpkin Thief, who has robbed every pumpkin patch in town. Aided by her dog and new boyfriend, Chloe is closing in on Hope Falls public enemies 1 and 2. A funny read with a solid plot and quirky characters.

  • Cheryl

    This second book in the series was a great cozy. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. In "The Pumpkin Thief" we learn a lot more about Chloe's character as well as her parents. Now I want to know what she will do next! I'm glad there are more books in the series because I would love to spend more time sleuthing with Chloe and Blue. If you like cozy mysteries, read this series.

  • Jeanette Hammond

    This is the second Chloe Boston cozy mystery I have read and I finished it in one night. I couldn't put it down. The story continues with it being Halloween and Chloe getting her HUGE pumpkin to town for judging. But a murder and a pumpkin thief interrupts the judging and the investigation begins. A page turner for sure. Read it for yourself. 5 stars.

  • Melissa

    Chloe Boston book 2This one was easier for me to read. Maybe because I knew the people or wasn't expecting the same voice of another series? I enjoyed the banter, mysteries and the dog! On to book 3 !

  • Allison Kohn

    A good readAnother very good mystery along with an excellent character study. Chloe's relationships with her friends, her boss, and her boyfriend make the stories better and her relationship with her animals and the young man make the reader love her.

  • Linda Cole

    Pleasant surpriseThese mysteries are filled with likeable characters and small town pleasures. Chloe is charming in a practical sense and the murder is just a side note to keep you reading.

  • Johnna Ehlendt

    I like the books and will continue them but it was a little slow for me. There was not a lot of activity or action (if that makes sense). Right now this will be my in between books. I am curious to see if a relationship develops between the chief and Chloe.

  • Erika Pulido

    It was really good, once again Chloe Boston did a great job and it kept me wanting more so I'm ready to start Death in turkey town

  • Carrie

    Too cute! These are funny easy reads! Great for reading on boring lunch breaks!

  • Sesa38

    Even better than the first. Chloe is such a relatable character.I'm starting to think I would like to live in Hope Falls. I love that most of Chloe's friends are seniors. A fun read!

  • Shannon Benson

    Another mystery series I find enjoyable. Sometimes hard to get past the grammatical errors though!

  • Barbara

    Kindle/not for Tony

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Pumpkin Thief | by ¼ Melanie Jackson
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