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By David Weber | Comments: ( 332 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

Hounded into retirement and disgrace by political enemies, cut to the heart by the murder of the man she loved, and bereft of confidence in herself and her abilities, Captain Honor Harrington has retreated to the planet Grayson to take up her role as Steadholder while she tries to heal her bitter wounds.But the People s Republic of Haven is rising from defeat to threaten GHounded into retirement and disgrace by political enemies, cut to the heart by the murder of the man she loved, and bereft of confidence in herself and her abilities, Captain Honor Harrington has retreated to the planet Grayson to take up her role as Steadholder while she tries to heal her bitter wounds.But the People s Republic of Haven is rising from defeat to threaten Grayson anew, and the newborn Grayson Navy needs her experience desperately It s a call Honor cannot refuse, yet even as she once accepts the duty whose challenges she fears she can no longer meet, powerful men who hate and fear the changes she s brought to their world are determined to reverse them They have a plan and for it to succeed Honor Harrington must die Two irresistible forces are rushing together to crush Grayson between them, and only one woman uncertain of her capabilities, weary unto death, and marked for murder stands between her adopted planet and its devastation.

  • Title: Flag in Exile
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9780671876814
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

David Weber

David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name is an homage to C S Forester s character Horatio Hornblower and her last name from a fleet doctor in Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander Her story, together with the Honorverse she inhabits, has been developed through 16 novels and six shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2013 other works are in production In 2008, he donated his archive to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.Many of his books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of recent books, in the form of sample chapters typically the first 25 33% of the work cmillan author davidw

Comments Flag in Exile

  • Mr. Matt

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Honor Harrington books. Why do I like them? Massive space battles and lots of action. Why do I want to throw them across the room? Almost everything else. OK. Maybe that's a little harsh, but still Flag in Exile is more of the same.Honor Harrington is left to cool her heels on Grayson. She is exiled from Manticore and reduced to half pay. For her, the war is over. But events conspire to keep her busy. Reactionary conservatives on Grayson who can't imagin [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    This is the fifth in the series. I read these 5 back to back and do plan to follow up with the nextough not right away.I had some gripes with this one, as I did with the last (Field of Dishonor). The plots are quite similar and the flaws I noted in the last (or what I found to be flaws) are present here to.I think that some of the reactions we get from Honor in this volume don't ring true to the character as established. This is of course one of those cases where you'll want to read the book and [...]

  • Jim

    Another fun adventure. Poor old Honor is pushed to the max this time & it was well done. Info dumps got pretty old, though.While my library has more of the series in audio, they're missing the next 3, so I'm going to quit listening to the series now. 6 were plenty, but it was a fun romp even though I'd read them all in paper before. There weren't any surprises, but it was still fun. Congrats to Weber for creating such heroine.

  • Shaun Thomas

    At this rate, I may actually finish the Honor Harrington series before the heat death of the universe. Having just finished Flag in Exile by David Weber only fifteen years late, I think I'm getting the hang of this series.Though a friend at work recommended the series, and due to the length, I was suspicious it would be throw-away pulp; I'm willing to admit now that that my fears were mostly unwarranted. Weber clearly enjoys the universe he constructed, and has spent significant time developing [...]

  • James

    This fifth book felt like a return to to the promise of the early series for David Weber. With her lover murdered in the previous novel, and her own exile from Manticore as a direct response to the resulting duel, Flag in Exile leaves Honor heartbroken and moping about on her steading on Grayson. With the rising of hostilities between Manticore and Haven, it's only a matter of time before the ships protecting Grayson have to be redeployed. Grayson will no doubt need a new leader for their own fl [...]

  • Casey

    Flag in Exile is the fifth book in the Honor Harrington series. It takes a different approach than the earlier books, and it makes me wonder what direction the series aims to travel.Honor is essentially exiled from Manticore. Although she is still an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy, based on outcomes of previous events, she has been forced to give up her post. She returns to Grayson and begins earnestly carrying out her duties as Steadholder.Steadholders appear to be something akin to a hig [...]

  • Dana Stabenow

    "Your Grace," she said, "I have only one question. Do you wish this man crippled, or dead?"This may be the best so far of Weber's Honor Harrington space buckle-and-swash series. Exiled in disgrace, Honor takes up her post as Steadholder of Grayson, but a Woman In Charge is a very new thing on her adopted planet and not everyone thinks her presence there is a good idea. The covert battle between new and old culminates in a face-off between Honor and the bad guy with big-ass swords. And then she h [...]

  • Jim

    This book is dedicated to Roger Zelazny. I guess he died about the time it was originally published. More of the same as the rest of the series. I don't recall that the info dumps were terrible in this one & it was fun. Honor ascends to new levels, of course. Fun.

  • Ron

    The proportion of historic data dump to new material is growing, but his book actually had a story . . . and a good one. Giving Weber the benefit of my previous downgrade.Written as it was, just prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, this tale's tragedy is all the more poignant.

  • Allan

    Flag in Exile is the fifth book in the popular, Honor Harrington series, by David Weber. This is the second book of the series set primarily on the planet Grayson. Unlike The Honor of the Queen, Honor is not a stranger to the planet. She is one of its nobles and has been accepted whole-heartedly by her subjects.Unfortunately, not everyone on the planet accepts her. Grayson is a patriarchal society; women are viewed as less than capable to perform tasks that are solely the domain of men such as m [...]

  • Agnieszka "Aeth" Jędrzejczyk

    DNF at 50%. Haven't been reading this in two weeks now and there's no way in hell I'm going too go back to it. This book has everything I hate about the series: politics, religious fanaticism, no action and Honor who's gotten even less personality than before. There's not one thing I liked about "Flag in Exile", not one thing I was looking forward to story-wise, and I'm furious that I wasted my time on it. I'd rather read a summary and then we'll see if I ever go back to the series as a whole :/ [...]

  • Nicolas

    This series has always had it's faults, but to me it's getting to a point where the bad outweighs the good. My biggest complaint is the amount of time devoted to the backstories and viewpoints of minor, mostly irrelevant characters. It really bogs down the narrative and ruins the pace. A good editor could solve this problem pretty easily because so much of it really is superfluous information. (Plus it gets melodramatic very quickly.) Another big problem lies in the character of Honor. The first [...]

  • Guy

    The fifth book in the "Honor Harrington" series is just as good as the others. I'm genuinely interested in what is happening in the universe of the series both on a personal and on a political level. Despite now having read five books in five days no signs of boredom yet.

  • Dan

    2018 re-read. A really good blend of planetside and space adventures.

  • Paraphrodite

    I think banishment to Grayson has been good for Honor. But she is definitely a trouble magnet!

  • Niall Teasdale

    Long, long ago, I was part of a role playing group within an MMO. For seven years, that group ran like a sort of multi-author story, twisting together the plotlines of all our characters, and it was quite fantastic. That group produced at least two published authors that I know of. Great. But there was a point where it nearly died, and the reason was ANGST. Some people seemed to just love creating heartrending plotlines to keep their characters in a constant state of misery. Enough of that, and [...]

  • Ed

    #5 in the Honor Harrington series. The complex Honor Harrington universe continues to develop, making the series stand out in the ranks of military science fiction. A nice development is bringing back Captain Wu, formerly of the Havenite forces defeated by Honor in The Honor of the Queen (1993). I'll quibble by complaining about the amount of angst shown by Honor in this volume. I'll buy that her anguish over the death of her lover in the previous book Field of Dishonor (1994) and her uncertaint [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    This is really enjoyable space opera. There's never any doubt that Honor will win the battle and destroy her enemies, but the climax is no less enjoyable for that certainty. The body count is always high and the author isn't afraid to kill off characters you've become attached to, so there is a nice amount of tension concerning who will survive each round.The Honor-worship does get a little thick sometimes, particularly in the early part of this book. While she is not as morose as Horatio Hornbl [...]

  • Amanda

    In some ways, I think this book is just as strong as the first; death-rides meet politics. In others, I really think Harrington's becoming super-human, and it bugs me. Additionally, the Peep characters really gain some depth in this book, but I'm still sad to say that there isn't a lot to redeem the religious extremists that pit themselves against Harrington. I dunno why I'm so picky about villains that have something to redeem them; maybe it's just that I can't believe that anyone would truly b [...]

  • This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For

    The series is taking on a rather sameness at this point, with the books becoming more and more indistinguishable. Honor's enemies hate her due to their own class/religious bigotry. Honor's enemies plot against her, but the plot goes awry and kills a bunch of innocent bystanders/friends. Honor's enemies underestimate her in some personal confrontation. Honor wins a huge space battle despite overwhelming odds. Between the plot rut and the more-and-more overt political leanings of the author, I may [...]

  • Cloak88

    Book 5 in the HH series.Having made a few too many waves and a few more enemies in the previous novel, Honor travels to Grayson to lay low and take up her steadholders key and make her holdings into a true innovator. Add a commission in the Grayson navy, the usual plots and a battle to fight and this makes an excellent novel in the ongoing Honor Harrington series. More character development, more Grayson and a cool battle to top it off.

  • Helen

    When I'd read to 50% the story began improving tremendously and I enjoyed it from that point to about 87%. The ending was okay with info-dump sections, the beginning just lasted for so long.I noticed that as Honor had killed Lord Pavell in the last novel she was given a new enemy Lord in this novel. Boring!I don't think I can face the next part, too much plod for not enough adventure.

  • William

    3.5 stars, but with a Great space battle at the end. Weber does do these amazingly well.The book starts well, but quickly slides into dull, idiotic religious politics. Some threadbare technical sabotage in the middle of the book is very long-winded.But the final scene with Honor on planet, and then the battle in space is superb.

  • Jeff Crosby

    After a long hiatus, Field of Dishonor drew me back into this series. The resulotion of that novel drew me quickly into Flag in Exile. I was not disappointed. While I found some of the dome construction detail and religious fanaticism a little distracting, all other elements of this story kept my interest. At the same time, I found most of the book predictable, but that added to the pleasure.

  • Nyssa

    I enjoyed this 2nd reading much more than I was expecting, given the incredible amount of death and destruction that surrounds Honor from all sides. I wish I'd indicated my rating from the first time I read it, as I know I found it much more depressing than I do now I wonder, if my knowing whats going to happen in the next 2 books has tempered my reaction to this one.

  • Mitchell

    Busy and uneven book. And as a reread some parts were very difficult to read. And there is no question that Honor as the POV character is a much easier read than any of the bad guys being the POV character. And there was a lot less Navy battle. But still a good read, though a little less good. 3.5 of 5.

  • Kathy Davie

    First read September 7, 2010

  • Katrin von Martin

    I have greatly enjoyed David Weber's Honor Harrington series so far and hope to continue to do so, but I noticed some issues in Flag in Exile that have been constantly reoccurring, and it has gotten to the point that I feel the need to address these problems. However, despite the negative tone of this review, that is not to say that I didn't enjoy the book. On the contrary, Weber writes an interesting plot chock full of interesting characters and well-written space battles, which make the book h [...]

  • Sean

    David Weber's sci-fi series about officer Honor Harrington continues in this, the fifth book. After she kills enemy Pavel Young, Honor is sent to the planet of Grayson, for political reasons. On Grayson, she is one of a small number of steadholders on the planet, responsible for the equivalent of a small city.Honor soon discovers that there are many in the traditional religious society of Grayson that are outraged that a woman is made a steadholder and given so many honors. As they begin plottin [...]

  • Nakoma

    Well, this was quite a roller-coaster read. You never really knew what was going to happen.I enjoyed the read.Nudity - NoneCussing - midpoint of book, and mostly from the bad side ;-)Gore and violence - yes there is, not a consistent thoughExplicit descriptions - relatively mildWhen it comes to the beliefs in the books, I try to just treat it all as a plot. I do not agree or believe that true Christ loving believers would behave like that. However, I know that there are people out there that hav [...]

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