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By David Weber | Comments: ( 618 ) | Date: ( Dec 05, 2019 )

Honor Harrington has survived ship to ship combat, assassins, political vendettas, and duels But this time, Honor and her crew, ambushed and captured, are aboard an enemy ship, bound for a prison planet aptly named Hell and her scheduled execution Yet the one lesson Honor has never learned is how to give up She and her people are going home even if it means conqueHonor Harrington has survived ship to ship combat, assassins, political vendettas, and duels But this time, Honor and her crew, ambushed and captured, are aboard an enemy ship, bound for a prison planet aptly named Hell and her scheduled execution Yet the one lesson Honor has never learned is how to give up She and her people are going home even if it means conquering hell to get there

  • Title: In Enemy Hands
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9780671577704
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name is an homage to C S Forester s character Horatio Hornblower and her last name from a fleet doctor in Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander Her story, together with the Honorverse she inhabits, has been developed through 16 novels and six shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2013 other works are in production In 2008, he donated his archive to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.Many of his books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of recent books, in the form of sample chapters typically the first 25 33% of the work cmillan author davidw

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Comments In Enemy Hands

  • Jim

    While not the best book in the series, it certainly has its moments. As usual, the title is a spoiler, but that's OK. Unfortunately, it gives Weber a chance to make lots of people go all gooey over Honor until the heroine worship, already cloying, becomes just too much. We definitely get a much deeper look into Haven's society & problems. Weber has done a fine job there & the book is worth reading for that if nothing else. He's done a fine job of drawing parallels to our current welfare [...]

  • Chris

    Jettison the debris, clear the missle tubes, abandon ship. Whatever it takes to stop my eyes from further bleeding. This is a sad day. I've rated most of these books to this points with 4-stars, with one of them good enough to earn a coveted 5th star. Most of them have infodumps and boring spells, but this one has had nothing else for the first third.Too many books out there I want to read, so no point in continuing to torturing myself.I might pick it up again later, but for now I'm resigning my [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    Not one of the best of this series. It takes even longer than usual for anything to happen, about 200 pages. The situation that puts Honor in a position to be captured seems contrived, as does the whole escape scenario.I think Weber has introduced a Lady Barbara for his Horatio: Honor has fallen in love with the Earl of White Haven. I've been careful to avoid spoilers on this series, but if I had to guess, things don't look good for White Haven's wife.

  • Chris

    I enjoyed the second half of this book far more than the first. For the first 40 pages or so, the reader is treated not only to a recap of the rest of the series (understandable, most serieses do this), but also example after example of how "special" Honor, how everyones loves, how she is the most unique and amazing person every. If one person isn't thinking it, another and the reader gets both people's thoughts more than once.Gag me with a spoon. Honestly, I would be saying this even if Honor w [...]

  • Ron

    It was good, even though I read it out of order--which can be agonizing on Harrington books.The usual chapter-long recapitulations and data dumps early on finally gives way to a fun, interesting story.

  • Casey

    In Enemy Hands does not have the distinction of redeeming the Honor Harrington series. It is another installment that is long, drawn out and rather boring.Honor is now a Commodore in the Manticoran Navy, rather restored compared to her situation a few books ago. While waiting for the next big engagement, she goes on an escort mission and is captured by the Peeps, along with some of her personnel, including Nimitz, McKeon, LaFollet, Harkness and a female character that I can barely remember. The [...]

  • Zachary

    Just when Honor seemed to be back on track in the RMN, resuming her illustrious career there, the universe seems to turn against her. Caught in a surprise ambush, she manages to save the rest of her convoy, but the ship she is on is captured.Now the Peeps have her, and and their queen of propaganda, Cordelia Ransom, has specific designs on Harrington's fate - and those plans don't include longevity of life.In several of the more exceptional books of this series, the pace has gone from steady to [...]

  • Jack

    This novel, IMO, is where Honor Harrington jumps the shark.Honor is captured by the Peeps, who don't like her and execute her. Well, except for the part where No, never mind, that would be spoiling.This also contains the very start of the Lord-Nelson-approved affair with a married woman, er, man. Weber maintained he had to do it to be fair to "Nelson in Space". Many of his fans at the time replied, "No, you don't."The first six novels are good space opera, although the sixth (Honor Among Enemies [...]

  • Kathi

    This book ends on more of a cliffhanger than previous installments int the Honor Harrington series, and Honor's companions play a more prominent role in much of the action than she does.I enjoyed learning more about Honor's mother, the treecats, and several of the Peeps (Theisman, Tourville, Honecker, Caslet, and Foraker, especially). The defection by Harkness has me fooled for quite a while, too, and I am glad he survived his crazy plan! The injuries suffered by Honor and Nimitz will prove to b [...]

  • William

    Yet again, terrific space stuff. Dull, long-winded, repetitive political discussions and meetings. Why write one book, when you can sell three?

  • Jonmontanavega

    Review of the audio book.3.5 stars rounded down due to lots of bloat. Not a standalone. Space opera. This is my second time around with this book; the first time I read it while this time I listened. I found myself skipping lots of bloat, either excessive weapons descriptions or recaps of material already presented many times.Beside the story which I like, the best part of the Honor Harrington series is the randomness in which supporting cast characters are female or male. A general, a judge or [...]

  • Shaun Thomas

    Am I done with David Weber's Honor Harrington series yet? Sadly, no. After finishing In Enemy Hands, I still have many more to go, but it's not a struggle I dread.Fittingly, this particular installment is more about Haven than Honor or Manticore. The first half of the book is almost purely setup, and considering the title, it's not exactly a surprise that our heroine is eventually captured. But that's fine in this context, because Haven has historically received the short end of the stick. Haven [...]

  • Guy

    As some of the other reviewers have said, this is not the strongest book in the Honor Harrington series (although it is still very good). My reason for finding it somewhat heavy going is probably, however, idiosyncratic: I just don't like reading about suffering, particularly in the context of captivity and torture. Not that torture is more than alluded to in the book -- we're nowhere close to the blood-soaked pages of Carey's "Kushiel's Legacy" series, or Mieville's "Perdido Street Station" -- [...]

  • Paraphrodite

    3.5 stars. This is a very long book, almost 600 pages. The first half dragged for me with all the techno-babble on the configurations of the various classes of battleships and then all the discussions on battle strategies - I wish they were all put into appendices like the illustrations of the battleships!After skipping through most of the first half, the story only got interesting when Honor was actuallyIn Enemy Hands. But what came across was her people's devotion is almost slavish.And, as usu [...]

  • Cloak88

    Not my favorite, but still quite good.The book does much as the title implies. Things had to go wrong sometime and Honor loses and gets captured. Things get complicate with lots of politics and propaganda. Which is kind of what makes this a lesser book than the rest. The battles, fights and all the time spend with Honor is excellent, but there is way to much politics and to much time spent on people other than Honor herself. The series moves away just a bit to far from Honor personal story to th [...]

  • Kathy Davie

    I'm addicted. Got home with In Enemy Hands and I just had to sit down and read to find out what happens next in the Alliance-Peeps war.Jesus, talk about intense and very emotionalI hate having to wait until the next book.

  • Mandy Galileo

    Riveting adventure, a true heroine and Weber is a great storyteller.

  • Dan

    2018 re-read. This is a really good book, but my least favorite story line of this series Still, 5 stars!

  • Richard Radgoski

    In Enemy Hands is the seventh book in the Honor Harrington series, and another audio book that I listened to with my son. We both really enjoy this series, even with its (small) flaws. The deeper we go in the series, it's becoming more true that in order to *really* get the most out of the novel, you must have read the previous books. While the casual reader could pick up the book and enjoy it without having read the previous, the emotional impact of certain scenes will be lessened without alrea [...]

  • Sean

    I really do want to stick with the Honor Harrington series through all of the books. But Weber makes this harder and harder, since each book seems to have less and less action. Or maybe I'm just growing more and more weary of the long dialogues between political characters about political situations. Or maybe it's the long drawn out descriptions of engineering details that Weber has dreamt up about something. I love that he's taken the time to figure out how things work and made it all believabl [...]

  • Ned Leffingwell

    I think that this is my favorite book in the Honor Harrington series so far. It started off a little slow and then included everything that I like in a Harrington book. It had space combat scenes with lots of explosions and tactical wizardry. One of the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed was the focus on characters in the People's Republic of Haven Navy, or the "bad guys". The PRH is portrayed as a mix of revolutionary France and and the Soviet Union. The Peep (as they are called in the b [...]

  • Steven Allen

    So far this has been one of my favorite Honor Harrington books. Regrettably there are a lot of character losses in this book as well. There are also some really surprising plot twists that were a pleasant surprise; not something that I expected of this author. Usually Space Opera is fairly formulaic, but the author did a good job stretching that formula. Some new ground is also explored in this book which leads into the next Honor adventure.

  • Benjamin

    More Honor. You mostly know what to expect. The book end's on a cliffhanger this time. The blurb on the cover reveals the main plot point, which would have been much better as a surprise, especially given how late in the book it occurs favorite quote: "She had to know she was lying, or she couldn't have done it so consistently and well."

  • Crys

    This series started out with a single active pov.Now we have way too many, and most of the time nothing happens.Each of thouse povs have info-dump, and repeated banter/book-filler.With each book in this series, i find myselft skipping more and more, because of the issues above.I have no issue to skip some Weber-info-dump, but now i skip more then i read.

  • Amloid Mesa

    Oh man Oh man. My new best book in the series. A simple master piece. I couldn't put it down. Read the last 60% of the book in one sitting. Haven't read a book this good in a long time.

  • Christian

    A pretty good book, looking at the possibility of Dame Honor not winning a space battle, I think I would have liked the book better if it had actually an end instead of just setting up the next novel.

  • Hristyuk Vitaliy

    Very powerful book.

  • Wesley

    This book was a stark departure from the rest of the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Ondřej Šefčík

    Vyrovnaná uroveň, osvěžující pro pravicaky s pozitivnim vztahem k vojsku a nenavidicich revoluční levici.

  • Phil Kelley

    David Weber consistently delivers entertaining stories. For most authors, I can only read three or so books in a series, then they become boring. Not so with the Honor Harrington stories. The sequel to this one has an especially surprising plot: one of the most innovative prison escape stories I have ever read.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ In Enemy Hands | by ☆ David Weber
    195 David Weber
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