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In 1893, the Amlingmeyer boys venture forth from the west in response to a summons from Otto s Big Red publisher they are to come to Chicago immediately, to the World s Columbian Exposition, and compete with some of the most famous detectives in the world Set to coincide with the closing days of the first World s Fair and the publication of the story revealing the deIn 1893, the Amlingmeyer boys venture forth from the west in response to a summons from Otto s Big Red publisher they are to come to Chicago immediately, to the World s Columbian Exposition, and compete with some of the most famous detectives in the world Set to coincide with the closing days of the first World s Fair and the publication of the story revealing the death of Sherlock Holmes, Gustav Old Red will be competing for the title of World s Greatest Sleuth Hating train travel and cities, the real draw is the chance to meet up again with the intriguing and elusive Diana Corvus But the competition has barely begun before there is a murder in the White City the organizer of the contest is discovered face down in the Mammoth Cheese from Canada and from there, the game is really afoot.

  • Title: World's Greatest Sleuth!
  • Author: Steve Hockensmith
  • ISBN: 9780312379438
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Steve Hockensmith

Steve Hockensmith is the author of the New York Times bestseller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dawn of the Dreadfuls and several other novels, including the Edgar Award finalist Holmes on the Range He lives in Alameda, California.

Comments World's Greatest Sleuth!

  • Johnny

    I had studiously avoided the Holmes on the Range series in the past, but I’m glad I picked up The World’s Greatest Sleuth. As those who know me and my predilection for mysteries set in either historical or modern Chicago will surmise, I read this because the bulk of the “deductin’” takes place at the 1893 Columbian Exposition (aka Chicago World’s Fair, aka White City). The conceit of this series is that a cowboy sleuth and admirer of Sherlock Holmes has had and, in the course of the [...]

  • Spuddie

    Another excellent entry in this series featuring the Amlingmeyer brothers, Big Red (Otto) and Old Red (Gustav) as they are off to Chicago to the World's Fair of 1893 to participate in a contest to determine (you guessed it!) the World's Greatest Sleuth. This is not something they volunteered for--Otto's publisher enrolled them to get publicity for his series of books and Old Red, still recovering from an incident that left him blinded for weeks, is NOT happy.Arriving at the last minute, they are [...]

  • Eve

    I've read probably 1000s of mystery novels in my time, to the point that very few of them break out of the formulaic pattern and rise to the front of my attention. The main characters tend to run together into my mind into one big blur, until I can't keep straight which main sleuth goes with what series. And, I sometimes even find myself reading an entire chapter of a series before realizing, hey, I've read THIS book before. Sometimes I actually have read the book, and sometimes the book is just [...]

  • Debbie

    Currently the last in this amusing series, but hopefully not forever! In this entry it is nice to see Old Red loosen up a bit and begin to get some credit. Underlying the mystery plot and the humor, what really makes this series worthwhile is the true affection between the brothers and the frustration and poignancy of the Amlingmeyers being thwarted by their lack of polish, the assumption that they must be backwards cowboys who don't know anything, and the belief that, in the case of Old Red, an [...]

  • Tim Hicks

    That was good fun, and I am pleased to hear that there are four more. Good characters, decent plot, some pretty good red herrings. A few slow parts, but nothing serious. Nice touch at the end with (view spoiler)[ a certain Norwegian explorer (hide spoiler)] making an appearance. This isn't Nobel-Prize-for-Literature stuff, and it doesn't claim to be. To anyone who thinks it's too lowbrow I can only quote Old Red and say, "Feh."

  • Roger

    Ugh. Where to begin? The Amlingmeyer brothers (they are cowboys) are great admirers of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, so they have that going for them. And in the first book in this series, Holmes on the Range, they prove themselves adept enough operators. With the second book things went straight to hell, and nor are we out of it. World's Greatest Sleuth! (the fifth book) is set during the 1893 World's Fair, and reads like an atrocious episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. Whatever charms the first book ha [...]

  • Zebazga

    Grabbed audiobook at last minute to listen to on trip. Fantastic reader (William Dufris) and great introduction to Hockensmith and the series. I didn't realize I was starting several books into the series, but even though there were references to earlier events, I never felt it detracted from my enjoyment.I'm sure reading the books are equally enjoyable, but after starting out with Mr. Dufris' excellent voice characters, I've continued with the audiobooks.The plot is fine, and sure there's a mys [...]

  • Cathy

    Very entertaining (meaning funny).I have read most of the " Holmes on the Range" books and I think this was the funniest one so far. When the French detective was talking, I had to laugh out loud the way his accent was written. It was confusing about finding the prize egg; I thought there were several eggs, but it turned out that they kept hiding the same egg over and over. I hope more of these books will be written

  • Andrea

    This wasn’t terrible…okay, it was pretty bad. I threw in an extra star because it was easy to read and the mystery was well-plotted. Otherwise, it was disappointing. Old Red is one of the dullest characters I’ve ever read about, his tedious banality only emphasized by how annoying his younger brother (the narrator) is. In my opinion, a mystery is only as good as the ones trying to solve it, and the Amlingmeyer brothers leave much to be desired. The humor/dialogue was lame, and holy moly, t [...]

  • Kristen

    What a rip-roaring, fun-filled, action-packed murder mystery! Sherlock Holmes was never as much fun as Old Red and Big Red when it comes to "deducifyin"!The combination of the wild-West cowboy brothers - who are known as the "Holmes on the Range" - and who are fish-out-of-water in the setting of the 1893 White City of the Chicago World's Fair, with a cast of other colourful characters, all of whom start out participating in a publicity stunt scavenger hunt to solve clues and find hidden eggs, qu [...]

  • Elizabeth A.

    First introduced to readers in Holmes on the Range, brothers Gustav “Old Red” and Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer are cowboys turned detectives in late 1890’s America. World’s Greatest Sleuth! finds Sherlock Holmes disciple Gustav (“Some folks get religion. Gustav got Sherlock Holmes.”) and Watson-esque brother Otto summoned to Chicago to participate in a mystery solving competition at the 1893 Columbian Exposition (aka Chicago World’s Fair).Upon arrival, the brothers find themselve [...]

  • Summer

    Yawn.I'm still holding out hope for the short stories, which I have not read yet, but given the consistent slump in the later books, I'm just going to call this a great two book series.I feel like (view spoiler)[ the riddle hunt made of purposely bad riddles(hide spoiler)] was just sloppy lampshading, the setting (while obviously researched) felt shallow and meaningless because Big Red couldn't muster up an emotional reaction to it beyond "wow that's a lot", the historical and literary figure ca [...]

  • Cathy Cole

    I've been holding on to the World's Greatest Sleuth like it's gold. This is a volume from one of my "Reliables"-- a mystery series so good that I keep myself from reading through it as fast as I can go. I didn't want to read it and be forced to admit that the series was at an end. But I recently learned from the author that there will be new Holmes on the Range mysteries coming in the future, and this allowed me to enjoy watching the Amlingmeyer brothers in action once more. Hockensmith gives us [...]

  • Erin L

    Review of the audiobook.If I listened to this series expecting a great mystery allowing me to follow the clues with the detective and get to the answer at the same time as he does, I would be sadly disappointed. Luckily, I've found that the characters and the setting entrance me as much as the mystery.In this installment, we have our two intrepid sleuths heading to the 1893 Chicago Exposition to compete to be named World's Greatest Sleuth in the wake of Sherlock Holmes death. Once there, they di [...]

  • Patrick Fleming

    As in the previous four installments in this series, this episode (which provides a conclusion to the series) is witty and fun, cover to cover. I have thoroughly enjoy all of Steve Hockensmith's works that I have read, World's Great Sleuth! being no exception.The Amlingmeyer brothers, Otto (Big Red) and Gustav (Old Red) have had their share of hard luck. In four previous novels, they have had to work very hard through some very bad luck in order to stay alive while attempting to solve a mystery. [...]

  • Marja McGraw

    World's Greatest Sleuth by Steve Hockensmith was light and entertaining, and I really enjoy this series. Big Red Amlingmeyer is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and wants to follow in his footsteps as a detective. Old Red Amlingmeyer, Big Red's brother, writes stories about their adventures and submits them to magazines for publication. They are quite a pair, and there's never a dull moment.In this episode, in 1893 Big Red and Old Red travel to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago to take part [...]

  • Larry Hostetler

    Set primarily in Chicago during (and at) the Columbian Exposition, this mystery has added interest for me. Hockensmith seems (I didn't check) to have done the requisite research on the exposition to add vignettes into the exposition. This being the second book I've read in the Holmes on the Range series, and the fifth in the series, I was prepared for what to expect from the book. It certainly met expectations: a light-hearted rendering of a murder mystery with the taciturn Old Red and self-effa [...]

  • Christian

    If you've been rooting for the Amlingmeyer brothers for their last four adventures then you'll find "World's Greatest Sleuth" to be an exciting next step in their journey. The stakes are higher than ever, with Old Red's once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove himself as a detective. The book has the same stylistic elements I liked with the others: short chapters concluding with an enticing moment or observation, and Big Red's humorous narration. There's just the right amount of seriousness, too, due [...]

  • Joe Slavinsky

    A totally unexpected pleasure! I was browsing the library, late last week, when I stumbled upon this book. The title caught my eye, and when I read the inner jacket, I thought it could be quite interesting. Little did I know, that this is the 5th book, in the "Holmes on the Range" series. Now, of course, I'll have to go back to book one, and start at the beginning. BTW, the unexpected pleasure of this book, is how funny it is, in addition to being a fascinating murder mystery. The Amlingmeyer br [...]

  • Chris

    It's 1893 and Otto and Gustav go to the big city of Chicago for a sleuthing competition. It's also the world's fair or exposition. Truly a unique setting. I almost wished there had been a map or diagram of the fair included-it was that interesting. The usual missteps occur and there is a reunion with some peers from previous tales. It's a familiar scenario. Everybody competing and then lo, a real murder occurs but could it be an accident? Not. And then the wrap-up leaves you wondering, how did I [...]

  • Susan

    Old Red Amlingmeyer and his brother and chronicler Big Red are invited to the Chicago World's Fair to participate in a contest to determine who's the greatest detective now that Sherlock Holmes appears to be dead. But a death interrupts the second day of the contest. Old Red is sure it's a murder, but neither the head of the Pinkerton agency, William Pinkerton, who is reluctantly running the contest, or the Chicago police want the reputation of the fair soiled by crime. There also seem to be a n [...]

  • Pontiki

    Kinda silly, but fun book to read. I started this book, then lost it among some bags of stuff I was carting around in my car for a few weeks. Finally got it back and finished it. Otto and Gustav are interesting characters, and although they are perceived as laughable bumbling cowpokes, they solve two crimes in the conclusion of the novel. Otto labels his brother as the smart one, but he knows plenty himself, and they make a good team. Their friend, Diana Crowe, is a smart detective who works wit [...]

  • Dave

    Another installment in the chronicles of Otto and Gustav Amlingmeyer the Watson and Holmes of the American range. Set in Chicago at the Columbian Exposition, an ostensible competition among detectives aspiring to earn the title of "World's Greatest Sleuth" given the news of Sherlock Holmes' presumed death in his final problem. This story follows the pattern/formula of the previous installments with the two brothers cast into a murderous plot in the mysterious White City of the World's Fair of 18 [...]

  • Cecilia

    This is the 5th and final book in the series. I read them sequentially and am only doing a review of the entire series on this, the last. I really enjoyed the "aw shucks" tone of the books and the author's turn of phrase. Taken in a small series of books it doesn't get old. By the time I got to the final book, though, I began to find Otto and Gustav somewhat boring and predictable.There were times, especially in the first book, that I actually laughed out loud. The similies were quaint and certa [...]

  • Harvey

    I enjoy this series (I can't believe there are five already) featuring the "Cowboy Sherlock Holmes" Gus Amlingmeyer and his chronicler/sidekick "Cowboy Watson" Otto Amlingmeyer.This one was a bit of a "fish out of water" tale with the brothers coming to Chicago (and specifically the 1893 Columbian Exposition) to take part in a "Detectivin" contest.A death (murder?) takes place and the game is afoot.I did enjoy this but found the Exposition (i.e. World's Fair) locations a bit claustrophobic and t [...]

  • Mark Baker

    Cowboys Old Red and Big Red are summoned to the World's Fair in Chicago to compete in a competition to discover who is the best detective in the world now that Sherlock Holmes has vanished. But the stakes are raised when someone involved in the competition turns up dead the second morning. Can Old Red figure out why the murder took place? I always enjoy spending time around these brothers in the 1890's, and this book was no exception. The story is strong as are the characters. Another fun read.R [...]

  • Ann

    In 1893 the Amlingmeyer brothers, Gustav "Old Red" and Otto "Big Red", travel to the Chicago Exposition in order to participate in a detecting contest, lead by internationally renowned detective William Pinkerton to determine who the world's greatest sleuth. The contest turns weird when someone shoves the contest organizer, Armstrong Curtis, into a vat of cheese. This book moves right along in a quirky, disjointed manner. The brothers are very funny and homey and the other characters are diverse [...]

  • Cathrine Bonham

    OH that was so good. Too good maybe. Please don't tell me that this is the last book in the series.In this book the Amlingmeyer brothers travel to Chicago to compete in the "World's Greatest Sleuth" contest. It's the second day of the contest and the Amlingmeyer's are already loseing when they discover that someone else has lost far more. His life. It's murder and mayhem at the World's fair. Can Old Red deduceify the murderer before he gets murdered himself? Is the ghost of Sherlock Holmes there [...]

  • Angel

    Interesting story but the wild accents of the narrator distracted me many times. I think I would have enjoyed reading this more than listening to it.A group of amateur magazine detectives are invited to the World's Fair in Chicago to engage in a contest to determine the "World's Greatest Sleuth". Sherlock Holmes is thought my many to be dead as Dr. Watson is about to publish a story where Holmes apparently falls to his death at Reichenbach Falls. However, the puzzlemaster of the contest is found [...]

  • Kris

    I still think the first book in this series was the best one. That being said, this was pretty good. Hockensmith’s confidence is definitely beginning to show. He has begun playing around with adding more and more humor to these novels. Big Red Amblingmeyer is the perfect foil as sidekick and "author" of this series. This novel takes place at the Chicago’s worlds fair in 1893 and boy did the author do his homework. Our intrepid detectives discover juicy fruit gum, ferris wheels and hula dance [...]

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