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Once upon a time there lived in Berlin, Germany, a man called Albinus He was rich, respectable, happy one day he abandoned his wife for the sake of a youthful mistress he loved was not loved and his life ended in disaster Thus begins Vladimir Nabokov s Laughter in the Dark this, the author tells us, is the whole story except that he starts from here, with his char Once upon a time there lived in Berlin, Germany, a man called Albinus He was rich, respectable, happy one day he abandoned his wife for the sake of a youthful mistress he loved was not loved and his life ended in disaster Thus begins Vladimir Nabokov s Laughter in the Dark this, the author tells us, is the whole story except that he starts from here, with his characteristic dazzling skill and irony, and brilliantly turns a fable into a chilling, original novel of folly and destruction Amidst a Weimar era milieu of silent film stars, artists, and aspirants, Nabokov creates a merciless masterpiece as Albinus, an aging critic, falls prey to his own desires, to his teenage mistress, and to Axel Rex, the scheming rival for her affections who finds his greatest joy in the downfall of others Published first in Russian as Kamera Obskura in 1932, this book appeared in Nabokov s own English translation six years later This New Directions edition, based on the text as Nabokov revised it in 1960, features a new introduction by Booker Prize winner John Banville.

  • Title: Laughter in the Dark
  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov
  • ISBN: 9780811216746
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Vladimir Nabokov

Russian .Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, also known by the pen name Vladimir Sirin, was a Russian American novelist Nabokov wrote his first nine novels in Russian, then rose to international prominence as a master English prose stylist He also made significant contributions to lepidoptery and had an interest in chess problems.Nabokov s Lolita 1955 is frequently cited as his most important novel, and is at any rate his most widely known one, exhibiting the love of intricate wordplay and descriptive detail that characterized all his works.

Comments Laughter in the Dark

  • StevenGodin

    Original published under the name 'Camera Obscura', Vladimir Nabokov was so displeased with the quality of it's first English translation in 1936 he personally took to changing it under the now title 'Laughter in the Dark' and this becomes the first foreign novel I have read that was actually translated by the writer himself. And If there's one thing that strikes me about Nabokov, it's the impression I get that his mind was never too far away from lust and desire, whether that be writing, having [...]

  • Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

    «Μια φορά και ένα καιρό ζούσε στο Βερολίνο ο Αλμπίνους… Μια ωραία μέρα εγκατέλειψε τη γυναίκα του για χάρη νεαρής ερωμένης. Ήταν ερωτευμένος, όχι όμως και εκείνη. Η ζωή του τελείωσε σε πλήρη καταστροφή». Και συνεχίζει:«Αυτή είναι όλη η ιστορία διατυπωμένη σε γενικές γραμμέ [...]

  • Fionnuala

    And so, there I was, sitting in a cinema. The film I was about to see was called ‘Obsession’.As I sat in the dark, I laughed to myself because if there’s one theme I’ve come across a lot in literature, what with Proust and Goethe and Mann, it’s obsession.No surprise then that Albinus, the lead character in the movie, turns out to resemble Proust’s obsessive hero Charles Swann so closely that it’s hard to tell the difference between them. Like Swann, Albinus is a man of private weal [...]

  • Sarah

    Well, Laughter in the Dark was by far the worst novel I’ve read by Nabokov. And that’s to say that it was a solidly good, funny, and engaging book. Like many of his novels, the plot is your basic old- man- obsessed- with- inappropriately- aged- girl- who- also- happens- to- be- evil- and- this- as- you- might- guess- ends- in- tragedy and the tone is the only one you can have with such a plot – it’s a very dark comedy. I hope. I found that this book fell into the same category as his oth [...]

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Камера обскура [Camera Obskura] = Laughter in the Dark, Vladimir NabokovLaughter in the Dark (Original Russian title: Камера обскура, Camera obscura) is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov and serialised in Sovremennye Zapiski in 1932. The book deals with the affection of a middle-aged man for a very young woman, resulting in a mutually parasitic relationship. In 1955, Nabokov used this theme again with Lolita to a much differently developed effect.Albinus is a respecte [...]

  • Darwin8u

    "Death is often the point of life's joke"― Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark“Death," he had said on another occasion, "seems to be merely a bad habit, which nature is at present powerless to overcome.” ― Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the DarkAn early Nabokov with many funky allusions to Tolstoy, anticipations and presages of Lolita, and obviously -- plenty of Nabokovian black humor from beginning to end. As a independent work, I don't think it belongs in the top tier of Nabokov's lu [...]

  • Agnieszka

    Once upon a time there lived in Berlin, Germany, a man called Albinus. He was rich, respectable, happy; one day he abandoned his wife for the sake of a youthful mistress; he loved; was not loved; and his life ended in disaster. That way Nabokov startsLaughter in the darkand in fact these words are enough to describe the plot . Outwardly it is a banal tale of tragicomic romance of older man with young girl . There are loads such stories but this one stands out with acerbity and witticism . Naboko [...]

  • Cheryl

    The flawed human. The insecure being who seeks validation. The manipulated partner. The depressed one who seeks happiness in another life, in order to avoid responsibility and routine. The neglectful father. Still, somewhere in the dimly lit pages of this book, there is a woman who has dedicated her life to him, one who sees in him the person he is unable to see, one who has helped him morph into the man he has become, one who understands he is living a delusion. Nabokov dedicated this novel to [...]

  • Sketchbook

    A cyanide comedy. Nabokov scorns "realism," which befuddles many readers who belch that his characters aren't "likeable." How Americans require the likeability factor ! ~ Who's likeable in works by George Etherege or Joe Orton ? C'mon, we're in a world of surrealism and absurdist humor where the tale is meant to beironic, rueful, mocking. This stinging and hilarious story of cuckoldry and duplicity -- where the protagonistsees nothing(like most people) -- was first published abroad in 1933 while [...]

  • Teresa Proença

    "Era uma vez um homem chamado Albinus que vivia em Berlim, na Alemanha. Era rico, respeitável, feliz; certo dia abandonou a mulher por causa de uma amante jovem; amava; não era amado; e a sua vida acabou em desastre.Isto é a história toda e podíamos tê-la deixado por aqui se não fosse o proveito e o prazer no contar"Assim inicia Nabokov este romance. E logo me lembrei de um trecho de uma recente opinião do Nelson Zagalo sobre o porquê de lermos literatura; não será, certamente, apenas [...]

  • Paquita Maria Sanchez

    Leave it to Nabokov to strip you of your faith in humanity.

  • Paradoxe

    UPDATE 20.11.17:Σκεφτόμουν το ΣΚ τις ιδιαιτερότητες του τρίτου μέρους, μετά το ατύχημα. Πιστεύω πως για μια ακόμη φορά ένα αντίγραφο, είναι αντάξιο του αυθεντικού. Υπάρχει μια βαθιά γραμμή συγγένειας, τόσο με το δεύτερο μέρος του Εξαδέλφου Πονς, ειδικά αφού μένει κατάκοιτος και μι [...]

  • Cody

    What goes around, comes around—right? Ostensibly a story about a man who forsakes his wife and child for a new model vixen (read: teenager), Laughter in the Dark sets a benchmark on how terrible human beings can be to one another and the very real cost that duplicity can exact on all involved. It had me wincing at points and I don’t wince. I’m incapable of wincing; winceless, wince-free; unwincable. Yet wince I did. Wince. The novel is excruciating in its escalations of suffering. In a who [...]

  • Edward

    Laughter in the Dark is the story of a married man’s destructive obsession with an attractive young girl. Not a shocking thematic departure for Nabokov, but the novel nonetheless has its own unique character. In terms of its tone it is light and ironic, and in its treatment of its themes, uncomplicated. Nabokov suggests the tragic ending in the first paragraph, forgoing any dramatic tension, and allowing the reader to just sit back and enjoy the inevitable train wreck. This is a tragic comedy [...]

  • Alireza

    ناباکوف می گوید نویسنده بایددر آن واحد سه نفر باشد: داستان گو، معلم و جادوگر که در نهایت جادوگر غلبه می کند. کاری که خودِ ناباکوف انجام می دهد. جادو! حتی این بدترین و کمترین رمانِ وی از لحاظ خلاقیت های ناباکوف بسیار خواندنی و جذاب است. این رمان در واقع زمانی که از سنت پترزبورگ به [...]

  • Daniel Gonçalves

    Só os grande escritores conseguem transformar tramas aparentemente banais em autênticos contos icónicos. Vladimir Nabokov faz exatamente isso. Com astúcia, talento, e um domínio completo das técnicas de narração, imagina um triângulo amoroso que serve para revelar toda a maldade existente no coração de alguns seres humanos. Neste romance fala-se, acima de tudo, da ganância pelo dinheiro, do amor forjado por interesses económico, e pela ingenuidade de um apaixonado. E tudo é contado [...]

  • Rob

    More reviews can be found on my book blog.---This was written twenty-three years before Lolita and also deals with a relationship between an older man and a younger woman. These are the only two Nabokov novels I've read so far, so I'm hoping he does branch out a bit in his other novels, but this was still a much different story than what happened between Humbert Humbert and Dolores.Where Humbert is a calculated predator, Albert Albinus, this story's older man, is a fumbling and naive fool. He's [...]

  • Eric

    I periodically revisit a handful of authors (kundera, kafka, calvino, queneau, fleming etc.) - why? to reaffirm my faith in humanity, or in something you may call "human achievement?" "art??" (ugh). perhaps for the thrill of experiencing a unique pleasure in a certain kind of intellectual, or, better, cerebral stimulation that has no equal anywhere else in nature (or human construction!) what am I talking about?!?!? all of this is a way of saying that nabokov is one of that select few, perhaps t [...]

  • umberto

    3.5 starsThis is the 4th novel by Vladimir Nabokov I read: the other three being 'Lolita,' 'King, Queen, Knave,' and 'Pnin'. My list is few due to a long interval of reluctance due to my limited familiarity with his style, texts and English. However, I have since gained more confidence from reading his "Collected Stories" (Penguin, 2010) in which I could enjoy reading most of them. Interestingly, this novel written in Russian has been translated into English by Mr Nabokov himself because he was [...]

  • Eu amo a lua do lado que eu nunca vi

    Um livro magnífico sobre Albinus, um homem que nunca teve muita sorte em questões de amor.Albinus, nome de origem latina que significa branco, vive na escuridão de um perverso jogo de cabra-cega.Um riso que fere os nossos tímpanos; um final que nos gela pelo horror.

  • Reza Mardani

    شاید موضوع داستان خیلی ساده و تکراری باشه، خود ناباکوف هم این رو می دونسته و داستان رو با این پاراگراف شروع می کنه:"روزی روزگاری در شهر برلین آلمان مردی زندگی می کرد به نام آلبینوس. او متمول و محترم و خوشبخت بود، یک روز همسرش را به خاطر دختری جوان ترک کرد، عشق ورزید، مورد بی مهری [...]

  • Nooshin Sh

    ‫به‌غیر از بیست صفحه‌ی اوّلش، همه را در یک نشست خواندم. نثرِ جذّابِ ناباکف و ماجرای طنزآمیزِ تلخِ کتاب، بسیار خوش‌خوانش کرده بود. شاهکارِ ادبی نبود، ادّعای آن را هم نداشت، ولی خواندنش لذّت‌بخش بود. اثری از دورانِ جوانیِ ناباکف؛ چرا که نه؟

  • Brent Legault

    The trick with Nabokov, with any novelist, is to sympathize not with the characters but with characters' creator. There is no one in this novel to get behind, not even the betrayed wife or her sick little girl. Because they are but props, silent-movie cliches. All three of the leads are detestable, each in their own way. And the plot is as outlandish and unlikely as the films Nabokov was having fun with. What makes the book worth reading is, as always, his style and his lovely, lyrical detail. B [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Laughter in the Dark, written by the author of the controversial classic Lolita, is as unforgettable as it is original. The main character, an aspiring filmmaker, finds himself caught up in a dramatic love triangle involving his mistress and another man. Poetically written and vividly picturesque, this novel is undoubtedly worth reading.

  • Anh

    4.5*Cũng như Lolita là cuốn sách mình không thể đọc hết, thì Tiếng cười trong bóng tối là cuốn sách không biết review thế nàoCốt truyện không mới nhưng không phải cái gì cũ thì cũng nhàm chán.Cảm thấy như hết thảy mọi nhân vật trong cuốn sách này đều đau khổ, kẻ lừa lọc lẫn kẻ bị lừa lọc, kẻ còn sống cũng như kẻ đã chết. U ám. Đen tối. Phẫn uất. Bùng nổ. Sững sờ và cuối cùn [...]

  • Ava

    با خود فکر کرد: پس این است .باید کمی ارام بمانم"و بعد خیلی اهسته بر ماسه هاي درخشان درد قدم بردارم، به سوي ان موج ابی ابی. در ابی بودن چهموهبتی است. هرگز نمی دانستم ابی چه قدر می تواند ابی باشد. زندگی چه کثافتی بود. حالا همه چیز رامی دانم .می آید ، می آید، می آید تا غرقم کند. اینجاست. [...]

  • Kaloyana

    Историята в тази книга е доста грабваща и интересна. Има съспенс и освен това има истинска поука - справедливостта не е това, на което са ни учили. Не всеки получава заслуженото, тоест не всеки, който е лош е наказан. Но, всеки, който е глупав, заслепен и наивен, винаги страда до [...]

  • Sara Kasraee

    کل داستان همان اولین پاراگراف کتاب است و این ضعف کتاب نیست. به قول خود نویسنده: " گرچه چکیده زندگی انسان را می‌توان بر سنگ قبری پوشیده از خزه جا داد، نقل جزئیات همواره لطفی دیگر دارد."در کل داستان متوسطی بود، نه خیلی خوب نه خیلی بد. اواسط کتاب یک مقدار داستان کسل کننده است اما فص [...]

  • Fernando Jimenez

    Novela cruel y despiadada, criminal e irónica, cuento moral en forma de gran guiñol sobre un burgués que emprende una aventura sexual que se convierte en un infierno. La construcción del juguete, lleno de resonancias que se repiten a lo largo de la novela, o de capítulos brillantes como el del accidente de los protagonistas, la convierten en una fiesta de la literatura.

  • Inderjit Sanghera

    Nabokov famously disowned “Laughter in the Dark” and one can see some of the reasons why-it lacks the vivacity and verve, the poetic cadence of Nabokov’s prose, however it contains most of the themes which dominate Nabokov’s works; the vicissitudes of reality, of cruelty, the burgeoning sexuality of adolescence, solipsism and unreliable narrators. Some of the descriptions can be cloyingly clichéd and it lacks perhaps the complexity of his great novels, however traces of his genius and l [...]

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