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By Eric Knight Marguerite Kirmse | Comments: ( 639 ) | Date: ( Jul 07, 2020 )

A beloved classic gets a beautiful new look.Lassie is Joe s prize collie and constant companion But when Joe s father loses his job, Lassie must be sold Three times she escapes from her new owner, and three times she returns home to Joe, until finally she is taken to the remotest part of Scotland too far a journey for any dog to make alone.But Lassie is not just any dog.A beloved classic gets a beautiful new look.Lassie is Joe s prize collie and constant companion But when Joe s father loses his job, Lassie must be sold Three times she escapes from her new owner, and three times she returns home to Joe, until finally she is taken to the remotest part of Scotland too far a journey for any dog to make alone.But Lassie is not just any dog.First published in 1940, Lassie Come Home has become one of the best loved dog stories in the world This beautiful edition showcases the original text and illustrations within a striking new jacket.

  • Title: Lassie Come-Home
  • Author: Eric Knight Marguerite Kirmse
  • ISBN: 9780805072068
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Eric Knight Marguerite Kirmse

An author who is mainly notable for creating the fictional collie Lassie.He was a native of Yorkshire in England, and had a varied career, including service in the Canadian Army during World War I and spells as an art student, newspaper reporter and Hollywood screenwriter.His first novel was Song on Your Bugles 1936 about the working class in Northern England As Richard Hallas, he wrote the hardboiled genre novel You Play The Black and The Red Comes Up 1938 Knight s This Above All is considered one of the significant novels of The Second World War.Knight and his wife Jere Knight raised collies on their farm in Pleasant Valley, Bucks County, Pennsylvania His novel Lassie Come Home ISBN 0030441013 appeared in 1940 It was adapted into a movie in 1943 and has been reprinted several times since then.In 1943, at which time he was a major in the United States Army Special Services, Knight was killed in an air crash in Dutch Guiana now Surinam.

Comments Lassie Come-Home

  • Mario

    I think everyone and their mother knows the story of Lassie. I mean, there are countless movie adaptations. But for some reason, I haven't picked up the book until now. And I've got to say, this truly is a beautiful and heartwarming story, from start to finish. It was great hearing from a dogs point of view, and the struggles she survived. The story even had a few unexpected twists.So in conclusion, amazing book, and I've got a feeling that it'll stay one of my favorite children's books for a re [...]

  • booklady

    I have always wanted to read this book; I've seen the movie many times. Now I finally read it as an adult. However, I didn't read it just as ‘story’, but from the perspective of the “Great Journey Home” which we are all on. My read was a quest for universal themes, and one in particular. This quote had me in tears when I first encountered it and saw it as pertaining to my own journey back to Jesus:‘ere was no hesitation. She was going home. Her senses were now aware of a great satisfac [...]

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Lassie is one of those stories I thought I knew. I finally got around to reading this 1001 Children's Book You Must Read this summer. I was surprised to discover the actual story is very different from my perception of the story.Lassie is a strikingly beautiful collie owned by a poor family in Great Britain. She is devoted to the boy in the family. The father loses his job and decides to sell the dog to a rich man in the community. The man takes the dog to Scotland, but, somehow, though the dist [...]

  • Sandra Bašić

    O dobroj i vjernoj Lassie samo sam pogledala film, tako da je ova nepravda konačno ispravljena.

  • Wendy

    This book would be great for any animal-loving child, but adults like myself can find enjoyment, too. The writing style isn't too simplistic, actually giving kids credit for having some brains. The book also gives children credit for being able to handle more mature subjects, without going into any gruesome details. (view spoiler)[The dog Toots is killed with a cudgel, for instance. (hide spoiler)] Lassie's journey is touching, and I think both adults and children should find this book rewarding [...]

  • Ali

    i was surprised by the emotionally maturity that the author gave to the son.i love this book.

  • Reta Anna Maria

    Ala-asteella koulun kirjastossa oli tämä kirja. Luettiin kaverin kanssa kilpaa. Pistetekniikalla tehdyt kuvitukset ovat jääneet mieleen. Kirjan kansi oli erilainen kun tässä.

  • Tarissa

    This is a delightful and heartwarming story that takes place right after World War I, in England and Scotland. The storyline centers on Lassie, the Carraclough's pet Collie. The family loves their dog very much but when hard times hit, the family is forced into making a life-changing and heart-wrenching decision.The town of Greenall Bridge could always depend on seeing Lassie trotting down the streets with her owner, young Joe Carraclough.As the story unfolds, you will discover how determined an [...]

  • Teresa

    I had to put this book on here, because this was by far one of my favorite books when I was little I would constantly check Lassie out from my elementary library and read it over and over agian It got me into stories like Call of the Wild, and White Fang But this book was one of the books that made me the reader I am today I love lassie! =)

  • Mary Neary

    This is a book that a read and retread as a child as well as watched the movie. The characters, the Scottish countryside and the heart wrenching story of the loyalty of a dog and a family's poverty still stay with me 45 years later. It is a testament to how a great book can become a part of our being and life experience, as if we lived it ourselves.

  • Carly

    This is the book (coupled with the old TV show) that made the collie my all-time favorite dog. Even now when I know that having a sheep dog in a house in the suburbs doesn't work out very well, I still can't help but stop and stare in fascination whenever I see a collie or a sheltie (the miniature equivalent) on the street or on TV.

  • Alexandra

    I love Lassie❤

  • ดินสอ สีไม้

    เป็นหนังสือที่เคยรักมากที่เคยอ่านตอนเด็กพอมาได้อ่านอีกครั้ง ความรักยังอยู่เหมือนเดิมแล้วความทรงจำเก่าๆ ก็กลับมากับพล็อตพื้นๆ และวิธีเล่าเรียบๆแต่มันเป็นหนังสือหมาที่ดีท [...]

  • Gale

    “TO OWN A DOG” What does it take to be a true dog owner and dog lover? Certainly more than a piece of paper or a pedigree chart. Besides, what is an owner compared to being a dog’s one, true Master? Eric Knight’s 1940 tale of a dog who risks everything to be reunited with the boy who loves her leaped into the hearts of readers the world over. Based on his youth in the mountains of Yorkshire the story opens with basic conflict: Man versus man, but unfolds into dog versus the world: man, b [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Timeless classic and a lesson of friendship and perseverance; I loved this wonderful dog story when I was a little kid and it's definitely worth reading. I can't say I cared for the film adaptation(s?) but I really enjoyed the book and I highly recommend it.

  • Onur Uslu

    Aklıma gelmişken! Bir ara tekrar okumak da yarar var :)

  • Gina

    Can't help but love Lassie! I wish I had more to say on this one, but I don't really have any complaints or notable praises. It's well-written, engaging, and I enjoyed it. Next!

  • Cristina Torrão

    Apesar de não possuir alta qualidade literária, resolvi dar a pontuação máxima de cinco estrelas a este romance, porque o recomendo a toda a genteTrata-se do romance original que iniciou o fenómeno à volta da personagem canina, publicado pela E-Primatur, por ocasião do seu 75º aniversário, com as ilustrações originais de Marguerite Kirmse. O criador de Lassie, Eric Knight, escreveu unicamente este livro, dando origem ao primeiro filme, cuja rodagem ele acompanhou. Infelizmente, viria [...]

  • Helin Puksand

    Raamatut mäletan oma lapsepõlvest. Ma ei suuda meenutada, kas ma olen seda varem lugenud või mitte, sest Lassie lugu on tuttav ju kõigile. Lausa nii tuttav, et tahaks kõikidele kaunitele kollidele Lassie öelda. Nii et kui hea sõber Eiemari pani oma kollile nimeks Lasse, siis tundus see kohe õige ja loomuliku valikuna ega tekitanud küsimusi. ;)Raamat räägib koera ustavusest oma perele. See sunnib teda ka tuhandete miilide kaugusel koju tagasi pöörduma. Oma teel kohtub ta nii halbade [...]

  • Mira

    The nine-year-old me loved this book to bits and pieces, and no wonder. It's such a moving and heartwarming story for anyone who identifies her/himself as a dog person.

  • Dan

    I read this when I was twelve. I didn't know there was a book behind the TV show till then.

  • Horsegirl

    4.5 stars

  • Joshua B


  • Judy

    This is described as being a "new picture-book edition written for young readers." The art is beautifully done by Susan Jeffers. She captures elements of the story that will help young (and old) readers visualize the setting. There's a beautifully rendered full-page map that shows Lassie's journey from the very north of Scotland to Greenall Bridge in England.I have not read the original version of Lassie, but this seems to capture the essence of the story. There were a couple places where the st [...]

  • Amy Keane

    I read this to my son recently and it is wonderful! A friend gave it to me because she and I have a dream-in-planning to visit England next summer with our families. It takes place in Northern England in Yorkshire, so I tried my best to read it aloud to my son using a Yorkshire accent. I am sure I sounded Scottish. Lassie is taken by a wealthy lord to his home in Scotland to train for dog shows. Of course she misses her "boy" and makes her way back. The book we read had a map of the regions invo [...]

  • Samuel Arnett

    This book is awesome i mean awesomes about this dog named Lassie and her best friend Joe the human,Joe's dad is Sam and his mother.Lassie is a well known dog the hole naberhood knows her,until this mean nasty man named the Duke.The Duke loved this dog so he bought her off of Joe.well Sam.So the Duke takes her home.The Duke is A very rich man,the reason why he's rich is because he trains the dog he collects and put's them in show's.The Duke owns these cage's and keeps the dogs in there its up to [...]

  • Alex Gaboury

    A spectacular book!SPOILER ALERT:A beatiful book about a dog who tries to find her way home. She starts with her family as a fine dog. She has never left this family. She waits for her little master after he has completed the school day. One day she is sold to a mean duke who doesn't spend a lot of time with her. She escapes to her family, but is always brought back. One day she is taken hundreds of miles away from her family. She finds her way back home, to the suprise of many people. On her wa [...]

  • Greta

    Excellent writing. A little different from what I expected. All I knew about Lassie was from later books written about a dog who helps everyone in the neighborhood. I was not prepared for this soul-wrenching account of a dog repeatedly being taken from her home and her struggle to return. I can't handle reading about animals suffering, so I had to skim quickly through a few chapters. I bawled every time Lassie was taken away from Joe, and my six-year-old daughter had to talk me through it to kee [...]

  • Verona

    Read this to my girls before nap time, it took us a couple days. My girls were concerned because I was crying at the end, but we made it througheat story about a boy and his dog. the dog is sold to a wealthy family because the Dad lost his job and they need money. However, the dog keeps getting away and returning to the boy.Then the new owner takes her 800 miles away and of course she escapes and heads home. the book is a tender account of her hardships to reach her beloved boy.It has a happy en [...]

  • Attila

    Lassie Come-Home is about a dog who finds her way home to her owners after walking several hundreds of miles and going through various hardships and adventures. Read it when I was about 10 years old; at that time it did not leave much of an impression on me, but I would like to revisit it with adult eyes.

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