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Doc s peddling bootleg liquor in an illegal speakeasy You re carrying a gun for him, Ace which makes you no better than any other gun moll Dekker is a private eye an honest one But when Al Capone hires him to investigate a new joint called Doc s , he knows this is one job he can t refuse And just why are the Doctor and Ace selling illegal booze in a town full of m Doc s peddling bootleg liquor in an illegal speakeasy You re carrying a gun for him, Ace which makes you no better than any other gun moll Dekker is a private eye an honest one But when Al Capone hires him to investigate a new joint called Doc s , he knows this is one job he can t refuse And just why are the Doctor and Ace selling illegal booze in a town full of murderous gangsters Meanwhile, Bernice has been abandoned on a vampire infested planet outside normal space There she meets a mysterious stranger called Romanadvoratrelundar and discovers an ancient and malevolent power, linking 1929 Chicago with a lair of immortal evil The consequences of this story are inextricably linked to events in the Doctor s past.

  • Title: Doctor Who: Blood Harvest
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780426204176
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks is an English writer, best known for his work in television and for writing a large number of popular children s books during the 1970s and 80s.His break in television came when his friend Malcolm Hulke asked for his help with the writing of an episode of the popular ABC ITV action adventure series The Avengers, on which Dicks received a co writer s credit on the broadcast He also wrote for the popular ATV soap opera Crossroads In 1968 he was employed as the assistant script editor on the BBC s popular science fiction series Doctor Who Dicks went on to become the main script editor on the programme the following year, and earned his first writing credit on the show when he and Hulke co wrote the epic ten part story The War Games which closed the sixth season and the era of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Dicks went on to form a highly productive working relationship with incoming Doctor Who producer Barry Letts, working as the script editor on each of Letts five seasons in charge of the programme from 1970 to 1974 After his departure, Dicks continued to be associated with the programme, writing four scripts Robot 1975, the opening story of Tom Baker s era as the Fourth Doctor , The Brain of Morbius 1976 , Horror of Fang Rock 1977 , State of Decay 1981 and the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors 1983.Dicks also contributed heavily to Target Books range of novelisations of Doctor Who television stories, writing than sixty of the titles published by the company In this role, he would attempt to enlist the original teleplay author to write the books whenever possible, but if they could not or would not, then Dicks would often end up writing the books himself although he also enlisted other writers including one time Doctor Who actor Ian Marter and former series producer Philip Hinchcliffe During the 1990s, Dicks contributed to Virgin Publishing s line of full length, officially licensed original Doctor Who novels, the New Adventures, which carried on the story of the series following its cancellation as an ongoing television programme in 1989 He wrote the first of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, The Eight Doctors, which was for a time the best selling original Doctor Who novel His most recent contributions to the range are the Quick Reads books Made of Steel and Revenge of the Judoon, both featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.It was through his work on Doctor Who books that he became a writer of children s fiction, penning many successful titles during the 1970s and 80s In 1976, Dicks wrote a trilogy of books published by Target Books called The Mounties about a recruit in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police These were followed in 1979 1983 by another Target trilogy Star Quest , which were later reprinted by Big Finish Productions.Starting in 1978, Dicks began a series called The Baker Street Irregulars which eventually ran to ten books, the last being published in 1987 In 1981, Dicks also began a series of six children s horror novels with Cry Vampire.1987 saw Dicks start a new series of books for very young children called T R Bear , amounting to a further seven books These were followed by the Sally Ann series about a determined ragdoll, Magnificent Max about a cat and The Adventures of Goliath about a golden retriever The Goliath series is Dicks largest amounting to eighteen books Another five books about a St Bernard dog made up the Harvey series Jonathan s Ghost and three sequels were published in 1988, and the three book MacMagic series followed in 1990 The Littlest Dinosaur was published in 1993 and The Littlest on Guard in 1994 Other works published in 1994 include Woof the Never Ending Tale , the Cold Blood series four books , the Chronicles of a Computer Game Addict four books Between 1998 and 2000 Dicks produced the three novel Changing Universe series Since then, Dicks has been engaged

Comments Doctor Who: Blood Harvest

  • Christopher Buchanan

    Okay. It's an Uncle Terry. You know what you're getting. It's going to have a vampire; and Gallifrey; and it's going to revisit earlier stories, especially 'The Five Doctors'; it's gonna have Borusa; it's going to have a Deus ex Machina ending; there's gonna be time scoop; and a cult; and it's going to be written in plainly stated, straight forward prose. It's got all the standards except a Raston Warrior Robot and I'm quite surprised that didn't pop up. It's chicken soup for the Whovian soul. Y [...]

  • James Barnard

    I’d been looking forward to re-reading this one. It had been a particular favourite of mine ever since it arrived on the shelves in 1994 – Dicks’ depictions of 1920s Chicago and the Gothic splendour of his own vampire planet had stayed with me over the course of 20 years, and I remembered the verve and humour he’d instilled in his prose style.I was conscious of one danger, though, which is that 20 years is a long time – I’ve grown up since then and become less keen on copious continu [...]

  • Sylvian

    This was the first New Adventure book I read. It was a good introduction. Blood Harvest, you got blood, lots of blood. It has vampires, but none of this "vegetarian" vampire stuff that Stephanie Meyers brought to us. You want vampires? you got vampires. You want the Doctor? you got the Doctor. You want in 1929 Chicago with Al Capone and the St Valentines Day Massacre? Look no further. It was nicely paced for me and it took the Doctor away from the atypical "alien location" quarries. There was al [...]

  • Anton

    This is the weakest New Adventures novel I've read since delving into the series in December, but it's still decent. On their own, the stories of the Doctor and Ace in prohibition-era Chicago and Benny and Romana on the planet from State of Decay are both good, but mashed together they don't really compliment each other. The book's final chapters pull things together and give the overall novel some weight, but it feels like the vampire story was tacked on simply to raise interest in the companio [...]

  • Siskoid Albert

    Part sequel to both State of Decay and The Five Doctors, part pseudo-historical set in Prohibition era Chicago, this Doctor Who New Adventure seems to promise vampire gangsters, but doesn't really deliver on that. Not to say it isn't fun anyway, with great atmosphere (such as the Chandleresque narration by private dick Dekker in places) and a certain humor (Dicks has to wit to make fun of himself and his Target books work). So while things don't come quite together, the plots being connected onl [...]

  • Edwin Baeyens

    My review: boekenzolder/2016/

  • Harry Williams

    Just finished reading Blood Harvest, what a good read! I know some people don’t like the Galliffrey stuff near the end but I thought it worked well, I didn’t really mind the amount of continuity to be honest. I liked the little references to The Death Zone and the Drashigs. Not the best book I’ve ever read but it was enjoyable! Recommended if you are a fan of Terrance Dicks.

  • Kathryn

    very well written novel, but it's like the ending was suddenly chopped off and cauterized.

  • David Sarkies

    Doctor who goes against the vampires14 September 2013 This is the sequel/prequel to Goth Opera, though the books are written by different authors. I do suspect, though, that there are some strict guidelines for the authors to follow, especially in a series such as the Doctor Who series. While the relationship to the TV show is open to interpretation, for those who like Doctor Who, and vampires, this book is a good waste of time. As well as Goth Opera, the book is also connected with the serial T [...]

  • Scurra

    Terrance Dicks once again proves that he can continue to bring new styles to a series that was starting to feel a bit tired.So this time he sticks a vampire in Al Capone's Chicago, creates an excellent Hammett-style first-person private eye and, in the other half of the somewhat disconnected plot, manages a creditable sequel to an original series story as well.State of Decay was one of the stronger "second period" Tom Baker stories, with a good sense of menace and an extremely memorable climax ( [...]

  • Sean

    And I'm two-for-two! Another VNA that worked perfectly. It's rare in these stories that I find myself equally invested in both story arcs. Usually the main characters will divide, with the focus arc being the most interesting, while the secondary plotline is just a lot of arsing about and time wasting. Here, as it jumped between the Doctor and Ace in Prohibition-era Chicago and Benny (and Romana!) on that-State-of-Decay-Vampire-planet-whose-name-I-don't-recall, I was always very interested to fi [...]

  • Nicholas Whyte

    nhwvejournal/654832ml[return][return]Very interesting to see what Terrance Dicks could do once liberated from the novelisation format. Here we have the Doctor and Ace running a speakeasy in Al Capone's Chicago, while Bernice and Romana return to the planet of State of Decay (now mysteriously easier to get to - it is only towards the end of the book that someone remembers that it is in E-Space - and with a much larger population) to check on the return of vampirism there. Bernice's attempts to br [...]

  • Laura

    Entertaining, if occasionally a little ridiculous, which I suppose is Terrance Dicks at his best. The Seventh Doctor and Ace aren't my favorite Doctor/companion pair but they are somehow extremely well suited to a story set in 1920's Chicago. I liked the original POV character.The secondary story involving Romana and Benny I could have done without - it was predictable and not particularly interesting. Benny as a POV was irritating and occasionally did stupid things for no reason because the plo [...]

  • Travis

    A sort of sequel to Goth Opera, except that time travel is involved so they may be happening at the same time and the two Doctors never meet.The Doctor and Ace are in 30's Chicago, running a bar, rubbing shoulders with the Capone mob and fighting vampires.Meanwhile, Benny is off at the other end of the universe, nowhere near a bar and dealing with even more vampires.Lots of Who history is used in this story, there are some moments where you are seriously worried if either of the Doctor's compani [...]

  • David Layton

    Terrance Dicks is a much-beloved figure in Whoviana, and deservedly so. His opinions about all things Who are always worth hearing. His own original contributions,however, have been up and down affairs. "State of Decay" had clever dialogue, but too many vampire clichés and a preposterous denouement. This sequel is far superior in every way to the original. The vampires are scarier, the action more believable, and the dialogue equally crisp. This novel shows what is possible with Doctor Who in i [...]

  • Daniel Kukwa

    One of the oddest Terrance Dicks books. Half of it is a fanwank continuity-fest as only Terrance Dicks can write.cially the sequel elements to his own TV stories, "State of Decay" & "The Five Doctors". The other half of the novel is outrageous in its use of the Doctor as a speakeasy rum-runner, and Ace as his security chiefd gangster-mole-in-training. An outrageous, hilarious, exciting, readable mess of a storyd that's BEFORE Rassilon and Borusa make their guest apperances!

  • Scott

    A run of the mill detective story and run of the mill vampire tale are mashed together in this horribly uneven piece by Dicks. Benny and Romana are welcome additions but the author neither captures the voice of the Seventh Doctor nor that of Ace. Disappointing, but hopefully worth the time spent reading as a precursor to a sequel-of-sorts by Paul Cornell.

  • Nicholas

    This is not only a sequel to about three Doctor Who tele-stories (The Five Doctors, the E-Space trilogy) its also a prequel for a Missing Adventure (Goth Opera). Cameos galore with Romona(II) as well as every other Time lord we've ever seen (Flavia, Spindrill, Rassilon, Bourusa) and vampires to boot. A must read.

  • Shannon Appelcline

    Gaping plot holes, non-existent characterization, horrible attempt at writing noir, color-by-numbers TV plot. Much of the book is exciting and there's some good continuity here, so the book's not entirely without merit, but it's pretty hard to overlook its flaws all the same.

  • Drew Perron

    A book that combines vampires and gangsters and Doctor Who sounds amazing. But this isn't that book. Strangely enough, the two plot threads stay almost completely separated, with only the link of a Big Bad who's instigating them both. Weird.

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  • Free Download [Romance Book] ✓ Doctor Who: Blood Harvest - by Terrance Dicks ✓
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