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By Lila DiPasqua | Comments: ( 166 ) | Date: ( Nov 14, 2019 )

HISTORICAL ROMANCEInspired by The Emperor s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling, and The Princess and the Pea, Lila DiPasqua spins three sexy tales that give new meaning to the term bedtime story The Marquis New Clothes To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes But to searchHISTORICAL ROMANCEInspired by The Emperor s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling, and The Princess and the Pea, Lila DiPasqua spins three sexy tales that give new meaning to the term bedtime storyThe Marquis New Clothes To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes But to search his considerable wardrobe she ll have to get very close to the notorious raked soon she finds herself very close to him, indeed, with his clothes and hers utterly forgotten.The Lovely Duckling Reputed for his carnal skills, Joseph d Alumbert prefers amorous encounters without emotional entanglement until a quick witted lady stirs tender feelings and hot desire Emilie de Sarron suffered burns to her body as an infant, and keeps her scars and her heart well hidden But Joseph is determined to peel away her inhibitions, one slow steamy kiss at a time, to reveal the beautiful swan inside.The Princess and the Diamonds Princess Gabrielle can t sleep at night There is something hard in her bed No, not just the stolen diamonds tucked under her mattress, but the handsome Marquis on itwhose carnal talents she can t resist But he threatens her secret mission, and worse, she stands to lose far than the diamonds her heart is at stake.

  • Title: The Princess in His Bed
  • Author: Lila DiPasqua
  • ISBN: 9780425237007
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lila DiPasqua

Lila DiPasqua is a USA TODAY bestselling author of erotic historical romance She lives with her husband, three children and two rescue dogs and is a firm believer in the happily ever after SIGN UP FOR MY 99 NEW RELEASE ALERT NEWSLETTER Each new release will be just 99 for a limited time only GET NOTIFIED Don t miss out Easy sign up form found on LilaDiPasqua JOIN ME ON BookBub Facebook Twitter Instagram

Comments The Princess in His Bed

  • Rane

    Once upon a time…hmmm about a few days ago, Rane the reviewer beat back her reader’s boredon with a big helping of Lila DiPasque’s Awaken by a Kiss, now Rane loved the short stories so much, she quickly ran out well not really ran, more of rushed to the kindle store, and that wasn’t a lot of work let me tell you! But back to the topic at hand! She quickly picked up the second in this fiery fairy tales, and while she enjoyed each story.ere were so weaknesses she couldn’t move on from… [...]

  • Kathleen

    Very explicit erotica, but still romantic. Loved it. Several short stories, sexy renditions of favorite fairy tales, set in historical France. I liked the first two stories best. In The Marquis' New ClothesAime hunts through Adam's justacourps (formal coats) to find a ring, pretending a fascination with his wardrobe. Some chuckle-worthy scenes. In The Ugly Duckling, a woman who was scarred in early childhood and has been scorned for it all her life finally finds love -- with her chief tormentor. [...]

  • willaful

    These are supposedly erotic fairy-tale retellings set in 18th century France, but the connection to the original stories is tenuous, with nothing added or gained by the connection for either the originals or these stories, and there's no sense of an authentic period setting. That leaves the erotic element, which was enjoyably passionate and steamy. Still, by the third story I felt that nothing new was going to come along in terms of the characters or the romance, and got bored.

  • Jane Stewart

    You read these for erotic sex. I’d prefer better story development, but they were ok.This is three short stories about 100 pages each. Each story has 2 to 3 long sex scenes. I suppose they are pretty good if that’s your mood. I found myself skimming a couple of the sex scenes. They didn’t move me the way other books have. I did like the men being unable to resist their lustful desires for the women.The first story “The Marquis’ New Clothes” made me mad. Heroine’s reasons for doing [...]

  • Mandi Schreiner

    The Marquis’ New Clothes: To save her cousin, Aimee must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes. But to search his considerable wardrobe she’ll have to get very close to the notorious rake…and soon she finds herself very close to him indeed, with his clothes—and hers—utterly forgotten…I liked this story because both Aimee and Adam both are attracted to each other from the start. Adam has lusted after her from afar for many years a [...]

  • Kara

    Reading this book is the literary equivalent of drinking a rum and Coke while eating a basketful of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs while sitting in the back pew of church while Easter services are taking place.Will you feel guilty before, during and after?Yup.Will the whole thing be done furtively?Oh yeah.Is it blasphemous to tenets you believe in?You bet.Will you get a major sugar rush from the sheer ridiculousness and joyful wrongness of it?H to the double L yes.

  • Kat Desi

    Another brilliant addition to Fiery Tales! I was not as blown away as the first book, I still enjoyed it! My favorite is The Marquis' New Clothes.

  • Lila DiPasqua

    Fiery Tales Series, Book 2

  • Ashley

    My Review:Novella #1: THE MARQUIS' NEW CLOTHESAimee de Miran has the worst luck with her misguided heart's attraction to gorgeous but disreputable men. Her husband, a man whom she foolishly gave everything to, heart and body, scandalously died in a duel over his paramour. While her heart may be mended, Aimee's now armed to the teeth with new defenses against the male sex most especially on guard against the sinfully scrumptious but renowned rake, the Marquis de Nattes. But when her love-tormente [...]

  • Lelyana

    Ini ada 3 kisah Fiery Tales , ingat Fiery (berapi2, like fire), bukan Fairy Tales.eng anak2belum membaca, harap bedakan dulu kedua kata diatas, FIERY DAN FAIRY. [image error]THE MARQUES NEW CLOTHES (inspired by The Emperor's New Clothes)Absolutely NOT your mother's kind of fairy tales [image error]Latar belakang nya di Perancis, di masa pemerintahan Raja Louis keberapa gitu yg gila sama sex artaka orgy [image error]There's where the story begun.Sepupu Aimee de Miran mesti mengambil lagi cincin p [...]

  • Katie(babs)

    Lila DiPasqua really impressed me with Awakened by a Kiss, her debut collection of Fiery Tales. I’m not really into reading anthologies, but with Lila, I was more than willing to do so again. The Princess in His Bed was wonderful reading. Again this is three stories in one set during Louis XIV’s court. Can we say scandalous and titillating? These two words are perfect when describing a Lila DiPasqua story.The first story, The Marquis’ New Clothes is about Amiee de Miran, who comes to the a [...]

  • Hannah

    These are really fun to read when you need something lighthearted and short.

  • Lynn

    Love her books. Her Alphas are so skilled in the boudoir!

  • Eli Yanti

    The book that i really love so much, thank for the great lila, she make me want to see the fairy tale movie after reading this book :)Salah satu buku yg aku menangkan dr author yg baik (lila dipasqua) dan walaupun harus menunggu selama 4 bulan, ni buku baru datang, tp penantianku tdk sia-sia d, krn buku ini sgt bgs, 5 bintang dari aku ;)Lila sangat pintar membuat cerita dongeng yang sudah familiar bagi kita, dimana cerita2 tsb sering kita tonton dr film-film yang sebagian besar sdh dipublikasika [...]

  • Isalys

    The Marquis’ New Clothes Story # 1To save her cousin, Aimee must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes. But to search his considerable wardrobe she’ll have to get very close to the notorious rake…and soon she finds herself very close to him indeed, with his clothes—and hers—utterly forgotten…Adam, the Marquis of Nattes has fantasized and lusted after Aimee for six long years, but she was off-limits because she was the wife of h [...]

  • Bookaholics

    The Princess in His Bed Historical Romance -Nov 2nd, 2010 4 ½ stars In this stunning erotic anthology Lilia DePasqua revisits her decadent and sensual world set in Louis XIV’s Versailles. These deliciously erotic stories are based very loosely on fairy tales. The Marquis' New ClothesAimee de Miran has a rash and impetuous cousin. And her reckless nature has landed her in trouble yet again. And now it is up to Aimee to help her out. Her cousin stole an important ring in a fit of jealous rage a [...]

  • Booklover1335

    The Princess in His Bed is Lila DiPasqua’s second collection of stories from her Fiery Tales series. I enjoyed her first collection Awakened by a Kiss and thought her unique twist to the classic fairy tales was original and “fiery” indeed, so I had high expectations for this next collection. In some respects the author exceeded those expectations, but with a few disappointments as well. I apologize ahead of time for comparing the two books in the collection, but I think it is important sin [...]

  • Megan

    Rating as a whole: somewhere between 3 and 4 stars.As erotic anthologies go, this is better than average. All 3 stories in the volume are inspired by fairy tales. The first, "The Marquis' New Clothes" (4-stars) is a tale based loosely on "The Emperor's New Clothes." Remember that vain-about-his-wardrobe Emperor who walked around naked? Well, Aimee de Miran and Adam, Marquis de Nattes, are practically without clothes the entire story. So, yes, in this sense "The Marquis' New Clothes" is based on [...]

  • Diana~ (Kiss Me Books)

    The Marquis’ New Clothes - ★★★★☆I thought this story was quite charming and sexy in it's own way. Aimee, our heroine of the story, ends up finding herself in a situation where she has to retrieve a stole ring from Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes. What's so interesting is that Adam has essentially been in love with Aimee for six years without realizing it. It was probably because Aimee had been married to his friend, who unfortunately has been killed after a duel, leaving Aimee a widow [...]

  • Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect

    The Marquis’ New Clothes - 4 stars. This was very enjoyable. Aimee and Adam were great characters, I liked that Louise started to be interested in Robert and not want anything to do with her former lover. I wish there was a little more build up to Aimee saying she loved Adam but other than that this story was really good. The Lovely Duckling - 5 stars. There was nothing I didn't love about this one. Emilie is a young woman who was burned as an infant/young child in a fire that killed her paren [...]

  • Deanna from Deanna's World

    It's been so long since I read this book that I can't remember much of it but I do know that the writing is good as I've read other books my this author before and enjoyed it. The first story, The Marquis' New Clothes was a fun story and good. The second one was what stumped me. I think I got partway through the story and I just could not tolerate what the hero was doing and it did not sit well with me. In my status update of my reading progress, I said "I'm partway through the second story in t [...]

  • Lexie

    Prelim Review: DiPasqua's first 'Fiery Tales' anthology, AWAKENED BY HIS KISS, was intriguing in how she wove three classic fairy tales into life in King Louis XIV's pleasure palace at Versailles. The fairy tales are really only cursorily used in this book however and are almost more of a hindrance."The Marquis' New Clothes" Based around 'The Emperor's New Clothes' Aimee must connive a way to find the ring her cousin Louise stole from her former lover and lost in one of the Marquis de Nattes out [...]

  • Grace

    There are three novellas in this book: The Marquis' New Clothes (a widow trying to fix her cousin's stupid mistake that she has to deal with sinfully handsome man and considerable amount of his justacorps), The Lovely Duckling (a couple of sex pen friends finally meet and well bring their letters into reality), and The Princess and the Diamonds (a princess attempt to pay her useless brother' gambling debts by disguise as a man and goes to the table herself).When I get this book I thought it woul [...]

  • Virginia Campbell

    "The Princess in His Bed", the second book in Lila DiPasqua's "Fiery Tales Collection" is equally as erotically enchanting as her first book, "Awakened by a Kiss". Lila's beautifully written story lines and completely involving characters are a treat for truly devoted lovers of romantic fiction. I felt somewhat bereft at the end of each book. I wanted to meet more of her characters--each one is so wonderfully brought to life that you feel a personal connection to them and share in their joys and [...]

  • Kristine

    The Marquis' New Clothes: 4 Stars -- This story was very cute very HOT! The characters were loveable and I found myself routing for their HEA. On the very last page, I actually sighed at the sweet ending.The Lovely Duckling: 4 Stars -- This one has the premise of a beautiful woman who is carrying around scares--literally as well as figuratively. I really felt for Emilie and loved her for being brave enough to conquer her fears. As the started to unravel, I worried that she would be hurt again. [...]

  • Naima

    tiga novella erotis yang kira2 polanya sama. sebenarnya ide ceritanya bagus tapi karena ini beraliran erotis yaaa gitu dari ketiga cerita aku aling suka yang ini:The marquis's new clothes: Gara2 sepupunya secara sengaja memasukkan cincin anugerah dari kerajaan milik mantan kekasihnya ke jaket De Nattes, terpaksa janda cantik yang sebenarnya amat menghindari laki-laki itu berusaha mendekatinya. Dari berpura-pura kedinginan sehingga dipinjami jaket oleh sang marques hingga menyelinap masuk ke kama [...]

  • Rachel

    Disclaimer up front: I won this book on FirstReads.The idea of making romance novels out of fairy tales is a great one. Not having had a chance to read the first Fiery Tales book, I didn't anticipate the graphic level of the sex scenes--slang terms for body parts, for instance--but one does get used to that fairly quickly. I do appreciate the details of the writing that set the stories in the decadent French court of Louis XIV. And, most of all, fairy tales are about romance, so of course each c [...]

  • constance

    I read a good amount of historical romance but this is the first series that I have read that referred to itself as Historical Erotica, and to be honest I wasn't really expecting much (these were also my first Lila DiPasqua reads so I didn't have much to go on). But I was very pleasantly surprise by just how good her stories were. I especially enjoyed The Lovely Duckling. I loved the fact that all the stories are loosely based of fairy tales but the author puts enough of her own spin on them to [...]

  • Leah

    I love Lila's stories. They are sexy and captivating while also being interesting in their historical reference. While I would recommend everyone to read these short stories, the full length ones are by far my preference. These end way too quickly and sometimes you just need the early pages to become invested in the characters. Lila's does a great job drawing the reader in very quickly but I just like something longer.

  • Tonya

    Three luscious erotic romances that are brilliantly written,with sinfully charming heroes and heroine.leaving no doubt as to the happily ever after, these are not your mother's fairy tales. I would highly recommend this book and other books by this author to anyone who loves hot romance filled with sumptuous fantasy.

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  • Best Read [Lila DiPasqua] ✓ The Princess in His Bed || [Children's Book] PDF ✓
    252 Lila DiPasqua
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