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By Claudia Gray | Comments: ( 800 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

A Bianca quer fugir.Foi arrancada sua pequena terra natal e inscrita na Academia Evernight, um sinistro col gio interno g tico onde os estudantes s o estranhamente demasiado perfeitos inteligentes, requintados e quase predadores Bianca sabe que este mundo n o o seu.Depois, conhece o Lucas Tal como ela, n o se enquadra em Evernight, e gosta que assim seja Lucas ignoA Bianca quer fugir.Foi arrancada sua pequena terra natal e inscrita na Academia Evernight, um sinistro col gio interno g tico onde os estudantes s o estranhamente demasiado perfeitos inteligentes, requintados e quase predadores Bianca sabe que este mundo n o o seu.Depois, conhece o Lucas Tal como ela, n o se enquadra em Evernight, e gosta que assim seja Lucas ignora as regras, faz frente aos snobes e diz a Bianca que tem de ter cuidado mesmo quando se trata de gostar dele Mas a liga o que une a Bianca e o Lucas n o pode ser negada Ela correr qualquer risco para estar com o Lucas, mas segredos obscuros est o destinados a separ los e a levar a Bianca a questionar tudo aquilo em que sempre acreditou.

  • Title: Evernight
  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • ISBN: 9789896571214
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Claudia Gray

Claudia Gray is not my real name I didn t choose a pseudonym because my real name is unpleasant it isn t , because I d always dreamed of calling myself this I haven t or even because I m hiding from the remnants of that international diamond smuggling cartel I smashed in 2003 Interpol has taken care of them In short, I took a pseudonym for no real reason whatsoever Sometimes this is actually the best reason to do things.I live in New Orleans So far, in life, I ve been a disc jockey, a lawyer, a journalist and an extremely bad waitress, just to name a few I especially like to spend time traveling, hiking, reading and listening to music More than anything else, I enjoy writing.

Comments Evernight

  • Haleema

    Sorry, guys. I deleted this review because I basically explained the WHOLE damn story in it. It was back when I was a shit reviewer. But thank you for all those who read and like it! I love you beautiful beings!

  • Kim

    Okay, so how shall I put this I have a few issues with this book. Kim is bothered.First of all: I like subtlety. I like surprises. But altering your writing to deliberately hide something very important, never even hinting towards it even once and then suddenly go SURPRIIIIIISE! is not my idea of writing a good story. It would be the same thing if we suddenly find out Bianca has a penis. Vampires are mentioned once during an English lit class. Bianca bites Lucas and suddenly we learn:- Everybody [...]

  • Steph (Reviewer X)

    Rant: Every professional review of this book somehow mentions Stephenie Meyer and/or the Twilight series. Is it just me, or does that annoy anyone else seven ways to Sunday? I get that people want to allude to some of the bestselling series of vampire books ever, but saying "enjoyable () for fans of that other vampire series who need something to read while they wait for Breaking Dawn (Meyer, 2008)" (Kirkus) is downright insulting, as it implies that Evernight is no better than a placeholder. Th [...]

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Kindle freebie 12/7/16Evernight is a YA paranormal romance. Just understand that going in. If you dislike that genre, it's unlikely that this'll be the book to change your mind. If you do enjoy PNRs, I think this is one of the better novels I've read of its sort. My reasons for liking this one better than most are extremely spoilerish. Really, I enjoyed it much more going into it blind than I would have (view spoiler)[if I'd known there was a twist coming. I wasn't expecting a twist so it totall [...]

  • Kat Kennedy

    Pretty much, I think this rating is going to come as a massive shock to well, anyone who's ever read a review from me before.The thing is, Evernight really isn't that bad. In fact, as far as sappy YA paranormal books go, it's not THAT bad.I don't actually know what to do with myself. I kind of expected a REALLY painful and agonizing reading experience before I came on GR and vomitted vitriol into everyone's faces. I guess you're all spared of that for now! *Cue evil laugh*Evernight is the bastar [...]

  • Jane

    Evernight, by Claudia Gray, pseudonym of Amy Vincent, starts out with an okay plot, but the choppy writing and barf-y love story make it seem like the worst Twilight rip off possible.The gothy setting combined with the suspicion and eerie-ness of the students are lost on the reader when they realize that the main character, somehow "failed to mention" the minor detail of BEING A VAMPIRE. Of course, this is merely an easy way for Miss Gray to reveal in the middle the detail that keeps the story m [...]

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤

    Lucas only hesitated for a second. "Bianca, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.""Lucas?"His eyes met mine. "I love you."HA. That moment when you realize you love a TOTALLY cliche book that almost all your friends (And most of the community) hates. I literally am laughing right now because, really, what are the odds that everyone hates a book I love. It's crazy. But, frankly, I don't care. And, ya know, I'm almost done with the second and I don't QUITE get what everyone's bitching about.Okay, so, it's unbel [...]

  • Clare D' Lune

    I didn't like this book for a few reasons, but the biggest one is probably that it was soweird. In a bad way. I mean, like they go through half the book and they make her out like she doesn't know anything about what’s happening at the school, and then BANG, all of a sudden, well she knows everything, and had all the time its just weird. Plus I thought her character was poorly made. First she's all shy and stuff, but then she's like not, and then she is, and so on. And she meets Lucas ONCE, an [...]

  • Cassie

    I had to stop this book halfway through. Why? Because I feel like it broke a basic agreement with the reader. When I'm reading a first person narrative, I trust that I'm seeing the world through the character's eyes. In this case, part way through, we find out that the author has pretty heavily been editing the character's words to keep us from seeing that(start spoilers)e's a vampire. Now, it seemed that the character wasn't editing her own words, because being a vampire is just a way of life f [...]

  • J.D. Stroube

    I was surpised to realize that I completely enjoyed myself with this book. It is somewhat of a Romeo & Juliet story of star-crossed lovers whose families are enemies, but with vampires. The characters are sweet, secretive, and charming at the same time. I loved Lucas throughout the entirety of the book, while it took me a little while to adjust to Bianca. However, once I did I felt that the pairing of these two characters was meant to be!I ended up being surprised twice during this book, whi [...]

  • Mizuki

    Evernight, book one of Claudia Gray's supernatural YA romance series, provides worthy entertainment to its readers. I enjoyed the book but I also can't overlook its flaws.First I want to address how utterly overused the plot and setting are. I will write a simple 'Oh I have seen these settings before!' check list:(1) Gothic, gloomy private school. Check.(2) A heroine who was shy, socially awkward and had zero self-confidence. Check.(3) Two hot boys who wanted the heroine's affection. Check.(4) O [...]

  • Mel

    Evernight is set in a very Vampire Knight setting, and is about a girl who is secretly a vampire (yeah right) who falls in love with a boring, uninteresting, controlling Romeo-wannabe and that's it. Yes, that's it. There is no plot other than that. This book managed to meet all of my expectations: It blew. Now some of you may ask me why I bothered reading a book that I knew I wouldn’t like, right? Well the answer is simple: I’m a masochist. I’m somebody who faps over how terrible books are [...]

  • Aeron Trahaearn

    (This book is 3 1/2 stars worth)OkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayWTF WAS THIS??I will try to sum up my reaction in Gif:- FIRST 10 %I'm patiently waiting for there to be a point in all this25% 35%I cant believe this IS A LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT STORY!! 40% I have better things to do50%. "whatwhawhat was THAT??!! she was IT all along??"65% TELL HIM ALREADY!! 80%.Love is in the air!!95% HE HAS SKELETONS IN HIS CLOSET???100%AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK NOW I JUST HAVE TO BUY THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT? [...]

  • Beatrice Masaluñga

    A newly transferred student, Bianca Olivier, doesn't want to be in Evernight Academy. She feels like an outcast and finds other students brilliant, competitive and intimidating. When she tries to escape, a mysterious and attractive guy, Lucas Ross, stumbled her way. They easily get along with each other but he warned her not to get close with him. Despite his warnings, she's drawn to him and nothing can stop her for being with him. As their secrets unfold, the connection between them might set a [...]

  • Deborah Markus

    Holy. Freakin'. COW.I've been enjoying the reading I'm doing as research for the agents I'd like to query about my own novel. I liked this book more than most from the beginning. It hooked me right in. But it was just a pleasant read, one I was going to give a resounding thumbs-up on and then get on with my life.And then I got about halfway through.I've read good YA novels. I've read fun paranormal works. And I've read some great surprise endings (the twist in the last Hunger Games novel blew m [...]

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★

    Damn but I hated this series. I found it completely ridiculous! I couldn't even finish the second book! For god's sake the plot is boring, the characters idiotic and the heroine I want to kill the heroine!Bianca is actually a baby, and I don't mean the fact that she is 16, I mean that she is a naive, whiny, scared little girl who makes one bad decision after another!We also have the "admirers". Bachelor No1, "Lucas" Lucas thinks himself a protector! Oh, but he is gorgeous! My cousin is gorgeous [...]

  • Sarah Mac

    The first words that come to mind are dumb & instalove. I've read worse (really, I have -- just recently, in fact :P). But I've read better. Soere you go. Part of the problem is how everyone talks & acts like they're 7 instead of 17 (or 19, in other cases). The romance is schmoopy-lovey-dovey-eyes for no good reason other than the fact that it's instalove, & therefore everyone should be on board with Bianca & Lucas as a central pairing. Alas, Bianca & Lucas are personality-ch [...]

  • Joyzi

    What I like:>The book has vampires and vampire hunters in it.>The book has an interesting love triangle.>I love Lucas.>It wasn't boring and a nice quick read.>Truth is it's hard to put the book down.>I love that the story has twists in it.What I don't like:>Lacks originality, the plot is a mix of Twilight (average girl goes to new school, falls for hot, mysterious guy) and Vampire Knight (love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter).>Cheesy dialogues that made me wa [...]

  • ~Tina~

    ::SPOILER ALERT::Before anything else, I'm just going to get this part out of the waySo I'm reading this book, and for awhile there I was wondering why it had so many bad reviews? I was having a lot of fun with the world, the characters and the charming love story.Thenapter 8 happened!Seven chapters into this story, we view Bianca as a shy 16 year old kid. She's mad at her parents for bring her to Evernight, a bordering school that her parents will be teaching at. She doesn't think she belongs i [...]

  • Buggy

    Opening Line: “It was the first day of school, which meant it was my last chance to escape.”This had been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years. I guess I bought it during the whole Twilight/vampire craze, I don’t remember. Anyways I finally got around to reading it and it took me ages to get through although I can’t quite put my finger on why? Could be that I’m just done with this type of story, you know teens and angst and high school drama with a side of vampires, plus this [...]

  • Alina

    Also daaaaas war nicht meins x) Ich mag eigentlich Vampirgeschichten aber das war so ein richtiger reinfall. Ich musste mich regelrecht zwingen, bis zur Hälfte passierte erstmal nichts dann kam eine Wendungen die mich überrascht hat dann lange wieder nichts mehr und erst auf den letzten 80 Seiten war es endlich bisschen Action reicher. Deswegen auch die 2 Sterne. Ich weiß nicht was ich jetzt mit dem 2 Teil machen werde. Noch eime Chance geben oder nicht? Jetzt lesen? Pause machen? Ich überle [...]

  • Sarah(sarahandherbookshelves)

    I enjoyed this! I have seen this around the book store a couple times, but didnt really think anything of it. Then one day my mom saw the newest one in the series, and said "Sarah this one look good". Of course I knew that there where three more ahead of that one so I went and picked it up. Glad I did.For me there where 3 twists in this book. The two that happened at once, the third later on. I was pretty shocked actually. I did suspect the vampire thing though. Bianca is likeable, I didn't mind [...]

  • Margaret Stohl

    Compulsively readable. Like, went to go buy the next book that night but they didn't have it at Dolly'sWill drive into SLC tomorrow for the sequel. Is that so wrong?

  • Yani

    Aviso : la reseña tiene un spoiler (no es grave, pero es spoiler al fin) que oculté debidamente.Encontré pocas cosas que me gustaron de este libro, pero son lo suficientemente buenas (desde mi perspectiva, claro está) como para que no pasara a integrar mi lista negra de una sola estrella. Es un 2.5 que no quise redondear hacia arriba porque he leído inicios de series mejores. Una equiparación hubiera sido algo injusta. Bianca es una chica de dieciséis años a la que se le ocurre fugarse d [...]

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    Sixteen-year-old Bianca Olivier is the only daughter of two teachers who have decided that to help Bianca overcome her shyness and become more involved in the world, they are sending her to Evernight Academy, an isolated boarding school. She's not going alone though: both her parents get teaching jobs at the school, but Bianca hates it as soon as she sees it. With its huge towers, gargoyles and Gothic architecture, the old school intimidates her as much as the principal, Mrs Bethany, does.On the [...]

  • Wendy F

    I just can't give it one star, though I really didn't like it. One star ratings are for books that made me want to pluck out my eyeballs. I didn't want to do that, but only by a little. This book was so stupid. It was just stupid. The world, the ideas, the vampires just stupid. The only thing that even remotely made it interesting was Lucas and the bit he brought into it. Still, even the Black Crosses weren't enough to save this one for me. I took notes as I was reading. There were many times th [...]

  • Annalisa

    Gray starts out luring readers into believing they are reading a Twilight replica: the bronze-haired boy with chiseled features (yes, she uses the word the words bronze and chiseled) who is way too fast to be normal and such uncanny perception that maybe he can read minds. Then there's the unpretty, unsure-of-herself girl protagonist with her copy of Wuthering Heights that is shy and out of place in her new school and confused about these strange students who don't seem to eat and are way too be [...]

  • Miss Clark

    I wanted to at least be able to like this book, but, alas, it was not to be. Too vulgar for my tastes. I wonder if someone could write a vampire book without all the erotic/ voyeuristic passages, or is that too much a part of the nature of the vampiric myth? Seriously, I liked the plot. The characters were at least interesting. The way it was written, I was not expecting Bianca to be the vampire, even though I had seen and noted the clues. I just was determined to believe that it was everyone el [...]

  • kari

    Surprisingly, I really enoyed this book. It was almost on the edge of eyerolling, but was rescued just in time.Bianca, an awkward, shy young teenage girl, begins the year at a new school where she meets Lucas, a mysterious boy with bronze hair that warns her away from him while yet another dark haired and muscular boy, Balthazar, whom she thinks of as only a friend, is also interested in her. Sound vaguely familiar?Bianca spends too much time thinking about Lucas, almost to where I was starting [...]

  • Kimberly Derting

    Maybe I'm the only one who didn't see that there was a twist coming, but *holy cow* when it happened, I was completely floored! EVERNIGHT = WIN!!! I can't wait to get my hands on STARGAZER!

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