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Beautiful but troubled, Gianetta cannot seem to escape her past, her pain, or her ex husband not even in a remote hotel on the Scottish Isle of Skye One of her fellow guests, however, is also hiding secrets and a skill and penchant for murder.And now the killer only has eyes for Gianetta .

  • Title: Wildfire at Midnight
  • Author: MaryStewart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Lady Mary Stewart, born Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow, was a popular English novelist, and taught at the school of John Norquay elementary for 30 to 35 years.She was one of the most widely read fiction writers of our time The author of twenty novels, a volume of poetry, and three books for young readers, she was admired for both her contemporary stories of romantic suspense and her historical novels Born in England, she lived for many years in Scotland, spending time between Edinburgh and the West Highlands.Her unofficial fan site can be found at marystewartnovels.

Comments Wildfire at Midnight

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    May 2017 buddy read with the Mary Stewart group! I have a collection of vintage Mary Stewart novels, and this one is only 175 pages in my 1963 paperback, so it's a very quick but enjoyable read. A bit different than Mary Stewart's other romantic suspense novels, this one has echoes of the old murder mysteries where a group of people in an isolated setting are gradually offed one by one, while the group frantically tries to figure out which of them is the murderer. The story is set in the mid-195 [...]

  • Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    3.5★For me, not one of Stewart's best.That still means a good story with evocative descriptions of Skye - & who wouldn't want to spend time there, especially with the heather in bloom!But I prefer the Stewarts with stronger heroines. The only thing Giannetta had in common with the better Stewart heroines is that she smoked like a chimney. For example, Giannetta found (view spoiler)[ a broach that she believed belonged to a missing climber. Did she hot foot it to the nearest policeman. No, [...]

  • Misfit

    Page 142, "I turned to look back at Blaven, only to find that the mist was, indeed, rolling down the slopes behind us like a tide of smoking lava. Blaven was already invisible, and a great wall of mist bore steadily across the glen behind us, obliterating the afternoon."Can that woman write or not? Seeking relief from her hectic life as a model as well as the crush for the 1953 coronation, Divorcee Gianetta leaves London for a vacation at rustic resort on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, although s [...]

  • Sara

    The front of my copy of this book says "Terror in the Hitchcock mannera novel that terrifies as it entertains." That sums it up nicely. It is perhaps the most Hitchcock in nature of any of her novels. It is a bit of Agatha Christie as wellere is a murderer loose and it is definitely one of the fellow visitors or the townspeople involved with the hotel in which Gianetta (don't you love that name?) is staying. I am going to be sorry when my quest to revisit all of Mary Stewart's novels is done. I [...]

  • Linda

    3.5 starsAre you in the mood for an older ’contemporary’ gothic mystery? One that takes place in 1953 rather than the 1800s? Instead of a gloomy castle, there is an inn. And the setting has windy mountains rather than the commonplace ocean and its cliffs. Wildfire at Midnight contained the token first-person tense, an unfaithful marriage, the heroine's need to get away and murder. Or I should say, murders. There are plenty of secrets with madness and mayhem and the final melodramatic scene o [...]

  • Veronique

    My second Mary Stewart novel. This turned out to be a rather good little thriller.Gianetta, a fashion model, decides to get away from London and its madness, especially with the coronation around the corner, to get solace in a remote lodge on the Isle of Sky. She is met by breathtaking views of a timeless landscape but also by the news that a young woman has been brutally murdered and that all at the lodge are under suspicion, including Gianetta's former husband who happens to be staying there t [...]

  • Tweety

    Oh. My. Goodness. What just hit me?Giantta is a devorce, and with a little encouragement from her mother takes a much needed holiday… to the Isle of Skye. The instant Giantta sets foot on the island she knows something is wrong. No one seems to want to tell her just what is going on. When she gets to the hotel she doesn't have a chance to take it easy before she finds out that a ghastly mureder had been committed and that her ex-husband, Nicolas Durey is on the island, in her hotel. Everyone i [...]

  • Dorcas

    *contented sigh*I am so glad I decided to give Mary Stewart another go after being rather disillusioned with The Ivy Tree and Airs Above the Ground(which I never even finished). This book was the bomb it really was. Not A bomb, THE bomb, which is quite different!A divorcee takes a much needed respite at a hotel on the Isle Of Skye only to find that along with an assorted group of climbers, fishermen, and writers, her ex husband has also turned up. It's not long before she is informed that a rath [...]

  • Sarah Mac

    I have to say this was my least favorite Mary Stewart thus far. While the prose itself has her usual elegance & descriptive flair, the plot was simplistic & the characters were flat -- especially the narrator Gianetta. MS's heroines are normally sharp as tacks & on their toes re: suspicious happenings & romantic intrigue; they're not fooled by bland excuses & obvious red herrings, even if they're playing along in the eyes of the other characters. It takes a lot to befuddle a [...]

  • MomToKippy

    Phew! I am so glad to have finished this. Because there are too many scary things lurking in the shadows here at night. I've read only two books now by Mary Stewart but I have a good sense of her style. This story unfolds along the same lines as This Rough Magic. The nail biting, edge of your seat action/mystery scenes come to life. There are lots of quirky characters. Her heroines are younger, more worldly Miss Marples and seem to fall into the middle of an unfolding mystery despite themselves. [...]

  • Nikki

    It was a grey and drizzly day, this morning — even if it brightened up later — so I felt like turning to one of my comfort reads. Wildfire at Midnight isn’t one of my favourite Stewart novels, and indeed the sense of dread and atmosphere in the book makes it perhaps a touch darker than the others, especially with the moral conflict in the last part where Gianetta thinks she knows who did the crime.The crime itself is pretty chillingly awful; I can’t remember if any of Stewart’s other n [...]

  • Moonlight Reader

    Stewart was such a capable writer that she could've written a textbook and made it worth reading. This one wasn't her best, but it was still very good, indeed.

  • Tammie

    3.5 stars. Wildfire at Midnight was mostly a good read. It was just over two hundred pages but it felt longer than that, mainly because of all the description and some of the back and forth dialog that went nowhere. While I don't always mind the description in Mary Stewart's books, I did find it rather boring at times in this one. I didn't really care what the rocky cliffs and mountainous ranges looked like all that much. A one-time brief description would have sufficed. However here are a coupl [...]

  • Olga Godim

    2.5 starsServes me right to select a read based on something other than literary merit. This one fit into my PopSugar Reading Challenge, but unfortunately it was blah. Not bad – Mary Stewart never wrote anything bad – but definitely not her best book.Unlike her other romantic fiction, which usually occurs in some glamorous sunny locations like France or Greece, this one takes the readers to the remote, cloud-shrouded Scottish island of Skye. The landscape is forbidding, the mountains menacin [...]

  • OLT

    The news in 2014 that Mary Stewart had passed away at the age of 94 got me into rereading her classic romantic suspense books written mostly in the late 50s, the 60s and 70s. Stewart's Nine Coaches Waiting (Rediscovered Classics) and all of Georgette Heyer's work were what set me, as a young teen, onto a lifetime of romance reading. And, as of 2017, almost all of her work is available in e-format.This particular book of Stewart's from 1956 is one I had never read and is an enjoyable mystery set [...]

  • Nicola

    I secretly love novels about people going on holiday and bad things happening to them in some secluded spot. Is it because I’m bitter about the fact that I can never afford to go on a real holiday? Who knows!Anyway, in that vein, Wildfire At Midnight is about a young fashion model who goes on holiday to the remote and beautiful Scottish island of Skye. Then everything comes over all Agatha Christie and people start dying on the island. Oh, snap! Should’ve stayed at home!The mystery of Wildfi [...]

  • Judith

    Gianetta Brook, a lovely young woman with a successful London modeling career and a heartbreaking divorce behind her comes to the isle of Skye for a much needed vacation. Under her sophisticated veneer, is a vulnerable young woman still wounded and hurt by her ex husband's infidelity. It is 1953 and London is teeming with coronation crowds and the excitement of Hilary's climb to Mt. Everest. Her parents suggest she get away from it all by going to the Hebrides to rest. Within days she finds hers [...]

  • Nikki

    Mary Stewart's mystery/romances are my chicklit. So when it's raining out and I'm feeling lazy and such, they're pretty much perfect for my mood. I curled up with this one today and polished it off in an hour. If you've read any of Mary Stewart's other books, apart from the Arthurian ones which are a whole different kettle of fish, you'll be pretty familiar with the formula: pretty high class woman who works for a living but has ties to the aristocracy, still girlish and a bit naive, gets swept [...]

  • Laura

    4.5 stars Once again, Stewart wows me with breathtaking suspense and stunning scenery. This murder mystery, set amongst the misty and craggy Scottish Hebrides, has to be her scariest work. With one cliff-hanger (sometimes literally) after another, it was near impossible to put downe time: 1953, the week of Hillary & Tenzing's Everest summit and Elizabeth II's coronationthe cigarette count: 28+

  • Emilia Barnes

    This is an interesting Mary Stewart, because it is less a gothic story and more a murder mystery. There's relatively little romance in it, too, but that worked fine for me, because the mystery was gripping, constantly rolling onwards, as the situation grew ever more tense. The setting in Skye was awesome - having been there I could just imagine it, and it was beautifully executed here. ***mild spoilers ahead***My only problem with it was the romance. This time, because the romance was between a [...]

  • Angie

    Such a wonderfully atmospheric book! Mary Stewart's strong points seem to be descriptions and atmosphere. She is truly a master! I found the characters interesting, and pretty well rounded. I loved Gianetta (and her name!) and found her easy to empathize with and relate to. Initially there are quite a number of characters to learn, but you are quickly engaged and can differentiate easily. This book was written years ago (mid 1950s) and some of the ideas and practices of the era are evident in th [...]

  • Amanda

    This is a fantastic, scary mystery novel. Much scarier (I think) than any of the other Mary Stewart mysteries. This one really kind of creeped me out. (Which actually doesn't take much since I'm not a horror fan). It takes place at a hotel near this mountain where people keep getting murdered and the main character is a girl who has recently been divorced. It's told in the first person, and the girl's ex-husband shows up at the hotel but she's torn between her old feelings for him and her new fe [...]

  • Cphe

    Nobody writes in this vein quite like Mary Stewart, vintage romantic suspense. Quality all the way. Every few years I revisit this author's work, it's timeless. I loved the characters, the wonderful descriptions of the bleak and dour Scottish countryside d the mystery was engrossing and seamlessly delivered.Time and money well spent.

  • Julie Davis

    I have been a fan of Mary Stewart's beautiful prose and romantic thriller stories since I was in high school, nabbing my mother's copies off the shelves. I haven't picked them up for years but seeing that they are on Kindle for a low price made me go looking for my own paperbacks. This is one I read fewer times than the others and so I began with it. Immediately I sank into the pleasure of revisiting much loved characters and settings with noticing new details brought to my attention by the laps [...]

  • Suz Thackston

    I first read this as a teenager, and have been dying to visit the Isle of Skye ever since. Mary Stewart's plucky heroines are indeed usually rescued by a man, and a love interest at that, but I don't hold that against her. If the genre still works today, we can't retroactively insist that it should hold to feminist principles half a century ago. And Gianetta, like all the MS young women, is smart and capable in her own right. I loved the story, with its references to Frazier's Golden Bough and e [...]

  • Victoria

    Une sympathique lecture avec quelques moments de vrai suspense haletant et une belle ambiance (sur l’île de Skye). J’ai néanmoins trouvé l’intrigue criminelle un peu trop simple à deviner.

  • Teri-K

    I love walking into a "new" library and discovering they haven't eliminated all of the older books from their shelves. So I was delighted, while taking a few minutes this morning to peruse the shelves of the library where I'm visiting, to find several authors I love whose books are hard to find. Mary Stewart was the first author I looked for, and I came away with this one. I'm sure I've read it before, but it's been so many years I don't remember it at all. What a great way to spend a few hot, h [...]

  • Lynn Spencer

    Mary Stewart is truly one of the greats. Her books, with their practical heroines and often exotic settings, appeal to the imagination, and she has a way of building tension throughout her narratives in such a way that it reels the reader in easily. Her writing has not only inspired all manner of romantic suspense novelists, but itself stands the test of time. Thankfully, her work is being rereleased and I was thrilled to get a chance to read Wildfire at Midnight as it was one of the few books b [...]

  • Elinor

    For lighter relief after a steady diet of wartime reading, I picked up this old paperback at a friend's house. Now I remember why I used to love Mary Stewart. The clothes, social standards, and speech habits are a wee bit dated (the book was first published in 1956), but the author wrote a good solid mystery with a strong romantic element. I certainly didn't guess whodunnit. And the heroine was plucky beyond the period she lived in. Still highly recommended after all these years.

  • Nancy Ellis

    This was pretty much one of her formula books: troubled woman from troubled marriage seeks getaway holiday which, of course, turns out to be anything but relaxing, with murder, intrigue, and also-troubled husband showing upbut it made for a nice, relaxing weekend read. It felt like a gothic Agatha ChristieI kept expecting Hercule Poirot to walk into the gathering at the inn, although he would not have been happy climbing the Scottish Highlands in the rain

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