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By Enrique Vila-Matas Anne McLean | Comments: ( 167 ) | Date: ( Feb 16, 2020 )

A splendid ironic portrayal of literary Paris and of a young writer s struggles by one of Spain s most eminent authors This brilliantly ironic novel about literature and writing, in Vila Matas s trademark witty and erudite style, is told in the form of a lecture delivered by a novelist clearly a version of the author himself The lecturer tells of his two year stint livA splendid ironic portrayal of literary Paris and of a young writer s struggles by one of Spain s most eminent authors This brilliantly ironic novel about literature and writing, in Vila Matas s trademark witty and erudite style, is told in the form of a lecture delivered by a novelist clearly a version of the author himself The lecturer tells of his two year stint living in Marguerite Duras s garret during the seventies, spending time with writers, intellectuals, and eccentrics, and trying to make it as a creator of literature I went to Paris and was very poor and very unhappy Encountering such luminaries as Duras, Roland Barthes, Georges Perec, Sergio Pitol, Samuel Beckett, and Juan Mars , our narrator embarks on a novel whose text will kill its readers and put him on a footing with his beloved Hemingway Never Any End to Paris takes its title from a refrain in A Moveable Feast What emerges is a fabulous portrait of intellectual life in Paris that, with humor and penetrating insight, investigates the role of literature in our lives.

  • Title: Never Any End to Paris
  • Author: Enrique Vila-Matas Anne McLean
  • ISBN: 9780811218139
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Enrique Vila-Matas Anne McLean

En el 68 se fue a vivir a Par s, autoexiliado del gobierno de Franco y buscando mayor libertad creativa El apartamento donde se instal se lo alquil la escritora Marguerite Duras Durante estos a os subsisti realizando peque os trabajos como periodista para la revista Fotogramas , e incluso colabor como figurante en una pel cula de James Bond.Vila Matas public su primer libro La asesina ilustrada en 1977, desde entonces no ha dejado de escribir quiz s porque, seg n ha dicho l mismo, escribir es corregir la vida, es la nica cosa que nos protege de las heridas y los golpes que da la vida Sus obras son mezcla de ensayo, cr nica period stica y novela Su literatura, fragmentaria e ir nica, diluye los l mites de la ficci n y la realidad.Rodrigo Fres n escribi que una forma m s tonta que extra a de definir a Vila Matas ser a afirmar que se trata del m s argentino de los escritores espa oles Despu s de todo, all est n la man a referencial y el siempre d ctil aparato enciclop dico, el humor en serio, los juegos metaficcionales donde el autor es siempre protagonista, las apelaciones c mplices a su lector, y el tr nsito cosmopolita, constante y sin compromiso, por las bibliotecas y las ciudades.Ha desarrollado una amplia obra narrativa que se inicia en 1973 y que hasta la fecha ha sido traducida a nueve idiomas Actualmente es uno de los narradores espa oles m s elogiados por la cr tica nacional e internacional, aunque los premios y el reconocimiento en Espa a le han llegado tard amentecritores vilamatasm

Comments Never Any End to Paris

  • Michael Finocchiaro

    This paen to life in Paris is a well-written ex-pat story and was entertaining to read. I preferred its authenticity to the more slapstick ones like those by Stephen Fry. I never bumped into Mr. Vila-Matas in my own wanderings around Paris, but his book gave me a new appreciation for my adopted city.

  • Caroline

    Speaking of pantheons, , the most ironic phrase I know—perhaps the ironic phrase par excellence--is the epitaph Marcel Duchamp wrote for his own tombstone:D’ailleurs, c’est toujours les autres qui meurent.(After all, it’s always other people who die.) Aaaahhh. What a delight both in itself and as relief after having just read a series of books infused with despair as they contemplate ‘real life’. Vila-Matas discusses despair and ‘real life’ extensively here, but in a philosophica [...]

  • Eric Lundgren

    Most serious writers, I imagine, come to a point in their writing lives when they think: "This literature thing is played. There's nothing to add. All that's left is embroidery." Enrique Vila-Matas, unlike most most writers, isn't reduced to despair or paralysis by this statement; his work takes indebtedness as a starting point and can be read as one immense acknowledgments page. This is his third book to appear in English translation, after "Bartleby & Co" and "Montano's Malady." We can onl [...]

  • Stephen P

    A Hemingway look alike contest in the Florida keys. Before the end is to be reached he is disqualified. His outer impression does not match the contrived inner view where he does look like Ernest, and is or will be a great writer. Using a deft wave of the hand the narrator persists in replacing what is with what he wants to be. Life viewed through irony produces absence and absence is what is wanted.In the guise of giving a lecture on irony in his work and life, the first person narrator, appare [...]

  • Steve

    Actually, 3.5 stars París no se acaba nuncais a metafictional irony fest in which nearly every form of irony known to man comes into play and is layered into the narrative. A pitiable narrator having much in common with Vila-Matas, including writing his first novelLa asesina ilustradain Paris, pretends he is giving three two-hour lectures at a literary symposium in Barcelona on consecutive days. But this pretense is immediately deflated by the content of the "lectures", not to mention the chatt [...]

  • Eugene

    witty and elegant, what makes enrique vila-matas’s NEVER ANY END TO PARIS something more than a (witty and elegant) memoir of his literary apprentice years is the transformational yet thin veneer of fiction that coats this ingenious novel. the book follows a spanish writer (with a more than passing resemblance to vila-matas) who recalls — in a lecture spoken during a three-day symposium on irony — how in the mid-1970s he had moved as a young man from barcelona to paris to work on his first [...]

  • M. Sarki

    I was hooked immediately to this book after reading the first hilarious paragraph. The narrator had over-confidently entered the Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest held annually in Key West but he was the only person who thought he actually looked like Hemingway. Because he had a beard and was fat, and the fact that he was a writer I suppose, gave him reason to believe he qualified. Problem was nobody else did. The judges ruled him ineligible to participate as they determined him as bearing abs [...]

  • Tosh

    A wonderful fine for me. And to think of it, I only picked this book up because it had Paris in its title, and its published by New Directions. Such a beautiful start, and the end is just as wonderful. Enrique Vila-Matas' novel "Never Any End to Paris" is for me a mediative and hysterical look at a writer and the writing Parisian writing world, that exists in real life, but also in one's imagination. It reads like a memoir, and for all I know it is a memoir, but alas, one can see this as almost [...]

  • Rita

    Me encuentro últimamente con muchos libros que son ensayos literarios novelados. Esta es uno de ellos me he dado cuenta de que me encanta leer sobre escritores, libros y sus vidas. A este paso acabaré enganchada a las biografías. Altamente recomendable Vila-Matas. Altamente recomendable.No es solo lo que cuenta, El Paris de los escritores, en claro homenaje a Hemingway. Es como lo cuenta. Esa narración pausada que nos lleva a sus comienzos, claro homenaje a Hemingway. Frases llenas de estilo [...]

  • Carlos Manzano

    No sé si fue la primera novela que leí de Vila-Matas, pero “París no se acaba nunca” me confirmó sin ningún género de dudas que estaba ante un escritor genial, un digámosle “escritor total” que desde entonces nunca me ha decepcionado. Su apasionante juego entre la ficción, la autoficción y la metaliteratura rebasa las características formales de la narración clásica a la vez que exige la participación consciente del lector, instándole a abandonar el despreocupado papel de s [...]

  • jeremy

    never any end to paris (parís no se acaba nunca) is a fictionalized autobiographical work by the great spanish novelist, enrique vila-matas. only the third of his books to be translated into english (of nearly two dozen), this one recounts the author's youthful days in paris during the mid 1970s. it was during this time, while renting an attic room from french writer and director marguerite duras, that vila-matas set about working on his second novel, la asesina ilustrada (never translated into [...]

  • aconeyisland

    Questo andar per luoghi (3) Mi piace sedermi ai tavolini all’aperto dei caffè di Parigi, e mi piace anche molto camminare per la città, camminare a volte per un pomeriggio intero, senza una meta precisa, ma nemmeno a casaccio, né all’avventura, cercando comunque di lasciarmi portare. A volte prendo il primo autobus che si ferma (come diceva Perec, non si può prendere l’autobus al volo). Oppure imboccando deliberatamente rue de Seine per affacciarmi all’arco che dà sul quai de Conti [...]

  • Janet

    I wish I was clever enough to give this book the review it deserves. It is written in the form of a lecture on irony delivered over a three day period by a novelist who is clearly a version of the author. The title is a reference to Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. The protagonist a Hemingway devotee who earnestly apes him in every way imaginable from entering look-alike contests to moving to Paris and living in a dank garret for two years to begin his writing career. All takes place during the 7 [...]

  • Irmaolucia

    há um distanciamento por explicar na minha relação com o livro, sobretudo porque lhe reconheço a arquitectura perfeita, a erudição absoluta, a sageza na montagem da personagem. são tantas as piscadelas de olho literárias que o leitor militante não pode deixar de sentir-se seduzido e desafiado em partes iguais. e no entanto não consegui estabelecer empatia com este "paris nunca se acaba". como se sentisse a falta de ruído, sangue, nervos. a dado momento, e embora o estilo e a verve de [...]

  • Hamish

    Vila-Matas is a slippery motherfucker. After the first few pages I was sure this was another absurdist farce (peppered with literary references), ala A Brief History of Portable Literature. A while after that I began scrutinizing the text, trying to figure out how the themes the lecturer describes (the novel is in the form of a lecture) fit in with the rest of the book. Then that slowly fell to the background as the novel became more of a bildungsroman (albeit a very not straight-forward one) an [...]

  • Ale Vergara

    Tardé un poco en agarrar el ritmo de este libro. Creo que se debió, principalmente, al artificio de la conferencia (artificio que, me parece, sobra y le hace más mal que bien al libro: me queda claro que el autor pretende justificar en la idea de la conferencia el contenido fragmentado y las digresiones en el libro, pero no creo que sea necesario. Además, da la impresión de que, a mitad del libro, Vila-Matas olvida la idea de la conferencia: como si ya una vez justificada la enunciación y [...]

  • Teto Rero

    Además de ser una novela genial es un acto de generosidad por parte de su autor en el que entrega varias informaciones tanto para construir un texto funcional como desengañarse pronto del mundillo literario.

  • Kaleidograph

    Ostensibly, (Ladies and Gentleman,) this book is a series of fragments which are supposed to come together as a three-day lecture on irony. More truthfully, it is a series of musings, anecdotes and fabrications pertaining to the author's apprenticeship as a writer, for which he spent a year living in a small garrett in Paris. Even more truthfully, Enrique Vila-Matas is quite simply having some fun with these topics, with his young pathetically pretentious self, with the idea of trying to become [...]

  • Miguel

    No tengo hijos, no tendré nietos. En lugar de nietos, les tengo a ustedes. No quiero que ahora piensen que soy sólo el hombre que vio a la mujer de Orwell barriendo una escalera. Quédense con el sueño de Nueva York, es más poético.***«Me presento», dice, «soy el bohemio Bouvier, ahí en las alturas traté de ser artista sin lograrlo».***creí advertir en su más amplia dimensión el poder de las palabras escritas, y eso me condujo, por un intrincado atajo, a intuir la importancia de é [...]

  • Billy O'Callaghan

    In the closing paragraph of 'A Moveable Feast', Hemingway's beguiling, posthumously-published paean to the great French capital of the '20s, he writes: “There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other (This) is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy.” It is around these words that Enrique Vila-Matas builds his loose but playful narrative, a novel masquerading as memoir.The narrator here is some [...]

  • Carmen Daza Márquez

    En París no se acaba nunca, Vila-Matas hace un retrato implacable de sun yo juvenil durante los dos años que vivió en Saint-Germain-des-Prés, como un joven impostor que asume todas las poses de sus modelos literarios porque está convencideo de que esa es la única forma de llegar a ser un auténtico escritor. Me divertí muchísimo con su imagen de muchacho vestido de negro (la desesperación le parecía entonces la única actitud válida ante la vida) que se sentaba en la terraza de un caf [...]

  • Vasileios

    dreamersandco/2015/04/%CF%Το Παρίσι δεν τελειώνει ποτέ, μπορεί να ακούγεται ένα τίτλος που να παραπέμπει κάποιους σε πιο ρομαντικά είδη λογοτεχνίας, αλλά ο αγαπητός Ενρίκε Βίλα-Μάτας έχει τον τρόπο του να το μετατρέπει σε κάτι πολύ ιδιαίτερο και μοναδικό. Άλλωστε, ο ίδιος είναι ένα χαρ [...]

  • Chad Post

    Over the course of a three-day lecture on irony, the narrator of Never Any End to Paris (who has certain things in common with Enrique Vila-Matas, such as appearing in the movie Tam Tam and having absolutely no resemblance to Hemingway) recounts the two years he spent in Paris, living in Marguerite Duras's house, imitating his literary hero Hemingway, and trying to write his first book, The Lettered Assassin. It's his sort of "portrait of an artist as a foolish young man," and walks the line bet [...]

  • Karina

    ParisIn which the author confidently enters the annual Hemingway look-alike contest in Key West. Yet he is the only one who thinks that he looks anything like the famous writer. Just because he is fat, bearded and writes novels himself. Unfortunately the jury declare him ineligible on account of the fact that he bears no resemblance to the great man. Why is this funny? I suppose because I've done it myself. As several of my friends are aware I once auditioned for the part of Grace Kelly despite [...]

  • Giannis Karageorgos

    Εξαίρετο!!! Στα χνάρια του Χέμινγουεϊ και το βιβλίο του "Μια Κινητή Γιορτή", ο Ενρίκε Βίλα-Μάτας δίνει ένα πραγματικά πάρα πολύ καλό δείγμα γραφής με αρκετές βυθομετρήσεις στην ψυχή του, με αντανάκλαση σε αυτήν του αναγνώστη και ειδικότερα ενός συγγραφέα. «Το Παρίσι δεν τελε [...]

  • Jordi Via

    Otro libro al que regresaré, un libro que tampoco termina nunca

  • Marcia Letaw

    Delightful!Delightful until it was not.Delightful until, about halfway through, it fell into a pedantic succession of ennui inspiring sentences full of name dropping events.A novel, a 3 day lecture on irony but actually a discussion of writing. So, what did I learn about writing: The writer should always, always remain in the shadows. For those who see themselves as creators, those must, godlike, remain in the clouds allowing the characters to figure it out for themselves; for those who write li [...]

  • Raffaella Foresti

    Distinguere tra realtà e finzione è una battaglia persa in partenza, ci ha insegnato Borges. Tenetelo presente quando leggerete quest’opera di Vila-Matas, Parigi non finisce mai (Feltrinelli, trad. N. Cancellieri), romanzo fittiziamente autobiografico sugli anni giovanili dello scrittore spagnolo a Parigi, partito per ripercorrere le orme del suo idolo Ernest Hemingway.In una bizzarra conferenza intorno al concetto di ironia, “la più alta forma di sincerità”, secondo lo scrittore catal [...]

  • Rise

    Framed as a three-day lecture by a novelist looking back on his days of youth, Never Any End to Paris directly referenced the earnest writer Hemingway and prominently featured Marguerite Duras who was the young apprentice novelist's landlady. By his candid reminiscences, the boundaries between lecture and novel and between fiction and memoir not only blurred but dissolved into each other. Vila-Matas's lecture novel was also a species of the memoir. How it panned out that way was a pleasure and p [...]

  • Joe Cummings

    Like Ernest Hemmingway in the 1920s and Julio Cortazar in the 1950s, well-known and award-winning Spanish writer Enrique Vila-Matas spent two years finding himself by losing himself in the City of Lights during the 1970s. The author recounts his adventures and misadventures in the 2003 novel “Paris no se acaba nunca” which was translated by Anne McLean in 2011 as “Never Any End to Paris.” The book is supposed to be a tale about a modern day writer who is giving a seminar workshop on iron [...]

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    169 Enrique Vila-Matas Anne McLean
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