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By David Weber | Comments: ( 418 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

Sixth in the bestselling Honor Harrington space war series

  • Title: Honor Among Enemies
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9780671877835
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name is an homage to C S Forester s character Horatio Hornblower and her last name from a fleet doctor in Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander Her story, together with the Honorverse she inhabits, has been developed through 16 novels and six shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2013 other works are in production In 2008, he donated his archive to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.Many of his books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of recent books, in the form of sample chapters typically the first 25 33% of the work cmillan author davidw

Comments Honor Among Enemies

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    I came very close for a while to dropping the score for this book even lower. I've enjoyed the series to this point but here. became a bit of a strain to stay with it for a while.In my own opinion, you could pretty much skip the first third of this book, and miss little or nothing of value to the story. Rehashing and retelling, unneeded details that I suppose some relish. (After all, soap operas have thrived for generations now on details of private lives about this outrageous.) I got very tired [...]

  • Mr. Matt

    I picked up this book because I had a science fiction / star ship battles itch I wanted to scratch. I had reservations about the Honorverse after reading the last few, but I recalled that the author did nail the ship to ship combat. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The things I recalled not liking I still didn't like. The things I thought that I'd like, I was mostly meh over.First, some background. Disgraced and forced out of the Navy, Honor Harrington has built a new life for herself on Grays [...]

  • Jim

    Ok, the info dumps are a bit rough, but Weber is also trying to fill in too much past history, too. That makes this a bit rougher of a read than the previous books or maybe I've just had my fill. I definitely could not listen to this as an audio book. I needed to be able to skim. The basic story is good & pretty interesting, although it would have been better served if it hadn't focused on her so completely. There was plenty of opportunity to expand the story & not using that was kind of [...]

  • Lindsey

    Honor takes on pirates with an under-strength squadron as a means of rehabilitating her political standing in the Star Kingdom. This is the last of the main Honorverse books to not be centered around the main fighting with Haven.Honor herself is, as always, a little too perfect to be believable but if you're this far in the series, you know what to expect. Weber further populates this installment with new and old interesting side characters (Foraker, Caslet, Harkness, MacBride, etc.) and gives r [...]

  • James

    The Honor Harrington series rolls onwards with Honor Among Enemies. Our heroine starts the story still living out her comfortable exile from Manticore as a Steadholder of Grayson. But, obviously, she really longs – deep down – to be back in the Manticorian Navy captaining a ship of the wall. As luck would have it, Manticore is engaged in a heavy war with the People's Republic of Haven and doesn't have enough ships or crew to protect it's merchant shipping at the same time. In a storyline som [...]

  • Ron

    A better-than-average Honor Harrington, which are better-than-average space operas. Enough complexity and depth to keep the reader mentally engaged.Nimitz falls in love. Oh, my.The Horatio Hornblower reference was cute.A good read.

  • Shaun Thomas

    I promised myself that Honor Among Enemies would be my last David Weber for a while, but I've already started In Enemy Hands. Ah well.This particular entry is pretty tame so far as the Honor Harrington Mythos is concerned. In order to get back into the good graces of the Manticoran military and political complex, Honor is given the task of ridding the Silesian Confederacy area of the pirates menacing their merchant and freight liners. Her task force consists of four converted and heavily armed m [...]

  • Chris

    There are good and bad aspects of this book. I'll start with the bad and end with the good.1. Honestly, was anyone surprised with Tschu died? I sure wasn't. 2. Honor is special in way too many ways. She is too bloody perfect. Now it looks like that she might have two tree cats. Not only is she an outstanding officer, but gosh, even the treecats treat her special. :bangs head:3. Actually No 2. all over again, with the addition of the fact that when Tschu dies is death has no emotional revelance, [...]

  • Kathy Davie

    First read September 8, 2010.Christ, I kept trying to go to sleep, and Honor kept waking me upI just could not put the book down and got to sleep.llyabout 5am. Man, Weber is GOOD. He pulls you into the action and you can't help but identify with all the characters.Military sci-fi at its best. And, if you like the technical stuff, this is it.

  • Allan

    Honor Among Enemies, is the sixth book in the Honor Harrington series. I almost want to call this book On Basilisk Station part 2 because there are a lot of parallels to be drawn between the two books, I will get into that later. In this book Honor is offered a new command in her native Manticore Navy. Currently, she is a full admiral in the Grayson navy, in fact she is its second ranking officer. The new command she is offered in the Manticoran navy is vastly inferior, she is to command a squad [...]

  • Casey

    Honor Among Enemies read simpler than previous Honor books. There seemed to be less substance, less antagonist povs and political plotting.Pirate ships have been attacking merchant ships around Silesia, many of them Manticoran. Because of the war, the military doesn't have many resources spare. Due to the insistence of the wealthy merchants, the Manticores re-fit some merchant ships with heavy firepower, and a few other modifications. These ships, known as Q-ships, should be able to deceive the [...]

  • Paraphrodite

    This book is really long had to skim through a lot of techno-babble as well as lots of geographic and historical backstory stuff. It would have been better if they were put as footnotes / appendices instead for those of us who are already familiar with the series or are really not that interested! At the heart is still a rousing adventure with lots of moves and counter-moves by all sorts of parties and of course, lots of deaths and casualties :(A good installment, albeit overly long. But after r [...]

  • Guy

    I should probably give this one five stars too since it is still better than the vast majority of science fiction books that I have read. However, since it is a little weaker than the other books in the series so far, I'll dock it a star pour encourager les autres.It reads a little like an intermezzo between the first half of the series, which took Honor (the main character) from a relative unknown to fame and fortune then exile. This book brings her back from exile and sets her up for further a [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    Another entertaining entry in this series, but good grief at the body count. This episode is Honor vs. Space Pirates, who have been attacking Manticore merchant ships while the RMN is distracted by the war. The pirates turn out to be much nastier than the Peeps, who are the honorable enemies referred to by the title.

  • William

    It's too bad some of the political meetings go on and on, rehashing the same info a lot. Otherwise this would be 5-star stuff.Some great characters and situations.As always, the space battles and daily space activities are fascinating and superbly well-done, even after 6 books!

  • Agnieszka "Aeth" Jędrzejczyk

    This was the most fun I've had out of the series since book 3, "The Short Victorious War", which marked a series downfall for me. I absolutely hated the last book, "Flag in Exile", but I have to say "Honor Among Enemies" is a considerable improvement over all of the last three books combined. There's less Honor, or more to the point: less of Honor's personal crap; we see her mostly in her natural environment which is the navy - which is awesome. There's no Grayson, there's no religion, there's s [...]

  • Sable

    This book was a big disappointment after the last two in the series.Don't get me wrong; it's still worth reading, it's full of dramatic tension, and you have to understand what went on here in order to understand the rest of the novels, but it bogs down in most of the first half with painful infodumps and the "downer" of Honor returning to the Manticoran Navy to a position well beneath her talents that puts her in an entirely unnecessary situation. I appreciate the realism of having good people [...]

  • Joshua Zucker

    A decent book in this series, not great but not horrible. There is a bit of actual character development this time, but slightly too predictable in a lot of places. Definitely some wish-fulfillment kinds of things -- the nerdy character who takes up martial arts training, for instance.Lots of horrible things happen to people, and one of the things that keeps me reading Weber's stuff is that he doesn't take those horrible things lightly -- people care, people get PTSD, people need to be nursed b [...]

  • Mayank Agarwal

    David Weber went over board with the science info dump and background history on Honorverse. The plot is good but the writing was horrible and really difficult to read. This is the biggest of the Harrington book with 544 pages. Of them almost 400 are useless stuff which one would want to skip. It's only the last 100 pages which are a fun read. Too many background characters and potential story's were introduced but the focus on info dump never got the author to expend on them. This book really t [...]

  • Suzanne

    I enjoyed the main story a lot - the building of a cohesive crew, the fight against overwhelming odds, and the humanity and inhumanity shown by both sides in the conflict. However, I must admit I probably lightly skimmed about 1/3 of the book - the long-winded explanations of history, tech, etc. are just not my cup of tea.

  • Cloak88

    A proper continuation of an excellent series. If you have read the previous novels you'll know what to expect. HH6 is a continuation on that where Honor returns to the Manticore Navy to hunt for pirates and so regain her Manticoren naval command. Expect more interesting characters, a wealth of personal touches and intricate battles-scenes. On to HH7

  • Elaine Dowling

    Yes, Harrington and her career are becoming way too implausible. Still, this book was complicated, the plot developed from different directions. There were some interesting developments (especially involving Nimitz). It was a look up and realize it is 2:30 a.m. on a work night kind of book.

  • Dan

    2018 re-read. Very good, the best so far in this excellent series.

  • Denis Barlow

    The more I read of this series the better it gets (for me anyway) the mixture of science fiction and naval terminology is fascinating. On to the next one!

  • Mandy Galileo

    Bring me more Honor!! Weber's writing really brings the characters and the story alive.

  • John

    Well. Those who have read the last few know that Harrington was previously put on half-pay, and more-or-less exiled to Grayson—which was (mostly) happy to have her—where she excelled in the role of Admiral. But this book starts with her Manticorian enemies, of all people, conspiring to get her back into RMN uniform as a captain again. And once that happens, more enemies start popping up every couple of chapters, it seems; the book's title is quite apt, really. And until the end, Honor manage [...]

  • Niall Teasdale

    Well, Weber's obviously heard of Chekov's Gun. In this case, the gun is literal too.Anyway, Honor's back in the Manticorian Navy. To be expected really, though I'd have to say that, under the circumstances, she's an idiot. Then again, there are enough plot holes in this one to sink a super-dreadnought. As I write this, I'm starting to regret that third star, but it's a reasonably enjoyable tale until Weber starts indulging his desire to punish Honor for crimes against the laws of chance or somet [...]

  • Katrin von Martin

    This is the sixth book in the Honor Harrington series, and at over 500 pages, it's one of the longest. In some ways, this works for the book, and in some ways against it, but more on that later. This is not the best in the series (in fact, I think this will be my last Harrington book for a while), but it's certainly not the worst. Spoilers follow. As with the other novels in the series, the plot is compelling and interesting, pulling various aspects of Weber's created universe together and keepi [...]

  • Sean

    Book 6 in the Honor Harrington series continues the story of Naval (i.e. starship) officer Honor Harrington. Honor is back in the uniform of the Star Kingdom and takes command of a small squadron of "Q-ships" sent out to fight pirates. A Q-ship is a merchant ship that has concealed weapons, in order to defend herself. In Honor's case, her flagship contains an unbelievably great amount of firepower--which allows her to deal some unpleasant surprises to enemy ships.My problem with the series, as u [...]

  • Amloid Mesa

    Fantastic Fantastic, Awsome, a non stop read. Once again Mr. Weber delivers another great story in the Honor Harrington Series. These books never disappoint. They always make you laugh. They always make you choke up, or make you eyes tear up. They most certainly keep you reading far longer then you intend to. Just one more chapter then I will start. I don't know how many times I say that.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Honor Among Enemies | by ✓ David Weber
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