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By Howard Carter A.C. Mace | Comments: ( 723 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

November 4, 1922 For six seasons the legendary Valley of the Kings has yielded no secrets to Howard Carter and his archeological team We had almost made up our minds that we were beaten, he writes, and were preparing to leave The Valley and try our luck elsewhere and then hardly had we set hoe to ground in our last despairing effort than we made a discovery that faNovember 4, 1922 For six seasons the legendary Valley of the Kings has yielded no secrets to Howard Carter and his archeological team We had almost made up our minds that we were beaten, he writes, and were preparing to leave The Valley and try our luck elsewhere and then hardly had we set hoe to ground in our last despairing effort than we made a discovery that far exceeded our wildest dreams Join Howard Carter in his fascinating odyssey toward the most dramatic archeological find of the century the tomb of Tutankhamen Written by Carter in 1923, only a year after the discovery, this book captures the overwhelming exhilaration of the find, the painstaking, step by step process of excavation, and the wonder of opening a treasure filled inner chamber whose regal inhabitant had been dead for 3,000 years.104 on the spot photographs chronicle the phases of the discovery and the scrupulous cataloging of the treasures The opening chapters discuss the life of Tutankhamen and earlier archeological work in the Valley of the Kings An appendix contains fully captioned photographs of the objects obtained from the tomb A new preface by Jon Manchip White adds information on Carter s career, recent opinions on Tutankhamen s reign, and the importance of Carter s discovery to Egyptologists.Millions have seen the stunning artifacts which came from the tomb they are among the glories of the Cairo Museum, and have made triumphal tours to museums the world over They are a testament to the enigmatic young king, and to the unwavering tenacity of the man who brought them to light as described in this remarkable narrative.

  • Title: The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
  • Author: Howard Carter A.C. Mace
  • ISBN: 9780486235004
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Howard Carter A.C. Mace

Howard Carter is best known for his discovery of the tomb of the 14th century BCE Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun Carter was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist who devoted his life to archaeology He first travelled to Egypt in 1891, where he held several archaeological positions, until in 1907 he was privately funded by the English aristocrat Lord Canarvon to carry out work at Canarvon s excavation sites This work was interrupted by World War One, but resumed immediately after In 1922, growing tired of the lack of results Canarvon offered Carter one year of funding On the 4th of November 1922 Carter discovered the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun This discovery immediately gained international attention, and huge crowds flocked to see the tomb This was the first intact ancient, royal Egyptian discovered The immensely demanding task of excavating and examining the artefacts continued for several years, amidst a great amount of controversy and difficulties Carter eventually left Tutankhamum for others, and spent the remainder of his life as an agent for collectors and museums, and as a public speaker on the subject of Egyptology.

Comments The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

  • Lucy

    No matter how cliche Tut now is, to read of the tomb's discovery is terribly thrilling and envy-inspiring. I would also like to give a shout-out to Arthur Mace, who is not listed as one of the authors in this record, but in fact was quite dependable, meticulous, and in general instrumental in the discovery and documentation of the tomb.

  • Kevin

    A great feeling to read this book about the discovery of King Tut's (Tut.Ankh.Amen)'s tomb. So fascinating and satisfying.

  • Rob Roy

    Very well written

  • Mike Farrell

    I really enjoyed this book. This is the 1977 republication of Howard Carter's original 1923 publication on his discovery and opening of King Tutenkahem's tomb in Egypt's valley of the king's, timed for the 50 year anniversary of Carter's discovery.My only objection to this book is that in addition to the original prologue and introduction, there is another introduction that updates the story of Tutenkahem after 50 more years of study; so, the 2 introductions and prologue take up 75 pages before [...]

  • Philomena McGirr

    Absolutely fascinating read. Howard Carter has a knack for making you feel like you're there and experiencing the discovery of the tomb for the first time yourself. The sense of awe and excitement at finding a near intact tomb and stepping into it for the first time since the 19th Dynasty is there, and I found this a moving aspect of the book.Carter doesn't just focus on the discovery, and also has a chapter on the historical context and what was known about Tutankhamun pre-discovery which was i [...]

  • Daniel Garrison

    This is a great book. I'm glad I took a chance on it!

  • J. Travis Moger

    The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen***1/2Howard Carter's first-hand account of his monumental discovery of King Tut's tomb is a quick and fascinating read. Its historical value far outstrips its literary worth. When he first poked his head in the antechamber, Carter was asked "Can you see anything?" to which he replied "Yes, wonderful things." Wonderful things indeed. The book's 105 illustrations (unfortunately in black and white) show the sumptuous splendor of the boy king's tomb. The only [...]

  • Lisa

    An intriguing read on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter himself. Carter touches on a wide range of topics - Tutankhamun's context, the history of the Valley of the Kings, his previous work at the Valley, before focusing on the discovery of the tomb itself, and the methods he used for conservation and preservation. A word to the wise, however: this book finishes just after the burial chamber is opened and a precursory survey of that chamber is made - the burial itself is left i [...]

  • Janith Pathirage

    This book never put me off the hook. Such a thrilling adventure into the tomb of one of the most popular and mysterious kings ever lived on this planet. And this discovery means so much to all historians around the globe. I could only imagine the wealth hidden in these pyramids during the time they were built. Tragically, almost all of'em were ravaged and destroyed by the treasure seekers but still good to know these boys could find some good stuff unharmed, could be worthless to a bandit but pr [...]

  • Emily

    Wow. Howard Carter has always been one of the people I most respect in this world, and I'm so glad that I finally got to read an extended report written by him. The pictures were fantastic, also. I was a bit disappointed however, that the book ended at the discovery of the tomb, and didn't go into detail at all about the findings or the king himself. I mean, it was called the discovery of the tomb of tutankhamen, after all! Alltogether it was pretty good, though.

  • Lara

    Howard Carter's really interesting and well-written first-hand account of the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922, complete with plenty of photographs of items in situ. This covers the first year of their work at the tomb, and I'm definitely planning on picking up the second and third volumes whenever I manage to track them down. Certainly worth a read if you have any interest in archaeology.

  • Jojorace

    Having just visited Egypt and seen this tomb and the treasures at the museum, I was interested to read of Carter's personal experiences of the discovery. This book is perfect- it outlines a bit of Tutankhamun's history before describing the discovery and the world's reaction to it. It details the treasures that were found and describes the excavation and preservation of them in detail. Really interesting, easy to read and informative.

  • Linda

    I give this 5 stars.The book kept me interested throughout. Howard Carter is a really good writer. Maybe a lot of people are burned out on reading about King Tut. Thank goodness I am not. I think everyone should read this because, like someone else says: It's very interesting reading about the discovery of the Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amen's tomb.I liked it a lot!

  • Nettle

    That was really interesting, before I thought the dude was as bad as those who came before him, but apparently not! Carter was apparently really into the whole preservation thing, and we're lucky he was! This book made me dream about the slow uncovering of artifacts, and only the best of books can do that, just a shame it wasn't written a little later. And why is Volume 2 so expensive!

  • Sarahandus

    I found the description of procedures for excavation absolutely fascinating. Carter is as good a writer as he was an archaeologist, he puts you right the along side him in the desert and tombs.Going from his photos to the Cairo museum's online shots of some of the same items after cleaning and re-construction will show more than words what a wonder find this was.

  • Daniel G.

    This was the first of a collection in excess of 80 volumes now on my shelves, more than half of which I have since read. well written. Carter got started in his teens as an artist on the expeditions of others. This tome details the highpoint of his career, and perhaps the highpoint of modern egyptological research.

  • Anne


  • Bettie☯


  • Emilie

    Amazing for someone who discovered the tomb after his "employees"

  • Jeffrey

    Deatailed book about the discovery of the tomb. A good read.

  • Leslie

    Fascinating. Loved this. The pictures are amazing too.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen | by ✓ Howard Carter A.C. Mace
    199 Howard Carter A.C. Mace
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