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By Carol O'Connell | Comments: ( 969 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

Na cidade de Coventry, no norte da Calif rnia, dois irm os adolescentes v o passear num bosque, mas s um regressa Ningu m sabe o que aconteceu a Josh, um rapaz de quinze anos incrivelmente dotado para a fotografia, at que, vinte anos mais tarde, o irm o mais velho, Oren, agora um ex investigador criminal do Ex rcito, regressa a Coventry pela primeira vez em muitos anos.Na cidade de Coventry, no norte da Calif rnia, dois irm os adolescentes v o passear num bosque, mas s um regressa Ningu m sabe o que aconteceu a Josh, um rapaz de quinze anos incrivelmente dotado para a fotografia, at que, vinte anos mais tarde, o irm o mais velho, Oren, agora um ex investigador criminal do Ex rcito, regressa a Coventry pela primeira vez em muitos anos Na madrugada do seu regresso, ouve um barulho no alpendre Ca do porta de casa est o osso de um maxilar humano, com os dentes ainda intactos E o pai diz lhe que j n o o primeiro J ali apareceram outros ossos Josh est finalmente a voltar a casa osso a osso Valendo se de todos os seus conhecimentos como investigador, Oren decide resolver o mist rio do homic dio do irm o, mas Coventry uma cidade cheia de segredos Entre os que t m segredos a esconder est a governanta, com um passado que ningu m conhece o misterioso ex pol cia de Los Angeles a mulher a quem chamam o monstro da cidade e, n o menos importante, o pr prio Oren Mas o maior segredo o do seu irm o, que nas suas fotos captara muito do que os habitantes de Coventry ciosamente escondiam, e s ao desvend lo Oren descobre a verdade que os assombrou a todos durante vinte anos.

  • Title: Osso a Osso
  • Author: Carol O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9789722040167
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Carol O'Connell

Born in 1947, Carol O Connell studied at the California Institute or Arts Chouinard and the Arizona State University She lives in New York City.Series Kathleen Mallory

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  • LJ

    BONE BY BONE (Psy Mys-Oren Hobbs-No. Calif-Cont) - Ex O’Connell, Carol – StandalonePutnam, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780399155147First Sentence: A batty old man of the cloth had once described the Hobbs boy as a joke of god’s: an archangel of the warrior cast and a beacon for women with carnal intentions.Almost 20 years ago, 17-year-old Oren Hobbs and his younger brother Josh, went into the woods. Oren came home but Josh was never found. Told that his father is dying by the housekeeper [...]

  • Licinia

    Com uma escrita fluída, sem descrições longas e aborrecidas, sem pontos mortos e sempre muito apelativa torna-se uma leitura agradável e sempre interessante . A autora leva-nos pela cidade de Coventry , recheada de personagens, os habitantes, que bem poderiam ser reais de tão normais que são. É uma leitura em que se vai a uma velocidade calma, assim com os habitantes de Coventry conduzem pela cidade, mas cheia de mistérios que cada personagem tem os seus segredos, os seus lados obscurosd [...]

  • Audrey

    I keep having this strange problem with sharks.See, sharks are kind of awesome, at least in the abstract. It's really cool that they're these huge predators that swim around eating people and seals and generally being all badass and having movies made about them, but think about this: the average adult female great white is 14 feet long. Now, stop right there and take a moment with me. You're what, six feet tall? I'm closer to five, and a Vanagon is seven feet long. In other words, the average f [...]

  • Una Tiers

    Although the start was interesting, and the core characters were likable, things changed. The next group of characters were horrible and I lost interest in the book.

  • Cat

    Credo! Nunca tinha lido nada desta autora e não sei se voltarei a ler.Chateia-me quando um livro começa bem, para, rapidamente, perceber que a história não está muito bem construída.A verdade é que não percebi grande coisa do que se ia passando. Só mesmo no final é que tudo faz sentido, mas não parece ter muito a ver com tudo o que foi contado nas páginas anteriores.Foi estranho ler este livro. A sinopse parecia prometer muito mas o que foi entregue deixou um bocado a desejar.E ainda [...]

  • Caitlin

    I really like Carol O'Connell's Mallory series of books & enjoyed her other stand-alone book, Judas Child, so I picked this one up with anticipation. I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as her others. This is a gothic confection of a tale about two brothers who go into the woods with only one returning & what happens 20 years later when Oren, the surviving brother returns home to find that his missing brother is returning home - bone by bone.The opening chapters and setup are grea [...]

  • Doug Beatty

    Oren Hobbs returns home after years in the army. He discovers his father is being terrorized by someone who is leaving human bones on the front porch of the family home. As Oren's brother Josh had disappeared years earlier, Oren is convinced that these bones are Josh, finally returning home. Oren quickly notices that the collected bones do not match, indicating that there is more than one skeleton out there. O'Connell creates some really creepy characters in the small town, all harboring a myria [...]

  • Jim

    Almost 1/3 of the way through & this just isn't working for me. None of the characters or their motivations made any sense. Maybe they would clear up eventually, but the wording feels forced too often. It's as if he finds a favorite phrase which is a cylinder & hammers it into a square hole. It goes in, but it's not a great fit. The narrator was pretty good most of the time, but when he tried to change character voices, some guys came out squeaking like Minnie Mouse. Unpleasant. I have t [...]

  • Roberta

    Il caso mi è davvero piaciuto!! Non mi aspettavo tutti quei retroscena dietro il rituale! Mi ha davvero impressionata e presa parecchio!! Poi l'abilità e lo stile di Carol è sempre impeccabile!!

  • Beth

    Josh and Oren Hobbs went into the woods one day when they were teenagers. Oren came out. Josh was never seen again.Oren, seventeen at the time, is sent to boarding school and then he enlisted in the Army for twenty years. He was one of the most highly regarded CID officers in the Army. Now he has resigned from the military and he has returned to Coventry, CA, his hometown, for the first time since the summer Josh disappeared.Raised by their widowed father, the real force in their lives was Hanna [...]

  • Glenda Bixler

    Bone to BoneBy Carol O’ConnellPenguin Group340 PagesWhen I selected Bone to Bone by Carol O’Connell, I was expecting a forensics-based mystery. But I’d just read The Family Bones by Kimberly Raiser and was surprised by its storyline; so I was not ”too” surprised when O’Connell’s book turned out to be a “whodunit.” A fantastic one, to say the least!O’Connell has so many relevant clues thrown into the story that you just begin to think you know who did the deedd then she procee [...]

  • Lynn Pribus

    Read this book in a hurry on a cross-country flight to visit my sister. She is in a mystery book club and we met yesterday for lunch and discussion. I enjoyed the book.Not sure how this writer has stayed under my radar -- she is very polished, creating interesting characters. This is a stand-alone novel, she also has a series female protagonist and I will seek her out when I get home.Jan 15, 2013 Hmmm. I have absolutely NO memory of this book at all which is strange. I wonder if I read something [...]

  • Helen

    I have never read this author before but was hoping from the jacket review to have found a new mystery author/series I could love. Completely disappointed. I did read the whole thing but just thought all the characters and their actions were completely implausible. ESP disliked the "love interest" character. Also thought it was ridiculous the way all the characters seemed to know more than they were letting on, without any reason to be holding back. Was this child not a loved member of the commu [...]

  • Laura

    I found this story okay. It was not terrible, nor fabulous. The basics of the mystery plot were good, but I expected more from all of the mystery build up than I got. I think there were too many distracting sub-plots and detailed back-stories for the peripheral characters and not enough for the main ones. Very confusing structure!I never understood the reasons for the sherriff's incompentence and secretiveness, nor why he would hire Dave as a deputy when everyone knew him to be mean-spirited and [...]

  • Anne

    Um no. More like badly written romance than crime or mystery. Pass, thanks.

  • Linda Robinson

    A standalone book by the Mallory series author that is every bit as addictive as those novels. Oren Hobbs has returned to the northern California town of Coventry, populated by folks who have wandered into the village from other places they'd rather not talk about, and stayed. 20 years ago Oren and his brother Joshua went into the woods. Only Oren came out. Retired Judge Hobbs and the Hobbs housekeeper Hannah Rice are keeping a secret that is revealed Oren's first morning home when a thump on th [...]

  • Audrey

    Wow! What a wild ride this book is, Carol O'Connell is one of my favorite mystery thriller authors and even though this one is a stand alone and does not feature her police woman Mallory it is still an excellent book.I love the mystery, two brothers go into the wood, only one returns, only now 20 years later the bones of the brother that disappeared are starting to show up on the porch of his father's house.There are plot twists galore, the characters are so well developed that I started missing [...]

  • Emily Yonke

    I really enjoyed reading this mystery. It was full of suspense and I liked how I kept guessing on what was going to happen next. Everything in this book was drama about investigating bones that appeared on the front porch of the Judge’s house.The main events in this book were pretty spread out but also had little events in between those. The first main event that happened was when Oren Hobbs returned home from his Military position as an investigator of bones finding out that his brother that [...]

  • Sandra

    Já tinha lido à uns anos atrás um outro livro desta autora - "O Oráculo de Mallory" - e já conhecia este estilo enganador e perspicaz de escrita que parece lento e com um desenvolvimento gradual mas que a páginas tantas nos vemos enredados na história de tal maneira que nos vemos confrontados com montes de dúvidas e perguntas que precisam de resposta. Este livro não é excepção, e além disso tem um ritmo mais rápido que o anterior que li.O que me seduziu neste livro foi a sensação [...]

  • Patricia

    Bone by Bone is a book that will bring the reader an intriguing mystery, a lot of suspense and wonderful, eccentric characters that actually seem to come alive in the pages of the book. The author makes you want to walk the streets of the town and see each character for yourself.Years ago, Oren Hobbs and his little brother Josh ventured into the woods. Oren returned but Josh was never found. Now Oren has returned to his hometown of Coventry. Letters from Hannah Rice, the housekeeper who raised h [...]

  • Bonnie Morse

    It's rare that I read a mystery, and even more rare that I like it. This book isn't quite a unicorn--it took about 50 pages to really get into the story and start caring about the characters--but it's pretty special. There are almost too many characters, we seem to know every person in the small town of Coventry, and even now I don't quite have them all straight. But once we got acquainted, as soon as it started to matter that Josh was a sweet little boy, that his brother Oren's life effectively [...]

  • Bibliophile

    Oren Hobbs and his brother Josh went into the woods around the isolated town of Coventry, California, one afternoon. Oren came back out, but his brother never did. Now, twenty years later, Josh has returned too - or rather, pieces of him (the titular bones) have been returned to his father and Oren, who became a CID investigator in the Army has also returned to Coventry to finally figure out the mystery of his brother's disappearance.From this promising, if grisly beginning, Carol O'Connell weav [...]

  • LindaBranham Greenwell

    I really liked this book the characters are so real you feel like you know them especially HannahThe town is full of eccentric and quirky people and a mystery. Many years ago a boy named Josh went missing and was never found. His older brother, Oren, was sent away shortly thereafter. Oren joined the service and became an Army Criminal Investigator. Their dad is Judge Hobbs - currently retired. Hannah is the housekeeper who is not only intuitive but somewhat of an enigma herself.The story begin [...]

  • Kim

    Despite the fact that I don't typically read mystery/detective novels, Carol O'Connell is one of my favorite authors. Bone by Bone was last on my list of O'Connell books to read, and I was surprised to find it was not up to par with the rest of her works. It reads like an author's first attempt at a novel though it was published well into O'Connell's writing career. The beginning of Bone by Bone was rushed. All the major characters (and there are quite a few) are introduced in the first few chap [...]

  • Ginger Hallett

    I downloaded this audiobook, read so well by Benjamin Harris, to listen to via my mp3 player while I walked and found it to be very suspenseful, a real page turner. The eleven-plus hours went by quickly. Instead of pacing myself to listen to it during 11 walking sessions, as planned, I found myself listening to the entire audiobook in my armchair in three sessions, after having a problem with my mp3 player early on and sitting down to try the audiobook in my laptop, where it played perfectly. I [...]

  • Antonia

    I put off purchasing this book for a long time. I love Carol O'Connell and am addicted to her Mallory series- I wish she published more frequently. Was initially disappointed that this was not a new Mallory book but an so glad I broke down and got it. The author does such a great job of showing us how intentions and feelings influence communincations between the characters. The most positive motives often create terrible outcomes. The story centers around a murder 20 years in the past. And while [...]

  • Tracy

    Like other reviews has said, in the middle you start to get ansty with the slow pace of information being doled out. I liked that there were lots of possible motives, but none of them (including the real one) was fleshed out enough. Despite the shallow story lines, the book was too long. In places, it reminded me of older books when psychology was just becoming understood and characters did all kinds of things that were chalked up to traumatic events in their lives, which caused them to go crazy [...]

  • Jeanean

    I loved it. I first read Judas Child by O'Connell and was very impressed with her writing. I ran out and found two more of her novels, Mallory stories and was really disappointed. I thought two to one, JC must have been a fluke. Wow was I wrong. I had forgotten about the author until my hubby brought Bone by Bone home. Despite my misgivings, I picked it up and couldn't put it down. Once again, fine story crafting. Suspenseful yet surprisingly complex characters. Small town, illicit affairs, murd [...]

  • Dorie

    Disappointing to me. O'Connell's usual high quality of storytelling took a hit with this book. She seems to have written it just to write about a bunch of quirky characters in a quirky small town. It makes me wonder if O'Connell has ever even visited a small town before. Does she honestly think places like this exist? And the characters don't act like any rational human beings I've ever encountered. There is some entertainment value in the sheer carnival-type atmosphere she's created.

  • Amanda J

    The awkward prose forced me to have to re-read whole sections - something I rarely do. The book suffered a slow start and while it did pick up toward the end, it wasn't enough to make up for the cumbersome first-half. Unrealistic characters with even more unrealistic motivations coupled with the poor writing style means this one is better left on the shelf.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Osso a Osso | by ✓ Carol O'Connell
    433 Carol O'Connell
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