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By Michael Bedard | Comments: ( 898 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

Day after day, brand new ducks roll off a giant assembly line operated by alligators at the Colossal Duck Factory They are loaded into trucks and taken to Ducktown, where they are fattened up in preparation for their final destination into the stomachs of alligators Everything proceeds smoothly, until the day one of the alligators decides to take a wayward duck home OveDay after day, brand new ducks roll off a giant assembly line operated by alligators at the Colossal Duck Factory They are loaded into trucks and taken to Ducktown, where they are fattened up in preparation for their final destination into the stomachs of alligators Everything proceeds smoothly, until the day one of the alligators decides to take a wayward duck home Over time, the alligator grows fond of his future dinner Can a duck and an alligator really be friends in an alligator eat duck world Find out in this charming and humorous friendship story.

  • Title: Sitting Ducks
  • Author: Michael Bedard
  • ISBN: 9780698118973
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Michael Bedard

Michael Bedard was born and raised in Toronto His novels include Stained Glass, A Darker Magic, Painted Devil, and Redwork, which received the Governor General s Literary Award and the Canadian Library Association s Book of the Year Award for Children He has also written several acclaimed picture books, including The Clay Ladies, which received the Toronto IODE Book Award His biography, William Blake The Gates of Paradise and his picture book Emily attest to his interest in poets and poetry.

Sitting Ducks dict Wrterbuch sitting duck Englisch Deutsch Englisch Deutsch bersetzungen fr sitting duck im Online Wrterbuch dict Deutschwrterbuch. Amigo Spiele Sitting Ducks Spielzeug Ich habe Sitting Ducks schon vor ca bis Jahren gekauft, nachdem ich es bei einer Spielerunde mit Freunden kennengelernt hatte Anfangs war ich sehr skeptisch, weil ich als Tierschtzerin den Gedanken, auf Enten zu schieen eigentlich gar nicht lustig fand. Sitting Ducks eBay Kleinanzeigen eBay Kleinanzeigen Sitting Ducks, Kleinanzeigen Jetzt finden oder inserieren eBay Kleinanzeigen Kostenlos Einfach Lokal. Sitting Ducks Deluxe brettspiele report Sitting Ducks Deluxe Spielbox Kurzbeschreibung Die Entenjagd hat begonnen und die Spieler schlpfen dabei in die Rolle der Jger Sie sitzen vor einem Teich und versuchen ihren Schuss anzubringen, whrend die Enten vor ihnen entlang schwimmen. Sitting Ducks TV series Sitting Ducks is an American children s animated television series based on the s Sitting Ducks lithograph and the children s book of the same name, created by the poster artist Michael Bedard Sitting Ducks first appeared in in Europe, later debuting in United States on Cartoon Network, in Australia on ABC, in Canada on YTV, in the United Kingdom on CITV, Disney XD and in the

Comments Sitting Ducks

  • Melanie

    A little white duck is hatched in a duck factory when his egg falls to the floor and cracks open. One of the factory worker alligators smuggles him home in his lunch pail, hoping to have duck soup for dinner sometime soon. Overtime, the alligator forgets his idea about eating the duck. They become friends. But the duck soon wonders where all of the other ducks are. Reluctantly, the alligator reveals that the ducks,after hatching, end up in Ducktown. A place where the ducks are fed relentlessly u [...]

  • Andy Verschoyle

    great drawings with some allusions to classical and modern artsimply friendship story but there's a deeper level hardness - alligators breeding ducks to eat them is no distance at all from our own food chain

  • Lindsay Larsen

    This book caught my eye because of the colors on the front of the cover. The white ducks stood out to me against the green border. Like the cover, some pages are framed but a few pages are full bleed. I noticed that when the pages are full bleed, it is when the duck and alligator are getting to know each other. Almost as though the border represents the hesitancy of first getting to know someone. Once the duck and alligator are more familiar with each other, we are invited through the "window" o [...]

  • Alice

    3.5 starsthis one was a hard one for me to rateI fluctuated between 3 stars 3.25 stars and 3.5 stars . I liked the pictures 4 stars, the story has a deep philosophical and allegorical element, so 3.5 . Maybe a little too deep for some kids 3 all in all it made it to a 3.5 because on a basic level, it is a good story about friendship and looking out for each other and pictures are good. One man's (or alligator's) food is another man's (alligator) friend. Maybe if the Jews and the Muslims in Israe [...]

  • Deborah

    Duck's egg falls off a conveyor belt at the duck factory and out come a baby duck. An alligator who works at the factory finds the duck and takes him home with the intention of fattening him up to eat him (the fate of all the ducks from the factory-they just don't know it). Alligator, however, learns to love his little duck and decides not to eat him. Then he tells Duck the fate of his Duck brothers and sisters. Duck finds a way to save his fellow ducks and keep his friendship with Alligator. Cu [...]

  • Elisha

    I chose this book because I wanted a picture book that was more challenging to read, something I could use for 3rd graders. This book was about a duck who fell of the assembly line and was taken home by one of the alligator workers. They looked out for each other and built a friendship. When the duck was told there was a duck town he went there to warn them that the alligators planned to eat them. The ducks flew south and the friendly alligator went with his duck friend. The ducks trusted this a [...]

  • Lisa the Librarian

    This was a part of the Mock Caldecott I did with my elementary school library classes. It was a favorite earning a Medal (winner) or Honor (almost winner) in all but one or two classes.The pictures appear to be that 3D-ish effect from computer generated graphics. This is a fun story about alligators running a duck factory. When one duck is dropped out of the system an alligator takes him home and an unlikely relationship forms.I like the pictures a bit better than the story, but both were cute

  • Connie

    Sorta touching story about a crocodile who accidentally befriends a duck.He didn't mean to befriend the duck, understand. He just wanted to fatten him up. But things happen. You know how it is.When the duck finds out the truth, he sets off to free all the other ducks from being eaten, and they all escape and live happily ever after. Great illustrations, funny story.No ducks were eaten in the making of this book.

  • Heidi-Marie

    I think I prefer the pictures in this over the story. Not that the story wasn't fun and silly, but I do have a thing for ducks. I didn't expect the role of alligators in this. Nor did I have any clue how the story would go. But I enjoyed it. Not sure if I'd read it in a storytime, but definitely recommend it as a lap-read and read-alone.

  • Benjamin Elliott

    I saw the show that is based/goes with this story years ago and liked it a lot. The premises of the two stories are not the same but there are a lot of similarities in the set up. The book reminded me of the show and made me laugh. On its own, the story is fun and the animation style works well for the story, but I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it quite as much if it stood alone.

  • Jackie

    Excellent kids book on how relationships can developed even in the most unlikely circumstance and how following the crowd can lead to ones unhealthy demise. Many political overtones hereif I wAs teaching the 8th-12th grades still I'd have a whole weeks unit of cross cuticular literature discussion in just this one book alone. Wonder if there is an accelerated reader Reston this?

  • Wendy Daniel

    The alligators have it all figured out. They have built a duck factory and an entire town where the ducks are fat and flightless. Of course it all comes undone when a duck and an alligator become friends. This opposites attracts story is perfect for 2-5 year olds and teaches narrative skills and print motivation.

  • Heather

    32 months - Ducks hatched in a factory and fattened up for the sole purpose of being food for a population of alligators Hummmm who does this sound like? Cute images, my favorite is the Hopper Nighthawks painting take off. Not a go to book for a great read but we'll keep it around.

  • A

    A duck factory run by alligators, a conspiracy to fatten the oblivious ducks, and an unlikely friendship between a duck and an alligator. This is the best picture book of all time.

  • Craig

    I love the Hopper-esque moody illustrations in this one. And, of course, it has a message of love and tolerance that is appropriate these days.

  • Admira

    So cute! Wanna see a duck and alligator coupled up in bed? Comes with a huge poster to remind you of it

  • Jen

    This is a really cute story. The illustrations are amazing!

  • Desiree

    Fun story about what happens when a duck and an alligator become friends.

  • Hein

    fun little picture book

  • Jillian

    Great for reading aloud and story-times

  • Nathan

    Another "unlikely friendship" book about an alligator and his would-be-supper duck who eventually become best friends. The illustrations are what sell this story.

  • Katie

    I randomly picked a book off the shelf

  • Terry Smith

    great story to read about friendship. wonderful illustrations and second graders enjoy reading this a loud.

  • Brenda

    Cute, funny story with darling illustrations:)

  • Kimber

    This is really a 4.5 rating.The pictures are really cute.

  • Stephanie

    Okay, the first children's book I'm reviewing on hereIt's an adorable story with unexpected friends, snuggling, and lovely illustrations.

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  • Best Read [Michael Bedard] ☆ Sitting Ducks || [Sports Book] PDF ↠
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