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By Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. Imbrogno | Comments: ( 499 ) | Date: ( Apr 01, 2020 )

If you fear one thing in life, fear the djinn This groundbreaking book presents the findings of Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J Imbrogno s investigation into the powerful and mysterious interdimensional beings known as djinn or genies It reveals what the djinn are, where they can be found and their hidden agenda against the human race.Working with material compiledIf you fear one thing in life, fear the djinn This groundbreaking book presents the findings of Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J Imbrogno s investigation into the powerful and mysterious interdimensional beings known as djinn or genies It reveals what the djinn are, where they can be found and their hidden agenda against the human race.Working with material compiled from a variety of sources including their own case files, Middle Eastern lore, the Qur an, teachings of Islamic scholars, and the latest theories in quantum physics the authors explore the relationship between the djinn, demons, fairies, shadow people, and extraterrestrials They discuss the military s interest in these clandestine beings, offer eyewitness accounts of modern human encounters with the djinn, and reveal the location of interdimensional entry points in North America.

  • Title: The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
  • Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. Imbrogno
  • ISBN: 9780738721712
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. Imbrogno

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal, and is the author of 45 books, including ten single volume encyclopedias Since 1983, she has worked full time in the paranormal, researching, investigating and writing She has done extensive field work investigating haunted, mysterious and sacred places, and has had numerous strange and unexplained experiences When she is not on the paranormal road, she is working on new books and writing for TAPS Paramagazine, FATE magazine, and the Journal of Abduction Encounter Research Rosemary lives in New Jersey, and spend much of her time traveling the spooky byways of one of the most haunted states in America, Pennsylvania.

Comments The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies

  • Owen Spencer

    Obviously, if you are skeptical about the supernatural and/or paranormal you will scoff at this book. But people who know better will find much to appreciate in The Vengeful Djinn. The main hypothesis of this book is that djinn are often (usually?) responsible for reported paranormal phenomena including ghosts, aliens/UFOs, fairies, poltergeists, etc. Most information about the djinn is located within the Qur'an and other Muslim sources. Consequently, this book includes a lot of information abou [...]

  • Irene

    Debated on this one. Considered giving it two stars. If I could do half stars I would have given 2.5 I believe. A bit repetitive but there is still a lot of good information in this book about djinn and strange djinn encounters. Not my favorite book though.

  • Elisabeth Haljas

    Lots of new information to digest. A different point of view on so many things I thought I already knew. A good read and good for a critical mind to analyse for your own sake. Definitely good for raising awareness of the different entities from different dimensions that can disrupt our lives, and how to deal with them.

  • Steve Cran

    I expected a little bit more. The book is good for someone totally brand new to the paranormal and Middle Eastern lore. If you are at the intermediate level you would find this every interesting. I liked and I did learn more as there is not a lot of material available on the Djinn. This book puts it out there, and I learned quite a bit from it. But let us say that I probably could learned as much listening to an Islamic expert on the Djinn in a five minute youtube video. The book does also have [...]

  • Hydra M. Star

    I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, it does offer an extensive overview of djinn folklore and history. On the other hand, Philip J. Imbrogno has been exposed for having told untruths regarding his educational and scientific background and the science and “evidence” presented to make the case for the real life existence of djinn in this book is laughable and this is before taking into consideration the authors’ unified theory of all things paranormal being djinn. Expect [...]

  • K

    I used to work with a Muslim man, and one day, while a co-worker and neighbor of mine were talking about weird things that happened in our apartments, he mentioned that a djinn could be responsible. I had never heard of djinn before, so we had a talk about it. Fast forward to the end of last year, and I make mention of the djinn to my brother--who is heavily into paranormal subjects of any kind--and a few days later, he lends me this book he just bought. This book was an interesting, quick read, [...]

  • Eloise Sunshine

    Well, it sure did give some rather interesting information (I had never heard of the shadow people, for example). Was it all 100% truth the way it was presented, I doubt it, but who knows They say you can find connections in almost anywhere, if you look hard enough :P. Until we can see the unseen and are capable to act beyond the newtonian laws of physics, most of it is outside our understanding and can only be speculated about. I believe it probably takes about a century or more, until our scie [...]

  • Jenny Knippa

    If you are skeptical about the supernatural this book will not convince you otherwise. With that said, the premise was intriguing. I enjoyed the read and will look at the paranormal with a little different lense from now on. As research for the novel I am planning, this book was perfect! With it's footnotes, tables, extensive index, and bibliography I found a wealth of Lore to build the Djinn society around.

  • Janet

    This is one of those books where the authors' mindset going into the book caused them to force their research to fit their theory. As a result, the book fell flat for me. Instead of "Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies" the subtitle should have been "Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of the Authors" IMHO.

  • Abusamir

    This was an amazing book and its detail into what the Djinn truly are is extraordinary. They went into great depth and effort to get it right spending a lot of time in the Middle East with religious scholars and the likes thereof to truly understand the djinn and expose them to the western world.

  • Dave Bryan

    FascinatingAs a Christian exorcist, I found this volume very interesting and insightful! So grateful to the authors for their careful research and scholarship!

  • Fatima Syeda

    "The vengeful djinn" is honestly an interesting read. So many things to digest. As the title, suggests, it mainly focuses, examines and provides a narrative on djinns through different perspective: it tries to relate/ build a connection between Djinn world and quantum science; discusses diversity within djinns, their family structure, how they behave, how they are symbolized in different religions and culture, and some ways to protect ourselves from them etc. I would label this one as a must rea [...]

  • Cornerofmadness

    This non-fiction look at the legend of the Djinn is strong in some parts and exceedingly weak in others. It is written from the premise that the Djinn are real. Even if you don't believe that (and I'm not sure I do) it is still interesting enough. The authors have experience in the paranormal. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has written many such books and Philip Imbrogno traveled the Middle East collecting Djinn stories from the people who have the strongest belief in the Djinn. (However, in going to pos [...]

  • The Elves

    The Vengeful Djinn is actually a fairly good account of the Djinn although it has one irritating quality and that is after the authors describe Djinn as the ultimate shapeshifters they proceed to recount tales of Alien Abduction, Haunted Houses, Fairy encounters, and even the Mothman and afterwards ask: could this really have been a Djinn? We expect David Icke’s lizard people may be Djinn as well. We began to wonder if the book had actually been written by tricky Green Djinn who apparently lov [...]

  • Faith

    The Vengeful Djinn was mostly a comparison to our beliefs in the paranormal and God to those of the Islamic Faith. It contained many cross references with God the Bible and Satan. I feel that the Djinn is the comparison to evil in the western world. As many believe ghosts, poltergeist etc enter our world from another dimension, so do the Djinn. They also have their own classes of hierarchy. This is discussed at great lengths. The comparison is also made that the Mothman prophecies was acted out [...]

  • Meem Alif Ayn Alef

    Western /Hollywood style faith/ religion interpretation/s but based on the background of the author, must be appreciated, she brings many things to light for the western audience. But for those who are deep in this research it is not much satisfying, as for beginners and amateurs, this can be a useful text to read a western mindset and how it relates to and conveniently chooses certain sects' translation /interpretation of Quran/ Islam. In that sense, under that light, this is very superficial / [...]

  • Francie Kat

    This is a book written from the assumption that 2 of the 3 desert faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) are unequivocally true; accordingly, it treats all spirit activity unsanctioned by the Bible or Qu'ran as evil. If you enjoy this type of paranormal thriller, this book will probably be novel in that it deals with Middle East mythology which is not well known in the west.Its' basic premise is djinn are (usually) invisible, omnipresent and mostly malevolent. Furthermore, they are quite likel [...]

  • Azeezur Khan

    For people who know nothing about the Djinn this book is a light entry into that world. However, for people like myself who already live in an environment where we hear things all the time, and grow up with stories of Djinn it's not as great a book for us. However, as a student of physics, I do appreciate the slightly scientific view on the Djinn the author tries to take not to mention the number of different accounts he has collected. I have similar theories and more, but a lot of what he said [...]

  • David

    This is just one of those strange books which, if you are a believe (or are having brain chemistry issues), will be fun or a dreary slog. For me it was a slog and I never reached the point where I could suspend disbelief. One other major issue. This was the formatting of the Kindle book. What crap! This is of the worst formatted books I've downloaded from . The responsibility for this is the publisher and the author and they put no effort into this at all. Two strikes and a foul. Not worth your [...]

  • Jana Denardo

    A mixed bag book investigating the existence of the Djinn. I do like Ms Guiley's work but her co-author on this has quite a stink about him when it comes to being honest about his background. (didn't know that when I read this). I enjoyed the well documented aspects of this looking at it through the lens of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy texts and lore. I didn't care for them trying to extrapolate the Djinn legend to explain aliens, ghosts and fairies. It was a step too far.

  • Cathy

    Some have given this book mixed reviews due to the fact that they are experts on the subject and feel the book is lacking. I have listened to discussions by Rosemary and found her very articulate and balanced. I am not an expert on the subject and found the book both informative and interesting. I could not verify the accuracy of all the information and research but I will say that it filled in holes in my understanding. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

  • Adrienne Amborski

    Investigates the Djinn, the Middle Eastern version of fairies or demons.

  • Shelly

    This is an interesting discussion of legends of the djinn, but some topics, such as an alleged on-going program by the Saudi government to capture a djinn are difficult to accept.

  • Sharon L.

    I got bored with it, but I still believe!

  • Patrick

    An interesting read but at points the book had huge sections of block quotes from the Quran that made it feel like a college student trying to fill out a report paper.

  • Jim

    Interesting. More grist for the mill.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies | by Ï Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. Imbrogno
    197 Rosemary Ellen Guiley Philip J. Imbrogno
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