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By Megan Derr | Comments: ( 782 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Called to be the second to a young, rash duelest, Alexis seeks out the appointed second of the challenger But the man he expects is not the man he encounters, and Alexis finds himself thinking of things vastly interesting than settling challenges put forth by hot headed young men, things that heat his own blood and which he thought well in his pastApproximate wordCalled to be the second to a young, rash duelest, Alexis seeks out the appointed second of the challenger But the man he expects is not the man he encounters, and Alexis finds himself thinking of things vastly interesting than settling challenges put forth by hot headed young men, things that heat his own blood and which he thought well in his pastApproximate word count 10,000

  • Title: Seconds
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781936202126
  • Page: 172
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Megan Derr

Megan is a long time resident of m m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internetderrmaderr.tumblrmaderrvejournallessthanthreepress meganaderr

Comments Seconds

  • Macky

    A bastard Earl and a viscount become seconds to two young rebellious young men who are unable to be in each other's company for more than one minute before they're flinging insults or indulging in fisticuffs and its pretty obvious why but the men are constantly having to defuse their outbursts before they end up duelling. The more the two young ones argue the more the two men are thrust into each other's company and over time an unspoken and underlying attraction begins to simmer between them . [...]

  • Ami

    3.75 stars rounded upA wonderful free story from the world of Deceived's "Regency" -- Bartholomew Ford, from "The Highwayman" (Deceived and Other Tales) made an appearance here as Alexis's friend. I loved that Haven was an Oriental ethnicity with a penchant for language and he worked as translator (aaaahhhh). It was cute to read about Alexis and Haven's role as seconds for their younger friends (Henry and Otis) -- and how instead of letting the boys go into duel, both men decided to take the fri [...]

  • Samah

    Racist messyikes.

  • Lucy

    Reread it, still love it.4.25 This short story is historical in a sort of alternate Regency history, as same-sex unions appear to be accepted as norm. Viscount Knox, Alexis, finds himself calling on the Earl of Chelsea. Haven, or “the Dragon”, is the illegitimate son and a source of gossip for society. Not only was he claimed by the Earl, and has inherited, but he works as a translator! It’s just not done. Alexis is the second for a young Henry, who has challenged Haven’s friend, Otis, t [...]

  • Sarina

    I love Megan Derr; there's just something about the stories she writes that draws me in. I have yet to read the first book in this series but it wasn't necessary to understand or enjoy this one. Lex and Haven first meet while attempting to keep a duel from happening between two young and brash men who can't seem to keep from fighting. I actually thought the issues between the two younger men was amusing and fully expected them to be locked together in a room at one point but, alas, that did not [...]

  • Terry Milien

    What to say? The more I discover of Megan's works, the more I need. And this is only a short, free read! I am, clearly, addicted, and it's a drug I don't ever need to be detoxing for! Now, I should really get on to praise the story instead of the writer A sweet story of a lord who has sworn off love but clearly he never planned to meet "the Dragon" Earl, who so effectively melts his icy heart. Honestly, I was biased from the moment it was said the earl was a translator. :-D

  • L-D

    This was an interesting short story about two lords who are seconds in a duel for their young charges. Rather than let the young boys go through with the duel, the lords meet in an attempt to settle matters peaceably. Knowing that the boys are still acting hot-headed, the lords escort them to various functions, to prevent further altercations.While this was an extremely short story, I still felt engaged with Alexis and Haven. I would have enjoyed a longer novella with these characters.

  • Kati

    What a delightful little story! I loved the setting, the characters, the humor. Well written historical gay romances that don't focus on sex are hard to find but this one was incredibly sweet and well written. In a handful of pages, Megan Derr made me really care about the characters which is not that common. I think I found a new author to follow avidly!

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*

    3.5 fun, non explicit read:)

  • Katherine

    Alexis is the second for a rash young family friend. Determined to keep him from making mistakes such as he did at that age, Alexis sets out to sort things out with the other named second in the duel, the elusive Dragon. What he finds is that the man is gorgeous, kind, and just outside of society norms in a way that entices him. But Alexis swore off love back when he was a young man and it seems it will takes both his friends and his charges continued actions to make him go further.Both the men [...]

  • Curtis

    Viscount Alexis Mariemont finds himself calling on the mysterious 'Dragon', Haven Linwood, Earl of Chelsea, in the very early morning hours. The two have been named as seconds in the duel of two young friends of of theirs, Henry and Otis. Through these less-than-ideal circumstances, they each find an unspoken interest in the other man, but are both left wondering if they dare speak it. After all, Alexis has rules about this sort of thing and Haven doesn't really feel like he fits in as a 'societ [...]

  • Julesmarie

    4.5 rounded up for being freeI read this immediately after finishing Deceived, and I loved that I got to spend some more time in that world. It is quite possible that this is my favorite of all of the stories set there.I LOVED Haven, right from the first scene, and just loved him more the more I learned about him. He is probably the most sympathetic of all of the characters in either book, and I found myself very invested in his happy ending.I also loved that, in spite of how short the story was [...]

  • Nancy Carbajal

    This is a really short sweet read. Haven Linwood, the out of wedlock son of the late Earl of Chelsea is paid an early morning visit by Alexis Marimont, the Viscount Knox. Haven is now the Earl of Chelsea and good friends of a very young and hot headed Otis Bolton who has named him his second in a duel. Alexis is named second to his young family friend, Henry Young. Alexis has come to visit "The Dragon" as Haven is called by society because he is of half Asian descent and not prone to showing up [...]

  • Bethany Ebert

    I liked the Regency setting, but the dialogue was a real snooze. I didn't see any chemistry between the two male characters, and I found the younger two squabbling about nothing to be repetitive. I wish the author had bothered to explain what exactly the fighting was all about. As it was, it read more like a constant background noise, with no real meaning as to what or why. I understand the Regency setting was different, but the exoticizing of the one male lead really got on my nerves. Not only [...]

  • Ren

    Taken for what it is, a short story available for free on the publisher's site, it's an enjoyable read. The protagonists are interesting and their interactions didn't feel forced in the least. However all characters suffer from that ailment that plagues most historical fiction: they talk and act like contemporaries who have been dropped a couple of centuries in the past, complete with modern sensibilities. I guess it'd be fine if I wasn't such a stickler for details, but historical details are o [...]

  • Mara Ismine

    A wonderful free read by talented Megan Derr. Available from: lessthanthreepress/eboAlexis Mariemont,Viscount Knox,calls upon Haven Linwood, Earl of Chelsea, in the early hours of the morning hoping to avoid a duel between his impetuous friend Henry Young and Linwood's young acquaintance, Otis Bolton. The older men happily apologise on behalf of the younger ones and part company. Henry and Otis seem to be incapable of avoiding one another or being civil when they meet. Alexis and Haven do their [...]

  • Tam

    A sweet non-explicit short about two men who while attracted, seem to keep pushing each other away, one from fear of choosing the wrong guy again, and one from a feeling of inferiority in society. Being "seconds' to two young men bring them together to keep the two hotheads from doing something stupid. I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be an AU or not. The one's friends seemed to know all about his penchant for men and the two were pushing the young guys together as they figured it was sexua [...]

  • Eli Easton

    This was a sweet little historical romance. Two men, one a half-Asian bastard Earl, and one a full blooded English Viscount, are each seconds for two hot-headed young men who can't stop getting into fights with each other. Trying to keep their charges from killing each other, the two older men finally have to acknowledge their own attraction. This is a short story with no sex but plenty of UST.

  • Furio

    I am not complaining about not seeing the two leads getting hot and sweaty in this very short period romance as there is no need for a romance to go beyond the first romantic understanding.I miss some further character development, though, and more background details. As it is Haven is a bit too meek and Lex far too ill-behaved: that makes the final conversation between the two too implausible for comfort.A revision should also take care of a couple of pen-slips.

  • Mike

    Oh, I liked this one!It's as well done and as charming as most of Derr's work. It's also an illustration of how insecurities and a refusal to be vulnerable trip us up, how we have to risk ourselves in the pursuit of happiness.For such a short story, the romance was agonizingly slowjust the way I like it. Add to that how infinitely relatable the characters are, and how much meaning she was able to pack into this tiny little fable, and we're looking at a 5-star short story.

  • JC

    I enjoyed this story and loved that it was set in the same pseudo Regency England setting as the first book in the Deceived series. I only wish it was longer so we could see more of how the relationship between Alexis and his Dragon develops after they discovered their mutual interest in each other.Having said that, this was a nice, pleasant and light read perfect if you're looking for something short and sweet to pass the time with.

  • Lala

    I picked this up, hoping for a short, sweet read Sadly, this was a huge disappointment - jumbled storyline, Alexis was an idiot, and Linwood - too shy and insecure. No chemistry, no believable attraction, too much inconsequential stuff And what on Earth was that with out-and-proud gay people in Regency setting? Is it some alternative reality?Me not likey.

  • Lemonhed67

    Nice little short story. I didn't know this was part of a series - I might upgrade to 4 stars if it fits in well with the rest of the stories. Maybe there's some backstory for the two main characters in the previous collection.

  • Tamela

    This short story packs a real punch. I love Haven and am so glad Alexis "found" him. Isn't it always the way, when you least expect it, you meet that special someone. This short story made me a Megan Derr fan.

  • JP

    A great m/m story in a regency setting between the Seconds of two very young and foolish boys. The story was amazingly mellow and well written though I could have strangled the boys for their foolish behavior.

  • Sierra

    A unique story with the clever juxtaposition of a hot headed younger couple and a tentative older couple fumbling their way through their relationships. Older doesn't necessarily mean surer--but certainly more level-headed. Fun touches of humor add sparkle throughout.

  • Adele

    ***Free read from allromanceebooks***Nawwthis is a M/M romance. (no sex)this is a very sweet story about two young men wanting to duel, and thier seconds getting them out of trouble.28 pages so it's a quick read. But a good one.

  • Jane (PS)

    Short but a really nice little interlude into historical England by Megan Derr. I love her writing, so I'm not surprised that this worked for me :)

  • Ayanna

    Kind of a nice story, even if the entire thing seemed rather pointedly geared towards the inevitable conclusion.

  • Sandra

    FREE on

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