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Marcella Atkinson was a married woman when she fell in love with Cecil McClatchey, himself a married father of two On the same night their romance abruptly ended, Cecil s wife was found murdered Seven summers later, Marcella is divorced and estranged from her daughter, mired in grief and guilt But when Cecil s grown son, Jed, returns to the Cape and finds Marcella s baMarcella Atkinson was a married woman when she fell in love with Cecil McClatchey, himself a married father of two On the same night their romance abruptly ended, Cecil s wife was found murdered Seven summers later, Marcella is divorced and estranged from her daughter, mired in grief and guilt But when Cecil s grown son, Jed, returns to the Cape and finds Marcella s bathing suit buried in his father s closet, this relic of the past sets in motion a passionate affair In this twisting, sensuous novel of devotion and infidelity, mistakes of the past must rise to the surface.

  • Title: The Swimming Pool
  • Author: Holly LeCraw
  • ISBN: 9780307474445
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Holly LeCraw

Holly LeCraw was born and raised in Atlanta, granddaughter of a former mayor and daughter of the founder of Oxford Book Store, where she worked throughout high school She graduated from Duke University and later received a master s in English from Tufts University She now lives outside of Boston with her husband and three children.Her debut novel, The Swimming Pool, was a Top Debut of 2010 Kirkus and a Best Book of Summer The Daily Beast and Good Morning America Other work has appeared in Post Road and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize She is at work on her next novel, The Half Brother, which will also be published by Doubleday.

Comments The Swimming Pool

  • Debbie Zapata

    Maybe it's my current mood, maybe it is the book itself, I am not certain. But I could not get interested in the characters here, or the plot itself. Another DNF.We have Marcella, who was married to Anthony and had a daughter when she began an affair with Cecil, who was also married and had two children, a son and a daughter. One night while Cecil and Marcella were entertaining themselves, Cecil's wife is murdered. He is a suspect, but dies in a one-car accident soon afterwards, leaving the murd [...]

  • Audrey

    NOTE: I actually give this book 3 1/2 stars.It's really hard for me to know what to say about this book. On the one hand, I quite liked it. The story was fresh and interesting, the writing style was slightly poetic and beautiful, and the characters were complex and, well, not likable, but enjoyable. It was easily read, easily enjoyed, and and the time passed by nicely while I was reading.Which makes me want to call this a fluff read. While I was reading, I felt like it jumped out at me and screa [...]

  • Paula

    Hmmmwhat to say about this book. It sounded interesting and I was looking forward to reading it - the plot was a seven year old murder that somehow was tangled around the lives of two different families, a clandestine love affair and summer on Cape Cod. Sounded intriguing. What I found was a disjointed novel describing the events that lead up to the murder, interspersed with present-day drama from the families involved. I felt that the author didn't do a good job of jumping from one time frame t [...]

  • Michael

    Following the birth of her second child, Callie McClatchey returns to the home where she spent her summers, persuades her brother Jed to join her and hires old family friend Toni Atkinson as a summer time nanny. While cleaning out a closet in the old house, Jed stumbles across an old swimsuit that belongs to Toni's mother, Marcella. Perplexed as to why the swimsuit is there in a box, Jed returns to it Marcella and discovers she carried on an affair with her father, which was broken off the night [...]

  • Amy

    I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.There have been many many books over the years that deal with the subject of adultery and one could say that there isn't much left to tell on the subject. With THE SWIMMING POOL, I was pleasantly surprised to find that indeed there IS more to say. Seven years before, Marcella Atkinson had an affair with Cecil McClatchey, a fellow vacationer at the group of summer homes on the Cape. On the night that their affair ended, Cecil's wife is mu [...]

  • Laurel-Rain

    The devastation and aftermath of family tragedy is at the heart of this story.It begins around a swimming pool on a hot summer day in a village on Cape Cod. We meet friends, but specifically, we zero in on two couples: Cecil and Betsy and Anthony and Marcella.What happens over the next few weeks and months will forever alter all their lives. First, inexplicably, Cecil and Marcella begin an affair.Then later, on a November evening, death greets Betsy when she arrives home after an outing with fri [...]

  • Chocolate & Croissants

    is a book I should have liked, (family secrets, an unsolved mystery, illicit affairs, romance) but did not. Now I did not dislike it enough to put it down and just stop reading it. I had to finish it. It was almost like a bad relationship. You know you should walk away-you just cannot. You keep on going back for more. I liked parts of the book and then disliked it. Liked it again, disliked it. Yet I needed to know how it finished. I found the book to be rather disjointed and distracted. It took [...]

  • Maree

    *Disclosure: I received this book in a First Reads giveaway.So. I did a bad thing and judged this book by its cover. I thought it was going to be pretty medium, and while it turned out better than I had expected, it still didn't garner a 5 star read from me. But the cover version I had seriously made it seem like a self-published gig, so I'm glad to see better version images online.The story was sadly beautiful, well written and fully fleshed with real characters. I was mostly drawn into their [...]

  • Jessica

    I won this through the first-reads program, and while I did not love it, I didn't hate it either. After the rave reviews, I had truthfully expected a little more. Overall, it was just pretty good. The characters, for the most part, were interesting enough and I enjoyed all of the psychology - inner thoughts and reasoning - that LeCraw weaved throughout the story. I just felt that the book left me with unanswered questions - big ones. Perhaps this was the author's intent, but I would have rather [...]

  • Andrea

    The Swimming Pool was an okay book, but was underdeveloped, and difficult to connect to. The story never really reels you in, excited for more. Marcella, the protagonist, is a depressing, self-loathing, over emotional, selfish, immoral woman, making it very difficult to like her, want her to come out winning in the end. The problem in the story is also unclear, is it the murder, the messed up relationships? Then the resolution to the "problem" is very quick, and lack luster. It could be consider [...]

  • Holly

    Like a few other reviewers, I felt that this was a book that I should have liked more but didn't. The characters were well developed but I couldn't find one that I actually liked or related to. At the same time, once I had met them all I felt compelled to read through to the end to see how things turned outor what they put themselves and each other through, to be more accurate. Jed and Callie are brother and sister, both haunted by their parents deaths. marcella was their father's mistress and b [...]

  • Shannon

    This book could have been better. The premise was very good - a young man (Jed)finds a bathing suit secreted away in his family's summer home closet and realizes that it doesn't belong to his mother but to a woman (Marcella) that he admired from afar as a young man. The affair between Marcella and Jed's father and the resulting murder of Jed's mother (Betsy) are all intertwined in this book.I found parts of the story gripping - but the timeframe that it was supposed to have taken place remained [...]

  • Sherie

    Let's see, unrequited love times 3 or was it 4? Add post partum depression, a murder, and orphaned children.Why can't authors have protagonist women who age gracelessly - who carry around a spare tire, sagging breasts, age spotted hands, thinning, dull hair? I find it difficult to connect with someone who has done lots of things wrong in her life, but still manages to stop conversations at cocktail parties with her ageless beauty.

  • Marianne K

    The book begins with two well-to-do families who summer every year on Cape Cod. They start out being connected through socializing which leads to an affair and a murder. While I found the writing beautiful I did not care for any of the characters and just could not believe the affair between Marcella and Jed. It just never rang true to me, which doomed the book for me as this affair is integral to the plot. I'd certainly read another work by the author, but can't recommend this book.

  • Julie

    Though the overarching concept surrounding The Swimming Pool (the somewhat incestuous and tragically intertwined lives of two bored upper middle class families, who happen to summer in the sleepy Northern beach community) is nothing new, author Holly LeCraw treats her characters with a surprising sensitivity, and an almost complete lack of irony. This isn't one of those "Wow, suburbanites are so vapid and shallow" books. And while many of LeCraw's characters do some very reprehensible things in [...]

  • Ellene

    Time flew while reading this book. LeCraw's writing is elegant and smooth, and she sets up the story well with enough background to get the reader into the story. At the same time, LeCraw manages to keep key points in the storyline hidden until she's ready to reveal them. The juxtaposition between different time periods (past and present) was a bit hard to follow at certain points but once the characters were established, it was much easier.The intertwined lives of the Atkinson's and the McClatc [...]

  • Julia

    Summers on Cape Cod are a family tradition for Jed and his sister Callie, but when Callie seems desperate for extra support after the birth of her second child, Jed takes leave from his job in the city to come out to the summer house. Being at the cape brings fond memories of summers at the beach, playing tennis and hosting parties by the pool, but Jed is also reminded of the tragedies his family endured, which put an end to their carefree way of life. When rummaging through a closet one day, he [...]

  • Caitlin

    This is a wonderfully written book about all the ways our actions can have unintended consequences. The story of an affair and the ripples it leaves in the water, Ms. LeCraw has given us spare and beautiful prose to tell a story that contains equal parts tragedy and joy.Set variously in Cape Cod and Atlanta, the book tells the story of two families, interconnected by an affair and the events in its aftermath. It is also the story of Jed and Callie, brother and sister, orphaned and spending the s [...]

  • Susan Coleman

    Although I did finish this book, at many times I didn't want to. The first time was at the beginning, when character names were being thrown out and it took some time to determine the relationships between them. Also, they all seem to be dealing with the same issues - guilt and shame. Those two themes run through the book a little too often. Some variation would have been nice, someone without those fatal flaws. About the only character who seemed to have eluded the depths of the others' indiscr [...]

  • Theresa

    Somewhat of a summer romance and mystery, The Swimming Pool was quite well written and followed two families and a summer at the Cape. A nice summer theme with a beach and summer homes, would interest most for a quick summer read.Personally, I didn't care for the book. I'm not big on soap operas and for me, this storyline had the same qualities as a daytime soap. With a "Cougar", a love triangle that I found pretty distasteful, and numerous descriptive sex scenes, I just got bored with the whole [...]

  • Mindy Detweiler

    My Take: I tried to like this book I really did. But as is so often the case whenever everyone seems to LOVE a book I really just didn't get the whole thing. Was the writing good? yeah Was the story good? Eh. I could not find myself liking any of the characters whatsoever. I sympathized with Callie alittle bit but I really just wanted to slap her and tell her to grow up (although I know post partum depression is a real thing as I had it myself ) I just found her very whiny. Jed, I felt was just [...]

  • Greenfairylv

    Holly LeCraw is a mastermind at creating characters. The loneliness, the innocent, the lusting, the betrayed and hurting characters are so well written you can't hate them. You sense what has driven each character to the place they are today and even though you might find some of them morally wrong it is hard to pass judgment on them when you hear how tortured they are within their own minds and how they just long to be punished. Jed's sister, Callie, I found particularly interesting. She was in [...]

  • Mary (BookHounds)

    This is the perfect summer read even if you are stuck in the house since it is raining. The Swimming Pool is a murder-mystery-character driven story with a lot of twists and turns. I had thought that with so many books about adultery and the consequences of it had been done to death, but this one goes beyond the typical family drama. It is hard to describe the story without giving away the plot, so all I am going to say is: READ THIS. Holly LeCrew has also won the Pushcart prize and I am now loo [...]

  • K2 -----

    A well-paced read. I am not a big fiction reader but I always enjoy a first novel. It was recommended to me and it was a great airplane read. I see great things ahead for this author if she continues to publish. The story has twists and turns and keeps the reader going until the very last page. I find it unfortunate when writers feel the need to kill one or two characters off to give them grist for the mill but her writing made me forgive this first novelist's cliche. I am sure it will be a very [...]

  • Emily

    The book was interesting enough to read until the end but not great. It was like there was a pink elephant in the room for the longest time in the beginning. The author refused to let the reader in. I think she should have started with Jed visiting Marcella and let the first chapters come after that one. The beginning was slow and confusing and hard to get into. While the end improved it still left the murder unsolvedt a fan of that! And to have a character have an affair with a man and later on [...]

  • Amanda Ishtayeh

    I enjoyed this book about two screwed up families! I think it would make the perfect book club discussion book. The ending is somewhat of a bore but overall it was well written. I would have liked someone from the book to have done the murder but that is the grotesque in me coming out! LOL!

  • Waleska Soto

    Great story, page-turner. Vivid story about love, betrayal, lies that had a ripple effect destroying both families, Marcella's and her lover's, Cecil. The book was confusing at times going between Marcella's past memories and her present. The ending of the book was disappointing.

  • Joni

    Very slow beginning. Hard to keep my interest. Plots and people really jumped around. Started to build up towards the end and went back down to a boring ending. Not a book to pass on.

  • Joey Resciniti

    I enjoyed this book more than some I’ve read, but I had a few issues with it. I felt the timeline of the story was odd. It wasn’t particularly confusing, but I’d have appreciated a more linear telling. There were several instances where the author introduced a whole lot of characters all at once and then didn’t include those characters in the narrative. I’m also not a fan of explicit sex scenes. This novel had several “love scenes” that I flipped past without reading. The book peak [...]

  • Denise

    This book was horrible. It dragged like hell. Too much pointless rambling this author did. Too many flashbacKS and thoughts and just everything was pointless. This book could've been done in 10 pages. Excruciatingly painful to finish reading. Do not waste your time reading.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Swimming Pool | by ✓ Holly LeCraw
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