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The honeymoon was overRafe had wanted Tanya the moment he saw her When he proposed, she d been deliciously happy happy to give up her job without a second thought, and devote herself to decorating their beautiful new home in Sydney s most prestigious neighborhood.She hadn t realized then that the only intimacy he wanted with her was in their bed Rafe put business The honeymoon was overRafe had wanted Tanya the moment he saw her When he proposed, she d been deliciously happy happy to give up her job without a second thought, and devote herself to decorating their beautiful new home in Sydney s most prestigious neighborhood.She hadn t realized then that the only intimacy he wanted with her was in their bed Rafe put business including his cool blond personal assistant first.Tanya was not about to spend the rest of her life waiting for a man who thought another woman was important than his wife The honeymoon was over The marriage was at the breaking point Out of Print

  • Title: Breaking Point
  • Author: Emma Darcy
  • ISBN: 9780373114337
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Emma Darcy

Emma Darcy s life journey has taken as many twists and turns as the characters in her stories, whose international popularity has resulted in over sixty million book sales Born in Australia and currently living in a beachside property on the central coast of New South Wales, she travels extensively to research settings and increase her experience of places and people.Initially a French English teacher, she changed careers to computer programming before marriage and motherhood settled her into a community life A voracious reader, the step to writing her own books seemed a natural progression and the challenge of creating exciting stories was soon highly addictive.Over the past twenty five years she has written ninety five books for Harlequin Presents, appearing regularly on the Waldenbooks bestseller lists in the U.S.A and in the Nielson BookScan Top 100 chart in the U.K AKA Japanese Greek Emma Darcyov Czech

Comments Breaking Point

  • StMargarets

    I enjoyed this one. This is an interesting contrast to Lindsay Armstrong's The Director's Wife, which I also read today. Both are stories of a marriage in trouble because the wife feels she is only a sexual object and not an integral part of the hero's life outside the domestic realm. What worked for me in this novel is that we get the hero's point of view and he truly was clueless about what the heroine was going through. Both were very passionate about each other, but had lost the path to comm [...]

  • Kiki

    ***TRIGGERS****I have slept on it and I'm just not going to rate this book. I am just going to rant.Let's be honest. He rapes her. There is no other word for it. No point sugar coating it. She decided to forgive him and move on just like many women did back when the story was written or even now, may be good for them, may be shame on them. I don't know. I don't judge. But that's what happened. Rape.And this is where it stops being a romance novel for me.On top of that: there was immense amount o [...]

  • boogenhagen

    Re Breaking Point - Emma Darcy tells a story of the marriage in trouble with a 23 yr old flame haired h who is tired of being compartmentalized by her real estate tycoon husband into nothing more than a convenient lurve club object while his real life takes place by the side of another woman- who is also his employee and ten years older than the h. This one is controversial in reader ratings, some people see it as a cheating story while others see it as a lack of marital communication exploratio [...]

  • Kay

    4 1/2 Stars ~ When Rafe asked Tanya to marry him, she'd been blissfully happy. Now, two years in, Tanya had come to some harsh realizations. Yes, their passion for each other was still combustible, all it took was a look and their desire sparked, but Tanya couldn't help feeling that was her only role in Rafe's life. He was a very successful property developer, well respected, his acumen in high demand. Rafe had compartmentalized his life; there was his work and then there was his marriage. Never [...]

  • Naksed

    I have really see-sawed on whether to read this book. I started it and red flags quickly went up. I have been perusing the reviews to get a better picture and I finally came to the conclusion that I should follow my instincts.(view spoiler)[Though this book does not involved TECHNICAL cheating, the husband does cross the line when, unbeknownst to his wife, he discusses his private marital problems and seeks the advice of the more-than-happy-to-provide-a-shoulder-to-cry-on-and-possibly-other-body [...]

  • Leona

    Very intense read about infidelity and the devastation and destruction it creates. I particularly liked that we got both POV's, which is important given the dynamics of the plot. I thought the heroine was well written. A woman that is incredibly strong, but can still succumb and be shaken by the passion she feels for her husband. It's the passion, love and chemistry that keep her fighting for her marriage. But she is unwilling to compromise and accept less from her marriage. She knows that chemi [...]

  • Jenny

    I don't know why people are saying this is a book about cheating. There is no cheating in any form whatsoever. The hero was definitely oblivious and stupid but never unfaithful. I never doubted his love for his wife but he definitely lacked some brain cells. Still I loved his crazy jealousy and possessiveness. The heroine was fantastic though. She was strong and very mature for her age. She wouldn't back down and she stood her ground but it was clear she was head over head over heels in love wit [...]

  • Megzy

    Breaking point broke my heart. Rafe is really married to two women. One he shares his bed with, the other he shares everything else in his life with, including intimate details about his marriage to Tanya. After two years Tanya finally calls him up on his behavior and issues an ultimatum to Rafe between her and Niki, Rafe's PA. I really liked Tanya a lot. She was a smart woman who had to figure out for herself where she was willing to stand and what she was willing to accept in a relationship.Th [...]

  • bookjunkie

    It was satisfying in the ways that mattered most: he only had eyes for his wife, never had a single thought about cheating on her, and they were both passionately in love with each other. The marriage never grew stale, passion-wise.It was less satisfying in other ways: we never see any real encounters/confrontations with the insidious Other Woman who is the source of so much discord. She is only referred to and spoken of, and seen a couple of times peripherally. There are no slap-down, knock-a-b [...]

  • Claire

    For me, cheating books vacillate between a wallbanger and a DIK. I was prepared to chuck this book so, like a savvy realtor, I “staged” it to get maximum visceral anguish. Staging meant that I began reading it at 3am when the night is darkest so I could wallow in the misery and I finished it just before first morning light so I’d have regained my equilibrium. End result: a 4 star rating. But the real reason I was able to swallow the bitter pill of emotional cheating was that I deliberately [...]

  • Rachel

    I did like it, but I couldn't get past a couple of things. One: the hero raped the heroine. Two: The hero was also blind as batshit when it came to his assistant. But I actually really liked the heroine (although I wish she'd made him suffer more!) and I loved Grandma! She made the book for me. Finally we have a family member/friend who isn't pressuring the heroine to take the hero back, blah blah blah. So maybe a 3.5 stars?

  • Vanessa

    Rafe and Tanya have been married for two years and now she has finally opened her eyes up to the fact that her husband treats her like a doll – a possession. He only seems to share the physical side of their r/s w/ her and everything else is shared w/ his efficient PA. Rafe gives Tanya everything that money can buy, but he doesn’t really give of himself and he won’t give her a baby yet either. He seems to like to solve problems for everyone else but he doesn’t really lean on his wife to [...]

  • Vintage

    This was a nice solid old-school Harley. Not great, not bad although looking at the ratings it certainly sets some on fire.The h is fed up with being marginalized by her husband except when it comes to sex. Their encounters are pretty steamy given this is written before the more explicit now. She wants to seduce him to stay home, but he has his eye on the prize for business so of they go to a party where the ubiquitous evil OW/PA is lurking. The h wears an uber sexy dress so her husband will thi [...]

  • Tia

    The hero and heroine are married but she's never felt like a wife. The hero shares his life with his PA, a woman who is sickly obsessed with him and he doesn't see it. When the heroine has finally had enough and confesses her fears and disappointments about his PA and their life in general, the hero is shocked. When the heroine walks out on the hero, he is even more shocked and disturbed. He will try anything to get her back except give up his PA. Then he realizes how much trouble his PA is actu [...]

  • Kaycee ❤️

    It has always been my opinion that there can be worse kinds of infidelity that the merely sexual.I’m a sucker for this kind of book. I love the jerky hero, strong sassy heroine, jealousy, lots of misunderstanding, angst, great grovels and this book had it all. I loved every single angsty bit of it, because it was realistic. I mean it can happen to anyone married, it happened to some married couple. My heart broke for Tara but cheered for her when she decided it's enough and left Rafe and stood [...]

  • Roub

    i absolutely loved it! the sex was mind-blasting! and i dunt think rafe was emotionally cheating. he regarded niki as a trustworthy colleague and ofc, a dear friend after the 10 years they have had together. dats only normal in the circumstances. the problem was really wid niki. she was the one who wanted rafe and he was oblivious as he really did not see her in dat light, had never thought about her in such context. i do understand where tanya was coming from though. i do see her point and admi [...]

  • LaFleurBleue

    I usually like Emma Darcy's books, as they manage in a constrained format to build 2 strong characters and to give some insights into a crucial moment of their life. Therefore I was really looking forward reading this one.But unfortunately I was thoroughly disappointed. For once, I felt the story lacked a bit of introduction. It started when Tanya felt uncomfortable about her marriage and I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with it too and thinking she should get away from it asap. And then t [...]

  • EeeJay

    It was a nice concept. It's not Emma D's fault that I don't like OW stories. What is her fault is making me not love this book as much I usually love her other books. I found the hero totally insecure and unjust in his disregard for his wife's concern. He kept dismissing her claims as nothing and such which I found irritating.For a good OW story, I recommend you read Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie. I love the way the side-character tackles the husband in that book.

  • 3meg

    Good solid HP read. H and h are married and the h is unhappy she moves out! Nice change from the typical h in that she takes action to change this and there is not just a lot of mud-slinging. I thought the grandmothers input a nice tool for directing the characters to 'think' about the others point of view.

  • Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love*

    emotional cheating

  • Sneha Jaiswal

    a nice read,even though I felt that it was repetitive in some places.I really liked that the hero made efforts with the heroine after she left him by sending her flowers and asking her for dinner.what bothered me was that the hero was plain stupid and blind to trust his assistant and not trusting his wife when she shared her insecurities.he failed to protect his wife and chose to trust his assistant even to the extend of sharing his marital problems with her! .apart from these aspects I found th [...]

  • Cc

    I kinda felt like he was being deliberately obtuse about the assistant, and the author never changed my mind throughout the book. It just didn't click for me.

  • Jessa

    As I was adding tags to this book, I had a moment of crisis where I wondered if something from the 80s or early 90s can really be considered contemporary romance. But I just can’t make myself tag it as historical soooo what do I call thisdated-harlequins maybe? Idk.

  • Lyuda

    Better than some of the HP I read with heroine who some backbone and the hero who is not afraid to apologize for his boorish behavior. Also, nice to have both characters POV to better understand their actions.

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark

    I'm in the mood for some cheatin' books which are just going to depress me-I'm sick. I know.

  • Tatiana Stefan

    Very dramatic, and I really felt bad for the heroine, June 10, 2010I actually got this book based on the review of this person here: amazon/Breaking-Point-SPOILERSSS!!! Since I knew the storyline was about wife issuing an ultimatum to the husband between her and another woman, I knew it would be so painful for me to read. I actually skimmed this book because I have a bad trait of not wanting to go through the suffering and just reading the happy ending first then going back and reading. So basic [...]

  • Lede

    Tanya was seeking validation from her husband for being more than just a sexual convenience, fair enough, but she didn't make much of an effort to grow and discover who exactly she was. She could of started an interior design business, studied, anything instead of mopping around her exquisite house feeling sorry for herself.The husband shared a huge part of his essential nature with the other woman, he had a deep bond(after working together so intimately for 10 years) with her and I don't think [...]

  • Mary

    I went back & forth on the rating for this. + stars for the angst of a marriage gone wrong and the efforts Tanya went through to make her husband see that there *was* something seriously wrong with it. (view spoiler)[ - stars for the rape. Through Tanya's thoughts, you can read that she loved that Rafe was out of control, but in the end, even *she* called it rape- not acceptable. (hide spoiler)] I liked that Tanya wasn't afraid to stand up for her marriage, but I disliked how she melted when [...]

  • Nenya

    a rather angsty read. though with a H who actually does listen, but not quite quick enough. and god, how does one remain that stupid and block-headed for so long. oh well, he's the H. one point of contention: (view spoiler)[ H rapes h after he suspects her of cheating. oh, the h 'likes' it, but then she is curled up crying, and she refers to when their son was conceived as 'the day before you raped me'.(hide spoiler)] :|if you can ignore that, it's not such a bad book. oh and (view spoiler)[ H's [...]

  • April Brookshire

    I like that the heroine stuck to her ultimatum for so long, but I wish the ending to every Harlequin didn't involve pregnancy. Took long enough, but the hero finally opened his eyes to his PA's schemes.

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