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By Lucius Shepard | Comments: ( 205 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Deviating from traditional tales that feature lonely vampires who prowl through human society in search of victims or solace, this account of vampires flourishing in their own inhuman society takes place in the year 1860, when their centuries long breeding experiments have finally produced The Golden, a mortal whose blood is perfect and powerful Mobilized by the newsDeviating from traditional tales that feature lonely vampires who prowl through human society in search of victims or solace, this account of vampires flourishing in their own inhuman society takes place in the year 1860, when their centuries long breeding experiments have finally produced The Golden, a mortal whose blood is perfect and powerful Mobilized by the news of this discovery, aristocratic vampire clans arrive at the looming Castle Banat, where they plan to partake of the sublime blood To their shock, the guests find that The Golden, a young girl, has been brutally murdered and her blood already drained The story also follows the Inspector Michael Beheim a recent vampire assigned to track down the killer Recounted in full 19th century literary style with gothic elements and foreshadowing, the inspector navigates his way through the vampire world and the crime therein.

  • Title: The Golden
  • Author: Lucius Shepard
  • ISBN: 9781930846388
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lucius Shepard

Brief biographies are, like history texts, too organized to be other than orderly misrepresentations of the truth So when it s written that Lucius Shepard was born in August of 1947 to Lucy and William Shepard in Lynchburg, Virginia, and raised thereafter in Daytona Beach, Florida, it provides a statistical hit and gives you nothing of the difficult childhood from which he frequently attempted to escape, eventually succeeding at the age of fifteen, when he traveled to Ireland aboard a freighter and thereafter spent several years in Europe, North Africa, and Asia, working in a cigarette factory in Germany, in the black market of Cairo s Khan al Khalili bazaar, as a night club bouncer in Spain, and in numerous other countries at numerous other occupations On returning to the United States, Shepard entered the University of North Carolina, where for one semester he served as the co editor of the Carolina Quarterly Either he did not feel challenged by the curriculum, or else he found other pursuits challenging Whichever the case, he dropped out several times and traveled to Spain, Southeast Asia at a time when tourism there was generally discouraged , and South and Central America He ended his academic career as a tenth semester sopho with a heightened political sensibility, a fairly extensive knowledge of Latin American culture and some pleasant memories.Toward the beginning of his stay at the university, Shepard met Joy Wolf, a fellow student, and they were married, a union that eventually produced one son, Gullivar, now an architect in New York City While traveling cross country to California, they had their car break down in Detroit and were forced to take jobs in order to pay for repairs As fortune would have it, Shepard joined a band, and passed the better part of the 1970s playing rock and roll in the Midwest When an opportunity presented itself, usually in the form of a band break up, he would revisit Central America, developing a particular affection for the people of Honduras He intermittently took odd jobs, working as a janitor, a laborer, a sealer of driveways, and, in a nearly soul destroying few months, a correspondent for Blue Cross Blue Shield, a position that compelled him to call the infirm and the terminally ill to inform them they had misfiled certain forms and so were being denied their benefits.In 1980 Shepard attended the Clarion Writers Workshop at Michigan State University and thereafter embarked upon a writing career He sold his first story, Black Coral, in 1981 to New Dimensions, an anthology edited by Marta Randall During a prolonged trip to Central America, covering a period from 1981 1982, he worked as a freelance journalist focusing on the civil war in El Salvador Since that time he has mainly devoted himself to the writing of fiction His novels and stories have earned numerous awards in both the genre and the mainstream.

Comments The Golden

  • mark monday

    shepard is a hell of an author. in The Golden, he almost appears to be slumming a bit but shepard slumming is better than many a hack's best efforts. this novel combines vampires, police procedural, and historical fiction in an elegant little mystery set in the 19th century, in one of the most foreboding, mindboggling, and just plain gigantic castles this side of Gormenghast. which of the nefarious vampires slaughtered the lovely Golden before her decanting? what a waste of a ceremonial victim a [...]

  • Maria Clara

    No es ningún secreto que me gustan las novelas de vampiros, y tampoco lo es que evito las de terror; así que cuando vi este libro, no tuve ningún problema en hacerme con él. (Sinceramente, llega un momento que has leído tanto sobre vampiros, que dudas que una novela de este género pueda asustarte). Y, por lo menos, en este caso ha sido así.Lo que me ha llamado la atención de la historia es el modo en que el autor enfoca el mítico mundo de los vampiros: seres despreciables, colericos, or [...]

  • Adam

    I wanted to use this review to critic vampire fiction in general, but then I realized I haven’t really read any since reading Dracula in middle school. Anyways I believe this book is different from probably most anything in that school, as it is on one level such a parade of delirious, freakish imagery that if this was written in late 19th or early 20th century by some French guy we would all be drooling over its small print reissue by Daedelus or Exact Change. A detective story, set in a biza [...]

  • Charles Dee Mitchell

    In 1860 the vampire elite gathers at Castle Banat, deep in the Carpathian mountains. They are there for The Decanting, a ceremony in which a chosen few will drink the blood of The Golden, a virgin specially bred to produce an intoxicating, subtle vintage.OK, this sound like the setup for a 1970's Eurotrash horror film, but Shepard's tale is in my limited reading the best vampire novel since Dracula. His vampires are the traditional variety susceptible to sunlight, fire, and wooden stakes, but th [...]

  • Mona

    Some Amazing Writing in a Fantasy Vampire Novel Marred by Major IssuesI really wish I could give this book a higher rating.Lucius Shepard is a very gifted writer.His baroque descriptions of the labyrinthine grotesqueries of the huge vampire stronghold in Carpathia, Castle Banat, are worth the price of admission. He's kind of the Hieronymous Bosch of fantasy writing (I mean the bizarre medieval painter, not Michael Connolly's detective who's named after him). I could live with his often purple pr [...]

  • DoctorM

    Lucius Shepard's "Green Eyes" gave us the first Lacanian faux-zombie existential romance--- a wonderful and wonderfully different kind of zombie tale. "The Golden" is his vampire tale, and while I liked itor liked it in small doses's not "Green Eyes". There is something of "Anno Dracula" and "Empire of Fear" here--- the vampire society and its own culture and rituals ---as well as Peake's Gormenghast or any number of Gothick romances, with the characters encased in a surreal building (castle, ma [...]

  • Seizure Romero

    This is one of the books that led to my vampire novel addiction (along with Anno-Dracula, The Book of Common Dread and Suckers). The Golden is a murder mystery, but one with a unique premise and an emphasis on the relationships and power struggles played out between vampires in the course of the investigation. It's a good story; it just happens to have vampires as the characters.

  • Outis

    Weird. Garish, brillant, ludicrous, insane. To Excess.The reviews aren't conveying how crazy half of this nightmare of a book is. The other half has a logical plot and they didn't always mix too well, as if the shiny parody of a fallen god had read the numinous recipe for a black swan curry backwards. Or something.The first flowery chapters of The Golden are deceptive. Except for some details, it didn't seem it was a Shepard. Oh but it was!The hero was all angsty about his relationship with the [...]

  • Meganm922

    Very strange book, but extremely well written and incredibly interesting. It was recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad I read it. It started off a bit slow. It reminded me of The Picture of Dorian Gray as far as style and dialogue. At first, there didn't seem to be anything vampiric about it at all (other than the characters being vampires, obviously), but as it progressed, it was dark and haunting. I liked the philosophies presented and I think I will pick up a few more of Shepard's novels [...]

  • Barbora

    I have the exact same feeling I had after reading Green Eyes. A good idea, but poorly executed. Shepard can't write. Like what the hell was all that metaphysical stuff? And the characters were flat as a pancake. I am not sure why, or how I finished this.

  • Rea

    Decadence, sweet decadence, thy stench permeates the pages of this book.

  • Bbrown

    I always feel some trepidation when reading my second work by an author after I liked the first, and that trepidation was magnified here: the blurb on the front of this book, "a sensual novel of vampires and blood lust," identifies The Golden by Lucius Shepard as not the type of book I usually read. I liked Shepard's Life During Wartime enough to try it, though, and it quickly becomes apparent that, despite the blurb, this isn't a work that would belong in a grocery store check-out line, or even [...]

  • AoC

    Imagine the following scenario – important vampires of Europe are gathering in old castle Banat in the middle of the 19th century for an event that's been in the making for the longest of time. So called Decanting where they'll partake in the finest blood that centuries of breeding and grooming can produce, contained in what is merely one mortal vessel – the Golden. Mark of prestige on its own, yet this gathering of immortals provides numerous other opportunities such as the ever-growing que [...]

  • Nick

    Murder mystery set in a ginormous, psychedelic vampire castle. Yeah, another one. Yawn ;)The most interesting thing about the book is the surreal tableaux Shepard creates when describing, for instance, the rooms of the castle; these have, if I'm being generous, echoes of Lynch and of Anna Kavan's 'Ice' in their bleak weirdness.But there are things he does less well; the characters are never especially interesting, and the solution to the murder mystery was so obvious that even I solved it in the [...]

  • Reed Roberts

    The Golden by Lucius Shepard is a must read for those who enjoy vampire novels, espicially this one, that entails a mystery thriller. With that being said, this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, sense it contains content not appropriate to all ages. I don't need to go into detail but I think you can understand where I am getting at here. Also being said, the author seems to engage with a couple of characters with whom have a disregard for Christianly. Taking a shot basicall [...]

  • John W

    The story centers around a gathering of vampires to perform a "decanting" of a human girl bred to produce the finest tasting blood, but the night before the decanting she is brutally murdered and it is up to a young vampire, who was a detective in his former life, to find out the culprit. Unfortunately the novel is too short and a lot of the intriguing stuff is only touched upon.

  • Jon goode

    Beautiful Vampire/ murder mysteryThere are many books that flirt with the idea of Vampires. This book is no flirtation this book is a marriage to the concept.

  • Bob Cairns

    A fun trashy vampire book where the least interesting thing is the plot. This means that the end of the book falls flat because it doesn't involve any of the fun trashy stuff.

  • andyさん

    Awesome! Beautifully written genre cocktail. Signed/limited edition by Ziesings.

  • Carlos

    The aristocracy of vampires has gathered at the ancient fortress of Castle Banat in the Carpathian Mountains to argue politics and, for some, to partake of the Golden, a woman who has been bred to have blood of a particularly delectable and intoxicating quality. However, when the Golden is discovered murdered one evening, it falls on newly converted vampire Beheim, who was previously a police inspector, to seek out the culprit. He soon learns that this investigation will be like none he conducte [...]

  • Kathryn

    I liked so many aspects of this book, but I'm not sure I liked it as a whole. Many of the scenes were interesting or thought provoking, but the main plot/moral was kind of lame. (view spoiler)[ Love conquers all, apparently. Meh. (hide spoiler)]It read very much like a Vampire: The Requiem game or a character backstory for Michel (our main character). This caused me to roll my eyes a few times, but was not too distracting. Bloodlines! Clans! Backstabbing! It's classic Vampire, just with differen [...]

  • Stevedutch

    From the first line to the last the prose is entrancing; a delicious blend of descriptive and declarative writing that superbly evokes not only the nature of the vampiric protagonists but also the fantastical Castle Banat within which this extraordinary tale unfolds. It will draw you in and, in all likelihood; you’ll find yourself so hooked that you will find it difficult to extricate yourself from the almost mesmeric pull of its pages.It’s a story with seemingly disparate elements that Shep [...]

  • Jasminka

    Niti čitam, niti me zanimaju knjige o vampirima (izuzetak je „Povjesničarka“ od Elizabeth Kostove koju sam počitala očekujući nešto sasvim drugo, sviđao mi se početak i tamo negdje do sredine knjige, a kraj me je totalno razočarao i skroz umanjio celokupni dojam). Tako da, uošte nisam nešto posebno očekivala, knjiga mi je čak i manje no osrednja. Jednostavno nije išlo, mada se brzo čita, nikakav užitak mi nije pružila. Čitala sam je samo da bi je pročitala, iako je imala [...]

  • Travis

    From across the world, the vampire clans are gathering. Then there's a murder and it's up to a novice vampire, that used to be a police detective to wade through all the political intrigue, dozens of suspects and clues to solve it.It's a 30's noir detective story set in the middle of an Anne Rice vampire novel.Very clever, with a decently constructed mythology, but because it all takes place in this secluded gathering place , full of vampires, it all feels a bit dream-like and surreal. This crea [...]

  • Kyle Muntz

    This book is a gothic dream--like a distorted echo of Peake (the setting is especially reminiscent of a much darker Gormenghast) shot through with notes of Bataille, Kafka, Lynch, and maybe even a Borgesian labyrinth. I wasn't sure what to expect since this is my first time reading Lucius Shepard. He's definitely writing to entertain--this is a murder mystery where most of the characters are vampires after all--but at the same time, it's an impressive piece of almost imagist storytelling, with r [...]

  • MjL

    Kultainen on vampyyrimurhamysteeri, jossa murhamysteerin selvittämiseen ei ilmeisesti tarvita perinteistä salapoliisityötä, vaan murhaaja selviää vahingossa ja siihenkin johtavat tapahtumat ovat satunnaisia epämääräisyyksiä. Jotenkin tästä jäi sellainen tuntu, että valtaosa ilmaan heitetyistä juonentyngistä jäivät vain niiksi: irrallisiksi juonentyngiksi, macguffineiksi, joille ei loppujen lopuksi ollut minkään kanssa mitään tekemistä.Parin bussimatkan pikalukemiseksi tä [...]

  • Redsteve

    Not one of Shepard's best books (for that I'd recommend Life During Wartime or Green Eyes), but not too shabby either. As always, his imagery is compelling and disturbing - and the setting (Castle Banat) out-Gormenghasts Castle Gormenghast itself. Also as usually occurs, Shepard's story gets more than a little hallucinatory and confusing about 2/3 of the way through, but be does bring the detective/mystery part of the tale to a satisfactory conclusion. The vampire sex and violence in The Golden [...]

  • Lara

    It started out looking like it was going to be a murder mystery set in a house full of inhuman, backstabbing vampires, and I was all for that. Then it metamorphosed into Beheim's vampiric manpain, and a really improbable romance with another vampire, and a lot of creepy metaphysical weirdness, and the ending felt anticlimactic. Be warned, the prose is so purple it turns octarine in places.

  • Shivanshu Jha

    I found the story very incoherent and more of dream like and vague.After first few chapters the suspence is totally gone and the story just drags,its as if the author is constantly on some sort of hallucinogen opiate while writing this stuff.

  • Mel

    Endless pages of descriptive setting but no real characterization. And I didn't understand why the death of one human was more important than another. Also, I figured out the murder in the first ten pages.

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