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By Em Woods | Comments: ( 825 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

When Dan Perry meets Logan Hall on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, he knows keeping the man of his dreams means facing the demons of his pastbut will his paradise be lost when he finds out Logan is really his boss Senior analyst and programmer Dan Perry needs a vacation He finally talks his boss into giving him a week off to fly to Hawaii with his sister and her boyfrWhen Dan Perry meets Logan Hall on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, he knows keeping the man of his dreams means facing the demons of his pastbut will his paradise be lost when he finds out Logan is really his boss Senior analyst and programmer Dan Perry needs a vacation He finally talks his boss into giving him a week off to fly to Hawaii with his sister and her boyfriend He knows he will be the third wheel but he has to get out of the office And away from his abusive ex boyfriend.Two days before Dan is due to catch his flight back to Detroit, he meets Logan Hall Even though he had no intention of outing himself to his family, things go awry when Logan accidentally does it for him.As the second partner in the software firm where Dan works, Logan has wanted him from a distance for over a year Now that he knows Dan is free, Logan intends to make his move Things in Hawaii heat up when Dan is abducted by his ex lover and these two honourable, loving men must face their worst fears to find the love waiting on the other side.

  • Title: Not Anymore
  • Author: Em Woods
  • ISBN: 9780857152954
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Em Woods

All about little ol me Hmm Okay, the normal stuff first I currently live in the Midwest near Detroit, Michigan with my husband and two sons who are ten and seven years old All three keep me on my toes I work in the automotive industry making sure all the parts inside the car look pretty along with handling all the paperwork that goes along with that you d be amazed at how much there is.Not so normal stuff now I am an eclectic soul, having lived in three out of the four corners of the United States I can count as personal friends people from many walks of life dare I say, some are family too I think this is what allows me to see past the things that make us different to the things that make us alike Hence, I am a person who will accept anyone for what they are, almost to a fault sometimes.I love angst as you very well know if you ve read one of my stories I adore digging into an issue, touching on it and those people it effects, and then giving it a happily ever after Research is probably one of my favorite parts of writing Finding out new facts, meeting new people while I do that asking them questions they would never expect.

Comments Not Anymore

  • Ava

    I adored Dan, and Logan was the perfect hero for him. Great short sweet and angsty read. Oh, and hot. There's definitely heat between these two guys ;)A bit of a warning - there is some violence in this book. It doesn't go 'there' (friends will know what I mean by 'there'), and the scene isn't detailed in Dan's POV. But there is some violence against him in the book.

  • Serena Yates

    This was a great book to read. The story sounds pretty straightforward initially, but then all kinds of surprises happen to reveal the much deeper background and character motivations.Dan is a guy on vacation who is obviously trying to forget something in his past. We are left to guess what that might be, but when it is revealed, it is significant. Dan is a lot stronger than he seems at first glance. I was surprised that his sister, who is supposedly close to him, doesn't know he is gay, but som [...]

  • Lacey

    This had potential, but it just didn't cut it. Boring sex and a few issues with the suspense scenes. (view spoiler)[Why didn't Dan just yell for help while they were still in the hotel? He was only on the third floor and in a public place - someone would have heard. And his sister was just on the other side of the door - he could have yelled for her to call security. It just seems like the entire ending is hinged on a pretty weak scene. (hide spoiler)] Honestly? Once I reached the halfway point, [...]

  • Ami

    The idea is pretty "heavy"; a guy trying to escape from his ex-abusive boyfriend by tagging along with his sister to Hawaii where he meets a very attactive man. Until his ex comes up to the island and kidnaps him. The problem is, the story is a bit too short for that kind of theme. I struggle with the relationship building between Dan and Logan. Then, after Dan is being tortured by his ex, I wonder if he should jump back into sex that quickly.It's an okay story, I guess, but needs more work to m [...]

  • Chris

    Good m/m romance about a guy who's on vacation in Hawaii with his sister and her boyfriend when his attraction to a guy who approaches him on the beach outs him to his family. Things get really complicated when his nasty ex shows up and then the identity of the guy from the beach is revealed. Despite a few niggles, this was an enjoyable read (actually 3.5 stars) and I'll definitely look for future books from Em Woods.

  • Gigi

    This was a kick ass book and probably would have ended up on my favorites list with 5 stars except for one problem. I felt that half the story was missing! From the very beginning I was completely lost. After 5 pages I went back to look for a prequel and learned more from the blurb than the actual book itself. I was quite confused. But once the story got going and I filled in some of the blanks with the blurb and my own imagination, it was awesome! Sexy boys, family angst, evil ex-boyfriend set [...]

  • Lea

    Dan is such a sweet main character! His stalking, creepy ex really scared me. Logan was a bit stalker-ish himself but of course, had no intention of harming Dan. This was such a hot, quick read!(I realize this is fiction, but in case anyone cares, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park does not have any volcano-lava hikes where you can see a waterfall. There are beautiful waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii, but none are where you can see the wonders of black lava at the same time.)

  • Nancy L

    nice guy leaves mean guy, meets new guy on vaca, nice guy sees mean guy freaks out, mean guy tells nice guy that new guy has a secret, nice guy gets upset and leaves new guy, mean guy kidnaps nice guye where I'm going with this? Not a bad book just does not have an emotional pull

  • T.

    This was a great read! It was the 1st Em Woods for me and I totally enjoyed it!Dan was a sweet hero and Logan was just hot! I was actually terrified by the abusive ex. OK, I enjoyed the hell out of this book, even the scary ex!

  • Meggie

    A total unrealistic short story. The start was pulling, but the ex part and the boss part was blah I didn't like it!

  • Simone

    3.5 stars

  • Lucy

    I thought this needed to be longer.

  • Lee

    I didn't care for this book. The writing needs some polishing and I had a hard time following the timeline. I actually found the book's blurb to be more revealing than the book. Two stars.

  • Тамрико

    Just wish it were a little longer, the ending seemed rushed. Still loved it :) 4.5 stars.

  • JenMcJ


  • Jason Bradley

    This was a great story that needed some extra work. But it does showcase this author's talent. I can't wait to read more.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ☆ Not Anymore : by Em Woods ↠
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