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By PatWalsh | Comments: ( 659 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

What lies beneath Things are not right at Crowfield Abbey The building has begun to crumble And what Will finds beneath the floor of the side chapel is truly terrifying.Is this the end of Crowfield forever

  • Title: The Crowfield Demon
  • Author: PatWalsh
  • ISBN: 9781906427634
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


I was born in Cobham, Kent, and spent my early years in West Africa and Ireland, until my family eventually settled in Leicestershire When I was nine years old, I decided I wanted to be an archaeologist, in the mistaken belief that they spent their time digging up dinosaur bones When I discovered what they actually did, and got over the disappointment of a life without dinosaurs,I never looked back I went on my first dig at the age of twelve, and spent school holidays happily up to my ears in mud on sites in England and Scotland I worked for most of my adult life in archaeology, and most recently worked as an archaeological illustrator for a commercial unit in Northamptonshire I now write full time and use my background in archaeology as a starting point for my books.

Comments The Crowfield Demon

  • Gergana

    This review includes fanarts done by me. ^_^How I write reviews for awesome books.Step 1: Read a book (Duh!)Step 2: Finish the book and celebrate my achievement with imaginary fans!Step 3: "Write" a review.Step 4: Post fanart and random comics instead.I don't know why I'm addicted to middle-grade children horror books Crowfield Abbey is not your typical kids series such as Harry Poter or Percy Jackson. We don't get a school for witches and wizards in the Scottish highlands or a hidden camp for d [...]

  • Kelly

    (4.5 stars) In The Crowfield Curse, young William and his friends and allies righted a long-ago wrong at Crowfield Abbey and faced down the terrifying Unseelie King. But now another evil is rising at the abbey — one that has even the Unseelie King running scared.The Crowfield Demon is even better and spookier than The Crowfield Curse. I didn’t realize how familiar the abbey had begun to feel after one relatively short book; when the structure begins to fail, it’s like a shattering of the w [...]

  • N.B. Dixon

    Absolutely fantastic. Having read and enjoyed the Crowfield Curse, I was delighted to discover there was a sequel. I read this book in a day. Darker than the previous novel, the Crowfield Demon returns us to 12th century England, to Crowfield Abbey and William the kitchen boy and Shadlock, the fay bound to his service. When a demon is unwittingly set loose, it is up to William and Shadlock to try and recapture it before it achieves its ultimate goal. The Author blends medieval life in an abbey p [...]

  • Liana

    OHHH MY GOODNESS, I have a new favorite story! I really enjoyed the first book in the series, The Crowfield Curse, and now after reading The Crowfield Demon I think the series got even BETTER! I'm nearly dancing out of my seat right now because I loved it so much! The story has lovable characters, a thrilling plot, and lots of scary creatures and demons and things and stuff and more cool stuff that were really cool. *Breathless*This book is definitely scarier than the last one, because of the ch [...]

  • Kiwi Begs2Differ✎

    I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did the first novel in this series. In The Crowfield Curse the medieval theme was much stronger than the supernatural, the opposite is true in this sequel.

  • Marianne

    Gud hvor jeg dog Elsker denne historie! 😀

  • Nancy Meservier

    By rescuing the angel, Will may have broken the curse upon Crowfield Abby but their are darker creatures hidden beneath his home. Under the church lies a demon, and without the presence of the angel to keep it at bay, it’s starting to stir. With the help of noble fae Shadlock, the mischievous hob Brother Walter, and the frail monk Brother Snail , Will and his allies must decide what to do to keep the Abbey safe. But how will they be sure to make the right decisions when the lines between good [...]

  • Cornerofmadness

    The bad news, this is one of those books that you really must read the first book (The Crowfield Curse) first otherwise this will be a bewildering read. The good news? That’s the only bad news (and book one was really enjoyable, too). William, a young boy left at Crowfield Abbey after his family died in a fire, has some new things to get used to. For one, Shadlock, the fay warrior, is now bound to him for life and the sour fay is slow to settle into monastic life. He is teaching William how to [...]

  • colleen the convivial curmudgeon

    I liked this story better than the first, so I'm glad I decided to continue after a sort of middling feeling about it.The strength of this story was the characterizations of our heroes - William, the hob, Shadlock and Brother Snail. Most of the other brothers are either insufferable or useless or both, except for poor Peter. (The hob, in particular, is a favorite.) I felt the characterizations were kind of flat in the first book - so it's a definitely improvement there, but the secondary charact [...]

  • Belen By

    The Crowfield Demon is a great follow up to the Middle Grade book The Crowfield Curse. I think the publisher's blurb makes the book sound kind of silly. But Walsh does a great job of weaving an accurate historical picture of a 14th English Abbey and fantasy. She adds in historical content so well that you don't really realize it until you reach the glossary in the back. I found the inclusion of angels and demons along side fay and hobgoblins unique. I don't usually see that in fantasy books. But [...]

  • Cassandra

    Dies ist bereits der zweite Teil um das Kloster Crowfield ( Erster Teil: Der Fluchvon Crowfield ) Williams Kloster scheint unter keinem guten Stern zu stehen, ein Dämon und ein einstürzender Turm bedrohen die kleine Abtei. Das Buch spielt im Jahr 1348, hat eine düstere Atmosphäre und ist spannend geschrieben. Mir sind die Charaktere ein wenig ans Herz gewachsen, allen voran der Kobold Bruder Walter aber auch Bruder Schnecke, der Elf Chadwell und William. Das Klosterleben voller Entbehrungen [...]

  • Neha

    In the chilling sequel to the Crowfield Curse Will finds the Abby is crumbling, as something is pushing it from the bottom. Will teams up with the Fay Shadlok and the hobgoblin Brother Walter as he learned he has the Sight, to fight the evil that has possessed the Abby. As Will journeys to find the reason of the Abby's destruction, he finds there is more to it than an unstable foundation. He uncovers the real reason of the destruction of the Abby, a demon. A creature unearthed from long ago with [...]

  • Nilsson

    This is another book I read while I was supposed to be having a punishment. I'm not sure if it was that, or the fact that I accidentally stole it from my neighbour that made it feel like it was really forbidden at the time. It does make a story more enjoyable, that way.

  • Annie/Soul

    I can't wait to read it! ^^

  • Charity

    Good read, keeps me turning the pages. I'm intrigued by the dynamic between fay world, and the 'real' world. This one involves a demon haunting the church, and the inevitable showdown between good and evil. The hob continues to be my favorite character, but Shardake is growing on me. Still a little gory.

  • Diana

    So good! I was moved several times. So much suspense and mystery and the atmosphere! The writing style and pacing and characters and world-building are just all my cup of tea. I am in great anticipation of the third book. :)

  • Ms. Yingling

    Brother Walter, the hob, and William are back in this sequel to The Crowfield Curse. This time, the chapel at the abbey is slowly crumbling, and Sir Robert's workers are not able to do much to save it. Will knows that this is because there is a demon residing in the chapel. When he is assigned to remove tiles from the chapel to be used elsewhere, he unearths a wooden bowl accompanied by Latin text that indicates it is evil. The other brothers think that perhaps the bowl is the Grail, and insist [...]

  • Krysta Aryel

    Now, just like the first book, Miss Walsh did an amazing job of building up the tensions and setting up the atmosphere. The whole setting was so surreal and yet still felt very familiar; the whole ordinary life in Crowfield intertwined with the surreal existence of the faes, elves, hobs, angels and demons. She managed to make their co-existence felt so normal. And I just love how she described everything in simple but detailed ways. I can picture perfectly what the abbey would have looked like w [...]

  • Rhys

    This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionThe Crowfield Abbey is crumbling away, tormented by freak storms and a mysterious shadow that lurks in the corners, haunting the stone masons who are attempting to repair the damage. But there is still greater damage to be done and a deeper, nastier secret to uncover – the secret of a demon who seems to be waking from his slumber to steal Will’s soul from him.The Crowfield Demon is the second novel in Pat Walsh’s gothic historical fantas [...]

  • Omiai

    One of the best books i've read in a long time, I was totally hooked. I loved the first book in the series, The Crowfield Curse, and had to get my hands on this one too!things in this book get even creepier and unnerving than they were in Curse, there is something that is threatening to destroy the monks home, and everything they do to stop it seems to make things worse. The demon behind all of this quickly makes itself known to Will, and it is one scary demon. It's apperance may not have been t [...]

  • Cindy

    When I finished the first book in the series Crowfield Curse, I was conflicted. I felt the book had a good idea, but there was way to much focus on what the monks did day-to-day. I really felt that if the author had focused more on the demons/Faes the book would have been on the top of my list of books to read. Well here comes Crowfield Demon and it appears as if my wishes have been granted. Walsh appears to stray from giving me graphic details about prayers, chants, and chores, and actually foc [...]

  • Teresa

    Having really enjoyed the first Crowfield book last year, I was eager to catch up with William and the rest of the inhabitants of Crowfield Abbey including Brother Walter, the endearing hob and the enigmatic fay Shadlock.It is now March 1348 and a year has passed since the shenanigans involving the fallen angel in the woods and the subsequent battle between good and evil. Surely, peace will now reign in this cloistered domain but alas, there is no rest for the wicked given the evil aura which se [...]

  • Rachel

    The magical continues to invade William's world as old and new threats arise. This time the danger becomes more pronounced, being upgraded from the mere threat that it was throughout most of book one.By far the most interesting character is the reserved Shadlok. Cast out from his own kind, he finds life among humans difficult, and is slow to trust William, whom he is now bound to. William himself becomes more entangled by the plots of evil, but even when frightened, he pushes forward, determined [...]

  • Justin George

    This book is not for the faint of heart. It is scarier than the last. So will and the hob are living together and a Fay named shadlok if you read the last one you will know who he is, are living peacefully at the abbey. One day the hob notices mound elves a type of Fay running from the abbey area. They notice that as weird and the hob says some evil is near. So will heads to the tower and notices the prior there and a giant crack. The prior says it is from rain and the hob senses a great evil in [...]

  • Malia

    I really enjoyed Crowfield Curse, and Crowfield Demon met my high expectations easily. This story picks up three months after the last one ended, with Will and Shadlock bound to one another (though not really unhappily), and facing a new threat from an otherworldly demon, which has been causing trouble for the monks.As far as plot goes, this one was quite engaging, but the story is really about the interesting characters. I particularly like that they are not black and white, even the bad guys a [...]

  • Brett

    Creepy in the same way as the Spook's Apprentice series, this sequel to "The Crowfield Curse" finds things looking even worse at Crowfield, an Abbey in Medieval England that is also the home of a young orphan, the brother in charge of healing, a member of the fay world, & a hob. Something very evil indeed appears to be inhabiting the grounds of the Abbey, possibly in the chapel itself, & the whole area is being threatened by its malevolent violence. Unfortunately, most of the locals blam [...]

  • BAYA Librarian

    This sequel to “The Crowfield Curse” picks up right where the last book left off. William and his fay servant Shadlock are still living at the Crowfield Abbey when a strange evil begins to make its presence known. When a strange object is found buried beneath the church floor, the Crowfield Demon begins its reign of terror in earnest. Great for readers who enjoy medieval settings, there are some interesting details of daily life in the 14th century. Like the last book there is some violence [...]

  • Kathy

    I did not like this one quite as much as I liked THE CROWFIELD CURSE, but, I still find Will to be a great character. Even when you already admire him greatly, he still manages to show unexpected depths. And, of course, I love Brother Snail and Brother Walter. Both are steadfast and ethical beyond any normal expectations. And Shadlok is still interesting and mysterious.I'm just not too fond of demons (always excepting those in THE DEMON'S LEXICON, of course), and am put off by their inclusion in [...]

  • Thomas Shepherd

    This is the second in the Crowfield trilogy by Pat Walsh - a series of books that pitches religious beliefs with beliefs of magic and the fae world. Our hero is Will an orphan who finds himself under the guardianship of the monks of Crowfield Abbey, but his real, true companions are Shadlok - a fay trapped in this world and bound to Will for as long as he lives - and 'the hob'whom we both met in the first book of the series. It's a dark tale, taking place in the woods (don't all fairy tales take [...]

  • Krysta

    As with the first book, when I reached the end I found myself wishing I could read more. What impresses me about this series (and the author) is that the magic is subtle yet all-encompassing at the same time and the setting is limited (in a geographical sense) but somehow the narrative draws you in and effectively makes you a part of Will's life at the Abbey and its surrounding environs. The attention to historical detail and medieval superstitions does much to further the believability of the s [...]

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  • [PDF] Download · The Crowfield Demon | by ✓ PatWalsh
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