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By Eleanor Dark | Comments: ( 530 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

First published in 1934, this dramatic novel covers four days following a car crash where a doctor is critically injured, and the women around him struggle with their hopes, inhibitions and knowledge.

  • Title: Prelude To Christopher
  • Author: Eleanor Dark
  • ISBN: 9781875684397
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Eleanor Dark

Eleanor Dark 1901 1985 , author, was born on 26 August 1901 at Croydon, Sydney, second of three children of Sydney born parents Dowell O Reilly, schoolteacher and author, and his wife Eleanor Grace, n e McCulloch, who died in 1914 after an unhappy marriage and a period of ill health Small, dark and elfin, Pixie , as she was known to her family, attended several private schools before boarding at Redlands, Neutral Bay, from 1916 to 1920 She became very fond of her stepmother, Marie Mollie Miles, whom her father had married in 1917.Although Pixie had written verse from the age of 7, as the family s finances grew tighter her hopes of university and a writing career faded After attending Stott Hoare s Business College, she worked as a stenographer for a firm of solicitors, Makinson, Plunkett d Apice, for eighteen months She married Eric Payten Dark, a medical practitioner and a widower with an infant son, John, on 1 February 1922 at St Matthias s Church of England, Paddington Eric and Eleanor shared many interests literature, history, tennis, bushwalking, mountain climbing and gardening Next year they moved to Katoomba In the relative isolation of the Blue Mountains she resumed writing Eric enthusiastically encouraged her They were absorbed in each other John moved back and forth between them and his mother s family and later boarded at Sydney Grammar School, visiting the Darks for occasional weekends Their son Michael was born in 1929 Eleanor was and remained a devoted mother to him.Dark used the pseudonyms P O R and Patricia O Rane for the verse which she wrote in the 1920s and early 1930s It was published in Australia by journals including the Triad, Bulletin and Woman s Mirror, but was not very significant Her short stories were also published in these journals and in Motoring News, Home and Ink She wrote most of her ten novels in the 1930s and 1940s Seven had contemporary themes the others formed a historical trilogy.

Comments Prelude To Christopher

  • Lydia

    I read this for a university course in my undergrad, and I'm so glad I did! This book is very modernist, so if you like that style, you might really enjoy this. This book is an Australian classic, written by Eleanor Dark. (Isn't that a fantastic name?)The writing itself is very interesting and not something I would usually find in a book, but I still remember some of the lines or passages really well. I liked the female characters in this book, particularly the main character's wife. (I'm terrib [...]

  • Ariella

    A complex, disturbing book. I was unsettled when I finished reading it. Part of the fascination of reading books written in different eras is the having access to the author's subjectivity which reveals personal as well as cultural attitudes. But part of good fiction is it's open-endedness and capacity to question social/cultural attitudes. I think it is in this second aspect that this book fails. The book explores the nature vs nurture question, suggesting that nurturing can be just as damaging [...]

  • Leanne

    Initially, I picked this book from a list of others by Australian writers as it was one of the shorter books to choose from. I didn't realise quite how much I would like it.Except, when I was just a little over have way through, my teacher had someone come in and give our class a lecture on the book, and she spoiled the ending for me, so at that point, I didn't really want to read it anymore, as the ending (in a lot of cases) is the best part.However, I had to keep reading it. It was either that [...]

  • TheCosyDragon

    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.This modernist novel is a classic of Australian literature that is not talked about nearly enough. It is a discussion of the effects of eugenics in the 1930s Australia, as well as the hereditary nature of madness.The beginning of this novel starts off interestingly enough, with Nigel being injured in a car crash. We are then almost immediately in [...]

  • Leonie Jordan

    Beautiful, tragic and unbearably poignant, with one of the most vivid, embittered, heart-wrenchingly proud heroines you're ever likely to encounter in literature. This is one of the books I most admire and keep returning to. It isn't anywhere near as well known as it deserves to be(although part of me is glad of this and doesn't want to share it.)

  • Michael Burge

    I'm not a fan of modernist writing, having failed to get through a single Patrick White or Virginia Woolf book, because I simply need a story to move ahead and not get bogged by details. I find it anti-imagination. Dark joins some excellent company with this beloved novel, but I could not get into it.

  • Andrew Lucas

    'Prelude to Christopher' is a superb Australian novel; it amazes me that it is so little known. Rich in psychological themes and characters, feminist before there was such a word and a fist-shake at conformity. I am now compelled to seek out more of Eleanor Dark's work.

  • Debbi Skeen

    I struggled to keep interested to start with but was racing to turn the pages as it went on to find out what happened in the end. interesting style of writing, not at all what I'm used to. made me think a lot more about what was being written and how the author was expressing it.

  • K

    A testament to the wretchedness of the entire philosophy of the Eugenicist.

  • Susan

    If you like modernist writing and you haven't read this, run out and buy it now. The Australian public wasn't quite ready for Eleanor Dark's amazing novel when it was first published in 1932.

  • Hilary

    amazing book with shades of Gilman's Yellow wallpaper and Tennyson's Lady of Shallot. Disquieting and beautifully crafted

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  • Ò Prelude To Christopher || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Eleanor Dark
    424 Eleanor Dark
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