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By Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski | Comments: ( 744 ) | Date: ( Jul 12, 2020 )

Law enforcement personnel categorize murderers on a scale of twenty five levels of evil from the na ve opportunists starting out at Level 1 to the organized, premeditated torture murderers who inhabit Level 25 But to an elite unnamed investigations group assigned to hunt down the world s most dangerous killers, headed by Steve Dark, a new category of killer is being defLaw enforcement personnel categorize murderers on a scale of twenty five levels of evil from the na ve opportunists starting out at Level 1 to the organized, premeditated torture murderers who inhabit Level 25 But to an elite unnamed investigations group assigned to hunt down the world s most dangerous killers, headed by Steve Dark, a new category of killer is being defined.

  • Title: Dark Origins
  • Author: Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: 9780451232380
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski

Anthony E Zuiker is the creator and executive producer of the American television show CSI Crime Scene Investigation He produced all three editions of the CSI franchise CSI Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami and CSI NY Besides his work on CSI, he also founded the murder mystery show Whodunnit He also assisted in the writing of Terminator Salvation He is currently involved in Blackbox TV, a YouTube series and is the executive producer and writer of the web series Cybergeddon.On September 8, 2009, Zuiker released Level 26 Dark Origins, a book with associated web based motion picture and interactive elements which he termed a digi novel Zuiker produced 20 cinematic cyber bridges, which readers are prompted to view online using special codes embedded in the book s text every 20 pages or so On October 14, 2010, Level 26 Dark Prophecy was released and the third installment, Level 26 Dark Revelations was released in 2011.

Comments Dark Origins

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Dark Origins hit the world at just the right time, when overdramatic FBI depictions on television like Criminal Minds were all the rage. It's not bad but I felt like it was trying too hard to push itself as this incredible psychological horror akin to Silence of the Lambs or Session 9 when really it was just recycling the same pattern of similar stories that we've all seen time and time again. Its dialogue felt way too over-the-top and cheesy, and its characters were unbelievably ridiculous for [...]

  • William Thomas

    I don't ask for any kind of literary high-mindedness when I read throw-away modern crime novels. This book, however, has some of the worst prose I have ever read, but the scene where the killer flenses the hair in his anus was a treat.Duane Swierczynski writes amazing comic books. He does. You should go out and pick up his runs on Immortal Iron Fist and Werewolf by Night: In the Blood. What you should absolutely avoid is this "interactive" novel that he co-wrote with the creator of, ugh, the tel [...]

  • MischaS_

    One of the best books, I've ever read. I still think that the first book was the best one. And I loved the videos those were super awesome. Still, remember when I brought it to school with me and talked about it with my friends. One of the "catchy" phrases on the book was "Chat with the killer". Which meant that there is a video of the detective chatting with the killer. And my friends were like; you should be really careful! Chatting with a killer! What are you thinking? :D FUn times.

  • Carmaletta Hilton

    I started out with high hopes for this book, but the further I got into it, the worse it became. It's in the category of great idea, poorly executed. There's so much wrong with this book I don't even know where to begin. First of all, the idea of a Level 26 killer. It's interesting, but in the end, he's no different than one of Dr. Michael Stone's Level 22 killers. The only thing that makes him "special" is that they couldn't catch him for 30 years. Well, look how long it took to catch BTK and h [...]

  • Fatuma

    Review ex-posted on my blog:Before I even start, let me just get it out there:LEVEL 26 IS A MUST READ!!! DON'T HESITATE OR CONTEMPLATE, JUST GO GET IT!!!!!! Alright, reading this book is like nothing else that you're ever read. It is an experience. You don't simply read this novel, you live it! You fear for the victims, an you're scared crapless by the killer. Every 20 pages or so of the novel, provides with a code that you put in at level26. This unlocks a video clip that enhances the reading e [...]

  • Claudia / BeautyButterflies

    Leider eine große Enttäuschung! Mir wurde das Buch vor Jahren mal als "super kranker Thriller" empfohlen bei dem "man ängstlich Nachts im Bett liegt" Für mich war es einfach nur ein schlecht geschriebenes Buch, was versucht mit Ekel und vermeintlich schockierende Taten des Mörders Angst zu erzeugen. Für mich war es aber die meiste Zeit einfach nur lächerlich. Gleichzeitig sind die handelnden Personen nicht wirklich sympathisch für mich und ihre Taten oft so unfassbar vorhersehbar und uns [...]

  • Bridget

    Currently there are 25 levels to categorize serial killers. One is someone who just stumbles into killing. Twenty-Five would describe the sadistic psychopaths who find pleasure in suffering. Now imagine that one person has become even more evil than the serial killers you've heard about in the past? Imagine someone who has absolutely no compassion, no feeling, not even a soul. A person lacking all these characteristics is out there and because he doesn't seem to show any of the "normal" traits o [...]

  • Rita

    Ick, ick and ick. I heard about this book before it came out and it sounded interesting. That was until I actually saw the book and noticed that it describes itself as "from the visionary creator of CSI." Wow. Self-glorify much? He's said in interviews that he believes books need to "evolve" to keep up with television and video viewing and this is his plan to move reading forward into the new age. I say books are fine. Leave them alone.

  • Exanimis

    What a concept, read the story and watch short videos online that enhance the story. I really wanted to like this book but found myself disgusted with the cliche's early on. An old, hard as nails, cop who is only months from retirement and a washed up drunk who is suddenly the only person in the world who can catch a killer, are teamed up to solve the case. The killer has a God complex and thinks he has been sent by god to commit these crimes. I've read that all before. I was ready to give up on [...]

  • Gary Sedivy

    I regret that I have to say I finished this book. I don't particularly like slasher/torture books, for the same reason I don't go to slasher movies. I should have stopped at the book cover. Unfortunately once I start a book, I almost feel compelled to finish it. Sigh Oh, well - warning there is a spoiler later on in this review.The bad guy is creepy, extremely so. The good guy, named Dark, is an emotional wreck, based on a previous encounter with the bad guy. How's that for a natural set up? Of [...]

  • Laura

    Didn't love this. It was not particularly well written: the characters were shallow and there was no effort made to give back story or an explanation for how the villain became the man he was. It was full of stock characters and charicatures. What there was was an effort to disgust and offend the sensibilities of any decent person by listing horrible crime after horrible crime then describing the horrors of the killer's secret chamber at the end. It was the written equivalent of a slasher film, [...]

  • Laurie

    Level 26 was a breathtaking psychological thriller. Steve Dark is a former member of Special Circumstances, a section of the FBI that the public will never hear about. Special Circs investigates the worst of the worst in serial killers and often its agents are short-time members due to burnout, insanity or death. Steve Dark left because of all three. As the best agent, he was assigned the most difficult cases and his last case was to hunt down and eliminate a Level 26 killer named Sqweegel. Unfo [...]

  • Elizabeth Nesbit-comer

    There are so many errors in this book that it's almost unreadable. The timeline makes no sense. Some things are refernced as 20 years ago, but the current year makes it impossible, shoddy editing at best. Also, I don't think anyone can put together two shatter glass doors by himself in just a few hours.I thought that a digi book by the creator of one of my favorite shows would be amazing, but all i got from this was boring and predictable. The videos were cheesy and I stopped logging in early on [...]

  • Thessia

    Dieses Buch hat mich fertig gemacht. Ich hätte absolut nicht damit gerechnet das dieses Buch so ekelhaft, abartig, creapy wird. Es war wirklich gut und spannend aber manchmal auch einfach nur schrecklich. Für volle 5 sterne reicht es leider nicht, aber das kann im zweiten Teil ja noch werden! :)

  • Laren

    This book uses a new concept designed by the primary author, who is the creator of the TV show "CSI". The idea is that the book can stand alone as the first in a planned series of books, or the reader can choose to further immerse into the story via a website where you can see short films that purportedly bridge some small gaps between chapters in the story.Honestly, I wasn't that interested in the multimedia experience, but I was interested in what the creator of one of my favorite TV shows wou [...]

  • Chuck

    4-starsLevel-26 is a pretty radical book written by the man who created the television show CSI. There are even movie clips on the internet you're supposed to watch at specific times throughout the story. You don't have to watch them, though; I watched less than half of them due to internet connection issues, and I don't feel like I missed anything, but they're actually pretty cool. If you've seen very much crime television programming on cable at all, you've probably come across a guy named Doc [...]

  • Darcia Helle

    If you are looking for a fast-paced, graphic thriller, then you might love this book. If you are looking for character depth and believability, I would not recommend this one.I had several problems with this story. The main character, Steve Dark, is fairly young with a pregnant wife. They live in a million dollar home with no financial worries, yet neither of them appear to work. Sqweegel, the serial killer, also has total financial independence. We are never given explanations for how any of th [...]

  • Angie

    I enjoyed this book. There were some things I was able to guess and figure out ahead of time, but it was certainly tense enough that I plowed through it in less than 24 hours! I've read some reviews that were frustrated with the characters, but I went into this expecting entertainment, and that's exactly what I got. If you are looking for the great American novel, this isn't it. But if you want a fun book FBI thriller, you'll enjoy Dark Origins. The cyber-bridges were a fun and interesting addit [...]

  • Laura

    I like the concept of this book, but the execution left me cold. There is a web site connected to this book, where you can go and watch video; however you first need to sign up with your email and relevant information. Hated that idea, but did it anything to see what the hoopla was about. The first video was really suggestive and horrible in content. The rest were less so.The writing was okay, but nothing special. It seems Mr. Zuiker and his co-author are interested in being really gory and expl [...]

  • Rubi

    Cartea e bunicica ca idee, se vrea a fi un fel de Millenium (seria TV), dar fara Frank Black, in schimb il avem pe Steve Dark. Amuzant, nu?Daca mai insistau un pic asupra atributelor psihopatului deja devenea suprauman. Nu am inteles cum se furisa noaptea imbracat intr-un costum de latex alb.Iar ideea cu uciderea agentilor (cei mai buni!) doar pentru ca investigatia nu da rezultate, e o idiotenie; nu stiu cine a gandit-o, dar nu face absolut nimic pentru carte.Filmuletele disponibile online, a c [...]

  • Mac

    Ein in einem Latexanzug Psychopathischer Serienkiller der seit drei Jahrzehnten von den besten Polizei Einheiten Amerikas nicht dingfest gemacht werden konnte, bis Steve Dark wieder seinen Dienst aufnimmt. Der Jäger und der Gejagte. So etwas abscheuliches an Morden wie in diesem Buch könnte sich davor kein normaler Mensch vorstellen. Kopfkino vom Allerschlimmsten. Richtig gut geschrieben ist es nicht, aber meine positive Bewertung liegt eindeutig am Entertainment.

  • Jos

    Bis jetzt sind den Strafverfolgungsbehörden 25 Kategorien von Mördern bekannt. Von Zufallstätern der Stufe 1 bis hin zu Folterern und Schlächtern der Stufe 25, deren Grausamkeiten sich dem normalen Begriffsvermögen entziehen. Doch seit kurzem gibt es eine neue Kategorie, eine Dimension des Schreckens, die so noch nicht bekannt war, es gibt Level 26. Seine Opfer: JederSeine Methoden: Alles, was ihm geeignet erscheintSein Alias: SqweegelSqweegel verbreitet Angst und Schrecken auf der ganzen W [...]

  • Katisha

    Steve Dark is a retired criminologist. The case that broke him and sent him running away with his sanity in tatters is back to haunt him. Sqweegel wants to play some more, and only his old adversary knows the rules well enough to be a worthy adversary. Can Steve Dark do this again though? Can his new life--his life with Sibby Dark and their as-yet unborn baby--take the strain of him climbing back inside an horrific serial killer's warped brain? You'll have to read the book to find out.I wasn't s [...]

  • Wanda

    I found this book disappointing on at least two fronts. Number one, it really seemed to glorify the killer as opposed to law enforcement. And this is nothing like "Dexter," where the killer is the main character. Sqweegel is just too perfectly awful, with his skin tight crime suit (in white, no less, like a bride) and his time spent lurking in small uncomfortable spaces so as to be creepily in the "right" place at the "right" time. So he requires 4.5 pounds of butter to properly grease himself t [...]

  • Carolyn Lessard

    Serial killers are categorized by levels 1-25. In Anthony E. Zuiker's thriller series debut, "Level 26: Dark Origins," there is one so vicious, the FBI has given him his own category.No one knows the identity of the murderer known as Sqweegel, or how many people he has killed. He comes up with innovative ways to administer death, and has an endless supply of resources to spy on anyone who tries to capture him.FBI agent Steve Dark comes close to apprehending Sqweegel, who retaliates by killing Da [...]

  • Steve Mount

    Zuicker and his co-writer introduce a very compelling concept, linking the book with video clips on a web site, accessible in sequence as you read. A few of the "cyber links" were a little lame - a text message and an email - but most of them were good video clips filling in gaps between the chapters. A few of the videos, BTW, are NSFW.The book was a little rushed. The villain, Sqweegel, was a bit too superhuman, able to fly from one coast to the other in record time. The book explained this, bu [...]

  • Sean Harding

    Like a train crash that you can't look away from this book is just appalling.Really badly written with terrible dialogue, a mind numbingly stupid plot and cardboard cut out characters you just don't care about.I ignored the 'gimmick' of the videos you can link to - this is a book not a movie.Apparently this guy created CSI, I'm no fan of CSI, silly show it is, but this makes CSI look like iterature.One of my favourite scenes is the bad guy, a seemingly invincible character picks up a new born ba [...]

  • Cynthia

    This could have been a cool concept, a novel with an online component. This one just didn't nail it. It seemed like the online segments served to make it easier for the author to avoud describing some difficult scenes and, since everything that happened online is later described in the book anyway, needing a computer to further the plot became cumbersome enough that I gave it up fairly early on. I didn't really dig the plot itself, but it's possible this genre (about a super evil serial killer) [...]

  • Melisa

    Great book! Follow two agents Riggins and Dark trying to catch a serial killer they call Squeegal who is characterized as level 26, the highest rank a serial killer or criminal can get! Find out how Dark and Sqeegal are linked together and the lengths Dark will go through to stop this monster before its too late! The best part about this book is its an digi-novel, which gives you a glimpse into the story! Every 20 pages or so you have the option of going on the website and watching a short film [...]

  • Leana

    Popravdě řečeno, čekala jsem detektivku s prvky hororu, ale co přišlo jsem nečekala. Už od začátku byly v knize scény, při kterých se člověku ne málo zvedá žaludek. Zároveň je to neuvěřitelně napínavá knížka, od které je opravdu těžké se odtrhnout.Abych pravdu řekla, tak Skřípal byl příkladný prototyp zločince, který je génius a zároveň neuvěřitelně zvrácený.Výborný byl i bonus v podobě natočených scén, které pro efekt nebyly v knize popsány [...]

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    449 Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski
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