Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ Information Wants To Be Free - by Mattias Elftorp ò

By Mattias Elftorp | Comments: ( 276 ) | Date: ( Feb 18, 2020 )


  • Title: Information Wants To Be Free
  • Author: Mattias Elftorp
  • ISBN: 9789197652810
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mattias Elftorp

Has written and drawn the cyberpunk postapocalypse of Piracy is Liberation since 2001 first collection published in 2004 He is also the creator of the furiously political comic Arg Kanin Angry Animals and many short stories in various anthologies such as C est Bon Anthology, Novo Doba, Futuro Primitivo, Alkom X, Workburger, Swedish Comic Sin, Asylkalendern and the AltCom anthology.Started the comics horror art collective Wormgod together with Susanne Johansson, where he s also the editor publisher of the sporadic anthology title Dystopia.Organizer of the AltCom comics festival 2010 sex war, 2012 no borders, 2014 postapokalyps and one of the organizers of Wormgod s Trauma music festival harsh noise, power electronics and other things to hurt your ears Both are held in Malm , Sweden.Currently working with fellow comics activist Amanda Casanellas on the Swedish Comics Association s project Tusen Serier in order to make the Swedish comics culture a bit less Swedish.Since most of this work is unpaid, he s been known to do some freelance graphic design and illustration work on the side I m reviewing my own books sometimes to provide some trivia and or personal reflections on them.

Comments Information Wants To Be Free

  • Amy

    This cyberpunk graphic novel gets 5 stars for the artwork alone. This futuristic tale freaks your mind (there is no concept of history and time is not linear) and stuns your eyes (pen and ink mixed with binary code.)

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  • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ Information Wants To Be Free - by Mattias Elftorp ò
    431 Mattias Elftorp
  • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ☆ Information Wants To Be Free - by Mattias Elftorp ò
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