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By Akimine Kamijyo | Comments: ( 374 ) | Date: ( Dec 06, 2019 )

Book by Kamijyo, Akimine

  • Title: Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 05
  • Author: Akimine Kamijyo
  • ISBN: 9781591825418
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Akimine Kamijyo

Akimine Kamijyo Kamij Akimine , born September 13, 1975, Kanagawa Prefecture is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating Samurai Deeper Kyo The name Akimine Kamijyo is merely her pen name Her doujinshi work was done under the name Meika Hatagashira .Her second series was Shirogane no Karasu also known as Silver Crow It started on May 30, 2007 in Weekly Sh nen Magazine and ended after 3 volumes.She is currently working on Code Breaker.

Comments Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 05

  • MissAnnThrope

    14 January 2013Many secrets are revealed in Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 05, including the one most important to Kyo. This volume teaches you to stay on your guard because no one is who they seem.The most interesting revelations are the relationship between the leader of the Iga Ninja and Ieyasu Tokugawa. But the true icing on the cake is how Benitora is involved in all of the mysteries. Later in the volume, Kyo is reunited with some frenemies, the Four Emperors: Ajira, Shindara, Antera, and Bikar [...]

  • Lynn

    Today’s post is on Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 5 by Akimine Kamijo. It is the fifth in the series and you need to have read the previous volumes to get the story. The cover has Kyo, and Yukimura on it looking cool. There is strong language, sexuality, and lots of violence in this series. The story is told from third person god point of view with the thoughts of the characters sometimes added for character development and history. There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the back of the book- Who is the real [...]

  • Sara

    We finally find out that Kyo/Kyoshiro has a scar on his back- Yuya's brother died in front of her and his killer had the same scar. We don't know which of these two are responsible for his death. We are currently in the Forest of Death, on our way to find Kyo's body.Read in: September 2012, January 2013.

  • Yvensong

    This volume was much more interesting to me. We learn where Demon Eyes Kyo's body is hidden. We meet another group of characters (gods) that plan to get to his body before Kyo/Kyoshira. Several more secrets are revealed, adding some new twists and levels to the story.

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  • Best Download [Akimine Kamijyo] ↠ Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 05 || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ✓
    485 Akimine Kamijyo
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