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Julian Cope s highly acclaimed autobiography and its long awaited sequel in one extraordinary volume Contents Julian Cope shot to fame with eighties band Teardrop Explodes during the Punk era Hailed as a visionary by those people who recognise his genius and a madman by those who find him perplexing, he has become a cult figure in the music world Head On has previousJulian Cope s highly acclaimed autobiography and its long awaited sequel in one extraordinary volume Contents Julian Cope shot to fame with eighties band Teardrop Explodes during the Punk era Hailed as a visionary by those people who recognise his genius and a madman by those who find him perplexing, he has become a cult figure in the music world Head On has previously only been available via Head Heritage Julian s own company Repossesed picks up in 1983 where Head On ends and continues up until 1989 Written in Cope s inimitable style it is set to provoke the same kind of media excitement.

  • Title: Head-On/Repossessed
  • Author: Julian Cope
  • ISBN: 9780007197750
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julian Cope

Julian Cope born Julian David Cope, on 21 October 1957 is a British rock musician, author, antiquary, musicologist, poet and cultural commentator Originally coming to prominence in 1978 as the singer and songwriter in Liverpool post punk band The Teardrop Explodes, he has followed a solo career since 1983 and initiated musical side projects such as Queen Elizabeth, Brain Donor and Black Sheep Additional to his own work as a musician, Cope remains an avid champion of obscure and underground music.Cope is also a recognised authority on Neolithic culture, an outspoken political and cultural activist, and a fierce critic of contemporary Western society with a noted and public interest in occultism, paganism and Goddess worship.As an author and commentator, he has written two successive volumes of autobiography called Head On 1994 and Repossessed 1999 two volumes of archaeology called The Modern Antiquarian 1998 and The Megalithic European 2004 and three volumes of musicology called Krautrocksampler 1995 , Japrocksampler 2007 and Detroitrocksampler.

Comments Head-On/Repossessed

  • Rod

    Fiction about rock and roll is almost always ridiculous. Non-fiction about rock and roll is almost always also ridiculous, particularly in the form of the memoir.However, Julian Cope is slightly different, perhaps because his life story is so ridiculous that it's kind of hard to believe, whether in the fictional or non-fictional format, and yet it turns out that he speaks the truth, in a very strange and compelling way. These two books, bundled together comprise the two-volumes of his rock and r [...]

  • Susannah Marriott

    Possibly the best music memoir ever? In order of reading, I loved him, got bored by him, laughed at him, threw him against the wall, detested him, felt sorry for him, grew to love him again, became completely infatuated, and finally adored him so much that I had to read everything else he'd written.

  • Steve Porter

    In the first installment, Julian Cope recollects the Liverpool (post)punk scene, revolving around Eric's club,literally just across the street from the world famous Cavern. The seeds were sown for the Teardrop Explodes.In 1976, he left his Midlands home for college on Merseyside and soon formed his first band - The Crucial Three - with Ian McCulloch (then known as 'Duke') and Pete Wylie. As the name suggests, the group took themselves very seriously from the start. But, convinced of their own ta [...]

  • Alex

    The Teardrop Explodes are one of my favourite ever groups, and "Head-On" is a perfect evocation of the band and the time. Julian writes in a friendly and hilarious manner, making this easy to read. He's a natural communicator."Repossessed" is heavy going in parts and not as enjoyable as "Head-On", but you will still want to read it if you enjoyed "Head-On" Separately, "Head-On" would rate 5 stars and "Repossessed" would rate 3.

  • Stefano

    Ho letto solo Head-On, bello, pieno di aneddoti dettagliatissimi che mi fa pensare che o Cope si scrivesse tutto nei minimi particolari mentre le cose accadevano, o, visto che si è fatto più acidi di quanti si possano immaginare, si sia inventato tutto ma allora lo ha fatto in maniera brillante.Per chi ama il punk ed il suo mondo.

  • Godzilla

    A fascinating combination of two books (which rather confused my children, who thought I was reading a book upside down and backwards! Then were extremely disappointed to find out that I hadn't developed a new skill!) which cover two very different periods of Mr Cope's life.I can't call myself a huge fan of The Teardrop Explodes or even St Julian, prior to reading these books, I picked them up on recommendation alone.I wasn't disappointed, as he dissects the rise and fall of The Teardrop Explode [...]

  • Michael

    Julian Cope? The very same.Shenanigans in Tamworth, Liverpool and North America involving music, drugs, marshmallows and faulty van air-conditioning. How Cope and Co. managed to produce any work at all is a mystery, somewhat explained in this interesting and frank account of the rise and fall of The Teardrop Explodes. You don't necessarily need to know or enjoy Cope's music to appreciate his story. It helps that he's intelligent, insightful and can string his own words together without the media [...]

  • Ian Fiddes

    8/10. Julian does write an entertaining book. Enjoyed this a lot.

  • Michael D

    The best book by a rock n roller ever. The last few chapters of 'repossessed' are as creatively inspiring as anything i have ever read. WELL AWLRIGHT!

  • Todd Osborn

    I loved Head-On and Repossessed, but then I'm a huge Cope-head. In other words, I'm biased toward liking it. This is my second time reading Head-On. I find Cope's stories of his early musical life interesting, engaging, often hilarious, and sometimes outrageous. In particular, the antics of his drugged-out company of cohorts (including him) made me wonder how he made it through that time alive. Cope's books are well written, and easy to follow. He doesn't load up his writing with tons of technic [...]

  • Mik Sabiers

    A really good insight into how Copey became famous, the wonders of travelling on the road and the break up and rebirth of his musical career. Head on as a story of how someone made a name for themselves is great, Repossessed less so, but if you were getting into music in the late 1970s/early 1980s then this shiould bring back memories and also provide some home truths about people on the scene

  • Robert

    One of those essential bios.Julian Cope is an interesting character. He's often portrayed as a loony and his autobiography confirms that.Head on is a chronicle of his early life, how Cope got into music, forming the Teardrop Explodes and the Liverpool indie scene. It's fast, funny and full of comical observations.Repossessed deals with the Teardrops splitting up, a cope's solo career. It's not as funny as Head On and delves into way too many LSD adventures but it is solid.Read ASAP.

  • Nikki

    'Head On' is possibly the best music memoir I have ever read. Julian Cope is such a brilliant writer and story-teller, he had me glued to the book and I read it far too fast. The second half of the book 'Repossessed' is a much darker read as he struggles through drug overuse and I founds parts of it heavy going but again his writing engages you to him and his story and I cant wait to read the next installment.

  • José Vicente

    Tremendo Documento del Señor Cope.Teardrop explodes vs Echo and the bunnymen.Julian Cope vs Ian Mcculloch.Escena de Londres / USA vs Escena LiverpoolPunk vs (plus) psicodelia.Drogas plus Musica.Vamos impresionante testimonio de lo que era la escena alternativa post-sex pistols de principio de los 80

  • Matthew

    so great that the funniest, most personal telling of the rock'n'roll life, full of side splitting drug stories, tour tales, hilarity and anguish, should come from the singer of a pretentious 80s british pop band, now turned astro-hippy druidic historian and incredibly bad dresser. oh julian i love you.

  • William

    Fun book. Julian Cope gives his account of an indie band's rise to fame. It's not at all glamorous or particularly inspirational. The Teardrop Explodes were dirty and drugged and often without too many ideas other than to look hip. But Cope has a good story to tell. More important, he has a lot of fire in his belly and it comes out in the writing. Uh, Awlright!

  • Shelby

    Julian is a surprisingly good writer. He has a remarkable memory for detail, especially considering all of the acid he was taking at the time!Head On is fantastic, Repossessed lacks the same manic energy. I hope he gets around to publishing an account of the next 5+ years, in which Julian did his best work.

  • lou

    such a fantastic read Julian Cope tells the story w/ such ease + energy i think i read this over the course of 2 or 3 days all the way through + just wanted to keep going i highly recommend it

  • Adam

    Head-On is possibly the best book going about rock'n'roll madness, drugs and general adolescent nonsense. Great fun.

  • Kaylan

    Lol. One of the funniest rock autobiographies I've ever read.

  • JoAnne

    Only on page 20, but so far a great read. Anyone who lived through the punk scene of the 70's and 80's will love this book.

  • DJ Yossarian

    "Head On" gets 5 stars -- late 70s music scene in Liverpool blah blah blah it's great. "Repossessed" gets 3 or 3-1/2 sstars as it starts to get a bit repetitive and JC is best taken in smaller doses.

  • Guy

    Astute and honest appraisal of his rocky relationship with the music industry from a man whose individualism and integrity have not been compromised. Wit, Intelligence and attitude prevail.

  • Keir

    Brilliant. Refreshingly honest and fascinating account of Cope's musical and personal life. For all those kids dreaming of rock stardom, there's some things you need to know this book.

  • Richard

    repossessed was amazing. a very talented writer.

  • Jules Fry

    recommended - fascinating insight into the time, the man the genius

  • Kenneth Uzoma Uche

    Head On/Repossessed

  • John-paul

    One of the best documentaries of rock'n'roll excess and the craziness of non-stop touring. Cope is a very human figure and takes you with him.

  • Neil

    You like '80's post punk? Read this riveting bio.

  • minnie

    I'm not a big fan of his, but this book is excellent for anyone interested in the early '80's post punk scene, or the music business in general.See it all through Copes acid tinged eccentricity.

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