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By Chris Raschka | Comments: ( 482 ) | Date: ( Jul 10, 2020 )

The beloved best seller by award winning illustrator Chris Raschka, author and illustrator of YO YES , is now in board book format for young children.Ever hear of Charlie Parker The great jazz saxophone player If you have or if you haven t, it s okay Look at this board book and you ll hear Charlie Parker you ll hear music in your mind Be bop Fisk, fisk Lollipop BoThe beloved best seller by award winning illustrator Chris Raschka, author and illustrator of YO YES , is now in board book format for young children.Ever hear of Charlie Parker The great jazz saxophone player If you have or if you haven t, it s okay Look at this board book and you ll hear Charlie Parker you ll hear music in your mind Be bop Fisk, fisk Lollipop Boomba, boomba Look That s Charlie swinging and spinning all over the pages And that s Charlie s cat, waiting, waiting for him to come home.

  • Title: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop
  • Author: Chris Raschka
  • ISBN: 9780439578233
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Board Book

About Author:

Chris Raschka

I always try to treat the book itself as the artwork, Chris Raschka says I don t want you to stop while you re reading one of my books and say, Oh What a gorgeous illustration I want you to stop at the end of the book and say, This is a good book Chris Raschka is one of those people who knew from an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up It was never a question in my mind, he says As long as I can remember, I always knew what I would do I would become a biologist Somewhere along the line, however, after having to kill a mouse with his bare hands, Chris Raschka began to change his mind I understood it intellectually, he says, but I just wasn t cut out to do that Fortunately, Chris Raschka s squeamishness turned into a boon for the realm of children s books He decided to shift his focus to painting and drawing, and has since produced a range of outstanding books that has PUBLISHERS WEEKLY calling him one of the most original illustrators at work today Chris Raschka illustrated A POKE IN THE I A COLLECTION OF CONCRETE POEMS, a critically acclaimed anthology that was both a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book and a PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Best Book of the Year I approached it with a version of the Hippocratic oath, Chris Raschka says of the playful volume That was my goal do no harm to these poems, which are all beautiful I wanted my illustrations to be little welcoming introductions a way in And most recently, Chris Raschka has once again teamed up with his A POKE IN THE I partner Paul B Janeczko to bring an equally lauded creation to poets everywhere A KICK IN THE HEAD AN EVERYDAY GUIDE TO POETIC FORMS teaches readers the excitement and challenge that can be found in playing by the rules of poetry Receiving starred reviews from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, KIRKUS REVIEWS, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, and BOOKLIST, the title seamlessly unites text and art Chris Raschka s whimsical torn paper artwork lends thoughtful details to essence of the book that poetry is fun.Previously, Chris Raschka turned his talents to Dylan Thomas s timeless prose poem A CHILD S CHRISTMAS IN WALES, creating fluid illustrations that honor the poet s words, evoking their musical cadences and bringing a fresh appreciation for this most lyric work Named a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book, this beautiful edition should bring Dylan Thomas s work to a new generation of children, says President Jimmy Carter The illustrator was also a force behind I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE, a picture book cowritten by legendary children s book author Bill Martin Jr and fellow literacy expert Michael Sampson My parents have always respectfully refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Chris Raschka says That s why I was drawn to this project in America, we each have the freedom to choose, including the freedom to choose whether or not to say the pledge His aim was that his quirky images, with their simple, stylized line drawings, would bring a sense of inclusion That is my hope, for everyone to make the Pledge come alive A different sort of collaboration went into the tongue in cheek TABLE MANNERS, a hilarious picture book that Chris Raschka wrote and illustrated together with artist Vladimir Radunsky, a long time friend Chris Raschka grew up in suburban Chicago, but then fled to New York, where he now lives with his wife, son, and a variety of pets When not working on books, the artist likes to walk around the city, knit sweaters without a pattern, go to the opera, practice yoga, and surf, a pastime that once cost him a tooth.

Comments Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

  • Saashya Rodrigo

    I really couldn't connect with this book, and I LOVE jazz. I'm sure if it's read right, it'll be a great book. But I tried reading it several times and I just wasn't getting it. It made no sense to me.

  • June

    I find myself returning to use this book every year for storytime. The playful rhythm and rhyme of the book make it a wonderful introduction to be bop. The illustrations are very whimsical with a overshoes and lollipops walking around and Charlie Parker playing upside down on one page. What a fun way to introduce a child to Charlie Parker! There is also a kit available that has the story performed by Richard Allen and includes "Night in Tunisia" which inspired Raschka to write the book.

  • Michele

    kids I've read this with have adored it because of all the sound effects. it could have better illustrations but the language and rhythm are amazing.

  • Eduardo

    Personal Response:I think the book Charlie Parker Played Be Bop is pretty good because it is about a real artist that plays the saxophone. He can make a lot of sounds. It is written as a poem. I liked the pictures because they are made of music symbols. I read this book to my niece Vicky. She is on kindergarten. She was laughing about the book.Plot: In the beginning, Charlie leaves his cat at home. In the picture, the cat looks very sad because he is left at home. Charlie leaves to play music. T [...]

  • Kate

    You have to really make this book your own in order for it to work. Sing the words, look up Youtube videos of teachers and librarians reading it aloud. Kids get into it if you do too! It's a great introduction to jazz and early rock and roll for grade school kids - it demonstrates the off-the-cuff style of be bop in an accessible way.

  • elissa

    So much fun at both baby/toddler and preschool storytimes. Very playful and unique. I love how Raschka conveys the essence of music for the very youngest kids, in both words and pictures.

  • Sam Bloom

    Absolutely phenomenal - the audiobook is a must-have, brilliantly read / performed by Richard Allen.

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)

    I need to find the audiobook for this book.

  • Michael

    A very simple rhyming book with pictures, probably best for 2 - 5 year olds. The poetry puts words/sounds together to mimic the Be Bop of Charlie Parker, and works fairly well. The art is fun and colorful. It would be perfect if it included a CD sample of Parker playing, but we grabbed one off of youtube to supplement the reading!

  • Jo Oehrlein

    More music lyrics than narrative, the words are a bit silly and should inspire an interest in what Charlie Parker sounded like.

  • Emily H.

    Book type: Picture storybookIntended audience: three year olds to five year olds. Preschool. The first time I read this book I was completely unimpressed. I saw this, but then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I gave someone a pile of fifty biographies for children in the age range of 4-8 years old. Two weeks later, that person, too, asked me the name of this book. I never even knew that there was a picture book genre about music. I'm glad there is. I think it would be fun to [...]

  • Melissa Talley

    My kids loved this book when they were smaller. They actually introduced it to me from preschool and we purchased it. It's much better sang and has a good beat that kids really enjoy. Also a good introduction to music instruments for children.

  • jo

    There are a few books that I find myself buying over and over again. I always end up giving away my copy, or thinking of another person who *needs* to have it. Charlie Parker Played Be Bop is definitely in that category.On the surface, Chris Raschka's illustrations are so full of color and whimsy that you want to linger on each page a moment, just to breathe it in. But beyond that, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop is one of those rare books that can actually make you feel what the author is describi [...]

  • James Govednik

    I just discovered this book, and I wish I had known of it earlier! Loved it! I read along as I listened to the audio CD the author released in 2000 with jazz vocalist Richard Allen (Live Oak Media—a different ISBN for some reason, which was illegible on the library CD). The audio recording really helps to fully appreciate the book, unless you have a natural sense of be bop jazz and scat singing. This genre works best when background information is included, and since the edition I read had non [...]

  • Kim

    I've tried to do this one for storytime and didn't get the hang of the scat, but it has been recommended to me for laptime so I think I will try again. I have a lot more hope for it for laptime because babies will appreciate the sound and not be looking for meaning in the nonsensically language. Also, I'm going to have to pick up a copy with the CD because I think that will help loads.Edit: *Sigh* I had hoped this book would make sense to me with the CD, it didn't. The CD goes through the book o [...]

  • Eric

    this is probably one of my favorite all-time books to read to my children. it has been a favorite around our house for years, and to all of my children. the playful, nonsensical narrative echoes the phrasing, rhythm, and playfulness of charlie parker's music -- or any bebop for that matter. this book is a wonderful early tool for nurturing music appreciation, individuality, creativity, humor, and general silliness. the artwork beautifully complements the narrative, which, i meant to add, absolut [...]

  • Kee

    “Charlie Parker Played Be Bop” by Chris Raschka plays like a good jazz tune filled with melancholic jazz tune filled with scats and rhythm. It’s a written performance of Charlie Parker, the bird, playing his saxophone. How Chris Raschka lexically annotated a musical performance is pretty amazing. Words like boppitty, bibbitty echos in the background as rather darker hue of the pictures do justice in representing the somber mood ambiance of jazz. Simple and rhythmic words do justice mimicki [...]

  • Paul Farbman

    This book has a rhyming structure like this"Charlie Parker played Be Bop.Charlie Parker Played saxophone.The music sounded like be bopver leave your cat alone." (Raschka)This gives the text a musical quality and improvisational structure similar to that of jazz.In addition to the random references to a cat, another seemingly strange reference is made to "barbecue that last leg bone" (Raschka). While these random references may confuse the reader at first, the teacher can explain how jazz musicia [...]

  • Paul

    Great paintings of Parker with music spiraling inside him, coming up and out of his saxaphone and filling the air; (Raschka is a master of perspective and foreshortening, catching Bird all all kinds of angles). At moments the conceptual nature of the book seems to come undone. However, the whimsical appearance of birds adopting all kinds of different poses and disguises and the brooding cat don't so much play out a storyline as give the feeling of Parker's playing - any attempt to turn this line [...]

  • Briana

    One of my favorite books from when I was a child. I loved the rhythm of the book and how my Dad read it to me emphasizing all the "sounds" of the words like it was music actually being played. It did not really make a lot of sense, now looking back and reading it as an adult myself, but as a child the non-sense almost engaged me more and made me more in tune with the book. I would definitely read this and recommend this to anyone who has young children, but if you read it, you need to either rea [...]

  • Barbara

    This picture book about saxophonist Charlie Parker simply must be read along with musical accompaniment--in order for readers and listeners to hear the beats that play out across the book's pages as well as in order to appreciate the musician's genius. As birds and objects move to the rhythm of his sounds, his faithful cat waits patiently at home. The cat looks positively sulky and put upon by the time the final illustration is in place. The sounds are fun to say and hear, and this book is likel [...]

  • Cat Fithian

    I have read, re-read and sung this book so many times I can sing it for you now, without the book in hand. It is brilliant, engaging, fun to share, quick, and educational. I love that it's about a real jazz legend. I love that it demonstrates what it talks about - is there a word for a book that is, in its format and structure, exactly what it's talking about, like onomatopoeia but as a whole book? If there were a word for that, it would be this book. Suitable for all ages, any venue (even a bar [...]

  • Jamila

    This book is even better when read along with the CD. On the CD, Raschka provides a brief, but informative, background on Parker, jazz/bebop, the style of the oral reading and of the text. The CD also includes an original recording of "A Night in Tunisia" by Parker, Mingus, Gillespie, et al.Fun, fun, fun - great use for storytime or to inspire writing and creative thinking. I plan to use the book and CD in April for Jazz Appreciation Month/Poetry Month. I will definitely purchase it for my nephe [...]

  • Tommy

    Saw this illustrator/author at the Decatur Book Festival, and his love of jazz enraptured me. I bought three of his books - this one, one about Monk, and one about Coltrane.His illustrations are very jazz-inspired, and his syncopated approach to writing is fun and a great way to turn kids onto the rhythms and swing of classic jazz.That my kids are 7 and 5 and now know who Bird and Trane are gives me hope. I appreciate this talented guy giving them an in-road to America's truest art form: jazz.

  • Jennifer

    I liked the natural rhythm this book had. The book had a jazzy feeling just like the music Charlie Parker played, and it was obvious that this was intentional. I liked his book. I would use to to talk about Jazz Month or for African American History Month. scholastic/teachers/boInterest LevelGrades PreK - 3Reading LevelGrade level Equivalent: 1.7Lexile® Measure: AD140LDRA: 20Guided Reading: LGenreAutobiography and BiographyTheme/SubjectComposers and MusiciansAfrican AmericanHistoric Figures

  • Karan Johnstone

    Chris Raschka spoke at the Children's Literature Conference on 6/25/13. He gave great ideas of how to have the kids act out the books as it is read aloud. This way the kids not only listen but also get engaged in the book.This book was about Charlie Parker and the sounds he made when he was playing the saxophone. This would be a good book for a music teacher to use to introduce the saxophone.

  • Shawn

    Don't worry, I'm not going to fill up my GoodReads list with childrens books. Only the very good (and perhaps the very bad). I'm not going to list every single Seuss book that I read.But what can you say about a childrens book about Charlie "Bird" Parker and bebop? Fantastic! It has a great flow to the book and is very 50's jazzy. I checked out the Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane books by Raschka, but this one is definitely the best.

  • Emilie Morris

    Why this book?: To add depth to collectionGenre: Biography, Historical FictionTheme/Keywords: Jazz, Charlie Parker, Scat, Be BopSpecial Features: Some books come with CD that help kids understand rhythm and scat.Characteristics of quality: Great for young children--rhythm and scat explored in the text.Gender of primary character: MaleRace/ethnicity of primary character: African-AmericanOpen Ended Question: Can you make music like he did? How?

  • Christian Houseworth

    I love this book because it is like a song or a rhythm that I believe can hook and inspire all students. This book is included in the collection of African American literature. This book would be a great read aloud because the text is very simple and the students can easily pick up the lines. Also, this is a great book for teaching sound recognition. This is also a great book to integrate music and literature and to teach the writers craft of repetition.

  • Lara

    This one grew on me over time. The first time I read it I wasjust confused. What does the cat have to do with anything? Lollipops? Whaaat? I figured it was just because I don't really know much about Charlie Parker or jazz in general. But anyway, after hearing it read aloud several times, I started to really enjoy it. It's fun to get kids repeating the lines after you--there really is a great rhythm to it. I still don't trust that cat though

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