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No Western climber or even any Sherpas had been this high, so far this year We were treading on virgin territory on the ever changing surface of the glacier The excitement welled up, and I felt strong Here I was with those I knew so well, alone and isolated in the rawness and wonder of nature and it made me feel good Facing Up tells the remarkable story of Bear Gryl No Western climber or even any Sherpas had been this high, so far this year We were treading on virgin territory on the ever changing surface of the glacier The excitement welled up, and I felt strong Here I was with those I knew so well, alone and isolated in the rawness and wonder of nature and it made me feel good Facing Up tells the remarkable story of Bear Grylls ascent of Everest, making him, at the age of 23, the youngest British climber to survive the adventure Bear is at sometimes quirky and at others reflexive in his account of his months on Everest Nobody minds pain occasionally, but the prospect of being at my wit s end for the next two months terrifies me Bear battles against all the odds in the pursuit of his childhood dream to stand on the summit of the world Somewhat akin to an emotional roller coaster, Bear shares his elation and his despair, from standing on the summit, to swinging precariously in a crevasse in the Icefall We are witness to the loss off hope being swept aside by grim determination and a restored faith the pain and discomfort are quashed by his spirit, sense of humour and eccentricity Written in an amazingly personable style, incorporating extracts from his diary and select photos from his expedition, Facing Up takes you every extraordinary step of the way This book is a must for climbers and adventurers everywhere a remarkable tale.

  • Title: Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest
  • Author: Bear Grylls
  • ISBN: 9780333903223
  • Page: 189
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About Author:

Bear Grylls

Every year the death toll on Mount Everest rises, and for every ten mountaineers who make it to the top, one will die Yet at 7 22AM on May 26th 1998, Bear Grylls entered The Guinness Book of Records as the youngest, and one of only around thirty, British climbers to have successfully climbed Everest and returned alive He was only 23 years old.The actual ascent took Bear over ninety days of extreme weather, limited sleep and running out of oxygen deep inside the death zone above 26,000 feet On the way down from his first reconnaissance climb, Bear was almost killed in a crevasse at 19,000 feet The ice cracked and the ground disappeared beneath him, he was knocked unconscious and came to swinging on the end of a rope His team mate and that rope saved his life The expedition was raising funds for the Rainbow Trust and Great Ormond Street Children s Hospital.Previously, in 1997, Bear had become the Youngest Briton to climb Mount Ama Dablam in the Himalayas 22,500 feet , a peak once described by Sir Edmund Hillary as unclimbable Prior to the Everest Expedition, Bear, also a Karate Black Belt, spent three years with the British Special Air Service 21 SAS What makes his story even remarkable is that during this time he suffered a free fall parachuting accident in Africa where he broke his back in three places After months and months of rehabilitation, focusing always on his childhood dream of Everest, he slowly became strong enough to attempt the ultimate ascent of the world s highest peak.Bear s first book, Facing Up, went into the top 10 best seller list, and was launched in the USA titled, The Kid Who Climbed Everest Worldwide this book has touched people through its enduring honesty, courage and humility Bear has always been a popular guest on television shows, which have included, among many others, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Jay Leno s The Tonight Show in the USA His first fiction book, Ghost Flight was published in 2015 by Orion In 2003, Bear successfully completed another ground breaking expedition, leading a team across the freezing North Atlantic Arctic Ocean in a small open rigid inflatable boat Suffering weeks of frozen spray and icebergs, the expedition was filmed for a documentary, and was raising funds for the Prince s Trust charity The book on this remarkable journey, Facing the Frozen Ocean, and was short listed as Sports Book of the Year, and Bear was awarded an Honorary commission in the Royal Navy for this record breaking feat Bear was also used by the UK Ministry of Defense to head the Army s anti drugs TV campaign His first major TV Series was for Channel Four, called Escape to the Legion, where he went through simulated basic training with Legionaires in North Africa and told the story of what it is like for a recruit to join the French Foreign Legion On the back of the success of the Foreign Legion Documentary, Bear was hired for a TV Series called Man Vs Wild on Discovery Channel Worldwide, plus also an 8 part TV Series for Channel Four titled Born Survivor Bear Grylls These feature Bear being parachuted in to some of the most inhospitable deserts, jungles and mountains on earth and showing what you need to do to survive Man Vs Wild went on to become the 1 cable show in all of America and reaches a global audience of over 1.2 billion viewers, making it one of the most recognised and watched programs on the largest TV network on earth To date the team have filmed over 45 hour long episodes.Bear lives with his wife Shara on a boat on the Thames in london, and also on a small Welsh island They have three little boys called Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry They are the pride of Bear s eyes.

Comments Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest

  • Lara

    The beginning was a little rough, but once he got going, Bear did not disappoint. I read Jon Krakaur's account of the tragic 1996 season on Everest years ago, but came away from it without any real sense of what it's actually like to climb Everest--only what it's like to be up on Everest in the midst of one disaster after another. In Facing Up, however, Bear Grylls does a really excellent job of explaining what it's like the rest of the time--the climbing back and forth between camps, the waitin [...]

  • Mark Bell

    When writing a book about climbing Everest you already score 10/10 just for the subject. Come on, this is Everest - the highest mountain in the world - what's not to like ? So the only thing you can do is lose points for poor writing. Thankfully Bear doesn't lose points for his account of life on the mountain, the anticipation, the fear, the wanting, waiting but never really knowingAt the end of the book I'm still not sure whether this is really a "journey you take" or an "ordeal you survive". B [...]

  • Ivana

    Trošku iná horolezecká kniha. Nie je totiž o horolezcovi. Je o chlapcovi a neskôr vojakovi, ktorý mal sen - vyliezť na Everest. Nič viac nič menej. Preto je tá kniha iná. Bear Grylls dúfal, že mu Everest dovolí vyliezť hore a vrátiť sa domov živý a zdravý.Tým sa pre neho jeho horolezecká "kariéra" skončila. Neriešil čisté alpské postupy, neriešil kyslík nekyslík či si dávať alebo nedávať lieky na pomoc proti výškovej chorobe. Napriek tomu nebol obyčajným k [...]

  • Alok Pepakayala

    Bear Grylls is always looked up by me,One day shuffling through the books at the book store, my eyes contoured along the edges of many books scanning desperately for something to match up with my to-read listI never deliberately as much as looked at the non-fiction corner but there the name stood out And all i know is i have to read it.Whilst i purchased it and got back to my room to start reading it I was wondering the possibility of Bear (The guy from the man vs wild show!!) sitting and writin [...]

  • Christine Blachford

    After reading the autobiography of Ranulph Fiennes, I realised I had another book about exploration I could dive into. This one was a bit different as it was exclusively about climbing Mount Everest, and comes at the very start of Bear Grylls's adventuring career.After breaking his back in a parachuting accident, Bear was inspired to attempt to achieve his dream of climbing Everest. The book details how he came to that decision, his preparation, the weeks spent acclimatising and of course, the a [...]

  • Ashley K.

    Most Autobiographies are boring. Lets be real. Not Bear Grylls. The whole time you felt like you were right there with him, and he doesn't just tell you the big moments about his summit, he tells you the little things that let you know the joy and the pain of what he went through. I read this right around the time I watched Everest, and this was better. The movie was just about the people, the story was about the people AND how you climb everest. It showed all the details of what it takes to cli [...]

  • Dani

    An absolutely incredible book about mountains, adventure and in the same time a book about life, dreams and overcoming your physical and psychological limits. The book is centred around Bear Grylls' 1998 expedition of reaching summit Everest at only 23 years old.

  • Chris Steeden

    Having read ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’ I was hoping for rather better with this and it delivers. Grylls certainly does not have the writing ability of Jon Krakauer but it is an absorbing and exciting read. The story is told in a very easy-to-read fashion. Even though you know the end result it is quite a ride.Let’s be honest here. Mr Grylls comes from a very privileged background which always helps in these types of events and although he talks about not having much money and an old banger of [...]

  • Tom

    Awesome. Well written and Grylls is a legit legend.

  • Neeleisch G

    Boring . Boring . Boring :-(

  • Micaiah

    I have to admit that I love Bear Grylls. So reading about his experience on Everest was enjoyable, and I thought it was really fun peeking into his life. Bear is a good writer. The whole book is really information-packed, but it's not ever boring. He somehow makes even the parts where they're just sitting around waiting interesting. (Though some of their antics can get partial credit for that!) And he interweaves his thoughts and emotions and faith really well. I was a little surprised at how ma [...]

  • Caryl Williams

    Before I read this book, I don't think I'd heard of Bear Grylls, but I am drawn to any book about Everest because I have something of an obsession with the mountain and the region. I've read quite a few books about Everest expeditions going back as far as the early 1920's, including the ill-fated summit attempt by Mallory and Irvine. 'Facing up' though is by far one of my favourite accounts and I've read it three times so far. A very well written, descriptive and honest account of all the challe [...]

  • Duncan Cameron

    First of all I find it hard to admire anyone from a middle class background. Why? Most of them in my opinion (when trying to communicate) find it hard to let go of this privilidge and stand out to us less privilidged, as beingsnobs. That aside, who can't but admire the single mindedness ofthis man. Privilidged or not he's still a man.His achievments are immense. Too smart to be fearless, Grylls is a leader and inspiration to anyone.Before reading this book I had no idea how much preparation goes [...]

  • Solange Hando

    Facing Up by Bear GryllsOk, I'm a fan of the Himalaya (no climbing, mind, just trekking) but I really loved this book and still read it from time to time.For me, it isn't just an adventure tale as the youngest Brit at the time makes it to the top of Everest but it's about living your dreams despite whatever the world throws at you.Bear had always dreamed of climbing Everest but broke his back as a young man, recovered, struggled to raise sponsorship, right to the last minute, then was forced to [...]

  • Mark Smith

    I loved this honest and compelling account of one mans battle to reach the top of the world. Whilst I have seen Bear on TV I knew nothing of his previous achievements and having read some books on the 1996 disaster recently I thought I would give this one a try.I instantly became a fan of Bear, willing him to the summit throughout. The book primarily focuses on life on the mountain (with Bear spending three months acclimatising to the altitude and going up and down between base camp and camp 2/3 [...]

  • Abhigyan Gogoi

    The name Bear Grylls is synonymous with adventure, danger & survival !!I absolutely enjoyed reading this book & for me, it was a real page turner. The language is so gripping that Bear literally puts you on the mountain and in his head with his inner thoughts, he shares his personal struggle. Against the odds, Bear's Everest attempt was successful, he was the youngest ever Briton to reach the summit at age 23. Three things which put you on the top of Mt. Everest : faith, great determinat [...]

  • David

    Facing up is the true story of Bear Grylls and ex-soldier who broke his back in three places after a parachoute accident while serving for the SAS. After his accident which left him bedbound for months he decided he would climb the everest the only thing that kept him going during the rehabilitation process.Told with passion, humility, love and fun. This book serves as an inspiration for the power of human will. You will be laughing and terrified as this twenty-three year old climbs Everest up a [...]

  • chucklesthescot

    At the age of 23, Bear Grylls became the youngest Briton to climb Everest.The book begins with memories of the horrific parachute jump which almost severed his spinal cord while he was in the Army. What followed was months of rehabilitation and an end to his career. Surviving that really was a miracle and his next decision to climb Everest must have been a shock for his family! What follows is his account of how he got from there, through all the difficulties, to stand on top of the world. This [...]

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely loved reading this account of Bear Grylls' journey to reach the summit of Mt Everest. There are few books that compel me to want to read at every possible moment, but this was one of them. I'll never climb Mt Everest myself, but reading another person's account is the next best thing. I loved all the detail, the science behind the climb, the challenge of reaching goal after goal, and trying to imagine the ways all the senses would be feeling in such extreme conditions. Inspiring and [...]

  • Warren

    A great detailed account of what it takes to climb the highest mountain on earth. A very honest and in-depth account including, physical dangers of the ice fall, constant dehydration issues, sleeplessness, disease, steep ice climbing, dangers of altitude including mental deterioration, the death zone, storms and jet stream winds, decending post summit and dealing with death all around you. At times the author repeats thoughts and emotions and provides too much detail. He could have skipped the j [...]

  • Priya

    Pretty good first hand account of the Everest climbing experience. One gets a fair idea of what a climbing experience entails - the good, the bad and the ugly. Since this is the first book I have read on mountaineering, I can't really say much about the quality of content :) However, the book did help a lot in building my knowledge and in preparing for my own personal trip to the base camp (South) of Everest. Oh, and I have always been a fan of Bear Grylls on his Discovery show :) So I quite enj [...]

  • ChristinaJL

    Bit slow to start off with as it repeats facts about Everest that I already know, such as the 1996 tragedy, weather, geology etc. Once it gets onto the climbing, it is an honest and interesting account of his Everest climb. One thing I will say, he does tend to over-explain things, which is not necessary some of the time, especially if you're a climber and already know what causes an avalanche, for example! Definately not the best mountaineering book I've ever read, but it does give you a good i [...]

  • Ginni Brinkley

    I'm fascinated by stories of exploration and adventure, especially ascents of Everest (from the armchair is enough thanks). I found this fascinating and truthful and well worth a read. As an added bonus it has convinced me, if I needed any convincing, that I'm going to stick to mountains that don't need crampons, ice pick, ropes or supplemental oxygen. If I can get to the top of Slieve Donard, which eluded me as a child, then that will be mountain enough for me!

  • Fareeha

    A very engrossing, well written book, told in a very 'approachable' way. Hes not scared to admit the fears that besiege him, the doubts that shadow him and how he rose above them to embrace the hope and will which eventually helps him to reach his goal. His narrative makes one realize that you don't need to be a superman/woman to reach the top but anyone with determination, hope, coupled with hard work and luck can reach their Everest.

  • Christine G

    Incredibly inspiring book! As a former British Special Air Services officer, Edward "Bear" Grylls broke his back in a parachute accident in South Africa. During his recovery he decided to challenge himself to summiting Everest. Facing Up is a humble, funny, and inspiring tale by the youngest Briton to summit Everest and return alive. He was only 23 at the time! To see more on Bear, check out Man vs Wild on Discovery. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of this inspiring, hunk of a real man.

  • Mark G

    I read this book on the basis that I like bear grylls, and his tv show, but i didnt get my hopes up that this would be an awesome book based on the fact that most books by tv personalities are never that well written and sometimes very boring or drawn out. but this book was very well written, a page turner that i could hardly force myself to put down. great book period.

  • Manthan Ramani

    The complete package of inspiration.Bear is always being so punctual about adventure and facing up has his own significance.A great ride of words which illustrate experience to climb the summit of Everest and how he survive in the most hepatic conditions for the human body.A write with soulful inspiration.

  • Shafi Kan

    After my Everest base camp trek last year, there were few (and only few)instances I pondered the thought of climbing the big E. Bear's book is an honest opinion of the climb. It has cleared my doubt about the Everest Climbing and I have decided NO! I wont be climbing it. :)If you ever wish to climb any mountain or to know how it is to be climbing, please do read.

  • Nicky

    Everest holds a fascination to so many of us. It's a place that intruiges and begs for stories to be shared. I certainly found Bear's account challenging, inspiring and full of trepidation. Though I enjoyed reading his amazing exploits it definitely confirmed to me that I don't wish to share his experiencesway too cold!!My teenage daughter also read the book and gave it a thumbs up.

  • Silpa Parmar

    Everyone knows how much of a fan of Bear Grylls I am so my review is always going to be biased in his favour, however this book was absolutely fantastic. A really gripping read from start to finish detailing not only Bear's personal struggle to scale Everest but also the different sections of the mountain and the issues faced. Top ten book of 2009 for me I'd say :)

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