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By Vernor Vinge | Comments: ( 417 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

Alternate Cover Edition can be found here A Fire upon the Deep is the big, breakout book that fulfills the promise of Vinge s career to date a gripping tale of galactic war told on a cosmic scale.Thousands of years hence, many races inhabit a universe where a mind s potential is determined by its location in space, from superintelligent entities in the Transcend, to theAlternate Cover Edition can be found here A Fire upon the Deep is the big, breakout book that fulfills the promise of Vinge s career to date a gripping tale of galactic war told on a cosmic scale.Thousands of years hence, many races inhabit a universe where a mind s potential is determined by its location in space, from superintelligent entities in the Transcend, to the limited minds of the Unthinking Depths, where only simple creatures and technology can function Nobody knows what strange force partitioned space into these regions of thought, but when the warring Straumli realm use an ancient Transcendent artifact as a weapon, they unwittingly unleash an awesome power that destroys thousands of worlds and enslaves all natural and artificial intelligence.Fleeing the threat, a family of scientists, including two children, are taken captive by the Tines, an alien race with a harsh medieval culture, and used as pawns in a ruthless power struggle A rescue mission, not entirely composed of humans, must rescue the children and a secret that may save the rest of interstellar civilization.

  • Title: A Fire Upon the Deep
  • Author: Vernor Vinge
  • ISBN: 9780812515282
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Vernor Vinge

Vernor Steffen Vinge is a retired San Diego State University Professor of Mathematics, computer scientist, and science fiction author He is best known for his Hugo Award winning novels A Fire Upon The Deep 1992 , A Deepness in the Sky 1999 and Rainbows End 2006 , his Hugo Award winning novellas Fast Times at Fairmont High 2002 and The Cookie Monster 2004 , as well as for his 1993 essay The Coming Technological Singularity , in which he argues that exponential growth in technology will reach a point beyond which we cannot even speculate about the consequencescmillan author vernor

Comments A Fire Upon the Deep

  • j

    Crypto: ◘Syntax: 81As received by: GR ServerFarm NWLanguage path: Stream of Consciousness Babble→Poorly Considered Argument→LOLcats→ In-jokes→Only Funny to Me→Irony→EnglishFrom: Joeleoj[A known reviewer of Midwesten US origin. Extensive priors before this review began. Appears aligned with the Hipster Coalition but has denied close ties. Program recommendation: Imagine this post being read in a tone of self-satisfied ironic detachment]Subject: Books to talk about with my wife when [...]

  • David Hughes

    I want to make it clear that I don't lightly write rave reviews. Please read the following sentence twice:This is an absolutely fantastic book.On the outskirts of the Galaxy, far from the physical constraints of the Galactic core, faster-than-light travel is possible, and Transcended intelligences flourish to a complexity that dwarfs human comprehension. Scavenging for buried knowledge on a dead world, a party of humans awakes an ancient evil: an archive containing an entity so powerful and so m [...]

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Epic science fiction at its best, this space opera novel shared the 1993 Hugo Award with Doomsday Book. This is incredibly imaginative, with a great, complex story and detailed, believable world-building, and some of the best alien species ever imagined. It's a long, sprawling story and the technological parts are rather dated, but I still loved it.A group of scientists investigating a five billion year old data archive accidentally unleashes the Blight, a malignant superintelligence that rapidl [...]

  • Jamie Collins

    This is an impressive work of hard science fiction. I admire the author's creation and the writing is decent if not riveting.I enjoyed the story of the Tines, aliens with pack minds, and I came to like the concept of the "zones of thought", where different levels of technology are possible in different areas of the galaxy.But I found myself indifferent to the rest of the characters. The enemy they called the Blight seemed ominous only in the prologue - for the rest of the book it was kept at suc [...]

  • Apatt

    This book comes highly recommended by Redditors and several "best of sf" lists. However, seeing that Vinge is a scientist I did not expect much from this book, some cool, believable sf concepts at the most. The book did not start well for me with silly names like "Wickwrackrum" popping up and a confusing first chapter. However, once I begin to follow the book (about 30 pages in) Vinge really surprised me with his talented authorship. He has the ability to create characters worth caring about and [...]

  • mark monday

    children on the run. alien dogs that think as a group. power in numbers! powerful book. good dogs. although some bad dogs too. I guess fanatical is a bad personality trait, even for dogs.different flavors: adventure, medieval fantasy, comedy, hard science fiction, even horror. big ideasoughtful, exciting, highly original. fantastic book.

  • Brian

    Maybe I'll come off as bi-polar when I start this five star review (my first of 2011) with an extensive list of why the book I'm applauding is utter garbage. But what the hell, I'm game if you are. Let's do it.Why "A Fire Upon the Deep" is Utter Garbage1. Mr. Vinge's characters are only so-so, and the humans are the worst of the lot. Every once in a blue moon a character will shine, which makes it so hard to bear their poor treatment at other critical points. Vernor struggles, as most sci-fi aut [...]

  • Felicia

    Sooo, I know this is a seminal classic of the Space Opera genre, so the fact I didn't LOVE it as much as everyone said I would makes me feel a bit inadequate in a way, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions, eh? I mean, from an intellectual standpoint, this is brilliant. The world-building is so convincing, I actually was frequently disturbed by it, which is kinda why I can't love it, which is actually a testament to it's brilliance. It's thought provoking and unbelievably well shaped. [...]

  • Clouds

    I love it when I give a book 5-stars!I knew practically nothing about this book when I started - except that I hadn't liked the only other Vernor Vinge book I'd read (Rainbow's End). This is about a gazillion times better!So here's the low down:This is a far future yarn, with three great 'big ideas'.1) Space is not uniform. I'm probably going to explain this poorly (my wife looked somewhat unconvinced when I tried to explain it to her), but here goes: there are zones of thought. Somewhere in the [...]

  • Stuart

    A Fire Upon the Deep: Fascinating aliens but clunky plot and charactersOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureA Fire Upon the Deep was the big breakout novel from Vernor Vinge, winner of the 1993 Hugo Award and nominated for the Nebula. It features a unique premise I haven’t encountered before: the universe has been separated into four separate Zones of Thought: the Unthinking Depths, Slow Zone, Beyond, and Transcend. Starting from the galactic core, the Zones demarcate differing levels of tec [...]

  • Terran

    I seem to be one of the few geeks who was dramatically underwhelmed by this book. I guess that this is classic "hard SF", in the sense of being all ideas and not so much on the characterization. And maybe I've just passed the time in my life when that really excites me. But overall, it just didn't grab me.The notion of the zones of thought was interesting, albeit a real stretch to me. The tines were a kind-of interesting construction, though mass minds have been done before. And, for whatever re [...]

  • Lightreads

    This is the galaxy in the unimaginably distant future, populated with millions of species. The shape of civilizations is dictated by the shape of the galaxy: close in at the core is the “slowness,” the place where only sublight travel is possible. Farther out is the “beyond,” where FTL drives function and cross-system communication passes on great data pipelines, and very advanced technology can begin to be truly sentient. And above that is the “transcend,” where automation goes beyo [...]

  • Daniel Roy

    I tried very hard to like A Fire Upon the Deep. The reviews for it are stellar, and it did won a Hugo. Also, I am a huge fan of SF, so I felt this book would be a sure-fire hit with me. Not so.As other reviewers pointed out, this book has some great ideas. Pack sentience is very nice, and the idea of zones is intriguing. Unfortunately, all these are wrapped in very shoddy writing. To tell the truth, the writing was barely above fan sci-fi in some places.The characterization is also, most unfortu [...]

  • Rob

    Executive Summary: This book started out pretty strong for me, but lost steam as I went on. I liked it, but not as much as I hoped.Full ReviewMy reading of this book was pretty uneven. I read about 25% on a plane, then several days with no reading. Then I read another 25% on a plane and several more days with no reading. After that it was a chapter or two here or there stretching the whole thing out over 2+ weeks. It's not a short book, but it was obvious to me as I went on that I was losing ste [...]

  • Josh

    I had high hopes for Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep because I love sci-fi set in space but, while it might make a decent fantasy novel, it is a poor excuse for science fiction.The novel takes place in Vinge's "Zones of Thought" universe in which the galaxy is separated into discrete zones, each of which is identified by its relative location to the galactic core and its ability to support advanced technology and faster-than-light travel. I initially found The Zones a silly and unnecessary c [...]

  • Brad

    Zones of thought dictating space time, transcendent Power turned Perversion turned Blight, a benevolent vegetable race in long-term memory carts, a burning space station firefight, an epic chase at fluctuating speeds of light, medieval, pack minded, seal-rat-dog people and a seemingly classic struggle between good and evil. They are the perfect mix of Space Opera ingredients, which are baked into author Vernor Vinge's yummy loaf of sci-fi bread (forgive my cheesy metaphor, but I baked today) A F [...]

  • Jlawrence

    The first third of this book is some of the best science-fiction I have ever read: good writing, fast pace, some breathtaking action, excellent balance between narrative and explanation, and some really, REALLY cool ideas thoroughly thought-out and implemented. Several times my brain practically crackled and I said, "wow" out loud when certain ideas Vinge had been hinting at "clicked" and became clear. Vinge is also pretty skilled at keeping the vast hard-sci-fi-space-opera scope of the book fas [...]

  • Shelly

    Vernor Vinge has become one of my favorite science fiction authors with this amazing novel. Filled with big, huge ideas and amazing technology. Plus the aliens are awesome. The alien Tines were so original and amazingly described that I was in heaven reading about them. I loved this from beginning to end. Make sure you read this slowly or you might miss a handful of neat ideas.

  • Trike

    This is sooo close to being a 5-star book for me. So, so close.A lot of TV series follow the basic "A Plot and B Plot" style of storytelling. Good TV shows manage to connect them thematically and then tie them together into one story by the end. Vinge does this here.On the macro scale we have the Blight, an ancient, malevolent virus that takes over everyone in its path, human and alien alike. On the smaller scale we have two kids stranded on an alien planet along with a bunch of their friends in [...]

  • Sarah Anne

    4.5 stars. This was such an incredibly fascinating book and I wish I could have read it all straight through. It has one of the single coolest alien species I've ever seen and the story is really great. Part of the story is a race through space, including a space battle, and part of the story actually takes place on this planet. There are two groups of aliens, falling generally into "good guys" and "bad guys". The world is a medieval setting and it's interesting to see how each of the groups ben [...]

  • Todd

    This is one of the weirdest books I've ever read. It was amazingly creative and clever, and is easily one of the best sci-fi books I've ever laid hands on. The only problem is that it is written in such an extreme third-person viewpoint that people not experienced with sci-fi material will have trouble understanding what is going on; as such, I can only recommend it to experienced sci-fi readers.

  • Efka

    Visiškai klasikinis saifajus, gal net galima kvalifikuoti kaip space opera. Svetimos planetos, milijonas protingų rasių, blasteriai ir FTL travel. Ko daugiau gali reikėti normaliam nerdui? Pirmą dalį įvertinau 3, šią - 4 *, vidurkis turbūt ir gaunasi tiksliausias įvertinimas: 7/10. Labiau pasimėgauti sutrukdė itin ilga įžanga ir absoliučiai jokios legend - skaityai ir galvoji, KASPERŠ tos aukštosios aukštumos, kuo jos skiriasi nuo kokios Aukštosios Laboratorijos, etc etc etc. [...]

  • Jon

    3 stars

  • Simon

    I don't know why but I don't think I had even heard of this author before I saw it added to the SF Masterworks series and I'm surprised; he really is quite an accomplished SF writer. This is an epic, sprawling space opera set in the distant future where a menacing blight is unleashed after an ancient artefact is discovered and it threatens to overwhelm the galaxy. A few people just manage to escape with the key to counteracting the blight but fall foul of the local inhabitants on a planet they c [...]

  • Stephen

    4.5 to 5.0 stars. One of the most imaginative SF novels I have read in some time. Absolutely mind-bending. Highly recommended!!Winner: Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee: Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee: John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee: Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

  • Nicole

    My fiance has been trying to convince me to read A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge for about three years now. After reading it, I feel really silly for not listening to him sooner. The book has expansive world building stretching across plants and aliens, extending all the way to the laws of physics. A human research station at the fringes of the galaxy activates a an alien Power. After realizing the Power’s harmful intentions, the humans hurriedly flee the planet. One of the refugee ships [...]

  • Silvana

    We made it, preciousss, we finished this book after three weeks!O real life, why do you have to intervene while I am trying to finish this fantastic novel. The prologue was one of the strangest prologues ever, yet it is very intriguing. Lucky Tor released this for free a while ago for their ebookclub. I won't say much about the Zones of Thoughts (see below) because I am still digesting the concept. Let me tell you though, it is literally and figuratively mindblowing and thoughtprovoking. The ali [...]

  • Libbie Hawker (L.M. Ironside)

    Well, it's been about three months since I started this book. I got about halfway through it before I "took a break," and I think at this point it's clear that the break will be permanent.This book was very highly recommended to me by many friends, and I can see the strong attraction to it. When I read the prologue, which was gorgeously written and very intriguing, I thought, "THIS! IS! AWESOME!!" and I was thrilled at the prospect of having a huge, nearly-500-page epic space opera full of delic [...]

  • Heidi

    3.5 starsIt took me a long time to really get into this book, about 200 pages, but once I got there, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Vernor Vinge is a mathematician and computer scientist - and it shows. There's quite a bit of techno babble going on, much of it influenced by the Usenet concept of the 1980s and early 1990s, something I'm not familiar with at all (I got my first modem in 1999). Barely anything is actually explained, but you get the puzzle pieces bit by bit until a more cohesive picture [...]

  • Randy

    So many ideas! Lovecraftian superintelligent ancient Powers. Unusual and interesting alien species like the warrior butterfly Aprahanti or the pack-minded Tines. Skroderide or Die! FTL drives and space weaponry, but everyone communicates through Usenet? The so-called Zones of Thought is a great concept, if you don't think about it too much. Pacing issues and Vinge's awkward prose at times can detract, but overall this is a wonderful mess of a sprawling space opera. Love the Boris Vallejo cover.

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