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The twins are traveling to Transylvania in their sixth adventureOlivia s really nervous because she s meeting her vampire family for the first time there s a lot at stake Plus it doesn t help that she ll be there for Valentine s Day and her new boyfriend Jackson, the hot movie star, doesn t seem bothered that he won t be with her But Ivy turns out to be the one who feelsThe twins are traveling to Transylvania in their sixth adventureOlivia s really nervous because she s meeting her vampire family for the first time there s a lot at stake Plus it doesn t help that she ll be there for Valentine s Day and her new boyfriend Jackson, the hot movie star, doesn t seem bothered that he won t be with her But Ivy turns out to be the one who feels out of place, despire being surrounded by vampires

  • Title: Love Bites
  • Author: Sienna Mercer
  • ISBN: 9781405256988
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sienna Mercer

Sienna Mercer grew up in Toronto, Canada She was an only child, and always wanted a brother or sister especially a twin A twin would have been awesome Sadly, she never got that sister so, when she was grown up, she did the next best thing she wrote books about a girl who reminded her of herself, and gave her the most fun, fabulous twin she could think of Sienna began writing stories when she was a teenager, on a very wet day in Toronto when her cheerleading practice was cancelled and she has not stopped writing since She used to write in red leather notebooks while sat on her bed, but now does most of her writing in her attic, which is quite dark, and has some spooky cobwebs in the corners the perfect location for thinking about vampires She doesn t use red notebooks any, either, although she keeps them in a chest by her desk in the attic.Sienna got the idea for My Sister the Vampire from a daydream she had what if she had a super cool twin sister who was a vampire She loved the characters and their kooky friends and family so much that she just had to keep writing about them.When she s not daydreaming about vampires and cheerleading, Sienna enjoys travelling and exploring new cities, and keeps a detailed scrapbook of everywhere she s visited She lives in Toronto, kept company by Calypso and Angel her two gorgeous cats She is happily writing away and we wait for her upcoming books

Comments Love Bites

  • Daisy

    15/12/2017 re-read: So. Freaking. Cute. Still.26/10/2015 re-read: This is literally the best book in the entire world.Original review (25/07/2014): Words cannot describe how unbelievably awesome this book is. Sixth in the super cool My Sister the Vampire series, Love Bites has always been one of my favourites, if not the favourite. It's certainly the one I've re-read most (although Star Style and Date with Destiny come close), which is saying something, I'm telling you. It seems so amazing that [...]

  • Dana

    Okay I have re-read this book a million times, so much in fact that it's all worn out. I haven't read this book since 5th maybe 6th grade and I still remember pretty much everything that happened in this book. Okay so I was cleaning out my bookshelf, and I found this book beside all my middle-grade books and I just opened it and started flipping though it to take a look at the pictures inside and I was so confused when I couldn't find any. This book was so memorable and descriptive that I actual [...]

  • Kyleigh

    i love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aliyah

    My Sister the Vampire Love Bites by Sienna Mercer is a book about twin girls that are different. One girl is a vampire (Ivy) and the other is a human (Olivia). This setting take place in a town called Transylvania. The reason they're both going to Transylvania is because Olivia, the human sister is going to meet her dad's side of the family (the vampire side). So Olivia has to be really good to impress the vampires or they won' accept her. My favorite part of this book was really nothing because [...]

  • Susie

    I read this book because it was chosen by the winner of one of my school's "teacher raffle". The prize that my library assistant and I offered was for the winning student to select a book from the book fair to create a book club. Interestingly enough, her name is Olivia, too. Olivia and three friends will have lunch with my assistant and me while we discuss the book. From what I now gather, these books are popular with the tween crowd; I had no idea it was a series. (and it has its own page)I d [...]

  • Sarah L

    In this vampire adventure Ivy and Olivia are finally going to see their dads side of the family in Transilvania. Their dads side of the family is vampire royalty! The crown prince seems kind of interested in Olivia a little too much. Is he just wanting to be friendly or is he up to no good?

  • Julie

    Maybe I'm not the target audience.

  • Taylor

    I hope she keeps writting more!

  • Maddy


  • Sophie

    Maybe my favourite of the series. It's so good!

  • Leah3088

    Wasnt a huge fan of this one. I found it boring honestly. it was quite obvious who Alex really liked and I felt like for someone as snobby as the queen, she shouldn't have accepted it and been so okay with everything after the way she previously acted. Might just be because I'm a bit older than the target audience but that's just my opinion.

  • Shimin Mushsharat

    Such easy and quick reads! Loving the series.

  • Ashtyn

    This was a wonderful book lots of drama and romance

  • Marga

    As seen on worthlesswords.tumblr (My tumblr/blog)Important info. Switched (book review). Fangtastic! (book review) Re-Vamped! (book review) Vampalicious! (book review) Take Two (book review)“The twins are travelling to Transylvania! Olivia’s really nervous because she’s meeting her vampire family for the first time (there’s a lot at stake). Plus it doesn’t help that she’ll be there for Valentine’s Day and her new boyfriend Jackson, the hot movie star, doesn’t seem bothered that h [...]

  • Ashley

    3 Stars 4th Book of 2018 With this sixth book in the series, it was fun to finally see the twins in somewhere other than Franklin Grove. I liked the prince character, although I already forgot his name.This is odd to say, but somehow I found this storyline… slightly boring? I don't know. It just wasn't as exciting as I remembered it being.Overall, I did still enjoy reading this one, but with the fifth book being my favorite, this one felt like a bit of a let-down.

  • Nicole Carvajal

    Theme : If you like reading about Fiction or Fantasy books then you will like this book. Favorite Quote : My favorite quote was when Ivy pretended to be Olivia since they're twins which in the book which said , “I wasn’t trying to get closer to Prince Alex. I think he’s pretending to be interested in you just to get back at his mother. I hoped I could trick him into revealing what he was up to , If i pretended to be you. “ Analyze Quote : The quote is talking about how Prince Alex the va [...]

  • Holland

    Valentines Day approaches, but the girls leave Franklin Grove to go to Transylvania with their father to meet his parents, a Count and Countess, who disowned him when he married a human. Ivy is thrown off by the formality of her grandparents' home and feels like she doesn't fit in, though Olivia surprisingly does. They meet the Queen (of all vampires? or just of vampires in Transylvania? I'm not sure) and her teenaged son Alex. While the grandparents are welcoming, the Queen is not keen on socia [...]

  • Monica

    My Sister the Vampire Love Bites is about Olivia, Ivy and Mr.Vega go back to Mr.Vega's childhood home, in Transylvania. Mr.Vega's parents are the count and countess of Transylvania. Olivia doesn't feel to comfortable at first, but then finds out that she is respected just as a regular vampire would. Then Ivy didn't feel comfortable then the prince, Prince Alex seems to be interested in Olivia, and Ivy gets suspicious. Is the prince being nice or is he up to something? 2d to best one so far in my [...]

  • Pms Student

    I thought that this book was good. Ivy the twin that's a vampire has a adventure sneaking around and following prince Alex to see if he is in love with her sister just to make his mother angry. Ivy tries dressing up as Olivia to try and get to see if Alex is only pretending or not pretending that he is in love with Olivia. Ivy finds out that it isn't Olivia he likes it's a maid named Tesa. And Olivia gets what she always wanted since her movie star boyfriend kept going everywhere and she couldn' [...]

  • Cathyl

    There were many places that were very exciting, especially the ending. I love ending of books. Anyways, the ending could be a bit tearful. Charles Vega, Olivia and Ivy's bio-father, finally unites with his parents, meaning he has forgiven them. Ivy became match-maker and got Tessa and Prince Alex to go down the stairs together as couples. The queen, who does not approve, finally gave way and allowed Tessa to be with Alex, which is good. As the count says, "Times are changing." I would say, "For [...]

  • Cassie

    It was ok. I knew what was going to happen, so it was a very predictable read. I finished it in 1 day, just took 3 hours. I have to say, I really liked the character Tessa. She was very relatable for being a "Vampire" maid. She reminded me of Cinderella with her being in love with the prince and all. The book was ok. I didn't think "WOW!", it doesn't have the wow factor for me, but it wasn't horrible either. 3.5 stars if I could do it.

  • NaomiRuth

    I think these books are underappreciated ~ because I don't know of anyone who has read them and they're really fun. I think it's because Mercer is Canadian, and Canadian literature is under-valued (at least outside of Canada). They're fun and written well and have interesting characters. I liked how it dealt with relationships and family and differences in social position in a subtle way. Anyway. You should read them if you have a chance. :D

  • Indie

    This book was brilliant, there aren't many ways I could explain how and why it was, brilliant. I know that you can hide the review incase of spoilers but I don't what the reveiw to be hidden nor do I want to give off spoilers. By telling you why it was/is to quote; 'brilliant.' I would be giving away A LOT! So, I decided not to. I was very pleased when this came out and now, (June 2012) the twelfth book is coming out next month!!! Can not wait!!! Though I still haven't read the 11th!!

  • Destiney Blake

    This book was fine.I liked the book but I wouldn't recommend this book as my favorite book in the world.I felt like in the beginning it was dragging which made it hard for me to get in the zone of reading.When it come to details ,this book nailed it.It made you feel you were in Transylvania With Ivy and Olivia

  • Grace

    This book is about two twins called Olivia and Ivy. But Ivy is a vampire! The twins go to Transylvania to meet their vampire family. But then a vampire prince starts flirting around Olivia, and Olivia is human! Can Ivy save the day? My favourite part was at the formal dinner. My favourite character was Olivia.

  • Ciara

    This is the sixth book in the series.Ivy and Olivia go to see their grandparents,and to find out more about their family.When they get there they meet new people,solve a problem,and even go to a Valentines ball.

  • Stephanie Chu

    I LOVED IT!!! It was amazing to be able to look into the life of royalty in the vampire society in Transylvania. Through out the book you notice the attention to detail from the author and realise that the author went to great lengths to capture every single little detail.

  • Autumn

    Loved it!

  • Corkery

    Kandy ch. This book was about Ivy and Olivia

  • Rakshita

    I love this book!!!

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Download ☆ Love Bites : by Sienna Mercer ß
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