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By James Ellroy Otto Penzler | Comments: ( 818 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

A magisterial anthology of American noir writing in the 20th century by the best selling author of the LA Quartet The Black Dahlia The Big Nowhere , LA Confidential and White Jazz In his intoduction to The Best American Noir of the Century, James Ellroy writes, noir is the most scrutinised offshoot of the hard boiled school of fiction It s the long drop off the shortA magisterial anthology of American noir writing in the 20th century by the best selling author of the LA Quartet The Black Dahlia The Big Nowhere , LA Confidential and White Jazz In his intoduction to The Best American Noir of the Century, James Ellroy writes, noir is the most scrutinised offshoot of the hard boiled school of fiction It s the long drop off the short pier and the wrong man and the wrong woman in perfect misalliance It s the nightmare of flawed souls with big dreams and the precise how and why of the all time sure thing that goes bad Offering the best examples of literary sure things gone bad, this collection ensures that nowhere else can readers find a darker, thorough distillation of American noir fiction.James Ellroy and Otto Penzler, series editor of the annual The Best American Mystery Stories, mined one hundred years of writing 1910 2010 to find this treasure trove of thirty nine stories From noir s twenties era infancy come gems like James M Cain s Pastorale, and its post war heyday boasts giants like Mickey Spillane and Evan Hunter Packing an undeniable punch, diverse contemporary incarnations include El Leonard, Dennis Lehane, Patricia Highsmith and William Gay, with many page turners appearing in the last decade.

  • Title: The Best American Noir of the Century
  • Author: James Ellroy Otto Penzler
  • ISBN: 9780099538257
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

James Ellroy Otto Penzler

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles in 1948 His L.A Quartet novels The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, L.A Confidential, and White Jazz were international best sellers His novel American Tabloid was Time magazine s Best Book fiction of 1995 his memoir, My Dark Places, was a Time Best Book of the Year and a New York Times Notable Book for 1996 His novel The Cold Six Thousand was a New York Times Notable Book and a Los Angeles Times Best Book for 2001 Ellroy lives in Los Angeles.Ellroy is known for a telegraphic writing style, which omits words other writers would consider necessary, and often features sentence fragments His books are noted for their dark humor and depiction of American authoritarianism Other hallmarks of his work include dense plotting and a relentlessly pessimistic worldview Ellroy has been called the Demon Dog of American crime fiction See also name nm0255278

Comments The Best American Noir of the Century

  • James Thane

    James Ellroy and Otto Penzler have collected in this volume a large number of very dark crime stories spanning the years from 1910 to 2010. Included are stories by a number of very familiar writers like Mickey Spillane, Gil Brewer, James M. Cain, Jim Thompson, James Ellroy, Lawrence Block, and Elmore Leonard. There are also works by a number of lesser-known writers, but the stories are uniformly good and most of them won awards of one kind or another.My personal favorites are probably James Crum [...]

  • Lou

    Spurs by Tod RobbinsA circus story from 1930s a tale of a small man, part of the freak show side the circus, with a big heart for a beautiful horseback rider. A match not possibly made in heaven as the bride to be has other plans for her new husband. Her heart is cold for him but warm for wealth, she plots and advises of her plans to a different person she wishes to be married to in the future also a performer in their circus. The small man turns out to be harder to crack than she thought and sh [...]

  • Jeanne

    Other reviews of this collection often debated if all the stories selected for this book can truly be called “noir”. Since I struggle to even pronounce “noir” correctly, I will avoid that debate completely. These stories were dark and gritty and could I read no more than one or two a week often accompanied by a glass of wine for the nerves. Everyone will have their own favorites and their own dogs. I jumped around throughout the collection rather than reading in chronicnoligcal order but [...]

  • Joe Murray

    When a book boasts the monumental declaration, The Best American Noir of the Century, it damn well better stand up to scrutiny—all prodigious 752 pages of it. And so it was with relish that I tucked into this meaty and bloody feast from arguably the finest literary writers of noir America has ever produced, hoping for some tasty morsels. The Best American Noir of the Century is a colossal collection of 39 short stories dating from as far back as 1923, right up to 2007, and selected by James El [...]

  • Mariana

    En esta antología conformada por diez relatos, encontramos las plumas de los autores estadounidenses más reconocidos dentro del género negro. Cada una de las historias contenidas en este libro, nos presentan personajes sórdidos, corrompidos, perseguidos por el pasado y dispuestos a matar con tal de obtener una venganza, dinero o incluso amor.La calidad de todos los relatos es buena, sin embargo, para mi existieron tres que sobresalieron: "Lenta, lentamente al viento" de Patricia Highsmith, " [...]

  • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    This book is wrongly named. It claims to contain the best American noir of the century - but which century is that? The collection covers the years 1923 to 2007, which is 84 years from two different centuries. Also, a lot of the best American noir is found in novel form. So this book should really have been called 'The Best American Noir Short Stories from an 84-year period' except that doesn't have the same ring, does it?Ah well. This will be another of those story-by-story reviews that I keep [...]

  • Abhinav

    I read this compilation as part of the 387 Short Story Challenge - one story a day for the past month or so. There are about 30 out of these 35 stories I really liked, but only a handful of them make the amazing grade.So after much thought, I'm not going to be tempted into rating it five stars. Given how dark & depressing these stories can be, I'm not gonna take this up even for selective reading anytime soon. That being said, this is not to be missed at any cost by fans of crime fiction &am [...]

  • Aaron Poorman

    I'm back from my blogging hiatus now that another semester has passed. How long this return will last before I'm pulled entirely back into my studies I can't be sure. Still, it is nice to have time for reading for fun again. The Best American Noir of the Century is a collection compiled by James Ellroy and Otto Penzler. It's a massive book with nearly forty stories, and stretches as far back as 1923 (Tom Robbins' "Spurs" and as recently as 2007 (Lorenzo Carcaterra's "Missing The Morning Bus") fo [...]

  • Ed

    Some short stories are better than others in this collection but James Lee Burke's "Texas City, 1947" is by itself, worth the price of the book. Billy Bob is a young Cajun boy growing up in very tough family circumstances in 1947 South Texas. His teacher is a wonderfully drawn Catholic Nun who becomes a kind of surrogate mother. The boy's name is Billy Bob but it could just as well be Dave, as in Dave Robicheaux. All the characters gut wrenching emotions jump off the pages like a punch in the th [...]

  • Michael

    It is hard to review a collection of short stories (do you rate based on the average ratings of all the stories or how you felt of the book as a whole?). This collection of Noir short stories, is well worth reading for all Noir and Hard-Boiled fans. Full of grittiness, vengeance, murder and macabre; I loved every minute of this book.Individual Breakdown of the Short StoriesSpurs by Tod Robbins (1923) -- 3/5Pastorale by James M. Cain (1928) -- 4/5You'll Always Remember Me by Steve Fisher (1938) - [...]

  • Audra (Unabridged Chick)

    Did I feel "repulsed and titillated" while reading this, as James Ellroy claimed I would?: YES.  Forget horror, noir is the best way to get a chill up one's spine! Did I find myself crushing on all the wrong people?: YES.  There's something so deadly sexy about a good femme fatale! Did I feel very grateful that I had this as an e-book edition?: YES, mostly.  At 731 pages, I wouldn't have been able to carry a hard copy around on my commute, but this is the kind of book that begs to be held and [...]

  • Nicolas

    Favourite Stories:Tod Robbins "Spurs" - Dark and funnySteve Fisher "You'll Always Remember Me" - Salinger-esqueDay Keene "Nothing to Worry About" - Dark and funnyHoward Browne "Man in the Dark" - Classic NoirDavid Goodis "Professional Man" - Good endingCharles Beaumont "The Hunger" - CreepyEvan Hunter "The Last Spin" - CuteCornell Woolrich "For the Rest of Her Life" - Really darkDavid Morell "The Dripping" - Really creepyPatricia Highsmith "Slowly, Slowly in the Wind" - Dark and funnyJames Lee B [...]

  • Row Torrance

    Por supuesto que hubo cuentos que me encantaron más que otros, definitivamente la intriga, la venganza y la ambición son temas centrales en esta antología De los mejores en mi opinión: Infiel, El Profesional, Con un hueso en la garganta de 10!!

  • Warren Stalley

    The Best American Noir of the Century collects together a wide range of crime authors from the U.S. and is a great way to find interesting writers who you may not have come across before. Each story is preceded by a brief yet informative introduction to the author. All the pieces were interesting in one way or another but some of my personal favourites were as follows:Nothing To Worry About – Day KeeneA teenage boy thinks he’s got away with murder but his homicidal tendencies may yet give hi [...]

  • Jeff Lanter

    It can be hard to find good noir and for me anyway, noir scratches a reading itch that no other story can touch. There's something about a flawed character meeting their doomed fate that speaks to this overly pragmatic and cynical person. Life all too often feels like a noir setting and I think that is why I relish noir so much (well that and it probably confirms my world view to a certain extent too).This huge collection is full of noir stories going back quite a ways in the 1900's. It is impre [...]

  • J.R.

    If you’re already a fan of the genre, you’ll be pleased with this magnificent edition. If you don’t know what noir is, then this is a splendid introduction.In fact, if you’re a novice, the editors James Ellroy and Otto Penzler each provide a brief introduction offering their interpretations of the term. Penzler contends noir is a “…prodigiously overused term to describe a certain type of film or literary work” which is actually “…virtually impossible to define, but everyone thi [...]

  • Judi

    Since this is a rather thick book (800 pages) of short stories, I suspect that I'll be reading it for awhile. But it is worth the read, especially if you really want to learn what the Noir genre is. Guy Savage reviewed this book for MostlyFiction (bookreviewstlyfiction/2) and one of things he points out is to read Otto Penzler's introduction for a better understanding of the delineations under the umbrella of crime fiction, especially when it comes to the term "Noir." This is good advice BUT I'd [...]

  • Jeremy Good

    Like most anthologies, it's a bit hit and miss. Most intriguing was the editorial take on noir, a bit idiosyncratic perhaps challenging traditional notions of noir. Maybe half the collection started around the 90s and took us into the new millenium. So we seem to have here an ambitious attempt to keep noir relevant today and I guess it always has been, even in "pre-noir" times?!If I had to define "noir" just based on reading this anthology, it would be this: Hopeless or hapless people living hop [...]

  • Mary

    I still find great joy in 'discovering' writers I have never heard of who have managed to make their way into the canon despite all odds, such as the fellow who tried for forty years (FORTY YEARS!) to get published, and when at last he made it, his work became part of the Oscar inner circle as well. The little bios before each piece help place the writers in context. All in all a terrific collection edited by an author I discovered "backwards" -- I saw L.A. Confidential and fell in love, and now [...]

  • Bryan Alexander

    A delightful romp though literary noir. The selection ranges through the 20th century, emphasizing the later decades more than the earlier. Stories cover a lot of ground within the introduction's fairly specific genre definition. Tales work with other domains and genres, including crime, mystery, sex, science fiction, and horror. Interesting to see so much rural, rather than urban noir. We often associate the genre with hard-bitten city streets.

  • Carrie

    If I was a horror fan I might have enjoyed these. As a noir far, however, it was a disappointment. Of these stories only one or two of them felt like noir. Most of them felt like horror. SOme of it better than others, and cetianly creepy and atmospheric, but overall, a disappointment. I ultimately gave up halfway through the book because I wanted to read a collection of noir stories and frankly, that's not what I got.

  • Juan Araizaga

    Seis días y 330 páginas después. Un compilado de cuentos de género negro, su particularidad es que todos son autores americanos. La antología es generada por el maestro Ellroy, hay tres cuentos que me encantaron: un profesional, lenta lentamente al viento y como un hueso en la garganta; esos cuentos son lo mejor. Los demás dejan que desear (incluso el de Ellroy que se leyó en el gran desierto). Me es complicado reseñar cuentos pero habrá reseña.Me dejó con ganas de más (por su alto p [...]

  • Sarah Delacueva

    I enjoy noir film, so I thought I would like these stories, but just couldn't get into it. What I did read was pretty uneven. A couple I read were good, and others I just didn't enjoy at all. Eventually I put it down and never found my way back

  • Nithin

    Detective stories occupy a space between horror fiction & fantasy books in literature world. Noir is that part of detective stories which guarantees more than action, with a flawed hero, witty dialogues & cynical characters all around. Since raymond chandler's books I have been hooked on to noir & its really rare to find good crime fiction that does more that tell you a story, as seen in this collection even paper-thin plot can be elevated to new heights with elements of noir include [...]

  • Christopher Wilsher

    I’m working my way through Penzler and Ellroy’s “The Best American Noir of The Century,” and what do I find but the short story “Gun Crazy” (published in 1940).I recently wrote about the film noir “Gun Crazy” and I had a hazy recollection that it was based on a short story. The story is similar to the film. The main difference is that Laurie Annie Starr (named Antoinette McReady A/K/A Ruth Riley in the story) plays a very minor role compared to the movie.And this points up the ma [...]

  • Williwaw

    Based upon the foreword, the intro, and the first story, I could already tell that I was going to enjoy this book immensely. The line-up of familiar "noir" authors is truly impressive. So, I'm going to award three stars in advance, and then adjust later. This is such a long book (731 pp.) that I may never read the whole thing, and I may never take a "cover to cover" approach. It seems better, perhaps, to dip in from time to time and review each story. The opening story is "Spurs," by Tod Robbins [...]

  • Óscar Brox

    A pesar de su frenética actividad editorial, la literatura negra tiene motivos para quejarse. Secuestrado por el impacto de corto alcance de fenómenos actuales, el noir ha dejado en un rincón a algunos de sus autores mayores; por ejemplo, a un David Goodis cuya obra traducida se quedó apalancada a principios de los 90. Una antología como American Noir, que publica Navona en edición de tapa dura, sirve para poner a disposición del lector autores y textos que, en algunos casos, se presentan [...]

  • Kelly Fugate

    If the editors are to be trusted, and these are the best samples of noir through the years, then noir died in the early 1980s, with three noteworthy exceptions: Harlan Ellison, Ed Gorman, and Lawrence Block. Painstakingly, the book slogs along for another 450 pages and 20 plus years ugh and seems to be a stag club.I adore Cornell Woolrich's noir fiction (he'd been famous for Rear Window). It's difficult to find his work in print at libraries yet one of his short stories is among this collection. [...]

  • Nick Black

    gah, quite a slog. the most well-written story is a joyce carol oates effort that doesn't really fit in with the theme, and furthermore shows everything else up. the harlan ellison story is lots of fun. tons and tons of filler, though. as editor, i'm surprised james ellroy let his half-hearted affair show up.

  • Dane

    The stories in this book, I would personally classify more as horror, and the explanation in the foreword that noir isn't detective stories (it is to me) make me feel like I don't think I quite understand what noir is. Even after reading this whole thing.

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