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By Pat Hutchins | Comments: ( 469 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

When identical twins Ella and Emily are invited to a Halloween party, they decide to dress as witches As the party progresses, readers will have fun deciding which witch is which.Hutchins exhibits mastery of combining concept, mental stimulation, and visual interest to crate a well integrated, entertaining book School Library Journal.

  • Title: Which Witch Is Which?
  • Author: Pat Hutchins
  • ISBN: 9780688063580
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Library Binding

About Author:

Pat Hutchins

Pat Hutchins is an English illustrator and writer of children s books.She won the 1974 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book illustration by a British subject The work was The Wind Blew, a picture book in rhyme which she also wrote It shows how a crowd of people anxiously chase their belongings in the wind.

Comments Which Witch Is Which?

  • Josh Sonii

    This book is about twins on halloween that are dressed as witches. The story starts of with them both at a halloween party with many other children. It tells you how Ella likes pink and Emma likes blue which helps you determine who is who. After telling you a fact about each of the twins it continues to ask you which witch is which? Then you have to use you skills to determine who is who. Will her friends be able to tell which witch is which or will they forever be mixed up? This is a great way [...]

  • Kianna Buckner

    "Which Witch Is Which" by Pat Hutchins was a good book. There are twin girls who dress up as witches on Halloween. The one twin likes blue and one twin likes pink which is stated in the beginning of the story. There friends have are trying to figure out which witch is who when they are doing their Halloween activities. The author did a good job with the story. The story kind of tricked me because I was confused trying to figure out which twin was who. I think it is good book to read to kids to g [...]

  • Charlotte

    This is one of those not-a-Mama-favorite books that Charlotte really likes. It is short, it involves children dressed as witches, and that's about all that Charlotte requires. It is a little bit cute, though, for all that I'm weary of it. The witches are twin girls named Emily and Ella, and you are given hints in the text to guess which witch is which in the pages. Charlotte does like guessing which witch is which, and the illustrations are lovely, so I put up with it. It is, after all, a librar [...]

  • Kristin Miller

    Ella and Emily are twins who like a lot of the same things. Ella likes pink and Emily likes blue. Can you determine which witch is which? I feel that the students will get a kick out of this book. They would love it on Halloween, I would even say use it as a game for a Halloween party. I would love to use this book in my classroom. It would be fun to use in a party or just to read during Halloween time. Definitely a fun read and I think the students will enjoy it!

  • Kristin Lee

    This book was a cute book. The reader needs to remember how the twins are identified in the beginning of the book to determine throughout the book which witch is which. The story reads like a poem. I can see my future students in the younger grades reading this book as a part of individual reading time.

  • Candice Call

    This book is great to use to help develop problem solving skills and to help children learn to pay close attention to small details. It is fun to try to figure out which girl it witch at the halloween party throughout the book.

  • Zinnia Garay

    This book is good for children 3 and above because it helps distinguish who is who. This can be a guide of learning left to right, colors, and other learning developments but for younger kids this is not that great.

  • David

    4 stars for nostalgic reasons. And it's fun.

  • Heather

    A great problem-solving book. Every couple of pages has a little mystery to solve to decode which twin is which. Very clever.

  • Elisa Pereyra-Molina

    Here is a book that will engage children as the put on their investigator badge to decide 'which witch is which' in this picture book.

  • 9hannahd

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!

  • Liz

    This is a book which I remember checking out of the library many times as a child. For some reason I found it really entertaining. I'm sure if I picked it up today I would still be highly amused.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Which Witch Is Which? | by ☆ Pat Hutchins
    289 Pat Hutchins
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