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By Lauren Conrad | Comments: ( 459 ) | Date: ( Apr 01, 2020 )

Sugar and spice not everyone s nice Fresh from being betrayed by one of her closest friends, new celebrity Jane Roberts has learned a few lessons Most important know who to trust And in Hollywood, that list is short Determined to get control of her life, Jane swears off boys and all the trouble they bring But when high school sweetheart Caleb and L.A crush Sugar and spice not everyone s nice Fresh from being betrayed by one of her closest friends, new celebrity Jane Roberts has learned a few lessons Most important know who to trust And in Hollywood, that list is short Determined to get control of her life, Jane swears off boys and all the trouble they bring But when high school sweetheart Caleb and L.A crush Braden show up, both acting sweeter than ever, Jane has a hard time remembering her no boys rule.And for the first time Jane s best friend, Scarlett, has only one guy on her mind her new boyfriend, Liam But being on a hit reality show means hanging out with other guys on camera, and Liam isn t too happy with pretending to play a bit part in her love life.Just when everything feels out of control, Jane makes a discovery that changes everyone s definition of reality forever In television star Lauren Conrad s L.A Candy series, the drama is pure dishy fun.

  • Title: Sugar and Spice
  • Author: Lauren Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780007353095
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Katherine Conrad, often referred to as L.C , is an American television personality and an aspiring fashion designer She is best known for being featured in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach The Real Orange County and for her spin off show, The Hills, which follows her personal and professional life as she pursues a career in the fashion industry She earns an estimated 1.5 million annually for her television appearances, fashion line, and product endorsements.

Comments Sugar and Spice

  • Laura

    Oh, Lauren Conrad, you may not be a fine author, but you still managed to sucker my into reading every page of your ridiculous trilogy. The L.A. Candy series is *gasp* about a girl who moves to LA from a smaller, Southern California beach community with her best friend. The two are "discovered" in a night club, cast into a reality television show and thrown into a world of gossip and celebrity that they are quite ready to handle. Sound familiar? The plot is addictive in the same way that Conrad' [...]

  • PaulaPhillips

    It's time for Season Two of the hit reality show LA Candy with it's 4 stars Jane , Scarlett, Gaby and Madison, however as we read we are about to discover it's not all fun and games behind the scenes of reality TV. Jane still reeling from the backstabbing of Madison, is refusing to star in any scenes with her but then when ratings respond high to Madison and Jane being in the same room , it's time to put the cat claws away and play nice for the camera. As usual we have Jane battling over three g [...]

  • Rebecca Finch

    Well I'm finally getting round to this. GO ME!I have to admit I really liked how this series ended, but I can't help wondering what if?(view spoiler)[So Jane and Scarlett may have just got the ending they wanted.There were a lot of twists and turns with Jane in this book, first it looked like Jane was going to date Caleb, which she did and then wad Branden, again. I mean don't get me wrong I like the guy he just has commitment problems, and Jane finally realises this. Oh and I can't forget Jesse [...]

  • Andrea

    Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. Mine was always The Hills on MTV, so, of course, I loved Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy series. The library finally got Sugar and Spice, the third and final book in the series, and I relished every word.New reality-television star Jane Roberts is filming the second season of "L.A. Candy" and trying to get used to the hassles, celebrity, and paparazzi that come along with it.Her goals this season are simple: Swear off guys, avoid being the topic of tabloid fodder, su [...]

  • Sarah

    So I read this book and now the series is over. It was a tad short, 3 books a series does not make. I guess I am a little disappointed that it's over. With Scarlett moving to NY and Jane moving up in the event planning world how could LC call the series over. I would have liked to see how Jane and Scarlett did in their new elements but at the same time I understand that LC wants to write a different series about Madison, which I plan on reading. Even though I despised Madison as a character, I w [...]

  • Bookishrealm

    Okay so first off cheers to finishing the series finally haha : ) I will say that series is definitely a really quick read and is nothing to finish. If you like the Hills or Laguna Beach then there is a chance that you will enjoy these books. I grew up watching the Hills with a lot of close friends so I kind of figured that I would come across the series eventually. It's filled with drama and in some ways gives some insight to what happens behind the scenes in reality tv. What I liked about this [...]

  • Nikki Marowelli

    Sugar and Spice is Fiction, but could also be a biography in some parts. I chose this book because I loved Lauren Conrad on the Hill's and I wanted to see if she could write.The protagonists' name is Jane, and the supporting characters are Scarlet, Gaby, Caleb, and Braden. The antagonist is Madison Parker. After moving to Hollywood and going through her scandal of cheating on her boyfriend, and finding out that her friend Madison sold pictures of her to the magazines, Jane becomes very angry at [...]

  • Lissa

    Just like the others sugary chick-lit that only takes a few hours to read. This one was a little more outspoken about how reality shows work, probably because the girls had already been on a season and they were realizing that Trevor controlled them a lot more than they initially thought, and I both liked and didn't like that. The plot became more involving in this book- things moved very fast and I forgot to wonder about who each character was based on.BUT.I will say that, when Madison's sister [...]

  • Raghdaa Morad

    Ugh😩 it hurts me so much when i got a book as present and it turns out to be as silly and tacky as this one i'm only giving it 3 stars because it was from my beloved sister other than that i was forcing myself through the pages silly story silly characters wouldn't give it half a star I think this kind of books will amuse only high school students though I highly doubt nowadays category of high school students will like it bottom line this book was quite a farce.

  • Elizabeth

    I bought this book a number of years ago for my then teenaged step-daughter who was into "The Hills." I'm not sure she ever read it and I can see why. I'm sure my adolescent self would have loved it, but my adult self is wondering if my project to read all the unread books lying around my house was such a good idea.

  • Johnny Bobby

    this series was actually really fun. i loved it. the first book was a bit slow but it gets better afterwards. although, i dont know if i want to read the spin off. i hated maddison! lolit was like watching a whole season of the hills. if that was your thing, youll really like this series too.

  • Vivian Choi

    There's nothing like a happy ending to finish up a YA trilogy!

  • Corrine

    This is a book about Madison, Jane, Gabby, and Scarlet who are on a reality TV show. The puts a spin on their live to try and make the most drama possible. This aggravates the girls, most of whom just want a normal life. This is an enjoyable novel to read if you enjoy sitting back and watching everything unfold.

  • Shasni Bala

    DNFI want to like this book but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe will ready it again someday?

  • ElphaReads

    That's right, folks. I wandered right back to that farmhouse and got taken in pretty handily for the last adventure of Jane and Scarlett. I will admit, I was just as surprised as anyone that I got into these books, given my disdain for so much 'reality' television and THE HILLS, but I will once again tout the talents of Lauren Conrad. She knows how to write a pretty entertaining story filled with drama. SUGAR AND SPICE wraps up the series fairly well, though I will admit that I didn't feel as sa [...]

  • Mehsi

    The last book in the L.A. Candy series, and what a way to end things (it was good though!). But I wasn't always happy with how things went in this book.For instance, the whole Jane stuff. Once again she is stuck between boys. You would think scandals and the like would teach someone not to double-date, but it seems that Jane isn't one to learn. In this book we have Caleb and Braden. Yes, you read that right, Braden. I was hoping with all the stuff going down in the previous books, that Braden wo [...]

  • Elizabeth

    This sugary sweet series that takes place in sunny L.A. is exactly what I needed to get me through the dreary February days in Toronto. These books are really enjoyable if you're looking for some light reading to take on vacation, for a lazy summer afternoon, or for a fun mid-winter pick-me-up. They have completely surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend them for anyone who enjoys this genre.The only disappointment I had with this one is that the ending was very hastily thrown together [...]

  • Tiny Pants

    Okay, I have to try to remember what I thought of this one, because I composed a review of it several times on the morning that I marked it as read etc. (so like a month ago), and somehow my internet connection or or something swallowed 'em up. My best guess: Really liked it.I wish I could tell the publishers that I read these books despite Lauren Conrad's "authorship," not because of it! Whomever actually wrote these, please guys, give her more work! This series was so short, but almost everyt [...]

  • Julianna Germono

    The novel, Sugar and Spice, by Lauren Conrad, is about new reality television celebrity, Jane Roberts who finally figures out that Madison Parker is NOT her friend. After discovering that Madison is the one who betrayed her, not her best friend Scarlett, Jane and Scarlett are back to being inseparable. Because of the drama Jane has experienced, she has sworn off boys, however it becomes difficult when her high school boyfriend Caleb and her latest crush Braden both show up acting sweeter as ever [...]

  • Iolanda

    Sadly I read this a couple of years ago and gave up because of the shitstorm that took place.Lauren Conrad is the Queen of throwing shade at her ex-best-friend Heidi Montag, and this pathetic excuse for a novel proves to be just that. The Hills was an exciting after school activity for me when I was fourteen, so trashy but so engaging. But now I probably wouldn't give it the time of day. Apparently from this book, and the TV show, young women in Hollywood who are all close friends despite secret [...]

  • Ana705

    I knew Caleb was a player! he was and still, is. Seriously he can't just do that. But, Gabby her like publicist was very provoking and she made Gabby do things that she didn't want to do such as the 'Caleb Story' Wow, and also i NEVER thought Jane would leave the show like, yeah when Jane found Trevor's 'notebook' i could see i coming up. I like Jane a lot, she has very good karma, like when Sophie (Madison's little sister) spread that really big secret about Madison's identity like, Jane brough [...]

  • Monica

    I'm a little sad that the series is over. It totally surprised me the way Conrad ended it but overall it was a awesome story. At first I thought Jane was just so vulnerable the way she gave into Caleb and Braden, but just like every girl out there, we sometimes are foolish and dumb and believe things we know we shouldn't. But once we realize we were wrong, we often just see it as a lesson learned. It really changed the way I look at the whole reality tv stuff. although I was soooo obsessed with [...]

  • C

    It's over. What do you say to a book like this? I think SLL was definitely the worst thing humans have done. This one managed to, in true Elsie fashion, invent new methods of torturing me. If 1 was Jane exposed, and 2 was Jane betrayed, 3 is Jane walked on. The worst bit of the book is Madison taking credit for some stupid event planning idea Jane had. It's totally pointless, but instead of responding like a human being, not a single person in the room slaps her in the face. Instead Jane just so [...]

  • Akhila

    This last book in the L.A. Candy series wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. There was an interesting romance between Jane and Caleb, but the new characters annoyed me. Sophie, was an irrelevant character and didn't really need to be there. Gaby's entire personality changed. Jane was strung between 3 guys. Caleb started dating Gaby. And in the ending Jane and Scarlett both decide to leave but Madison, even though she was a fraud, turns out okay. The end of Jane and Brady and Jane's relationshi [...]

  • Vendea

    Když tak přemýšlím, jak moc se mi to v porovnání s ostatními díly líbilo, tak ani nevím. Kniha nebyla moc dlouhá, a tak jsem jí měla asi za dvě hoďky přečtenou (přehlédnu fakt, že jsem jí dočetla o půl 3 ráno). Příběh byl svižný, opět se hemžil kluky (jak jinak) a tentokrát nás autorka chtěla varovat před velkým vlivem médií na člověka. Jak jsem se zmínila u předchozích knih, příběh se mi líbil (kazila to trochu jen Gaby, která se změnila a lezla [...]

  • Allison

    Sugar and Spice was a great ending to the L.A. Candy series. Finally Jane and Scarlett and even Gaby and Madison start to take control of their lives after careful scheming and planning against each other. Scarlett finally meets her true love even though Jane might never. Sophie/Sophia ruins Madison/Madelyn's image and L.A. Candy is in turmoil after the absence of 3 of their stars as well as the fourth close to leaving.

  • Courtney

    Oops! I read this one thinking it was book #2, and didn't realize until I was finished that it was actually book #3! Strangely enough, It fit perfectly with the ending of book #1, so I'm not sure what would have filled up a whole book in between the two. Kind of bummed that I don't have another book now, because I don't want to go back in the series. Guess I'll have to start her next series

  • Niklaus

    Skvělý závěr trilogie :)) Brzy bude recenze na blogu :))

  • Sarah Miller

    another fun candy!

  • Natalie

    Perfect for summer reading :)

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