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Time of the Soul continues the adventure a month after the events of Light of the Body This time the townsfolk are celebrating the Spring Dance An event that will hopefully kick away the worries of past incidents in the town Although, even an occasion such as the Spring Dance can t remain uneventful for long, especially because this is Pembroke Eve, after all UnfortunaTime of the Soul continues the adventure a month after the events of Light of the Body This time the townsfolk are celebrating the Spring Dance An event that will hopefully kick away the worries of past incidents in the town Although, even an occasion such as the Spring Dance can t remain uneventful for long, especially because this is Pembroke Eve, after all Unfortunately, for Jacob things are about to get really weird as a pan dimensional being whisks him away just as Corey Harrington decides to make a scene at the dance and start throwing punches The being, who also happens to fall in love with Jacob, shows him a different past, a possible present and a future he must choose But the consequences of the being s love is than Jacob can handle or allow to happen He will lose all of his friends and a life he thought he had if he accepts the being Something he knows cannot possibly happen Jacob is alone, without Callum or Zane or Suzy this time Even Mr Barnaby and his strange friend can t really help in the alternate reality the being has created to woo Jacob into his web In the end, Jacob must resort to making a deal with the devil his arch enemy Corey Harrington and use all of his wits to make sure his life is as it should be before the being discovers his plan and decides that Jacob no longer deserves his affection or his life.

  • Title: Time of the Soul
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: 9781554875795
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Mark Alders

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, in the land of Oz According to my own Teenage mis adventures, I am just an ordinary guy with a penis which likes to get me into trouble a lot I ve seduced trees, copulated with watermelons, and had nice old ladies pick ants off my naked body Yep, that s me Mark Alders All round nice guy and with my brain firmly in my pants, exactly where it belongs So what about the here and now Well, I am a mild, mannered post office worker by day I have a mortgage to pay and a partner named Lee who I have been with for cough twenty one years cough At night, my muse, the bitch, forces me into bondage and makes me sit at my computer and type out stories about men having sex with each other all the time over and over in varying degrees of WTF, too I mean, I have stories out there about alien spiders needing humans to nourish their eggs, red skinned aliens whose balls glow when they are sexually excited, beings who cock dock with their victims to drain them of their life force, and a young man who discovers puberty is just the start of his problems as he comes into magolescence on his eighteenth birthday and his penis turns into a snake Ah, the life of a story teller The fun never ends.

Comments Time of the Soul

  • Tj

    This was almost like reading a step out from the series. Jacob has his own little adventure. I had a harder time rating this one. It's not anything like the two books before it. Even while reviewing it I'm going back and forth. I would give it a 4.5 but it's not an option here.I love the character of Jacob. He's a fighter and you see even more of that within this story. If you've read any of Mark Alders's works you see his common elements in this plot and character come to life. I do love how th [...]

  • Nancy L

    This installment sucked me in and wouldn't let go until I felt drained (yes, pun intended!) I'm amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of Mark's mind on this one. I'm like everyone else thinking that Thomas was evil. Didn't like him once he started really manipulating Jacob. LOL a cock docking vampirery creative! I loved how Jacob got closer to "new" friends who helped out. I want to know more about lawnmowerman Brad now :D Getting to know more of the people of Pembroke is making it a fun place [...]

  • ~~~Heather S.~~~

    Jakey is one hot piece of meat or something, everyone seems to be attracted to him and he just goes with the flow, rolling with whatever punches come his way. I see why all the guys adore him! This adventure was complex and strange, but yet again the characters pulled me through. I enjoyed getting to know different guys in the town, although I missed Callum and Zane. I can't believe I like Corey, how you doin' Daddy?! And the end was so sigh- worthy, how exciting!!!!!

  • Heather C

    So its finally time for the much talked about Spring Danced by the end of the 1st chapter, its already gotten weird. And in time, it gets even weirder! This book is twisted and bouncing around all over the place, LITERALLY and Non-LINEARLY! I think I was only confused once and had to backtrack and pay closer attention to the details and then it made sense. I like how Mark uses minor characters from the previous 2 books and brings them into the main plot for this one. Although I am ready for Jaco [...]

  • Jenre

    The third in the Pembroke Eve Chronicles turned out to be a different kettle of fish to the previous two books. Yes, it’s still narrated by our hormone soaked teen, Jacob, and yes, he’s still led about mostly by his dick, but the tone was much more sombre in this book and also Jacob, rather than relying on his friends to help save the day, is very much alone and reliant on his own thinking to save himself and his friends.The story begins shortly after the end of the previous book – Light o [...]

  • Wendy Ann

    It took me until the 3rd book to realize what clever titles this series has and how well they fit the theme for each individual book - awesome! During the first part of Jacob's adventure in this book I had a deja vu moment because it felt a bit like the "Ghosts of Christmas - past, present, future" and I thought this is going to be interesting. I had no idea exactly how interesting it was about to get! I was completely caught up in the action-packed storyline of this book. At times, my heart was [...]

  • Leaundra

    Wow another great one Mark. This one didn't gross me out as much. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole book though. It never slowed down. I really felt for Jacob in this one. He went through so much to try and get back. Your books always have me thinking what would I do if it happened to me. I enjoyed meeting Brad and even Corey wasn't too bad, I know shocking!!, LOL. I'm going to miss everyone so it will be cool if maybe we get to visit them again. (No pressure though Mark, lol) Once agai [...]

  • Robert

    Another 4.5 stars for #3. I loved the vampire/eternal character! I did miss Callum and Zane who didn't have much a role in this one but I'm sure they'll be back. I also enjoyed Corey (he was still a d*ck but his true side came out - too bad it's only in the alternate reality). Great job, Mark!

  • Shell

    Once again, Mark Alders created an interesting world that sucked me in and left me wanting more. Although, for the first half of this one, I was wondering what the bloody hell was going on! This time Jacob is on his own, when a pan-dimensional being sweeps him away to a world not unlike his own, but where time travel is possible and the being needs to be fed by taking his sustenance from Jacob. To make things even more interesting, this being comes in the form of Thomas, Jacob’s first crush. L [...]

  • Kendra T

    Where do I even begin. First of all, Mark Alders has a mind that is crazy and brilliant. How he even comes up with these concepts is beyond me. He writes very well and is engaging as a storyteller. I enjoyed the first 2 books but this one was very different than those. Jacob is once again a hero, saving himself mostly in this story but his actions would eventually save the town as well. That said, WTF?!?! haha. My complaint with this book is the same as last book. Jacob is way too horny to be mo [...]

  • Lexi Ander

    Mark, babe, why for are you messing with me?I stomped around work all day today because reading on my breaks only made me more angry. I HATED Thomas from the beginning. (Hey! He got kicked in tha nads!) I was plotting all of the ways to get rid of his evil assAnyone who comes between my guy Callum and Jacob will only earn animosity from me. I was freaking worried that Jacob would be stuck in that horific time line with Callum married toAck!d what the hell "my littl man", who knewCorey Harrington [...]

  • Stephanie

    I love Mark Alder's mind. He comes up with some of the strangest yet imaginative plots I've EVER had the pleasure of reading. Mind-bending and mind blowing doesn't even come close to describing this one. I loved it! Corey, the bully/gay-bashing jock became one of my favorite characters in this series. He's right up there with Zane now. I knew he protested a bit too much. He and Jacob's rendition of "Daddy" and "Little Man" had me giggling with glee. It was the hottest scene in the book. If you a [...]

  • Phil Ansell

    Fab! My favourite of the series so far. Loved the new characters and particularly what happened with Corey, great!

  • James Cox

    The sex was hot and the story was exciting, what's not to like!

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  • Unlimited [Christian Book] ✓ Time of the Soul - by Mark Alders ↠
    175 Mark Alders
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