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By Christopher Golden Tim Lebbon Greg Ruth | Comments: ( 821 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

The world knows Jack London as a writer who lived his own thrilling, real life adventures But there are parts of his life that have remained hidden for many years, things so horrifying even he couldn t set them down in writing These are the Secret Journeys of Jack London.We meet Jack at age seventeen, following thousands of men and women into the Yukon Territory in searcThe world knows Jack London as a writer who lived his own thrilling, real life adventures But there are parts of his life that have remained hidden for many years, things so horrifying even he couldn t set them down in writing These are the Secret Journeys of Jack London.We meet Jack at age seventeen, following thousands of men and women into the Yukon Territory in search of gold For Jack, the journey holds the promise of another kind of fortune challenge and adventure But what he finds in the wild north is something far sinister than he could ever have imagined kidnapping and slavery, the murderous nature of desperate men, and, amidst it all, supernatural beasts of the wilderness that prey upon the weakness in men s hearts.Acclaimed writers Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, along with illustrator Greg Ruth, have crafted a masterful tale both classic and contemporary, a gripping original story of the paranormal in the tradition of the great Jack London.

  • Title: The Wild
  • Author: Christopher Golden Tim Lebbon Greg Ruth
  • ISBN: 9780061863172
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Christopher Golden Tim Lebbon Greg Ruth

Christopher Golden is the award winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and with Tim Lebbon Mind the Gap Golden co wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Balti, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola, which they are currently scripting as a feature film for New Regency.He has also written books for teens and young adults, including the thriller series Body of Evidence, honored by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA s Best Books for Young Readers Upcoming teen novels include Poison Ink for Delacorte, Soulless for MTV Books, and The Secret Journeys of Jack London, a collaboration with Tim Lebbon.With Thomas E Sniegoski, he is the co author of the dark fantasy series The Menagerie as well as the young readers fantasy series OutCast and the comic book miniseries Talent, both of which were recently acquired by Universal Pictures Golden and Sniegoski also wrote the upcoming comic book miniseries The Sisterhood, currently in development as a feature film.Working with actress writer director Amber Benson, he co created and co wrote Ghosts of Albion, an original animated supernatural drama for BBC online, from which they created the book series of the same name ghostsofalbion As an editor, Golden s work has included the Hellboy novel series, a trio of Hellboy short story anthologies, and co editing duties on British Invasion, from Cemetery Dance His non fiction work includes collaborative efforts such as The Stephen King Universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Watcher s Guide, and the upcoming Neil Gaiman Companion His other writing has included video games, numerous comic books, and short stories.Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family His original novels have been published in fourteen languages in countries around the world.

Comments The Wild

  • Lucas Kailani

    Em primeiro lugar, vale dizer que eu nunca tinha lido nenhuma aventura de Jack London.Tendo dito isso, vamos ao review.Comprei esse livro, inicialmente porque gostei muito da arte da capa, e estava procurando um livro de aventura que não tivesse elementos fantasiosos, que fosse bem verossímil.Começando a ler, percebi de cara que o autor utilizou uma linguagem sincera com o leitor. O autor não usa técnicas de escrita para enrolar a história tornando-a mais longa.A aventura possui informaç [...]

  • Whitaker

    A really great book shows us how love is great and worth to die for

  • Natalie

    Jack is 17 and definitely an adventurer. He's on his way to the Yukon in Alaska to find gold. This trip is not for the faint-at-heart, people die on the trail to the river, let alone looking for gold. Jack and his two friends, Jim and Merritt, are determined to strike it rich and depend on each other to survive the horrible first winter. Not all is what it seems. Jack sees a wolf tracking him in the forest. They get captured by slavers and "pressed" into service. Their camp is attacked by a Wend [...]

  • Hazel West

    Thoughts on the Overall Book: This was one of those books for me that has such a unique premise that I had to read it This series is about a young Jack London, before he really became famous, and his supposed 'secret journeys' that are written down, as we see in the preface, by a companion of his who he meets in the book. It was truly nothing like I thought it was going to be when I picked it up, in fact, about a third of the way through, I really had no idea which direction it was going and I l [...]

  • Bonnie

    A mix of historical fiction and fantasy, The Secret Journey of Jack London reimagines the writer's life, beginning with his adventures in the Klondike. Jack is 17 (a few years younger than the real Jack) and journeying with his aging brother-in-law in an attempt to strike it rich. While Jack is seeking gold in order to save his mother's home, his true purpose is to learn more about himself. The brother-in-law is quickly written out of the story and Jack instead teams up with two other young men. [...]

  • Alec Hernandez

    The book was a bit of a challenge to read but had a good plot, characters, and settings. It was hard to understand at first and it was going very slow, but ended with me understanding and feeling like I was right there with Jack as he went through is thrilling adventure for gold. The Secret Journeys of Jack London is a fantastic book and I suggest you read it.

  • Vovka

    3.5/5"Sauvage" (en version française) est un vrai roman d'aventures, mais à mon avis il convient plus aux ados qu'aux adultes. C'est l'histoire romancée de Jack London, son départ à la recherche d'or dans le grand Nord. J'aime beaucoup le concept de raconter la vie d'un auteur via un roman, et au fur et à mesure que j'avançais je regrettais de ne pas avoir lu L'appel de la forêt récemment. Je suis sûre d'avoir raté plein de références!Ceci dit, ça n'empêche pas du tout d'apprécie [...]

  • Alex Telander

    We all know of the incredible writings of Jack London, who brought the wild world of nature to life with such unforgettable books as White Fang and Call of the Wild. He was a man who embraced nature and respected everything it had to offer, but how did he become this man?The dynamic writing duo of Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon – who have brought us the entertaining “Hidden Cities” series with The Map of Moments and Mind the Gap – seek to answer this question now with a new series: Th [...]

  • Ms. Yingling

    Young Jack takes off for the Yukon with his ailing brother-in-law, who soon turns back and leaves Jack with provisions but no companion. Things aren't easy-- with the help of a new friend, Merritt, he traverses a frozen, raging river, gets captured by slavers who make him pan for gold, and is almost eaten by a wendigo who does devour many of his companions. Saved by a beautiful young girl, Jack spends a long time in her enchanted cabin recovering before he realizes that she is like Odysseus' Cir [...]

  • Karen Ball

    Part historical fiction of the Yukon Gold Rush and Jack London's early experiences, and part dark fairytale fantasy, this is one wild tale. Jack and his older brother-in-law James leave San Francisco for the Yukon territory of Alaska, where they plan to search for the gold they've heard so much about. Alaska is a feral, vicious place, though,and Jack discovers quickly how little civil behavior means there. James bails out on the trip early on, realizing his health problems will be the death of h [...]

  • Libby Ames

    When I picked up this book, I expected a Jack London-like outdoor adventure featuring a boy, wolves, and survival. However, this book is more hints of The Call of the Wild with a supernatural, ghost story twist. Authors Golden and Lebbon place a young Jack London in the Yukon searching for gold, but they draw from the myths and legends of that area and time period to add to their story. Jack’s story has wilderness adventures with a spooky, surreal tinge to them.Although it was different than I [...]

  • Mathieu

    Je ne sais pas trop quoi penser de ce roman. sans être mauvais, il peine à convaincre pleinement.L'idée de départ est bonne : prendre comme personnage central Jack London et lui construire une biographie fictive et occulte à travers ses voyages.Donc pour ce tome 1, le grand Nord. Au niveau du récit, on retrouve bien l'ambiance d'un Jack London, on en retrouve les codes, et même le décor nous semble familier (entre la lecture de ses livres et les adaptations au cinéma), et c'est presque [...]

  • Loren

    I was really excited about this book. I'm a fan of London's science fiction. I love the state historical park where he lived and have visited his grave several times.Unfortunately, after 100 pages, I'm giving up on this novel. It didn't bode well when the authors' chose to have Jack and his companions trapped in a conveniently located cabin for 7 months in the dead of winter. That pretty much meant the story ground to a halt four chapters in. I knew Jack was never in any real jeopardy, since I k [...]

  • Jay

    We meet Jack at age seventeen, following thousands of men and women into the Yukon Territory in search of gold. For Jack, the journey holds the promise of another kind of fortune:challenge and adventure. But what he finds in the wild north is something far more sinister than he could have ever imagined: kidnapping and slavery, the murderous nature of desperate men, and, amidst it all, supernatural beasts of the wilderness that prey upon the weakness in men’s hearts. Jack’s survival will depe [...]

  • Wyatt Smith

    The Wild is a good book, its about a boy named Jack London, he goes on a long adventure with some older people to go gold mining. They take a boat to get to the place they want to go to, on the way he gets lost, Then they found him and went to a town called Dawson. They heard this story about these people who were hiking and they got lost, then they had to start cannibalism, one man survived and he turned into a hairy beast and was called the Wendigo. Later in the book Jack gets lost and gets ch [...]

  • Mohammed Nizami

    I actually surprisingly liked this book even though the concept was something you would think of when you are high it was very similar to the movie Abraham Lincoln:Vampire hunter, They both had extremely weird concepts yet the content ended up being pretty good. They both had very similar plot progression,It started out slow and boring but it slowly got fast and overwhelming but it was a good over whelming.As for the characters the took a unique spin on a real life person and they even added par [...]

  • Corey Ryan

    So, reading this book as an adult I would give it about 1, maybe two stars. But as a young boy in 8th or 9th grade who struggles with reading I'll give it a 3, maybe even a 4. There is plenty of adventure and action and blood to attract a reluctant readers attention, but sometimes those aforementioned aspects take too long to appear (like the part where Jack is stuck in the magical evil forest). Plus, Jack London just doesn't matter to any of the students who I have taught so they will be lost o [...]

  • Travis Hartsoe

    This book was a thrilling historical fiction about Jack London's secret journey going around the Klondike in the time period of the gold rush. A entertainment book that had a good story behind it but was a poor example of professional writing work.This book had several grammatical writing errors that confused me at times. The book itself had a nice plot but overall didn't quite have a professional level publishing touch."Its a fool's game" (Golden, Lebbon 312). If you can get past some errors he [...]

  • Kath Ann

    I enjoyed this to a point. It did capture my attention as I have always been fascinated with the Gold Rush in Alaska and have traveled through some of the areas. The adventure was captivating and Jack's ties to the wolf and some of the legends were interesting. But it got a little out there for me when some of the 'supernatural legends' came to life. I wanted to believe this story and recount more of the history of the adventure. Throwing in the encounter with the Wendigo and Leysa's magical for [...]

  • Angelo

    I think this book is an amazing adventure book because of a lot of reasons. One reason is because it shows how much Jack wanted to find out about what happened in his past. Also how much detail was put in it by the authors (Tim Lebbon and Christopher Golden), for example when Jack was climbing up that steep mountain by the side of the ravine, they said "he clawed his way up the side of the ravine, his fingers digging the soft band and his feet pushing. Overall, i think this was a very intense an [...]

  • Amy

    A spiritual look at the call to adventure in the Alaskan wilderness geared for middle grade to lower high school ages boys or girls. This book includes searching for gold, being kidnapped, facing mythical creatures, and learning about the connection to the wilderness. It is not non-stop action but has enough to appeal to most readers while also exploring some deeper issues. There is some violence when the Wendigo (mythical creature) attacks.

  • Ellen

    Took me longer than I care to admit to finally finish this one. While I really liked the modern treatment of Jack London as a 18 yr old making it on his own in the wilds of Alaska, I thought it went on a bit too long, and the romantic subplot while intriguing enough for this middle-aged YA librarian, may be too icky (or just plan uninteresting) for the intended middle grade boy audience.

  • Eva

    Woah! This was an amazing book! I read it in one sitting--couldn't put it down. It explores such a dark side of humanity, and the battle against it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure or mind-jangling stories. Actually, I'd probably recommend it to anyone who would listen! A really, really great read.

  • Reagan

    BIG surprise!! Even though 65% of this book wasn't good, I really enjoyed the ending. It tied everything together and everything made sense. Really surprised, and I will be checking out the sequel soon!!

  • Will Hogarth

    A great adventure yarn, in the classic sense A story worth telling while sitting round any camp fire. The authors managed to weave threads of fantasy and horror into a underlying pattern of adventure with a fluid ease that kept me turning the pages.Well worth a read

  • Randy Evans

    The Wild by Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon is kinda a make over of The Call of The Wild with Jack London's journey north but with some supernatural twist mixed in. Good read but more for young adults.

  • Judith Weaver

    Gave it a two because I did not read past 50 pages, something I hate to do, but THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS AND SO LITTLE TIME! I just could not engage with this book and I also think the vocab is too high for most middle school kids. Too bad, I really wanted to like it.

  • David

    This novel is amazing.I could not keep my eyes off of it. This story is about a seventeen year old journalist who discovers secrets of his past.

  • Liliebook

    Ma chronique : liliebook/2012/05/

  • Cècilia

    Très bonne histoire

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