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By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor | Comments: ( 112 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Get ready to start your own incredible, amazing life right Alice McKinley is standing on the edge of something new and half afraid she might fall off Graduation is a big deal that gauntlet of growing up that requires everyone she s known since forever to make huge decisions that will fling them here and there and far from home But what if Alice wants to be that little dGet ready to start your own incredible, amazing life right Alice McKinley is standing on the edge of something new and half afraid she might fall off Graduation is a big deal that gauntlet of growing up that requires everyone she s known since forever to make huge decisions that will fling them here and there and far from home But what if Alice wants to be that little dandelion seed that doesn t scatter What if she doesn t have the heart to fly off into the horizon on the next big breeze And what if that starts to make her feel like staying close to home means she s a little less incredible than her friends and her boyfriend Patrick Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is be honest with yourself and sometimes the most incredible thing you can do is sneak a little fun into all this soul searching.

  • Title: Incredibly Alice
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9781416975533
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana, US on January 4, 1933.Her family were strongly religious with conservative, midwestern values and most of her childhood was spent moving a lot due to her father s occupation as a salesman.Though she grew up during the Depression and her family did not have a lot of money, Naylor stated that she never felt poor because her family owned good books Her parents enjoyed reading stories to the children her father would imitate the characters in Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer and her mother read to them every evening, almost until we were old enough to go out on dates, though we never would have admitted this to anyone By the time Phyllis reached fifth grade, writing books was her favorite hobby and she would rushed home from school each day to write down whatever plot had been forming in her head at sixteen her first story was published in a local church magazine.Phyllis has written over 80 books for children and young people One of these books, Shiloh, was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1992, was named a Notable Children s Book by the American Library Association and was also Young Adult Choice by the International Reading Association.Naylor gets her ideas from things that happen to her or from things she has read Shiloh was inspired by a little abused dog she and her husband found The little dog haunted her so much that she had to write a story about him to get it out of her mind.

Comments Incredibly Alice

  • Sarah Mackey

    At this point, the Alice books are a little predictable. But I've been reading them for more than 20 years, so what do I care if they're predictable? I just love that I've been reading a series for that long and new books are still coming out.The end is in sight, though! Oh my lord, I just went and checked to see when the last two books are scheduled to come out, and I found this note from the author:I wrote the last book several years ago, to make sure that if anything happened to me, readers w [...]

  • kylajaclyn

    I have been with Alice so long that it is very hard to believe that here is yet another good thing that will come to an end in two more books. I expect great things from the next one, Alice on Board, since Alice is now a. 18 and b. working on a cruise ship for the summer! Her summer books are always the best. Though it could be argued that the title of this one, as opposed to the others, is a bit misleading, you realize after reading it that everything Alice does in this one (trying out for the [...]

  • Sarah

    What, no neo-Nazis or child molestation in this installment of the "Increasingly-Boring Alice" saga?! Then again, there is discussion of whether to have plastic surgery on one's private parts, and I'd go so far as to say that Naylor wants to trick readers into believing that Lester's new roommate is a transgendered prostitute. (She's not just a cheating nerd with a very deep voice.) That's in addition to teenage pregnancy/marriage (contrasted with adult pregnancy/marriage), controlling Chinese p [...]

  • Anna Goulart

    2.5 stars (somewhere between "It was okay" and "I liked it")I got this book at the library on a whim. I had enjoyed this series in middle school and was like "What the heck. I might as well finish it." It is about Alice's senior year of high school, something I suppose I can relate to as a senior myself. I understood her mixed feelings about graduating; the excitement of starting the next phase in your life conflicts with the knowledge that you're basically leaving everything you know and those [...]

  • Alex Templeton

    The latest in my favorite YA series EVER. Over the years, I’ve gone from feeling like Alice’s friend to her big sister to sometimes, her mom. In this book, she deals with life as she graduates from high school. I don’t think that these books are quite as good as the earlier ones that Naylor published, due to the fact that the earlier books all took on some kind of theme in Alice’s emotional life (appearance, being a ‘goody-two-shoes’, being Woman of the House) while narrating a few m [...]

  • Logan Hughes

    The much anticipated story of Alice's final semester of senior year of high school, and all that entails (prom, graduation, college decision, etc.) makes up one of the longer, and surprisingly most boring, Alice books. It has a lot of parts, but it doesn't really add up to anything. There's no overarching message or lesson. There are vague themes of nostalgia and anticipation, but that's unavoidable in a book about the end of high school. The book, and Alice herself, are going through the motion [...]

  • Chris

    Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is so cute. I can just imagine this little granny writing away on her Alice books and giggling, "I know what I'll do to shock them this time! Genital cosmetic surgery! Hee-hee!" But all her scandalous material is filtered through a neon 80's filter and kids of today must just be rolling their eyes and saying, "Whatevs". But I did like this one a little more than some of the previous ones. It's a little more light handed on the Important Issues motif she likes so much. The [...]

  • Kimberly

    I've been reading the Alice books since I was in 5th grade and I never miss a new one! This one was only alright for me. I did appreciate that it was less "after-school special/7th Heaven episode" than the last few have been. No special ed students get molested by teachers, no neo-Nazis, no abusive boyfriendsunfortunately, not much else does happen! Alice is nearing the end of her senior year. She's in the school play and goes to school and misses Patrick and decides where to go to college. Yawn [...]

  • Rachael

    Terrible. Boring characters, no plot, awful dialogue. Nothing really happens in this book. Will Alice fall for a boy who's not her boyfriend? No, turns out he's too controlling. Will Alice get arrested for a traffic infringement? No, the police officer lets her go with a warning. Will Alice's friend be forced into in arranged marriage? Probably, but the couple end up liking each other, so it all works out in the end. I haven't read the other books in this series, so perhaps I'm not getting the w [...]

  • Kirsten

    I have really enjoyed the Alice series, but at this point, it has seriously jumped the shark. There is not a single believable or realistic word in this book. Alice ricochets from one Major Life Lesson to the next, and it's all just so painfully earnest. I am only reading for plot at this point, and it's a good thing that the series is coming to an end.

  • Katyh

    This was a lot better than most of the recent Alice books, mostly because it doesn't read like a Very Special Episode. There is still no reason to pick up these later books unless you, like me, have been reading this series for over 20 years and can't stop now that the finish line is so close in sight.

  • GraceAnne

    I love these books. They are wonderful stories, and they teach so much in unobtrusive ways. It is lovely to have watched Alice grow up, as we have.

  • Caroline D. (CarolineReads)

    I wanted to re-read this book for so long now, but I couldn't figure out which Alice book it was! I have the collection of three Alice books called "You and Me and the Space in Between", and this is the second one. Alice in this book is dealing with her last semester in high school; All the stress, all the nostalgia, all the confusion. I relate a lot to this book and to the situation that Alice is in. Childhood becomes adulthood rather quickly when one of her friends is pregnant, and when Alice [...]

  • Joyce

    Alice's last year of high school!! Aaah. She seems so much more mature and less worried about trivial things. Alice is really finding herself, whether she knows it or not. Interesting that she's going to the University of Maryland, since that's an in-state possibility for me too. Prom night was cool and the Assassin game was amazingly fun to read about. I love that Alice got a part in the school play, tried something outside of her usual comfort zone. I want to do what she did, both literally an [...]

  • Asriani

    I am a big fan of Alice books. I have read many of them. From The Agony of Alice until Including Alice. Thanks to Gramedia Pustaka Utama, the local publisher, who has published and translated the series. However they did not publish all books and skip some number but I still could keep the track. There was nothing missing. But when they finally decided to stop publish the next book, I was so sad. I still want to read all about her. So that was why I was so thrilled when I saw Incredibly Alice wa [...]

  • Helen

    Naylor was trying to be more hip (I think); I was shocked that Facebook was actually mentioned by name in this book. Personally I would avoid things like that which can date a book, but since Alice already comes across as the oldest modern teenager I've ever of heard of, maybe this is not a concern.I feel like this book managed to avoid that "checklist" feel that characterized many of the books from recent years; I definitely felt less like we were being subject to a bunch of unrelated and unlik [...]

  • Allison Bailey

    I was SO PSYCHED to finally get my hands on this book- I have been an Alice fan since elementary school I think this is book #26 or something in the series, which chronicles Alice's journey through puberty and now preparing for college.The Alice Series is one of the most banned series of all time (check out the ALA website for more info on banned books). It is number 2 on the 2000-2009 list (after Harry Potter) and number 14 on the 1990-1999 list for being sexually explicit and unsuited to age g [...]

  • Ernica

    Sad now. I've been following Alice for four years now and it's all over. I feel like a parent with a child leaving the nest. I guess the serious isn't over yet but the next book won't be out until later 2012 and the last book won't be out until 2013!! I guess now would be a good time to start reading from the beginning of the series since I'd started at Alice Alone. A lot has happened and I've watched Alice grow up starting from her freshman year and she's all grown now driving and ready for col [...]

  • Leah

    This was the first 'alice' book that I read. I was pretty shocked to find it was #23 in a series!! But the story was easy to follow and the characters, and their pasts, were well introduced. This is a great series for young girls. Alice seems like a really nice girl who makes mistakes but has a good heart. I think she's an excellent role model and I, at 25, was even a little inspired reading about her life.

  • Talia

    Alice is a short few months from graduating, but as she stands on the cusp of the next part of her life, she wonders, is she making her high school experience all it can be?Meh. These books are getting kinda dull, yet I can’t stop reading them. In this book, Alice joins the school play and has a mini-romance with a guy other than Patrick (oooo!). Maybe it’s because these books have been going on for so long, but I feel like the dialogue and situations in these books don’t really ring true [...]

  • Danielle

    This book covers the last half of Alice's senior year, but hardly refers to the plethora of issues that she faced in the first half (although the book picks up the same day Alice in Charge leaves off).Just because Curtis Butler has left the school, the conversations about racism shouldn't disappear. And what of Daniel Du Bau? He plays his drum at the sock hop, but we don't see his reactions to or participation in spring break, the prom, senior prank and skip day, the assassin game (he'd definite [...]

  • Suzy Partlow

    I actually liked this book more than I expected. It makes me super curious about Alice's future! The relationship with Patrick hits home with me because I met my husband when I was very young and we carried our relationship all along the way. I know this seems so unrealistic to some, but it really does happen once in awhile. It doesn't mean everything is rosey all the time, it just means that some things are truly meant to be. Besides Partick & Alice's relationship, I do feel like Alice's ch [...]

  • Stephanie

    I've been reading the Alice books ever since The Agony of Alice came out 20+ years ago. I feel as though I've invested in this series, and that I may as well keep plugging through it, despite my inevitable disappointment. Though Incredibly Alice wasn't nearly as insipid as some of the other recent Alice books, I finally have determined what my biggest issue is with the Alice series. Essentially, in the early Alice books, Alice was repeatedly embarrassing herself (the moo shu scene from TAOA come [...]

  • Chelsea Denisse

    A solid 2.5 Stars.Characters: The characters I honestly didnt like much because thy werent believable to me. They always got everything they wished for and that doesnt happen in life a lot. They also didnt have to deal with any drama like bullies maybe they had to deal with one or two but it just seemed to me that there life was just too perfect.Plot: The plot was about nothing at all to me. It was just random rambling about their senior year. I would have liked the story better I think if it ha [...]

  • Kaitlyn Bates

    I got this from the library, knowing full well that I haven't gotten the chance to read the 5 books before it. I started reading this series when I was in Junior High school and continued it whenever I saw the newest book at the library. I have to say that as much as I love reading about Alice, the book was kind of stilted. And I agree with many others when I say that it's probably because of Naylor's age. She's clearly writing from another era, and while she was able to get away with it in for [...]

  • Emily Petit

    I like who Alice is becoming; she's regained the unique voice I felt the last couple of books lacked. Unfortunately, I still get that feeling that Naylor is pushing idea after idea about what teens do in the modern world through the pages - they peruse Facebook; they go crazy with friends; they do stuff in the high school that most high schools, in real life, wouldn't really undertake or allow - as though she has a sort of checklist. This makes me uncomfortable, because, as a young woman of eigh [...]

  • Martha Schwalbe

    I wish I had some senior girls to recommend this book to simply for the "go for it" message. I wish someone had recommended a book like this to me when I was a senior because I got so nervous about the future that I forgot to have fun.Alice has her fun in very conservative, high school ways which includes that school play, the newspaper, the senior prank, and a senior game. This was a quick read, I read it in an evening so I think I could recommend to a reluctant reader too. I have some girls wh [...]

  • Rebecca

    Thisnoying.I bet Ms. Naylor felt very rebelliously naughty writing this book. The MC's brother (accidentally) got a female roommate! Alice is tallying up in her head which of her friends have done IT and which haven't! One of her friends refers to a surgical procedure and we assume for a second it's an abortion! But no! It's even more radical than that, and we get into a discussion about private parts! But Ms. Naylor isn't embarrassed, no, because she's a YA author of the new age, and she is not [...]

  • Linda

    I waited so long to read this novel and I will say that I was really disappointed. There is nothing like waiting so long for something only to be disappointed when you finally have it, this is how I felt when I got this novel into my hands.Alice was so boring in this installment, she showed no depth and her and Patrick's relationship was boring. The only exciting parts where when Patrick came to pick her up for Prom and she decided to stop in the middle of the bridge for a photo and the police s [...]

  • Jennifer

    Alice is in the final semester of her senior year. She's anxiously awaiting news from the colleges she's applied to, and still editing the newspaper while trying to spend as much time with her friends as possible. Oh, and don't forget about Patrick. He's coming back to town to take Alice to prom (which is on her 18th birthday).This one was a nice conclusion to Alice's time in high school. Alice challenges herself by acting in the school play, she worries about college and her future, and she rea [...]

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