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When Noah wakes up in the hospital, he s relieved to see his best friend Mark at his side.Mark s always been there for him ever since a school bully tried to steal Noah s lunch money Is it too much for Noah to hope that Mark will want to be a permanent part of his life

  • Title: Broken Bones, Mended Hearts
  • Author: WilliamCooper
  • ISBN: 9781615814596
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook

About Author:


My name is William Cooper and I am an author of gay romances I have a handful of books available from a range of small publishing houses I m also part of the Smutwriters group and you re welcome to check us out at SmutWritersFeel free to contact me anytime at RogueCooper at gmail

Comments Broken Bones, Mended Hearts

  • Janna

    This is a short story (42p) so I try to keep this review short too, because I don’t want to spoil your reading pleasure by telling too much about the plot. What I definitely want to share is that I read this story with a smile on my face from the first page to the last. Don’t expect your heart to be wrung, because this is not that kind of romance, it’s a nice, angst free read. Something you don’t always expect in a GFY (Gay For You) themed story – Noah is gay and his best friend Mark i [...]

  • Diane

    Broken Bones, Mended Hearts is a good read if you are in the mood for a light feel good short story. I’d particularly recommend it as a nice way to clean your palate after reading something dark or heavy. Think of it as a literary breath mint! :)

  • Serena Yates

    This is a very short feel-good story about two best friends who discover the potential for more when one of them is beaten up and ends up in hospital.Noah and Mark have been best friends since kindergarten, and their transition into being boyfriends is as effortless and angst-free as their long years of friendship that went before. While the plot isn't complicated, the backstory is rich and made me laugh several times. This was a nice surprise find for me.

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    Broken Bones, Mended Hearts is the type of story that doesn't require much thinking and has the perfect resolution to any conflict. Almost. Noah ends up in the hospital because he was beat up on his way out of the library all because he hit on a straight guy and the man didn't particularly like that. He wakes up from a coma three days later to see his best friend, Mark, waiting by his bedside. From there everything in the next couple of days goes perfectly. The long time crush Noah has on his be [...]

  • Camille

    Oh, this was corny and ridiculously written. There was ZERO tension, development or characterisation. This was like drinking butter, smooth and liable to make you choke on it. The worst was the best friend who becomes gay for the MC. Literally, in the blink of an eye, in the measure, the span of a paragraph a straight man calmly, smilingly decides to become his bff's boyfriend. The fact that I am using the term BFF should provide a clue as to how immature this story is.

  • Meri

    It wasn't a bad story, but it did seem very underdeveloped. I can handle it if the story/plot is weak but the characters are strong (or vice versa). However this one seemed weak on both sides and simply fell flat.

  • Lily

    Very nice story about college friends, one gay and the other straight, who after one is badly beaten discover that perhaps they're more than just friends. The story is very short unfortunately but is overall entertaining and sweet with nice, likable protags.

  • Chris

    Good m/m romance short about a college student whose best friend helps him out after he's been severely beaten. Especially recommended if you're looking for a sweet, non-angsty read!

  • Maya

    A very short, sweet and uncomplicated read.

  • D

    Broken Bones, Mended HeartsA quick study in Hurt/Comfort. GFY, HEA Short read.Noah (Owl)-Has been crushin’ on his best friend Mark since he was six. Mark- Noah’s best friend since they were six years old. Always there to pull Noah out of a bind. Noah wakes up in the hospital in bad shape after an assault on campus. Mark is there for him and wants to know what happened but Noah refuses to say. Flirting with the wrong person can get you two broken legs and a broken arm. Talk about bad shape. N [...]

  • Norah

    The story is short but oh so very sweet, like a quick lick of your favourite candy.Noah and mark friends for ever best buds for life.when noah is hurt , mark is there like always to pick up the pieces , NOah is gay but mark is straight ,,, isnt he???I loved this oh so sweet make you feel good story.The characters are well developed for a short read and you cant help but fall in love with them both . Plus all the add on characters and I do mean characters LOL are just awesome.Like sunshine on a r [...]

  • Jess Candela

    It had a very juvenile tone to it. And it was all too easy. Noah's injuries only seemed to matter to the extent that it put him in a poisition for Mark to get more intimate. And Mark, who has been straight, all of a sudden is in love with his best friend, jacking him off in the bath, and totally fine with it. It helped a little that they'd apparently jacked each other off as kids, but not enough for Mark's total and complete ease with it.And why did Dad come with the little brother, have breakfa [...]

  • Ami

    Though it opens with Noah on the bed, broken bones after being beaten by bully in his university, but this short story is angst free. It's pretty sweet about how two best friends (Noah and Mark) come to try a new chapter in their relationship. A GFY story -- which while not always my first choice of theme, it's still nice to read once in awhile. I would've given this 3.5 stars but I need to add the extra 0.5 stars for Noah's relationship with his siblings, especially his little 8-year-old brothe [...]

  • Tara

    This was a sweet story that grew out of something awful. It was a little too sweet for me and everything seemed to come really easy. Easy as in agreeable and without angst or conflict. Except for the initial conflict (which really isn't touched upon much in the story), everything was ideal. If that's what you are looking for, then this is your book.

  • Karen K

    Very sweet book but way too short for my liking. I'd love to know more about the characters, and see how their relationship progresses. I found myself grinning all the way through and that's a very good thing.

  • Leaundra

    Great story!! Glad that Mark and Noah found their way to each other after all those years. Everyone should have a big sister like Hannah. I also thought Aaron was too cute. Out of the mouth of babes. Children aren't born prejudiced they're taught it. I wish it would have been longer:-)

  • OkayKim

    I giving this one a 3.5 rating. There was enough to catch my interest, but needed more to make the story.

  • Jimmy Hanson

    Honestly? Everything was too easy. Too sweet. Too boring.

  • Sadonna

    Pleasant suprise - since it starts off with a violent attack, I was worried about where it would go. Loved the sibling relationships.

  • Natalija

    Although it seemed like a shorter version of a longer story, I really enjoyed this book. I definitely want to try more by this author

  • Omega696

    Even if it started with a main character in a hospital it's still fluff, sweets and butterflies. Too sweet for me.

  • Susan65

    Short but sweet

  • Julia

    Sweet and hot. In general I like some kind of conflict, but there's nothing wrong with a story that's just sweet and feels nice to read. This definitely falls into that category.

  • Elisa Rolle

    If you are worried by the title, don’t be, even if there are indeed broken bones, the story is mostly sweet and tender, almost innocent sometime, considering these boys make love, but it’s such a natural thing that it felt like two boys playing a game.Noah and Mark have always been best friends, since Noah was 6 and Mark 8 years old; Mark was always Noah’s protector, and nothing changed when Noah came out to Mark, even if Mark has always been a ladies’ guy. When Noah is gay bashed on the [...]

  • Tam

    Noah wakes up in the hospital badly beat up. Seems he came onto some guy at university who took offence and he and his buddies beat him up. His roommate and BFF Mark is there to take care of him and straight arrow Mark suddenly kisses him. Also Noah's family is coming to make sure he's okay, including his older sister who raised him when his mother died and his father and younger step-brother. At home he and Mark take things to the next level (despite casts on both legs and an arm) and after rev [...]

  • Lucy

    I loved the relationship between Noah and his family, Aaron in particular. I was a little surprised that as close as the family was Noah hadn't ever let them know he was gay. Noah and Mark slip from friends to boyfriends so easily.

  • Shaz

    3.5 stars

  • Anjali

    Short and sweet.Plot is hackneyed. So predictable.But I liked the sweet entertaining short story.

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  • ✓ Broken Bones, Mended Hearts || ☆ PDF Read by Ô WilliamCooper
    389 WilliamCooper
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