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By Antonya Nelson Cassandra Campbell | Comments: ( 155 ) | Date: ( Mar 30, 2020 )

Antonya Nelson is known for her razor sharp depictions of contemporary family life in all of its sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious complexity Her latest novel has roots in her own youth in Wichita, in the neighborhood stalked by the serial killer known as BTK Bind, Torture, and Kill A story of wayward love and lost memory, of public and private lives twisting out of cAntonya Nelson is known for her razor sharp depictions of contemporary family life in all of its sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious complexity Her latest novel has roots in her own youth in Wichita, in the neighborhood stalked by the serial killer known as BTK Bind, Torture, and Kill A story of wayward love and lost memory, of public and private lives twisting out of control, Bound is Nelson s most accomplished and emotionally riveting work.Catherine and Oliver, young wife and older entrepreneurial husband, are negotiating their difference in age and a plethora of well concealed secrets Oliver, now in his sixties, is a serial adulterer and has just fallen giddily in love yet again Catherine, seemingly placid and content, has ghosts of a past she scarcely remembers When Catherine s long forgotten high school friend dies and leaves Catherine the guardian of her teenage daughter, that past comes rushing back As Oliver manages his new love, and Catherine her new charge and darker past, local news reports turn up the volume on a serial killer who has reappeared after years of quiet.In a time of hauntings and new revelations, Nelson s characters grapple with their public and private obligations, continually choosing between the suppression or indulgence of wild desires Which way they turn, and what balance they find, may only be determined by those who love them most.

  • Title: Bound
  • Author: Antonya Nelson Cassandra Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781616572631
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Unknown Binding

About Author:

Antonya Nelson Cassandra Campbell

Antonya Nelson is the author of nine books of fiction, including Nothing Right and the novels Talking in Bed, Nobody s Girl, and Living to Tell Nelson s work has appeared in the New Yorker, Esquire, Harper s, Redbook, and many other magazines, as well as in anthologies such as Prize Stories The O Henry Awards and The Best American Short Stories She has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEA Grant, the Rea Award for the Short Story, and, recently, the United States Artists Simon Fellowship She is married to the writer Robert Boswell and lives in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, where she holds the Cullen Chair in Creative Writing at the University of Houston.

Comments Bound

  • Carolyn Kellogg

    Reviewed in the LA Timesarticlestimes/2010/oct/One pleasure of reading Antonya Nelson is that she brings the careful language and control of literary fiction to uncontrolled, rough-and-tumble lives. Mixing the admittedly bourgeois undertaking of meticulously crafted prose with working class grit is risky — it can devolve into condescension or cartoonishness — but Nelson, like Raymond Carver, strikes a remarkable balance.In "Bound," she turns her talents to a character study of three women wh [...]

  • Jodi

    I’m a proud and vocal book abandoner. If, after giving it the official John Irving try (reading 100 pages in hopes the story gets going named after Irving because A Prayer for Owen Meany takes forever to get going), I’m not enjoying a book I set it aside without a second thought. This is why I don’t often write negative book reviews. Sometimes, though, I will struggle through a book because of some other obligation. Usually that means Rock & Roll Bookclub, and still even then I’ve be [...]

  • Miles Kelly

    I was surprised to read that Antonya Nelson had written nine works of fiction but not surprised to find out that she teaches creative writing. "Bound" is full of great writing about character and background, but never seems to develop any story or characters. Incidents happen, characters interact. Their personal habits and behavior is laboriously described but it is difficult to feel any empathy for them. There is a theme here of people being bound together, and to their animals, but none of the [...]

  • Hope Baugh

    I received this book as a gift (not from GoodReads) but I almost didn't read it because I thought it was going to be something dreary and/or gory about a serial killer and a missing teen and I was just not in the mood for that. However, the opening (told from a dog's point of view) pulled me in and I eventually discovered that this is a cleverly layered, beautifully written, and richly satisfying story told from the points of view of many interesting characters. It is "literary" so I found mysel [...]

  • Mark

    Antonya Nelson is not a bad writer, but this is a bad book. I stayed with it out of a perverse fascination to see how it finished. As I should have known, it finished disappointingly. The plot, such as it is, goes something like this: a woman dies in a car crash and is survived by a daughter who is at boarding school. The dead woman has named her childhood friend as the girl's guardian. The friend has mother in a nursing home and a philandering husband and they all live in Wichita, where the BTK [...]

  • John Frazier

    Had I not won this in a giveaway, I would not have made it to the end, at which point the only conclusion I could reach was that sometimes life goes in full circles. This is a story largely about a Catherine--the third wife of a philandering entrepreneur--who essentially inherits the lone surviving child of friend who dies in an auto accident (suicide?), a friend from whom she hadn't heard in decades. On the road to fill in the blanks, we're asked to believe that this was a result of a pact mad [...]

  • Kendra

    I was so excited when I won this book from . Bound is a character-driven drama that keeps you reading even though it doesn't have much of a story line. Antonya Nelson is a very talented author that describes everything in such detail that you find yourself visualizing it. Nelson's characters were so vivid and unique. The beginning of the book was particularly well written and intense. This book followed the characters in their journeys through life, but the problem is none of the characters real [...]

  • Susan Kavanagh

    This was my first introduction to the work of Antonya Nelson. She is an excellent writer with sharply honed descriptive powers. I thought that parts of the book, particularly the beginning, were excellent set pieces. I subsequently discovered that the author is a well known short story writer. I will be looking for her collections of stories. Although this novel did not have the strongest narrative, I did not find the disjunctiveness to be a problem. It is always a pleasure to be introduced to n [...]

  • Nicola Mansfield

    This was just ok for me. It sounded more interesting than it really was, having the BTK Killer always lurking in the background. The writing was good; it kept me reading, expectant. However, I found that nothing really happened in the end, no big climax. People had problems, stuff happened and it all worked out ok in the end. I like my fiction to have a plot; I kept expecting something to happen. All of the characters had secrets the reader was aware of but they never became a part of the plot, [...]

  • Karendenice

    For me this book was very hard to get into and read. I'm not quite sure why. The plot was good and I wish knew why I had such a hard time with it but no matter how much I've racked my brain I can't figure out what made it just ok for me. I will try to go back and re-read it and see if maybe I just me.

  • Katherine

    “Cattie didn’t have friends, really. It seemed like so much work, having friends. From the moment she’d weighed the costs and benefits, Cattie had not consciously sought out the companionship of others” (22)."Snowflakes had begun falling outside in festive complicity, covering the ugly, muting the unpleasant" (51)."That would have been right up her very vengeful, extravagant ally" (88)."Genetically, she'd be inclined to addiction; socially, toward unenlightened attitudes. Her mother's sy [...]

  • Mags

    "Bound" was written in clear narrative style. That's the first thing that came to mind. Lately it has been all about authors trying to pass off their unique writing styles to make themselves and their books distinguishable. However, Antonya Nelson tried to steer away from that and stuck with the classic narration. I loved how the events, at first, didn't coincide with each other. But as the plot moved on, things started to fall into place. The story ran the entire course of a year (thus the chan [...]

  • Diane

    I actually really liked this. If there was an option for half-stars, I'd give this 3.5 but since there is not, I'm going to round up.You will not be interested in this book if you are looking for a plot-driven novel. This is a character-driven novel and the plot is almost secondary, really. I personally really like character-drive novels if the writing is done well and I would be hard pressed to say that Antonya Nelson does not do the writing well in this novel. I could see where her writing mig [...]

  • Sonia

    White women have problems, too, and they deal with them by getting matching tattoos on their ankles.But this book also had dogs in it to sustain the length (she's more known for her short stories) that her vacant characters cannot. Prose craft continues.Ad nauseam misspelled.This is my review.

  • Rhea

    Just discovered this author. I liked this book a lot and want to check out here other work!

  • Fran

    This book holds a lot of promise but never really gets there. Catherine and Misty are friends at school from entirely different backgrounds. Misty is a wild child and together they do some edgy teenage stuff with men and drugs and the like. They part ways as they disperse to different schools and later in life Catherine, now married to a very unlikeable serial adulterer Oliver, becomes guardian to Misty's daughter Carrie. The development of the characters is a bit strange You build up Misty thro [...]

  • Theisobelgarcia

    Intersecting lives, the meaning of family, of love, and an analysis of what it means to be stuck vs. the ability to change your life. Peopled with real characters, whom you may not always like, but who feel fleshed out and complex. Lurking beneath the banal and not so banal encounters and daily living, an undercurrent of danger - from the return of a notorious serial killer to the ever-present dangers presented by the environment, the temperamental heart, and the tons of steel we often encase ou [...]

  • Mike P

    A no plot, rambling, no purpose novel. Every once in a while during the novel the author makes mention of a mass murderer. Unfortunately, it has no connection with the rest of the storyline. You will be hard pressed to identify a main character, or at least any you care about, as the story jumps from one character to another without very little association or context. What a waste of time. Skip it.

  • Eileen

    Antonya Nelson's Bound is a book that holds lots of promise, but just doesn't seem to really get it togther to quite "bind" the story line.There is a meandering, stilted quality to this story. The characters are often people I just don't "get". There's Misty, who arrives to the story dead on the scene, with her dog sniffing her corpse, which is trapped in her car, after her car has inadvertently gone over a mountainside and into a ravine. Misty, an ultra reformed recovering addict and alcoholic, [...]

  • Keshia Burchette

    I normally read a book all the way through whether it is good or bad. I read 82 pages of this one which got me through chapter 6 and just absolutely could not get interested. The description on the back caught my attention but I was not a fan of the story nor the writing style.

  • Cassandra

    Bound is a story that takes its name from the BTK Killer, and much of the story’s action takes place in Wichita, Kansas, the killer’s hunting ground in the late 1970s. Fast forward 30 years, and he is assumed dead. To prove that he’s still there, he starts releasing information to the media, proof that he went dormant but did not disappear. The citizens of Wichita are not alone in their fascination with the tale, watching the events closely until the killer’s identity is revealed, and he [...]

  • Jennyb

    I read Bound because it looked like one of the more interesting fiction entries on the New York Times best books of 2010. I wonder if there just weren't that many good novels in 2010, so they were hard pressed to round out their list with works like this one? Don't get me wrong -- this isn't the worst book I have ever read. It's just that it isn't that good either. Mainly, I would describe it as forgettable, betting that around this time next year, I would have a hard time remembering anything a [...]

  • Schuyler

    A mother, Misty, dies in a car accident (possible suicide?), leaving behind a teenage daughter (Catherine or Cattie), who is now the legal obligation of the mother's childhood friend, for whom the daughter is named. This childhood friend, again, also named Catherine, must decide whether to take responsibility for this new child in her life, which generally forces her to wander back into her past, in Kansas, a past which she never really left in the first place. And then there's this serial kille [...]

  • Amy Palmer

    In "Bound", Catherine Desplaines is married to a cheating husband, going innocently about life, when she learns that her high school best friend has been killed in a car accident and has given custody of her teenage daughter to Catherine. My expectation was that the story would center on the relationship between Catherine and this new child in her life, but that relationship didn't begin until there were about 40 pages left in the book. Instead, the book focuses on Catherine and her memories of [...]

  • Andy Miller

    This novel is set in present day Wichita Kansas and set against the backdrop of an old friendship that started between two girls while in junior high school thirty plus years earlier. They drift apart and lose contact until one is killed in a car accident leaving the other, Catherine, as the guardian of her 15 year old daughter.There are some great scenes in the book, the description of the car accident starts off the book in riveting fashion. There are great characters, the most interesting was [...]

  • Edan

    Antonya Nelson's powers of observation and description are sharp and delightful, and again and again I wished I were reading with a pen or pencil so that I may mark a perfect turn of phrase. I loved slipping into this novel because the world Nelson writes of is both familiar (it's America, and accurately rendered) and surprising (she writes of it in a new, refreshing way). Of course I loved the stuff about teenage girls and their complicated, funny, meaningful, temporary friendships. Of course I [...]

  • Letha

    I was quite pleased to have received a copy of this bookd even though I can't say that I loved it I'm still glad the book showed up in my mailbox via First Reads and I had a chance to read it.Opening scene/passage: like others have said in their reviews, quite good. I wish so much intense and heartrending focus hadn't been put on that dog in the opening though because after those very connected moments the dog passes out of the book with barely another mention. Quite frustrating as that dog was [...]

  • Alexia561

    This book was very highly recommended to me. I'm always looking for a story that grabs me by the throat and won't let go, so was looking forward to reading this "guaranteed awesome" book! My verdict? Not bad, but not awesome either.The story followed several different characters and, as I read the majority of it during my lunch hour, it was a little confusing at times to keep track of everyone. Would have probably been easier if I'd read it straight through, but who has time to do that nowadays? [...]

  • Kathy

    I thought this book was okay. It certainly explores the many ways we are "bound:" by marriage, fear, our past, our families, expectations of/by others, friends, and the places we live. While I enjoyed Catherine's character, I didn't buy her naivete one bit; her wild past would surely have given her a modicum of social awareness. Also, for someone to be so successful at rebelling against her strong mother, she'd definitely be more savvy than the book portrays her. The backdrop of the BTK killer i [...]

  • Maggie

    I've lost an afternoon in worse ways than I did reading this book, but I have a feeling I'll never think about these characters ever again once I take it back to the library. Line by line, the writing is smooth and technically precise, as I've come to expect from Antonya Nelson, but, as other reviewers have mentioned, the narrative distance is so far away that all of the characters come across as sad and cold and sort of doomed to never break out of the patterns we see them in. Nelson used to be [...]

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