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By James Clavell Dees Postma | Comments: ( 450 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

De gehele roman speelt zich in nauwelijks meer dan een week in Hong Kong af.Het is een verschrikkelijk tumultueuze week kidnapping, moord, fraude, natuurrampen, feesten, romantiek, hartstocht.Noble House is in 1963 de grootste en meest welvarende handelsonderneming van Hong Kong Talrijk zijn de geruchten die over dit huis de ronde doen Noble House wordt bestuurd door IaDe gehele roman speelt zich in nauwelijks meer dan een week in Hong Kong af.Het is een verschrikkelijk tumultueuze week kidnapping, moord, fraude, natuurrampen, feesten, romantiek, hartstocht.Noble House is in 1963 de grootste en meest welvarende handelsonderneming van Hong Kong Talrijk zijn de geruchten die over dit huis de ronde doen Noble House wordt bestuurd door Ian Dunross, hij is de Taip an, de westerse leider De onbetwiste meester van de onderhandelingstafel, die op de meest gevaarlijke momenten een ijzige kalmte tentoonspreidt In Hong Kong zwaaien de Engelsen de scepter en vinden Chinezen regelmatig mogelijkheden om de beslissingen van hun heersers in hun eigen voordeel te vertalen Dan wordt dit Britse imperium opgeschrikt door de komst van een Amerikaanse man en vrouw, die hun zinnen hebben gezet op de verovering van de Aziatische handelsmarkt Ze zijn experts in financi le zaken, doch weten niets van de wetten en regels die het leven in Hong Kong beheersen Hong Kong is in de ban van het geld De strijd om welzijn en aanzien te verwerven speelt zich af op alle niveaus van het goklustige dienstmeisje tot de meedogenloze rivaliteit tussen de presidenten van de machtigste handelsondernemingen Twee van hen Ian Dunross van Noble House en Quillan Gornt van Rothwel Gornt raken verwikkeld in een strijd op leven en dood Noble House verkeert in ernstige financi le moeilijkheden en de toekomst van Hong Kong hangt af van het lot dat deze handelsonderneming is beschoren Voor Gornt is dit een unieke kans om een poging te wagen zijn concurrent voor eeuwig te vernietigen De Amerikanen doen hun uiterste best de twee rivalen tegen elkaar uit te spelen Hong Kong trilt op zijn grondvesten

  • Title: Noble House
  • Author: James Clavell Dees Postma
  • ISBN: 9789010041203
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

James Clavell Dees Postma

James Clavell, born Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell was a British novelist, screenwriter, director and World War II veteran and POW Clavell is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations, along with such films as The Great Escape, The Fly and To Sir, with Love James Clavell 2007, November 10 In , The Free Encyclopedia Retrieved 23 16, November 14, 2007, from enpedia w indexp t

Comments Noble House

  • Craig

    In many ways, this is my favorite Clavell novel. I'm kind of a big sucker for it. It's a huge, vastly sweeping epic contained entirely within a single week in Hong Kong. It's a blockbuster of a novel in every sense, bringing equal amounts of entertainment and intellectual provocation. There's something else going on in this novel which gives it added joy for those who have devoured the rest of the Asian saga -- in Noble House, Clavell begins to tie together the characters from all his other nove [...]

  • Jim

    Another fantastic part of Clavell's Asian Saga, this continues the story of the Noble House, created by Dirk Struan in Tai-Pan & continued in Gai-Jin. It is set in Hong Kong & takes place over a week or so in 1963. There are a LOT of words for such a short time period. It's not as tight a story as Tai-Pan, but similar in many other respects.Tai-Pan took place in 1841, the founding of Hong Kong. It follows the trials & tribulations of Dirk Struan. This book, Noble House, follows the g [...]

  • Michael Nash

    Ding-dong the witch is dead!. 6 months and 1400 pages later, I have finally finished this massive door stopper of a novel, and the best I can say about it is that its better than Gai-jin, the massive tome about Struan's in 1870s Japan which also took me most of a year to get through. I've been reading a book of Clavell's Asian Saga per year since college, a privileged position on my reading list accorded to him because I so enjoyed Shogun, Tai-pan and King Rat.The plot of this novel moves at a s [...]

  • Debbie

    The summer of 1990, I worked on a project in Phoenix, AZ. For 6 or 8 weeks, I flew every Sunday afternoon from Dallas to Phoenix and flew home Friday night. I was the only project team member in Phoenix, and my personality is not the kind to go out exploring on my own. So a summer of plane flights and evenings alone were the perfect time to read this book. I had a wonderful hotel room with a balcony facing northwest and almost every evening I would return to the hotel and sit out on the balcony [...]

  • Andy

    The follow up to Tai-pan. Clavell famously visited Hong Kong and ingratiated himself with the high society of the island. He based his story around many real events, which he garnered from those very same socialites. The building that tumbled down the mountain side during inclement weather was owned by my old landlord, Oscar Wong. He used to tell me of the day james Clavell came to interview him about that night. An epic battle between the Jardine's, Swire and the new Chinese Hong's who started [...]

  • Hasham Rasool

    The Asian Saga: the story of a Hong Kong business dynasty.

  • Walter

    This epic saga of a great British mercantile house in Hong Kong in the early 1960s is a 1400 page tome whose plot takes place in the space of one week. The action in the novel is intense. In Noble House, you get the feel of a staunchly capitalistic Hong Kong, a place that makes the setting of "The Jungle" look like a worker's paradise! Clavell's hero, like most of Clavell's heroes, is an alpha male and the absolute monarch of the family business which controls much of Hong Kong's commerce and po [...]

  • Heber

    A fascinating saga written with tremendous talent. Very interesting page turner and one of the best books I have ever read. Clavell includes a bank run, a bear raid, international intrigue, relationship/sexual tension, smuggling operations, natural disasters, multi-generational rivalry, blood oaths, espionogue and dramatic natural disasters in an extremely action packed period of little more than one week. A long book (as are all my favorites) but a very interesting read and one which I highly r [...]

  • John

    I wish it could go on forever. The audiobook is perfection :-)

  • Ken Langwell

    If you haven't read James Clavell's Asian Saga you are depriving yourself of an amazing journey that begins in the 15th century in Japan's feudal Shogunate period, capturing your attention and your imagination with "Shogun," and refuses to let go as you move through the series with Tai Pan, Gai Jin, King Rat, Noble House and finally Whirlwind. Clavell was an incredible story-teller who opens up a world and a culture largely unknown to those of us in the West, and it is a profound loss to the lit [...]

  • CD

    Popular fiction bordering on great. As with many of James Clavell's works they could easily be viewed as dated rather than a period work or 'historical fiction'. This view of mine is based on how Clavell relates the contemporaneous social and political views of the time in his works. Whether he was writing for the ages is doubtful, but the plot and story is timeless. Greed and intrigue and power are always sound subjects on which to build a tale.Dated or not I've got to read this and several of [...]

  • Jim

    Not quite as good as Tai-pan, but a continuation of it & anyone who liked the first will like this. Is almost as well done. Set in the 1960's, it's similar in a lot of ways to Tai-Pan. One of the cool things is Clavell writes himself into this book as a reporter, Peter Marlow. It's not a huge part, but fun.

  • Hilmi Isa

    Noble House merupakan salah satu karya yang ditulis oleh James Clavell. Novel ini merupakan salah satu novel daripada siri The Asian Saga yang meliputi:a) Shogunb) Tai-Panc) Gai-Jind) King Rate) Noble Housef) WhirlwindSetakat ini,saya hanya membaca Shogun dan Noble House. Tetapi,seperti Shogun,membaca Noble House merupakan suatu pengalaman pembacaan yang sangat mengasyikkan dan mengagumkan! Agak sukar untuk mengklasifikasikan genre novel ini. Mungkin boleh saya simpulkan bahawa terdapat pelbagai [...]

  • Cecilia

    If you read this, you will understand why "May you live in interesting times!" is a curse in the Hong kong Cantonese culture! It is not an amazingly well written novel. But the content documents a time/people I know intimately. For that reason, it is a good start to understanding how complicated it is and how many world powers and non have their mittens in the continued existence of Hong kong. Nobel house is a simple beginners way of seeing how every civilisation that rules/ruled the world congr [...]

  • Marat Beiner

    Actual rating is 3.5 stars, but Clavell you knowThis book had some great moments (like connection to "King Rat"), but yet it was short to deliver.It had too much boring scenes and too much "business talk" for my test.Before I read this book, I read "Gai-Jin" which considers far worst book than this one, but I loved it.I was hopping that this one (considers as one of his best) will be at least as good as "Gai-Jin", unfortunately for me it wasn't.I think that this book is better in a second readin [...]

  • Anelia

    Не толкова добра, колкото "Шогун" или поне на мен така ми се стори. Хубавото е, че освен като продължение на "Тай-пан", в "Търговска къща" Клавел продължава историите на някои от героите си от предишните си книги, дори и на тези от "Шогун". Действието се развива бързо и няма как да [...]

  • Sacha Bureau-lafontaine

    4.5 Clavell est fidèle à lui-même! Les intrigues s'enchaînent à un rythme effréné. On y découvre le Hong Kong des années 60; rencontre de l'Orient et de l'Occident dans le contexte économique et politique précaire de la Guerre Froide. À lire captivant du début à la fin, à l'instar de 2 autres de ses chefs d'œuvre : Taï-pan et Shogun!

  • Ian

    Wow this was a good book no, scratch that this was a GREAT book. It built upon all of his previous novels, including Shogun. It has to be one of my favorites of his.

  • Koit

    Sometimes after finishing a book, I wish to go back and re-rate all of the other books I have read as the more recent one eradicates the older ones from the top of the list. This book re-created that effectI don't know how the author classified the novel, but for me this is an interesting mix of business and thriller. The reader is one of the few to know what is going on some of the time with most of the other people grasping at straws they only think may exist. This adds incredible levels of co [...]

  • Paras Kapadia

    Big let down in the annual tradition of reading a James Clavell book. Hong Kong of the 1960s is hardly as interesting as the one in Tai Pan or Japan in Shogun. Rather than being a great story layered with rich historical undercurrents, this book is a weird mix of glorified post-colonial gentry, pseudo feminism and cringe-worthy romance writing. The fact that this book is a 1400 page monster with several unfulfilled arcs and at least 20 pointless characters with elaborate backstories makes me ang [...]

  • Will

    The incredible saga of the development and exploitation of modern Hong Kong. Best novel ever written, maybe.

  • Ren Bedell

    A very large book with an incredible amount of engaging sub-plots that you completely forget what the point of the book is (if there is one), and just get lost in the myriad of well-written characters and an accurate portrayal of being a businessman in a 1960s Hong Kong. There is a lot going on in this book, which actually keeps the length of the book interesting and exciting. It held my attention the entire way and I only wanted to learn more about the characters and the motivations behind all [...]

  • Brian Wade

    I finalllyy finished this huge brick last evening. "Good grief" said C. Brown. What a monster of a book/story, even by Clavell standards. Many subplots; too many. I enjoyed NH - 3.5stars - but the story and subplots were convoluted. Granted the book takes place within the time span of 1week, but there was too much going on in the story line. I loved Shogun and really liked Tai-Pan. Gai-Jin, not quite as much. I'd rank NH on par or just below Gai-Jin in order of enjoyment. This is a must read for [...]

  • M.M. Strawberry Reviews

    James Clavell is known for his thick books, this one is nearly 1400 pages long! Normally I like thick books - more story to read - but this one simply isn;t as good as Shogun. There were parts of this book that were really good and exciting, but other parts were very podding and I found myself frustrated with them.Shogun was so interesting because Blackthorne/Anjin was immersed in Japanese culture and had to learn how to survive and fit within it, but the rest of the books did not follow this fo [...]

  • Kunal Lal

    Its rare for a book of this size to maintain its pace, but this one manages it. A great business novel with a large cast of larger than life characters from governors to coolies in the cauldron that is Hong Kong. The plot twists and turns with many unexpected turns and stories within stories. The characters themselves are far removed from anyone I have ever met and operate in a moral framework that is utterly alien. Yet one can't help but sympathize with them as every one of them goes about achi [...]

  • Zac Liptak

    Almost four years after devouring Tai-pan I finally came back to visit Struan's and Hong Kong. I'd been looking forward to it for a while, and overall I wasn't disappointed - the same elements that made Tai-pan such an entertaining read for me were present here in spades. Interesting characters, scheming and intrigue that combine business, politics, and contemporary world events, and rich descriptions of life in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, some of the same flaws are also present: both novels suffe [...]

  • George

    VAST AND VASTLY ENTERTAINING."e poor fool still doesn't understand that we Chinese are not stupid foreign devils - or devils from the Eastern Sea - who'll line up patiently for hours. Oh no, we civilized persons understand life and it's every man for himself." - page 449Set in Hong Kong, 1963, NOBLE HOUSE (Asia Saga #4) is another of James Clavell's epic soap operas, replete with all the drama, romance, lust, greed, and intrigue that make soap opera so compelling. With the extra added attraction [...]

  • James

    This book is to business thrillers what High Karate cologne is to smell. An overpoweringly profoundly silly paen to the art of high baroque unabashed story telling praticed by Clavell/Michner. Words are splattered across pages, and the pages churned out with merry abandon. Apparently modeled on Jardines it covers a week in Hong Kong business if everybody was a) very very drunk b)thirteen year old boys c)on a potent cocktail of drugs.So essentially the book bears no relation to any kind of realit [...]

  • Wendybird

    Was reluctant to quit on this book as so many gave it high marks. At chapter 18 I'd just had enough. This very lengthy story with a cast of what seems like a thousand characters is told through dialog, the thoughts and private perspectives of these myriad characters and had little literary appeal for me. After 300 pages, I still don't know or understand what motivates them aside from money. I've enjoyed other novels that similarly read like screenplays, but those are one quarter the length of No [...]

  • Julie

    My favorite of James Clavell's "asian" novels. This book is HUGEI mean a really long novel with teeny tiny print to maximize space on each page.It has about 30+ different character story lines and everyone of them is interesting and it's amazing how Clavell ties each one together.Very compelling story and I could not put it down--I read it twice I enjoyed it so much. But it is in a series and though you don't HAVE to read the others before reading this, I recommend it just so that you get the fu [...]

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