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By Fae Sutherland | Comments: ( 338 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

When Rowan Lee arrived in the small, liberal Provincetown, he heard tales of the eccentric, brilliant, possibly insane Finnegan Clark A world famous mystery writer, Finnegan s been to the top of the bestseller list times than anyone can count It s about the only place he goes, sequestered away in his mansion by the sea Enter Rowan The free spirited lovechild of agWhen Rowan Lee arrived in the small, liberal Provincetown, he heard tales of the eccentric, brilliant, possibly insane Finnegan Clark A world famous mystery writer, Finnegan s been to the top of the bestseller list times than anyone can count It s about the only place he goes, sequestered away in his mansion by the sea Enter Rowan The free spirited lovechild of aging hippies, Rowan believes all anyone needs is love, and when he makes a delivery to Finn s mansion and meets the man himself, it s infatuation at first sight Not to mention lust Never mind that Finn s twice his age and snarls at him than he speaks to him All Rowan wants is to make the world a better place, one person at a time, but all Finn wants is to be left alone Sparks fly, and if Rowan can t break Finn s walls down, he ll burn them down sizzling encounter at a time Genres Gay Contemporary

  • Title: Letting In the Light
  • Author: Fae Sutherland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Fae Sutherland

Fae Sutherland is the award winning, bestselling author of 30 M M erotic romance novels co authored and solo She also writes M F erotic romance under a pen name.When Fae s not working on new stories to make her readers sweat, she loves website design, spending too much time on Twitter, and watching oodles of Food Network with her beloved life partner If there s any time left over, it s spent snuggling the cat.

Comments Letting In the Light

  • Daisiemae

    Letting in the Light by Fae Sutherland is one of the best May/December romances I’ve read in a long time. Fae Sutherland is quickly becoming a “must read” author of mine. I have yet to read a book by her I haven’t loved. She writes fast paced stories with heroes that are addictive to read about, and the chemistry between them are always sizzling off the pages, and it’s always hard to say goodbye to them at the end of the story.Rowan Lee isn’t the type of man who stays in one place fo [...]

  • Catherine

    If only the author had drowned the plot bunnies that inspired her to write those last 10 pages, this story would have been SO much better.

  • DarienMoya

    ^^ WHAT CAN I SAY!^^Not the best stuff I have read but this story about two unlikely lovers has it merits. A 3.5 rating.Finn is an author and recluse with a bad attitude. There's a rumor around town saying he hasn't left his house in around 5 years. In comes Rowan the hippie child all peace and love. He wants to meet this author thats been hiding away and he gets his chance with a delivery he makes to his house.Talk about sexy when Rowan gets his first encounter with Finn, and man is he big. Row [...]

  • Erotic Horizon

    Rowan Lee – is your average guy, happy to be where he is, satisfied with his friends and makes the best of the job that he is working at. As a delivery guy, there’s not much to harp over, especially in the small town that he find himself in this time.When a call comes through for a delivery – he didn’t expect to find a fantasy just at the end of the delivery, but he does and he is blown away. Rowan is not one to look a gift horse in the mouth or take no for an answer if truth be told and [...]

  • ElaineY

    A most heart-warming romance. Again, one of the few books that manage to capture all my (good) senses from the start and leave me feeling oh-so-satisfied when it ends.I thought it would take a long while before Finnegan thawed a little but, thankfully (to me, anyway) he did let Rowan enter and not slam the door in his face, as I was expecting him to do. Some readers might find Finn and Rowan jumping each other's bones a little too fast considering Finn's personality even if that's more rumor tha [...]

  • Td

    A mostly angst-free, easy, sexy read. This book brought two of my favorite type of characters together. A force of nature, seemingly free spirit, what you see is what you get in young Rowan and grumpy, snarly, rude, set in his way recluse in older Finn. Seeing them bridge the personality, aged height gap (about a foot difference, I believe)was sweet and fun. I've decided to go with the flow about a couple of things mostly involving Rowan's roommate. I loved the MC's and most of their story too m [...]

  • Michelle

    Fuh-cking sexy!!!!

  • Indie Reviews

    Rowan Lee is fascinated with the best-selling author recluse that lives in a mansion by the sea in Ptown even though he’s never met the man. Everyone he works with at the bakery, including his roommate and best friend Jake Hanson, thinks Finnegan Clark is certifiable but Rowan doesn’t buy into the town gossip. Rowan finds out for himself when he makes a breakfast delivery to Finnegan’s mansion and has the door unceremoniously slammed in his face. But Rowan is not deterred by Finnegan’s o [...]

  • Trix

    This was such a predictable book. This, along with its rather bland characters made it hard to rate this higher than 2 stars.(view spoiler)[There were no surprises along the way of the story. Or perhaps the swift change from one extreme to the other in the characters' behavior was the only surprising element. The wandering youth falls head over heels, love at first sight with a reclusive successful writer. There were no compelling arguments for their feelings as both characters admit to knowing [...]

  • Cindi

    Totally loved it. Rowan is the 25 year old free spirit. Finnegan is the eccentric 49 year old reclusive author. They come together and wow great story. When I got to 90% on my Kindle I was thinking that it would end with certain things unresolved. That last 10% did exactly what I hoped it would do. It brought everything together for a very good ending. I wish it would have been a little longer. I wish Finnegan and Rowan's earlier years would have been explained more. Other details could have bee [...]

  • Brenda (b)

    It seems like a lot of romance stories I read happen in a short period of time. The characters fall in love at first sight and their situation resolves itself within a few weeks, sometimes days. This is another of those, but I think it's done very well and I loved the characters. Finn was the gruff, reclusive, gentle giant who didn't realize a part of his life was missing. Rowan was the carefree, out to help everyone guy who didn't realize he needed help himself. When they got together, things h [...]

  • Kerrysullivan

    I found this a little unbelievable ok a lot unbelievable although it was a nice story and I just didn't believe that Fin wouldn't just throw Rowen out with how antisocial Fin was, I am as antisocial as Fin and I would have kicked Rowen out by any means necessary. The whole lighthouse thing was also improbable and the reason for the low rating. I am not sure I would red more from this author if all her character as this badly crafted.

  • Danni

    I thought this book was good. Rowan is a free and loving spirit, but still he hides some issues of his own. When he charges into Finn´s life, there isn´t much Finn can do but hang on. I liked how Finn had to open up and let go of his hermit life. I did think though that the action in the ending was kind of extreme.

  • Karen K

    Really sweet story about a young man looking for a place to belong and an older man looking for a reason to come out of his shell.

  • Ayanna

    The beginning reminds me of something. What could it be? Oh, right. Second Chance at Love. But then it becomes not-that. It becomes quite a typical romance, with sex right off the bat and all that.Actually, it's kind of like a less plot-y version of Slow Bloom. (That's the nice way of saying it's a porn-based version of it.)Why was Jake a throw-away villain? It's possible for him to be a perfectly normal person, you know. the muse/Jacob Wilde thing was odd. He's got a fully fleshed out personali [...]

  • Kazza

    Second book by Fae Sutherland and it was another good read.What I liked -I love an older partner/younger partner, irrespective of gender, so Finn's 49 to Rowan's 24 appealed immensely.Good dialogue with enough wit and snark to suffice.Both characters were likeable in their own ways - Rowan a positive, 'look on the bight side of life' young drifter from hippy/commune/free spirited parents. Finn a bi-product of the older generations' closeted ways, with a touch of sadness attached.It was plenty se [...]

  • Emmie

    I liked this book until the very end, and the I got peeved. I supremely dislike creepers (aka Jake) just getting forgiven. Really- like in real life if your room mate and best friend abducted you, hit you in the head and refused to let you leave until you confessed your love- you would stay friends?? Ah hell no! Also- I thought the character of Rowan didn't mesh with this forgiveness. It seemed like an over the top gesture. It took the commune hippy love angle of forgiveness to a whole new level [...]

  • Tamela

    I realized once I started that I had already read this story several years ago. I must have missed doing the review and checking it off at the time.This was one of my first m/m reads and I remember how much I liked the gruff, reclusive Finn and the smart, charming Rowan. They were so different but just clicked so well.Jake turned out to be a whole lot creepier than I liked but I guess it was a shock for him to realize that he loved Rowan after it was too late. I guess crazier things have been do [...]

  • Katharina

    This was a nice, easy read, but it didn't knock me off my couch with its awesomeness. I found the story line to be rather unbelievable at times, especially when it comes to the characters' actions (including Finn, Rowan, and especially Jake) which were all a bit over the top sometimes. However, since this was a rather short story, it didn't bother me as much as it would have in a longer novel. It definitely wasn't Fae Sutherland's best story, but still a nice enough read for when you look for so [...]

  • Lisa

    Whilst making a food delivery Rowan comes across Finn, the local celebrity recluse. Rowan is given the brush off by Finn rather rudely but he keeps coming back for more.Gradually he gets under Finns skin and a relationship develops.A cute book which was easy to read.

  • Bookwatcher

    I liked the age gap (49 and 24)The romance is okA lot os sex scenesBut I was almost bored, so it's good But I was wanting more.

  • Kiki

    This book was ok but completely forgettable until the ending, where it got more than a little ridiculous.

  • jules0623

    2.5 stars.

  • C

    I can't stay interested in this for more than a few pages at a time so I'm abandoning it for now.

  • Snowtulip


  • DayDreamer

    2.5 starsOver the top and too saccharine for me. Everything was worked out so fast and easily, the porn got real boring real fast.Not captivating enough to be worth a reread, for me anyway.

  • Susinok

    Fun story.

  • Magda Miszkiel

    Very funny story :)

  • Indigo

    Wonderful. Loved it

  • Jeanne

    This is not my kind of novel. The voice isn't believable to me not did it move well. I did enjoy some of the characters but they weren't too deeply fleshed out

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Letting In the Light | by ☆ Fae Sutherland
    359 Fae Sutherland
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