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By Julia Alvarez | Comments: ( 120 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, a phenomenal, indispensable USA Today exploration of the Latina sweet fifteen celebration, by the bestselling author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents and In the Time of Butterflies The quinceanera, a celebration of a Latina girl s fifteenth birthday, has become a uniquely American trend This lavish pFinalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, a phenomenal, indispensable USA Today exploration of the Latina sweet fifteen celebration, by the bestselling author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents and In the Time of Butterflies The quinceanera, a celebration of a Latina girl s fifteenth birthday, has become a uniquely American trend This lavish party with ball gowns, multi tiered cakes, limousines, and extravagant meals is often as costly as a prom or a wedding But many Latina girls feel entitled to this rite of passage, marking a girl s entrance into womanhood, and expect no expense to be spared, even in working class families Acclaimed author Julia Alvarez explores the history and cultural significance of the quince in the United States, and the consequences of treating teens like princesses Through her observations of a quince in Queens, interviews with other quince girls, and the memories of her own experience as a young immigrant, Alvarez presents a thoughtful and entertaining portrait of a rapidly growing multicultural phenomenon, and passionately emphasizes the importance of celebrating Latina womanhood.

  • Title: Once Upon a Quinceanera: Coming of Age in the USA
  • Author: Julia Alvarez
  • ISBN: 9781101213407
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Julia Alvarez

Julia lvarez was born in New York City Her parents moved back to the Dominican Republic when lvarez was 3 months old and she was raised there until she was 10, when the family moved back to NYC She is currently writer in residence at Middlebury College and the owner of a coffee farm named Alta Gracia, near Jarabacoa in the mountains of the Dominican Republic The farm hosts a school to teach local farmers and their families how to read and write.

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Comments Once Upon a Quinceanera: Coming of Age in the USA

  • Brina

    Julia Alvarez has a knack for making me laugh. In this non fiction account, Alvarez examines the Quinceanera as a celebration in American culture. She follows Monica Ramos of Queens as she prepares for her own Quinceanera in order to view the pros and cons of the coming of age ritual. Alvarez research took her to many communities so she could present a multi faceted account. She spoke with photographers in Miami, party planners in San Antonio, church groups in Colorado, the Ramos family in New Y [...]

  • Hilary

    Very thought-provoking and well-written. I was interested in the documentation of the quinceanera: the rituals, the meaning, etc since I am Jewish and I didn't know anyone who had one (but I did have a Bat Mitzvah!). I felt that at the end the autobiographical stuff was a little tangential to her main point, but interesting nonetheless. I think it is important that authors examine the issues around being a Latina. At the same time, I think that some of the issues she explores around being lost a [...]

  • Cynda

    Humorous and Respectful and Curious. The quinceanera traditions (varied by location) were created to show that one'should daughter was finished with her education and was ready for marriage. Marriage being the only acceptable path in a almost completely paternalistic society. Alvarez asks some big questions. What does this rite of passage mean in today's society? This question is important because the US government predicts that our population will be 40% hispanic by 2050.How does this rite of p [...]

  • Jessica

    I really enjoyed this book, the second I've read by Alvarez. (The first was her first novel which I didn't know was an autobiographical account until some details early on in this book connected it for me.)Much more than just a historical account of quinceañeras, Alvarez explores the present day tradition noting how it has changed/is changing as elements of American culture were/are infused with it and seeks to discover the impact quinceañeras have on girls.Reflecting on the interviews with qu [...]

  • Heather

    A few years back, Eva read and reviewed this book and inspired me to buy it. And it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since. I am not sure what finally pushed me to read it but I finally did, and I was rewarded by that decision by an excellent look at a cultural ritual that is quickly becoming as mainstream as weddings and funerals.What I really liked about this book was how it was a mixture of journalism, cultural analysis, and it had a memoir feel at times as well. Alvarez digs deep into the h [...]

  • Christina

    This book was not ABOUT quinceañeras. There was maybe 25% quinceañeras, 25% autobiography, but there was 50% feminist ramblings. I came into the book expecting to learn about quinceñeras and a little bit about the modern latino culture. What I got was 260 pages of this sentence "Our girls should be empowered, so why aren't they?" Over and over and over, with no answer or clear advice. It was obvious that the writer had done tons of research; I applaud her due diligence. But the results of her [...]

  • Jeanette Cupcake

    let me begin by stating that i really really really like julia alvarez. i have been waiting to read this forever, and was so excited to finally receive itd so disappointed after reading it. i felt like this was two or three books in one. i was expecting more about actual quinceaneras and why they are tradiation. the last 100 pages or so is all about julia alvarez's life- having nothing to do with quinces. it was as if she ran out of material so started her own biography. she also ends with quote [...]

  • Cynthia

    Really thought-provoking read. Perhaps just as relevant to the sweet sixteen crowd, but addressing issues specifically related to young Latinas. There are huge markets out there selling all kinds of princess-related things to girls - but for those girls who are at risk, it's a real tragedy to be deluding them with this "princess for a day" business when they're likely to end up high school drop outs, single moms, and/or having drug related issues. Even girls who aren't on that path but are just [...]

  • Margaret Sankey

    This is an anthropological study of Quinceanera in Hispanic-American communities in the US--what was once a signal that a young woman was available to be courted at 15 is now an opportunity to stress staying in school and grown-up plans for the future, but is also the occasion for lavish celebrations parallel to debutante balls in WASP circles with all the costuming and rituals (and expense). Alvarez clearly spent a lot of time and gained the confidence of a variety of families to get an inside [...]

  • Rosa

    Good Grief! This was pure fluff! And very disappointing coming from one of my favourite authors. This read like a term paper and really wasn't worth the effort or time. It basically focuses on the 15th birthday celebrations of Latinos in USA. I got the message after the first chapter the rest was the same thing over, and over again. Give this one a miss

  • Dan

    see my review for time out new york:[timeout/newyork/articl]If you liked this, make sure to follow me on for more reviews!

  • Yamile Méndez

    Super informative and thought provoking. The writing is amazing--it's Julia Alvarez after all.

  • Ashley

    I'm not Hispanic or Latino, but accidentally marked that I was Hispanic on a standardized test once. I was on a mailing list for Hispanic summer camps, scholarships, and school clubs well into my sophomore year of college. This book followed the author as she spent a year attending quinceaneras, researching the underlying traditions, and reflecting on her own upbringing as an immigrant caught between two cultures - not only her Dominican Republic heritage and new American culture but also the tr [...]

  • Pam Kirst

    Once Upon as Quinceanara: Coming of Age in the USAby Julia Alvarez“What KIND of book is that?” asks my son, and I ponder. Is Once Upon a Quinceanara: Coming of Age in the USA a memoir? Sort of. It’s also, a little bit, investigative journalism. There’s poetry dancing through the language on its pages. It’s also, maybe, a cautionary tale, philosophy, and a prophecy.“It’s…non-fiction,” I tell him. He nods.I could have said, “It’s a book about stories: the ones we tell our chi [...]

  • Marisa

    Once Upon a Quinceanera is a nonfiction book written by Julia Alvarez. Julia was asked by an editor to write a book about the Latino tradition. In her book she specialized on the elaborate and ritualized parties, known as quinceaneras. The Plot of this story was realistic, since it is a nonfiction book, and Julia Alvarez did a splendid job on helping the reader understand the comparison between the American culture and Latino culture, which helped the story make sense.The majority of the setting [...]

  • Laura

    When my husband took ESL classes at BYU-Hawaii, one gringo teacher prefaced his lesson on American essay structure by comparing it to the Asian and Latin structures and declaring the American essay superior. (Eddie had problems in this class, not surprisingly.) The teacher graphically represented the Latin structure as a spiral and the American structure as a flawless straight line - which I would like to argue with him over. This book was written in true spiral format, wandering through Latin n [...]

  • Anne

    I have an interest in coming of age rituals and celebrations. I love birthdays, but the ones with particular meaning in different cultures and socio-economic groups hold particular interest - including bar and bat mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens (thanks to MTV for indulging this fascination), debutante balls, and the quinceanera. Recently, there seems to have been a rash of books and movies about this latin phenomenon. In this non-fiction book by the author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, A [...]

  • Christine Henry

    This was a wonderful exploration of the coming of age ceremony, quinceanera, in Latino communities around the US. Equally intriguing were the cross-cultural comparisons of other contemporary ceremonies. It inspired a lot of thought about how we convey to our young people that not only do we want to guide them, but that we value them as individuals as well as part of the next generation to carry on tradition. Most thought-provoking was the ongoing comparisons between quince celebrations in other [...]

  • Janeth

    Julia Alvarez wrote about young Latinas quinceanera while giving the audience background about her own coming of age and life. There are many things about her life that I can relate on. Her book is something many young Latinas can look to to relate on as well. What surprised me most about this book was the statistics that followed Latinas after having celebrated their fifteenth birthdays. I found these statistics to be both surprising and a bit upsetting. For it seems that it tries to define all [...]

  • Madelyn

    Once Upon a Quinceanera by Julia Alvarez is a coming of age story that takes the readers in depth to what a quinceanera is and all the details that lead up to the important day. In the novel the readers are shown what life is like for a family with a daughter turning fifteen. The novel shows of the excitements of planning but also the problems of hosting such an extravagant event. For example, she touches on the problem of how much quinceaneras cost and how it could be hard for some families to [...]

  • Arden

    Julia Alvarez author of Once Upon a Quincenera writes a lot of details that shares many unknown facts about Latina girls and their quinces. A girl has a quincenera when she turns fifteen, and it is a huge party. She brings to light a lot of information that people did not know. I never knew the specific traditions that had to happen in a quincenera such as the changing of the flats to high heels, the mother giving her daughter a doll, the dance with 14 couples, and the dance with the father. I a [...]

  • Carmela Palmieri

    I thought that this coming of age story was very well told and put together. I really liked how the author, Julia Alvarez, not only interviewed other young women about their quinceañeras but also told her story about her quinceañera. I like how she incorporated the fairy tale idea of a quinceañera and the true, aftermath and statistics of some quinceañeras. I think it was very well put together in the fact that she incorporated how the old traditions of Latin America are and how the new, Ame [...]

  • Alexismullard

    The book Once Upon a Quinceanera by Julia Alvarez is a coming of age story that is celebrated by Latina girls. In this book the author explains what girls do to prepare and celebrate for their quinceaneras. A quinceanera is a celebration of a Latina girl coming into womanhood, and when she turns 15 there is a party. This book explains how much money and time families put into this for their daughters. Quinceaneras are important to Latina girls because it is the time in their life when they are c [...]

  • CiCi O'Connell

    Once upon a Quinceanera is a book written by Julia Alvarez containing information about Quinceaneras and what makes them cultural and extravagant. Alvarez came to the United States from the Dominican Republic at the age when latina women host their Quinceanera. Alvarez never had her own Quince, so she looks to her family members for details about their own. She is fascinated with the ridiculous amount of money spent and the meaning of a quince being lost within all of the prepping. When it comes [...]

  • FoyMarie Johnson

    The book “Once Upon a Quinceañera” by Julia Alvarez, helped me understand how important the Quinceañera is to the Latino population. Before reading this book I had no idea what a Quinceañera was or why it was celebrated. Now I understand that it is a ceremony to bring the girl who is turning fifteen into womanhood. Not only is it a party, but during the preparation the girl is taught how to act like a woman. Her family members teach and help her through this process and once it is all thr [...]

  • Aly Largay

    I really loved this book! It goes into the background of the of how the quinceanera has changed over the years Especially how America has greatly impacted the quinceanera. Although Alvarez didn't have a true quinceanera; she also shares her own quinceanera story. The main story line follows a girl named Monica Ramos who is having her quince at the age of 16. Alvarez interviews her family members, friends, and people along the way that have helped with Moncia's Quinceanera. She interview's a lot [...]

  • Ava

    Once Upon a Quinceañera is nonfiction book that is about quinceañeras. The author, Julia Alvarez, writes about the history of the quinceañera and the culture behind it. She writes about the traditions and the original meaning of it. Julia also wrote about the beautiful celebration and how it is such an important and special moment for the young latina. Julia also digs deeper into this lavish celebration and writes how the quinceañera has changed over the years and how American culture has af [...]

  • Esmeralda Landa

    Julia Alvarez is such a talented author, never having read any of her books reading "Once Upon A Quinceanera" was a wonder book from her, from start to finish. As a young Hispanic girl myself I identified on so many levels the explanation of the quinceanera tradition in this book. From the money spent to the crazy mess monica's quinceanera was (reminded me of my older sister's quince). In this book Alvarez goes to quinceaneras in order to find the meaning of them other than the stereotypical ans [...]

  • Meghan Gerke

    This coming age story follows the author as she travels the country helping to celebrate the 15th birthdays of Hispanic girls. While she is on her journey to gather information about modern Quinceaneras she begins to reconnect with her own. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the book. Although the information that was given was very good and insightful, the way that is was presented was scattered and hard to follow. She really tried to give the reader a lot of information at the begging of the no [...]

  • Tatum Pylman

    The novel Once Upon a Quinceanera was a coming of age book, and not like any novel I have read before. This book written in first person of Julia who is from the Dominican Republic. She herself did not have a Quinceañera, by followed the journey of another girls Quinceañera. I thought the book was very repetitive and got a little dull at times. The book talked a lot about the money that was spent for this celebration as well. This book was not my favorite and I do not see myself recommending [...]

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