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By Dave Barry John Ritter | Comments: ( 896 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

Here are some of the best columns from the bestselling humorist.

  • Title: Dave Barry's Greatest Hits
  • Author: Dave Barry John Ritter
  • ISBN: 9780787100193
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Audiobook

About Author:

Dave Barry John Ritter

Dave Barry is a humor columnist For 25 years he was a syndicated columnist whose work appeared in than 500 newspapers in the United States and abroad In 1988 he won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary Many people are still trying to figure out how this happened.Dave has also written a total of 30 books, although virtually none of them contain useful information Two of his books were used as the basis for the CBS TV sitcom Dave s World, in which Harry Anderson played a much taller version of Dave.Dave plays lead guitar in a literary rock band called the Rock Bottom Remainders, whose other members include Stephen King, Amy Tan, Ridley Pearson and Mitch Albom They are not musically skilled, but they are extremely loud Dave has also made many TV appearances, including one on the David Letterman show where he proved that it is possible to set fire to a pair of men s underpants with a Barbie doll.In his spare time, Dave is a candidate for president of the United States If elected, his highest priority will be to seek the death penalty for whoever is responsible for making Americans install low flow toilets.Dave lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife, Michelle, a sportswriter He has a son, Rob, and a daughter, Sophie, neither of whom thinks he s funny.

Comments Dave Barry's Greatest Hits

  • Donna

    I enjoyed this and I knew I would even before I read it because I've always been a Dave Barry fan. It was such a short read though, I wished it had been longer and contained more of his greatest hits. It was everything I've come to expect from Dave Barry. He is definitely funny. I love the way his mind works and that he is able to translate on to a page.

  • C C

    Younger me loved Dave Barry; older me doesn't love Dave Barry.

  • Wes Locher

    This is one of those timeless humor books that holds up just as well today as it did when it was initially released 15 years ago! Dave Barry's mastery of the written word is at peak performance with this collection of columns. When they stuck the words "GREATEST HITS" on the cover, they were absolutely not lying.Sure, some of the events and people discussed within these pages may be dated, but if you were alive for those times (or took a history class in school) then you'll still appreciate a fr [...]

  • Int'l librarian

    I don’t read when I’m in the bathroom. But if I did, Dave Barry would provide most of the material. His work pretty much screams bathroom. As if the essay title, “Some Thoughts on the Toilet,” didn’t make that clear enough for his billions of readers. Not that I like bathroom humor. I don’t. I’ve probably only read “Some Thoughts…” two or three times. I’ve read a few of the other essays in here a couple dozen times. There’s just so much to learn, such as Dave’s tips for [...]

  • Honza Fedak

    I just discovered Dave Barry when I saw his latest book You Can Date Boys When You're Forty at a local bookstore. After reading it, I was ready for more. Greatest Hits is a collection of his newspaper columns. For someone like me, who never read any of them, it presents a nice profile and overview of his newspaper work. The columns are silly, often very funny, and each one if them is an easy read but reading dozens of them is quite a heavy dose; I am now ready to go and read something else. But [...]

  • Valerie

    Ian will probably read these next. He's already convinced boogers are funny.

  • John

    I'm old enough to have read many Dave Barry columns the first time around, but young enough not to have read any of the essays in this collection before. The volume doesn't start off well, with the first few essays offputtingly strident. Pretty soon, though, the book settles in with a consistent low-key wackiness that makes good use of callbacks and other comedic set-ups. The structure of the columns vary, with some of the later ones taking the form of interviews or letter responses. As a person [...]

  • Joshua Dancer

    While parts of this haven't aged well, the majority is still just as funny to me as it was when it was helping shape my sense of humor as a teenager. Dave Barry, Erma Bombeck, and 'Weird Al' Yankovic are the main reasons I am the way I am.

  • Kelly

    He is hilarious, but really expected more LOL moments

  • taeli

    read 10/16/17

  • J.

    I used to love reading Dave Barry's columns in the Sunday paper when I was a kid in the 80s. I found this book at a thrift shop recently and got a few chuckles, but the humor didn't age well.

  • Rose

    Although this is an older book, published in 1997, it is still laugh out funny in some parts.

  • Jack

    Quick, funny, but forgettable. Some of his classic articles from his column. Some made me laugh out loud, but some are dated. Still, he's very funny.

  • Patrick


  • Dylan

    Often humour books are the last refuge for no-longer-popular comedians and one only has to look at the list of comedic authors to see the number of has-beens and sophomoric satirists. Case in point: a couple weeks back while browsing the humour section at a local bookstore I spotted a grinning, overtly-flabby Jay Mohr plastered on the front of a hardcover. For every “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, one of David Sedaris’s collections of wit-fuelled, self-deprecating essays, there are ten “Dirty [...]

  • Rose Moore

    Dave Barry, as always, is utterly hilarious in this collection of some of his best columns from the '80s. Full disclosure: I adore Dave Barry. I started reading some of his collected columns when I was a kid sampling my Dad's bookshelves, and this is one of my favorites (re-read this month when I picked up a new copy). I will happily admit that being a life-long fan will have some impact on this review. Hopefully not too much, but in the interests of total transparency, it's worth mentioning. Da [...]

  • Shawn Sorensen

    It’s not that John Ritter doesn’t give it a good go on this unabridged audio version of Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits (audio book didn't have correct cover). While he tries too hard with timing, Ritter still reads at an appropriately accelerated pace and doesn’t commit the cardinal sin of audio book performers - muttering so low that you can’t hear a punch line no matter how much you tax your car's subwoofer. These chuckle-inducing essays about making beer, poor eyesight or having the flu [...]

  • Corielle

    Dave Barry released this book (which I bought for a quarter at a book fair) in 1988, and it basically contains all of his newspaper articles for the previous several years. Despite the dated politics (it contains a lot of Nixon & Reagan jokes), it holds up surprisingly well, considering it's 27 years old (oh my god that means my little sister is also 27 years old). A lot of it remains very relevant, overshadowing that which does not (such as a whole chapter on the perils of home telephones). [...]

  • ACS Librarian

    I don 19t read when I 19m in the bathroom. But if I did, Dave Barry would provide most of the material. His work pretty much screams bathroom. As if the essay title, 1CSome Thoughts on the Toilet, 1D didn 19t make that clear enough for his billions of readers. Not that I like bathroom humor. I don 19t. I 19ve probably only read 1CSome Thoughts 26 1D two or three times. I 19ve read a few of the other essays in here a couple dozen times. There 19s just so much to learn, such as Dave 19s tips for t [...]

  • Sarah Anne Carter

    “Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday Season, that very special time of year when we join our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall.”Dave Barry is a funny man. His work is classic and it deals mostly with human nature. Published in 1989, Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits is a compilation of his columns published so far. It’s nice to read about a time before the Internet and cell phones were commonplace, though. Human na [...]

  • Stacy

    There are two main problems with reading this book in the bathroom.1) It will take you a really, really long time to finish it, unless you are prone to frequent gastrointestinal difficulties.2) You must make sure that no one is within hearing distance who might feel uncomfortable upon hearing chuckles, guffaws, even hee-haw laughter emitted from the bathroom. This could be embarrassing for both you and them and should be avoided.Dave Barry- what a guy. Funny in the 80's, funny-if a little dated- [...]

  • Brett

    I read my first Dave Barry column back when I was probaby 13 or 14. I still remember that it contained some bit about how snakes were learning to move from toilet to toilet, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. As a middle and high schooler, I read quite a few of his books and generally enjoyed most of them a lot. Now that I'm somewhat older, I don't think Barry is quite the genius I used to, but I still find him surprising enough that I don't mind picking up one of his books once in a whil [...]

  • Tony

    Vintage Barry

  • Halla

    304 pgs, comedy. This book is a whole bunch of humorous articles Dave Barry wrote for a newspaper, all assembled into a book.A little dated, and some of the humour is hard to comprehend, but some of the lines, I have to admit are funny. I find this book slightly flaky; in some parts I'm laughing out loud, and in some parts, I just want to flip ahead and not read it. It's not very consistent that way. For the funny articles, I would give them a 9. For the non-funny ones (because it's hard to find [...]

  • Lisa

    I used to love reading Dave Barry's column in the newspaper, but the book form was perhaps too heavy a dose. Some of the essays (especially about his family) were quite funny, but a good bulk of the others just felt repetitive. This would probably be a good book to pick up every now & again for a little chuckle rather than reading it like a novel, as I did. Also, future readers should be warned that this was written in the late 80's. So be prepared for lots of Reagan jokes, and references to [...]

  • Kickstand447

    (This is the first Kindle book I've downloaded from my Library (and it probably won't be the last.) I love that I can read it on my TouchPad, my Android phone, and on my PC. So convenient.)Re the book: I love Dave Barry & always look forward to his annual Year in Review in the Washington Post Magazine. This collection of short essays doesn't disappoint. I'm only about 1/4 through, and already there are a couple of stories he tells that are super-funny. I'm resisting saying side-splitting; bu [...]

  • Kara

    I devoured Dave Barry books when I was a preteenI checked them all out of the Des Plaines Public Library and would go to the Mount Prospect Public Library for more. I love Barry's everyman style and funny turn of phrase. Some find his humor cheap, and it certainly is repetitive, but he pretty much introduced me to humor writing, and obviously many other readers love him; he was quite prolific at one point. I feel nostalgic about his books and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have developed the se [...]

  • Dale

    Audio Version a real treatRead by John RitterDuration: 2 hours, 33 minutes Dave Barry's Greatest Hitswas read by John Ritter who was one of the few people who could actually read Dave Barry correctly - he put the emphasis in the right places and pauses to make the jokes work perfectly.On to the material -Pulled from Barry's earlier material in the early 1990s, it was a bit up and down, but mostly upRead more at: dwdsreviews/2011/

  • Susan

    This book is hilarious and even though it came out 21 years ago it is still so funny as history repeats itself. Didn't some of those comments about Reagan apply just as well to Bush? I thought the story about New York was the best and still current (cab drivers who don't speak English,the subway,"spare change"). I also remember some of those politicians involved in scandals, eg Gary Hart and it continues today. If you've ever traveled in Europe and esp Wales you can relate to 'Europe on 5 Vowels [...]

  • Carmen

    I keep this book in my car and take it with me for those unanticipated stops one makes in urban life--Jamba Juice, Rubio's, you know, little bits of time with short periods of sitting and snarfing. Comprised of short essays from his column, I can read (or re-read!) an essay or two before I finish my fish taco. I eat carefully, though, because inevitably, I guffaw, and if I guffaw with food in my mouth, I could die laughing.

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