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By Andrew Helfer Steve Buccellato Joe Staton | Comments: ( 275 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Some Presidents Were Just Meant To Be In PicturesIt confronted evil empires, planned Star Wars missile defense systems, and advocated supply side economics Let s face it Ronald Reagan s presidency is tailor made for comic book art Whether explaining how the onetime Franklin Roosevelt New Dealer became the conservative right s standard bearer, how a B list actor became GSome Presidents Were Just Meant To Be In PicturesIt confronted evil empires, planned Star Wars missile defense systems, and advocated supply side economics Let s face it Ronald Reagan s presidency is tailor made for comic book art Whether explaining how the onetime Franklin Roosevelt New Dealer became the conservative right s standard bearer, how a B list actor became General Motors s pitchman then governor of California, or how a union president became an anti union President, this graphic biography does what no other biography can visually narrate the life of a man who relied on stage directions and political theater to become America s Great Communicator The blended genius of Andrew Helfer onetime group editor at DC Comics , Steve Buccellato whose artwork has been published by Epic, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse , and Joe Staton artist for E Man, Green Lantern, and most recently Scooby Doo makes Ronald Reagan A Graphic Biography an absolutely original, absolutely factual, and absolutely unforgettable history of America s fortieth president.

  • Title: Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography
  • Author: Andrew Helfer Steve Buccellato Joe Staton
  • ISBN: 9780809095070
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Andrew Helfer Steve Buccellato Joe Staton

Andrew Helfer usually credited as Andy Helfer, is an award winning comic book creator best known for his work as an editor and writer at DC Comics, where he founded the Paradox Press imprint Helfer joined DC in the 1980s, and was responsible for placing Keith Giffen and J.M deMatteis on the Justice League titles as well, he was the editor for The Man of Steel limited series by John Byrne He also developed the Max Allan Collins written series Road to Perdition and the John Wagner written A History of Violence, both of which became successful films.

Comments Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography

  • Althea J.

    A super-accessible account of Reagan's life and political persona. I was too young to understand the events of his Presidency at the time that they went down, but I'm very aware of what a huge impact he has had on the political landscape to this day. His legacy is constantly being invoked and heralded by politicians and pundits on the right. I was curious about the details of his life and political career, and even more curious about why he is seen as such an enduring symbol of Republican greatn [...]

  • Darin

    Graphic nonfiction novels are not easy to review because they exist on two planes: they are both art and information at one time. But they must generally considered to be more nonfiction than art. If the content isn't any good, it's hard to enjoy the art. This book has that problem The art is very, very goodrtoony while still doing a good job at resembling the actual people and events. However, the content is biased at best and inaccurate at worst. If this were the only thing you knew about Reag [...]

  • Barron

    Contains a lot of factual inaccuracies tries to present an "unvarnished" negative perspective, but in doing so it omits relevant information.

  • Lauren Seavey

    I've never read anything like this style of book and I felt it was very interesting way instead of an autobiography. Even thought I wasn't alive during Reagons presidency it was cool to see his before acting career. President Reagon is one of my favorite presidents because I liked what some things he did in office, but something I learned was about his wife and his earlier years. I would recommend for a quick read and wanting to keep reading book.

  • Erok

    the art was well done in this. in non-fiction graphic novels, there's always the balance between too much info and not enough. i think this falls a bit too far on the side of not enough info. i almost put the book down at first because i was feeling pukey by how glowing they were of him and his life at first. but then it went into a bit more of the character development where it got much more interesting, and critical. i got the feeling that they didn't want to be overtly critical, because the a [...]

  • Michael

    An amusing and fun way to digest some helpful information about a strange president.

  • Matt Kelland

    Not a bad bio of Reagan. It was a little unsettling, though, seeing him as a TV star who was groomed for political success, a man who denied science, a man who was free and easy with facts, and a man who basically staffed the White House with his own people, and a man who was prone to impulsive decisions based on insufficient information. Far too prescient.

  • Mark Desrosiers

    OK, we all know that, for a dangerously blinkered world leader, Reagan was also fascinating and mysterious, definitely a great topic for biography. But which doorstop are you willing to read? Take your pick: Edmund Morris, Lou Cannon, Frances Fitzgerald even the Great Communicator himself miraculously wrote a humongous memoir just as his brain was sailing over the horizon.Here's your best place to start: a quick, insightful read, with, y'know, pictures. Though Helfer seems more sympathetic to th [...]

  • Angel

    I picked this up because I saw a review of it; I can't recall where. I'll say that this is an interesting way to read about the life of Ronald Reagan. The art itself is pretty good. The story moves along, starting with his passing, which is conveyed in a very moving way, then moves on with his life from his humble beginnings to the end of his presidency. What the book conveys is the mixed legacy of his political life and presidency. At the same time, Reagan lived through some very interesting ti [...]

  • Jan

    This graphic biography is quite clever. The first few pages document the "Reagan" legacy in the glowing terms of his admirers. Once the book begins detailing Reagan's life, however, we see a side of Reagan that's not so admirable, including his penchant for revising his own personal history and the fact the he and Jane Wyman were snitches for the FBI, turning in names of so-called Communist sympathizers. There is a nice balance in this biography that reminds us that the idolized Reagan had his f [...]

  • Shane

    The graphic novel I read was Ronald Reagan by Andrew Helfer. It was a biography that followed the life of Ronald Reagan during his presidency. It describes what he did while he was in office and how those things turned out to work or not work. One of my favorite panels is on page 6 and 7, where it’s describing his life and what he did before he got into office. I think anyone who likes learning about american history and government would really like this graphic novel. It goes into detail abou [...]

  • Sheri S.

    This book provided a good overview of the Reagan administration including major events leading up to Reagan's election as president. I had not realized how many times Reagan made a bid for the presidency. (He reminds me a bit of Lincoln in that he continued to run for office despite lost campaigns.) The book gave a good, basic summary of the Iran-Contra Affair and how that impacted President Reagan and the American public.

  • Scott Pagel

    That the authors had a problem with the fact that Reagan took naps reveals their agenda, however, this is still a book worth reading and the format is a fun one. I think that the "Further Reading" list at the back of the book should include the book I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan.

  • Jason

    It was a good little comic actually. This was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, a comic that depicted Ronald Reagan's life. I personally would love to see more of these for some of the other more famous presidents. Sure you can go to and learn up, but this comic just made it entertaining. I hope it's all factual, because it's quite useful to see what one if the US's favourite presidents was really like.

  • Patty

    Non-fiction graphic novels are a departure from the escapist illustrated stories I'm used to. It wasn't what I expected. It is odd to read "facts" and not a story of someone's glory. The first few pages talk about his funeral and the legacy of Reagan, but the next one hundred turn it on its head and talk about how he screwed up/put on a "show" as an actor/politician. I'm learning that I prefer to read in words and not see it depicted in images and text.

  • April

    This was a very well done book. It didn't feel like you we're reading a propaganda piece from either the left or right. It covered high and low points in Reagan's career and events that had on him. I enjoyed getting this taste of his evolution and it has wetted my appetite to learn more about some of his colleagues and some of the actions of his administration.

  • Emilia P

    Man. This dude had a lot to do with the way modern media politics are conducted on both sides of the aisle. He is kind of awful, and I hope as time goes on some of the shine comes off of his legend. But. It's fascinating. And now I know what a huge mess that Iran-Contra scandal was. Graphic Biographies! Give me more!

  • Elle Kay

    This was certainly an eye opener to learn about the life of Ronald Reagan but perhaps because I felt amazement at how far he got after so many blunders, I only thought it was an average read. A fascinating one to be sure and incredibly informative, I never knew he narrowly missed being impeached over lying about selling arms to Iran, but overall, not a favourite read for me.

  • Susan Bybee

    Meticulously researched, but author Andrew Helfer gets bogged down with minute and wordy explanations of Reagan's political career. On the other hand, the cynically humorous artwork by Steve Buccellato and Joe Staton is superb. Definitely a mixed bag.

  • Matthew

    This graphic biography does a nice job of covering both the real Reagan and the image he has become. Reading it would certainly be worth the time of someone trying to get a brief encapsulation of who he was and the mythology that surrounds him now.

  • Lisa

    Biased? Yeah. But very interesting. I don't pay attention to politics and know hardly any history so I learned a lot. I read that this is high school reading level. Probably true, but not sure even high schoolers could grasp it all.

  • Christopher

    Didn't like the lack of chapters as other books in the series are broken up into. As far as content, this is a fair treatment of a divisive figure. Liberals and conservatives will both find things to complain about in the way this story is told.

  • Allison

    Thank goodness this is a condensed read. Reagan was a frighteningly stupid man and I just don't know if I could have handled learning anything more about how he screwed the US royally. This was a welcome, unconvential lesson in history.

  • Deborah

    I wanted to know more about this man I have so little respect for, perhaps he had done SOMETHING that warranted his fan adoration. Well, I didn't think it was possible, but I have even less respect for him now. Regardless, graphic novels make history FUN!

  • Jose

    pretty good little biographyort, sweet, maybe biased against reagan, but who cares? I think i'd like to read more on reagan.

  • Gavin Johnson

    This book was very confusing, it has very good word choice but there were too many subjects to understand the meaning of this book.

  • Sidra

    Ronald Reagan was hilarious!

  • Samra

    interesting however seemed a bit biased. good details

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography | by ¹ Andrew Helfer Steve Buccellato Joe Staton
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